Meeting the Piper

by mattwatt

Copyright© 2015 by mattwatt

Romantic Sex Story: Sherry and Wendy had trouble making it to the parade in time to see the pipe band that they were interested in. The crowd didn't move to even allow them to see the band as it marched down the street away from them. As they left, however, they met Sean, one of the band pipers. He heard their story and played for them on the spot. Wendy was enchanted but Sherry was about to fall in love.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Romantic   Oral Sex   Petting   .

She always thought of it as 'The' accident. It was, in her mind, a capital 'T' on the word. It was simply 'The' accident. She periodically worked it over in her mind. Seeing it from, she hoped, different points of view. But certain things were always basic.

Grant had been driving too fast. She usually hesitated to talk to him about it. It made him so angry and, at times, caused him to speed up.

Well, he had been driving too fast. He rounded a curve, lost control and put them in a ditch.

That part of the nightmare, the actual crash itself, in her mind, was normally blocked out and the details never really came back to her.

After just a little bit, they had aid. An ambulance was called and people, very kind people, were helping to get them out of the car.

She was only just barely conscious, as she was hauled away. It was only later that she, Sherry Comstock, discovered that Grant was dead and that the doctors were saying that Wendy, their lovely daughter, would maybe not walk again.

Her Momma, June, had come to stay with them to help them get settled, after the long hospital stays were over and she and Wendy were back home. It was a blessing.

Then there was a time of adjustment. Her Momma helped with that also, and she was forever grateful for Wendy's attitude. She used the chair and rarely complained.

Over the year and a half or so since 'The' accident, she and Wendy had talked about their life and their hopes.

The process had made the two of them a pair with a stronger than ever bond.

During that time period, they sought out and rented a small house that was all on one floor. It made things so much easier for Wendy and her chair. They also got help and practiced the maneuver of getting Wendy from the chair to the bed and from the chair to the toilet, those kinds of things.

Sherry pushed to the very back of her mind the thoughts about her and Grant. She'd been aware, at the time, that Grant was thinking of asking for a divorce. It had certainly seemed as though the air around them crackled with a kind of animosity: his ideas against her ideas. It was that kind of thing.

'The' Accident brought all of that to a halt. It also provided Sherry and Wendy with a viable income from financial things that Grant had had. It made the future, if not really robust, at least easier for them.

The time had indeed gone on, and now it was the two of them. Her Momma went home and they were still constantly in touch with each other. But June and Al, her Dad, were only about three hours away.

Sherry and Wendy were able to buy on time a van that could accommodate Wendy's chair, so that they were not home bound by any means.

Wendy went to school daily via a special school bus that was equipped to handle students with special needs.

Life had taken a terrible turn but Sherry and Wendy were surviving and forming a wonderful bond between them.

At the time of 'The' accident, Sherry Comstock was 27 years old and Wendy was 7. She had a job working as a data specialist for a large company and, with the money that they had from Grant's insurance and what he had invested in, they were doing fairly well.

Sherry Comstock was short, 5'2" and had short brown hair that she kept kind of feathered. She was lovely to look at, with freckles on her nose and green eyes. She was fairly slim but had very nice curves about her. Sherry was lovely.

Today was a Saturday and it was going to be a special day for them. There was a Memorial Day kind of parade that they wanted to go to see.

Wendy had heard about the parade in school and was excited about the variety of kinds of bands that were anticipated.

She and Sherry had talked about it and were particularly excited to hear the Fire Protection District Pipe Band.

They'd gone on line to pull up videos of bagpipes, which certainly interested Wendy, as a kind of introduction to the big parade.

It was going to be something totally new for them and they looked forward to it.

The morning turned out to be difficult. They got off more slowly than they had hoped, and parking turned out to be a true bear.

They ended up blocks away from the parade site and Sherry pushed Wendy toward the route of the parade, where they found no room to be able to see anyone or anything.

The worst part of the disaster that that particular Saturday morning was being was the fact that as they got in place, with no one giving them room to move forward and see anything, the Fire Protection District Pipe Band had just gone past.

The only thing that Sherry and Wendy heard was the echoes of the pipes, which were then more than a block away.

They stayed in their position at the back of the crowd and listened to other bands go by.

When the parade was over, Sherry wheeled Wendy back down the street. She was apologizing for their being late.

"I'm so sorry, love," Sherry said.

"It's okay, Momma," Wendy replied. "Maybe there'll be another time, another parade. At least we got to hear them as they were going away."

"Yes, honey," Sherry said, "But it was going to be our treat and I know how much you were looking forward to hearing and seeing them."

"Maybe another time," Wendy said, and they agreed on that.

"How about some ice cream?" Sherry asked. "Maybe as a consolation treat?"


He had to hurry about everything that morning. He'd slept a little late and flew through his coffee. He hustled to get all of his gear ready and get to the assembly point on time.

Sean Montgomery played bagpipes with the local Fire Protection District Pipe Band.

He stood for that last minute in front of the mirror to make sure he looked okay:

Short black jacket with large silver buttons, white shirt, tartan tie, kilt, large leather belt, sporran, high white socks with the traditional Sgian Dubh tucked in his sock.

He approved.

Sean Montgomery was, at that point in his life, 34 years old. He had inherited a few things from his Dad, gone now these four years: there was the business, which was doing fabulously, and his love for playing the bagpipes.

He'd grown up listening to his Dad, Arnold and his Uncle Howard playing the pipes, and at an early age, already by the time he was 12, had learned to play, beginning with the traditional practice chanter.

Now he was a member of the city Fire Protection District Pipe Band.

He looked in the mirror and liked what he saw.

"Snazzy, Sean," he said. "Hope the ladies will approve."

This was his usual statement, when looking at himself in the mirror, especially when he was wearing the kilt.

He'd had to park a number of blocks away from the assembly point but made it with some time to spare and the parade had gone well, from his point of view.

It as simply true for Sean Montgomery that he loved to play the pipes.

He waved to a few people, as he walked down the street toward where his car was located. As he proceeded around a corner he noticed ahead a woman pushing a pretty little girl in a wheel chair.

It was precisely at that moment that the little girl saw Sean coming down the street.

"So," Sherry was saying, "Ice Cream?"

"Oh, Momma, look!" Wendy said then pointing with her finger up the block, where Wendy saw Sean Montgomery coming their way.

Wendy clapped for joy right away at seeing the kilted man coming their way.

"He was in the parade," Wendy said.

"Bet he was," Sherry said.

Then, as Sean got closer to the lovely smiling lady and the pretty grinning little girl, Wendy said: "Hi, Mr Piper."

Wendy said: "Hi, Mr Piper."

"Hi yourself," Sean said, stopping for a moment. "Did you like the parade?" he asked.

"We were late," Wendy said, "You had already gone by, when we finally got there." There was a sadness in Wendy's voice just then, and Sean noticed it.

"I'm afraid," Sherry said, "People wouldn't move to let Wendy get a view even of your band, as you marched away down the street."

"And it was what we came for," Wendy said.

"Well, never let it be said that we Pipers have missed an opportunity to please our public," Sean said and he unlimbered the pipes.

"Oh, Momma," Wendy said, "He's going to play for us!"

"This is what the band played for the parade," he said. "It's 'Scotland the Brave', 'Rowan Tree' and 'The 42nd Highlander's March'."

He blew into the blow pipe then and brought in the drones and then the air in the entire neighborhood, where people came out on their porches, was filled with the sound of Sean on the pipes.

Wendy was clapping along with the music as he played. When he was finished with the three tunes, both Wendy and Sherry clapped, and were joined by those on the porches, who'd been listening also.

"A few more?" Sean asked and Wendy said: "Please."

He played then a variety: 'Danny Boy', 'Wings', 'Johnnie Scobbie' and finished with 'Amazing Grace'.

Wendy was positively beside herself with joy at the music that Sean played for her.

"Oh, thank you, thank you," Wendy said, with Sherry joining in the thanks as well.

Wendy stretched up her arms to him and Sean happily got a hug from her and gave her one back, kissing her on the cheek.

He turned from Wendy to find Sherry waiting to hug him also. Hugging Sherry turned out to be a rich reward for him. At least that's what he thought.

Their thanks were profuse and it was only later, once the 'nice piper' as Wendy was calling him, had gone that Sherry realized that they hadn't even gotten his name.

"Oh, Momma," Wendy said, as they went toward their car. "Wasn't that fabulous?"

"Sure was," Sherry said.

"Wonder who he was," Wendy said.

"In all the excitement," Sherry admitted, "I absolutely forgot to ask his name."

"Too bad, Momma," Wendy said. "We should do something to say 'thank you' properly."

"I'll have to work on that," Sherry decided and they did indeed then go off for ice cream.


The kind of search that Sherry started was something that she was fairly good at. She knew the resources well, especially internet.

That's where she started by looking up the local Fire Protection Agency Pipe Band. She found, on that web site, some contact information and went to the contact that was supplied.

It took her a number of days of searching and describing 'their' piper but she finally narrowed the search down and was sure that it was Sean Montgomery. She also discovered that he owned a business in town that dealt with and made various medical instruments. Then she made her plans.

It was a normal Thursday for Sean and things were going well. Manufacturing was up; orders were up; people were getting overtime and were generally pleased.

After the previous parade, the band was getting some time off also.

His secretary, Vi, that afternoon at about 1:30 PM told him that a Ms Comstock was there to see him.

"Comstock?" he said, "Well, show her in."

He stood, not knowing at all what this might be about and was pleasantly and totally surprised, when Sherry Comstock came through the door. She had a package in her hand.

"Ms Comstock," he said with surprise and pleasure.

"Our piper!" Sherry said.

Wendy and I baked last night so that we can say a proper 'thank you' for playing for her after the parade. It was such a mess up. We got there late. We couldn't find parking and the pipe band had already gone by, when we got to the crowd, and no one was in a mood to let a wheel chair through so that Wendy could at least see all of you march away."

She paused then, smiling at him. He returned her smile.

"Then you came down the street and you made it wonderful for Wendy," Sherry said, "And I appreciate that, as does my Wendy."

By that time, she had tears in her eyes. He noticed and took a step forward and she went into his arms, sobbing.

"Tell me," is all that he said.

He then sat her down in a seating area by a bay window with chairs and a table. Once she was seated, he rang for Vi and asked her to get coffee for both of them.

When Vi came with the coffee, Sherry made sure that Vi also got some of the cup cakes that she and Wendy had made.

They sat then, with Sherry taking a few minutes to compose herself. Then she told the story of 'The' accident.

She explained to him the results: the death of Grant and the paralyzing of Wendy from the waist down.

"We've dealt with that," she explained. "Moved to a rented house that has all its features on one floor to accommodate her wheel chair. It's been very difficult but it certainly has brought Wendy and me together."

For part of what she had to say, he simply held her hand.

She gave a big smile then and said: "Wendy, who loves the computer, ran across a video of bagpipes being played. I don't know why but she loved it. It kind of became one of her goals in life to hear a bagpipe band play."

She paused then to drink some of her coffee. Then she went on: "She was so excited, when we learned that your pipe band was going to play in the parade. Then that day was a kind of disaster."

"Did you see us at all?" he asked.

"No, we didn't," she admitted. "We got there late; had to find parking and get the chair out and all. No one in the crowd up front would give way for Wendy. It was sad. We only heard the band going down the street."

She grinned at him then: "And then you came along and made it all bright for my Wendy. She was so pleased. It was her idea to do the cup cakes, once I told her that I had pretty much tracked you down. So, that's what we did last night. She was sorry that she wasn't able to be here herself."

"Well, this is a real treat," he said. "And the cup cakes are great. Please tell her that."

"I'm hoping to take her on a short trip in two weeks," Sherry said next.

"Oh," he said, "Occasion?"

"For her birthday. This Saturday is her birthday and, once I can get time off, we're going to take a short birthday trip for her."

"Sounds wonderful," he said. "Big birthday plans?"

"No, it looks like it will just be the two of us; we'll have our own private birthday bash."

It was shortly after that that Sherry left.


"I've taken up so much of your time," she said. "Sorry."

"Hush the 'sorry'," he said. "This has been a treat and say 'thank you' to Wendy for me. I hope one of these days to say that for myself."

They hugged, as she was leaving. Once again, as before after he'd played for them, Sean was really impressed with the feel of the hug. As a matter of fact, after the hug broke up, Sherry kind of giggled, as she stood on her tip toes and planted a kiss on his cheek.

"Decorated now," he said, "Nice for me."

She giggled again and left.

He called Vi into his office right away.

"Who was that Mr Romeo?" Vi asked, and he grinned.

He told her the story of the parade, of Wendy and Sherry missing it and his playing for them.

"I want to find out where she lives," he said.

"We can probably do that," was Vi's response. "You going to have plans?"

"Yes," he said, "The little girl has a birthday coming up and I intend to make it one to remember."

Sean was on the phone immediately. He called the necessary person from the band and began to make his plans, telling them of what he'd like to do.

Feting people was something that various members of the band had done in the past. It was always a treat for them and they were readily willing to do that.

It's what Sean called around about. It had indeed been a few weeks since the parade and the band needed to have a run through of its music. Sean was simply asking that the music run through might happen at Sherry and Wendy's house, which Vi had discovered for him.

He discovered that people liked the idea very much, especially when they found out that the little girl in the wheel chair had not had the opportunity that she so dearly wanted: to see and hear the band play.

Plans were made. The members also agreed that they'd do it in full kilt uniform. Sean was thrilled.

They got together that Saturday, a little up the street from Sherry and Wendy's small house. They formed and got everything ready.

Sherry and Wendy were inside having some birthday cake. Sherry had just sung 'happy birthday' to Wendy, when it happened.

First it was the loud beating of the bass drum to bring them in. Then she snare drums came in and led the pipers, all twelve of them, in.

Sherry and Wendy were dumbfounded, when the sound burst on them.

The drums did the leading and then the skirl of the pipes, as the drones were brought in and the loud, sweet 'E' note sounded from the twelve sets of pipes.

Then it was 'Scotland the Brave' in full voice, as they all assembled outside of Sherry and Wendy's house.

Sherry and Wendy made it outside immediately and there they were. They, the entire pipe band, was on their front lawn and was playing for them.

Sherry held Wendy's hand and, during the strains of 'Scotland the Brave' Wendy simply wept. It was that grand.

The band went into the mellower strains of 'Rowan Tree' next and ended that set with 'The 42nd Highlanders'.

When the set was finished, the band went into a version of 'Happy Birthday' and now Wendy was crying, with her head leaning against her Momma's stomach.

When the birthday song had been sung, the drum major of the band announced that they had one more birthday set for Wendy. They brought the drones in, led in by the drums, played their initial 'E' and played the 'Wings' set that included, in addition to 'Wings', 'Johnnie Scobbie' and 'Minstrel Boy'.

Once they were finished, the applause came not only from Sherry and Wendy but the entire neighborhood was out listening to the music. The people in the neighborhood also joined in singing 'Happy Birthday' to Wendy.

Then Wendy was among them and garnering hugs from all and sundry, constantly telling band members how much she appreciated it.

Someone had brought cake and there was cake for all with sodas to toast the day.

The party went on for a while and then with individual and personal thanks from Sean, the members wandered away.

He was left there, still dressed in his kilt and formal, black jacket.

"There's my piper!" Wendy said, holding her arms out for a hug from Sean.

"Happy Birthday, sweetheart," he said, kissing her cheek.

She held onto him and said: "Oh, you've made it the best, just the best. I've never heard such wonderful music; just never."

She was weeping as she said it, with him kneeling by her chair. Then he felt Sherry standing behind him. Her legs, her thighs were pressing against his back and she had her hands on his shoulders.

He stood then and turned around and Sherry was in his arms. The emotions of the event were still strong and he held out an arm and included Wendy in their hug. For a few minutes, he had two weeping women to deal with.

"You are the nicest of the nice!" Sherry said. "That's who you are. Wendy and I are going to keep you."

"Grand!" he said, with Wendy looking up at him. He kissed her on the head but when he turned to kiss Sherry, she'd moved the angle of her face and kissed him properly.

The kiss broke only slowly and Wendy said: "Isn't he, Momma, isn't he the very best?"

"He is indeed," Sherry said.

"Now, I'm going to take you two beauties out for a proper birthday dinner. Wherever the birthday girl wants to go," he announced next to them both.

They were in a flurry then about going out to dinner. Since Wendy was to make the decision, it was going to be her favorite burger place. That's what she said she'd like; so, that's where they decided to go. Since it was a fairly casual place, they went as they were.

Sean was still wearing his band kilt and black formal jacket. Wendy was wearing a pair of workout pants and a tee shirt, and Sherry was wearing black, skin tight running capris with a large tee shirt over them.

Dinner was a treat with a major rehash of the birthday surprise. They took time too to get to know one another better.

It happened to be a bit late, when they got home from dinner. By then, Wendy was tired, so that Sherry suggested a bath for her and bed. She also asked Sean to remain to give Wendy a 'good night' kiss.

He settled down in the living room, while the bath went on. In just a little while, Sherry called for him and he went to Wendy's small room to say 'good night' to her.

"Thank you so much for the wonderful birthday surprise," Wendy said, tears, again, in her eyes. "It made it so fabulous."

"I'm glad about that," Sean said.

"You're so wonderful," she said then, giving Sean a kiss on the cheek, which he returned and said his 'good night' to her.

"Please don't go away from us," Wendy said, as she began to sink into sleep.

He smiled at Sherry, who was watching and listening and simply kissed Wendy's cheek again, saying: "I have no intention of going away anywhere."

"Glass of wine or a beer for the piper?" Sherry asked.

He opted for a glass of white wine, which she went to get for him, and one for herself.

They sat then for a while and talked.

It was Sherry who opened their conversation: "I have to tell you, to admit to you that all of this, your playing after we missed the parade and this wonderful birthday surprise, has taken me by storm."

He only smiled at that.

"We are so used to being out there on our own," Sherry continued. "I mean even before the accident, things were ending with Grant. He wasn't a sympathetic father at all, which bothered me no end. It was getting dreadful."

He nodded his head then.

She said: "It made it seem to me, afterwards, I mean after we got all of the accident things settled and were on the mend, at least as much as we were going to, in Wendy's case, that we would just go on the two of us, and not bother about another man in our lives."

He watched her, as she struggled to make herself understood.

"And now you have changed all of that. I sense that. It's also, I guess, what I hope, well, what both Wendy and I hope."

She was shaking her head then.

"So fast," she said, "It has been just so fast. It makes my head spin."

She was on the couch, as she'd said all of this, and then he was on the couch too. He put his arms around her and she kind of buried herself, her face, her emotions in his chest, resting against him.

"Do you understand?" she asked softly.

"Every word," he said.

Then they were kissing. She threw her arms up and around his neck and simply yielded herself to the kiss.

"Wonderful and more," she said, directly into his lips. "That's the way this has been."

"And will continue," he said, directly back into her lips.

Then she licked his lips with her tongue and slipped it into his mouth. He accepted it and did the same next with her.

"Ohhhh," she moaned after the kiss. "Can hardly remember kisses like that."

She giggled then.

"Yes?" he asked.

She giggled again and said: "And you're the one wearing the skirt. Too bad we're not standing up."

He gave a chuckle and stood, pulling her up and off of the couch.

Her arms went around him again and the kiss was reprised. Only now she slipped a hand down and began to work it up under his kilt, contacting the back of his thighs first and then moving it upward until she came into contact with his shorts, which were soft nylon but cut for a man.

She giggled again.

"Yes?" he said again.

"This is the reverse of usual dating events," she said, grinning at him. "Like the feel of that too."

"Yes, it is," he said. "Normally the guy is wondering if he's going to get the chance to get his hand up under her skirt."

"I know," she said. "And this is so cool! They're so soft; color?"

"Well, enjoy," he said. "Red, Ms Nosy. And maybe next time I won't wear shorts at all."

She let out an explosive sound and said: "Can't wait for that."

She kissed him again and said: "Sean, I need to think about all of this. It has taken my and my senses, the entire day has, by storm."

"I understand that," he said.

"But first this," she said and now had both hands up under his kilt and had one of his butt cheeks in each hand.

She grinned at him and said: "Nice ass!"

"Thanks," he said, letting his hands creep down now and under the material of her long tee shirt, encircling with his hands her own butt cheeks.

It caused her to let out a tiny squeal, once he'd accomplished his aim.

"Turn about and fair play!" he said.

"Yes, it is," she said, kissing him.

"Your turn next time to wear the skirt," he said.

"Yes, but next time you're with me in a kilt, no undies!" she demanded.

"Yes, Ma'am," he said.

"Hmm," she cooed into his ear, "I like your ass. It's not a fanny; it's not your butt; it's your ass and I like it."

While she was saying this, she was playing with his ass cheeks, separating them and squeezing them.

Then his erection was poking against her stomach.

She whispered into his lips: "I can feel that."

"Hmm," he said, "Not trying to hide it; it's the way that you affect me."

"Take care of it in a minute," she said, "Not finished back here."

As he said this, his hands were simply resting on her ass cheeks, not moving. He'd left the movements up to her, and she remained active, playing with his ass.

"Enjoying yourself?" he asked, after a kiss.

"Having a wonderful time," she said. "Next level now though."

Saying that, she put her hands now inside the soft nylon of his underwear and had his naked ass cheeks in her hand.

"You do realize," he said in a pleasant voice, "That you're close to making me have an accident here."

"Ohhhhh," she cooed and giggled, "I love that thought."

He chuckled, and she moved then so that she was now standing at his side.

"Not finished with this ass that I've found but need to do some more exploring too," she said, giggling.

"Feel free," he replied.

"Oh, I am," she said and let out a small squeal, as she reached in front of him and had his erection in her hand. At first she had the erection framed in the nylon of his underwear but then, with a further giggle, she dove her hand inside his shorts and had his rather large, rampant erection in her hand.

"How grand is this?" she cooed at him, and they kissed.

During the kiss, she pushed a long finger between the cheeks of his ass, and seeking her goal, finally had it in contact with his anal ring. She pushed again and got the finger inside of him.

It was the last straw, so to speak, for Sean. He came all over her hand and all over himself.

As soon as he began to cum, she pumped at his erection, urging him on. She felt him stiffen with the force of the orgasm and releasing her one hand, held onto him, as he went through the throes of the orgasm.

She pulled her hand out and, with him watching through slitted eye lids, licked all of the white stuff off of her hand, smiling at him, as she did.

"That was so much fun," she said, "You with a skirt on and all."

"Fun, yes," he answered, "That's one word for it."

"Another?" she asked.

"Outstanding," he said, "Don't think I've ever been played with that way."

"Came to the right player, I guess," she said. "Didn't you, Mr Bagpipe Man?"

"Came to exactly the right player," he said.

"You wait here, love," she told him. "Be right back."

When she came back, she had a was cloth and a towel. With a giggle she hauled his kilt up and pulled his nylon shorts down, wiping them and him with the wash cloth and then using the towel.

He grinned throughout the procedure. She got him at least close to being cleaned up.

She held, for a few moments, his renewed erection in her hand, smiling at it.

"You're lovely, big man," she said, talking to the erection.

It made him chuckle.

"Don't interrupt me," she said, her voice demanding, "I'm having a conversation with my friend."

"Yes, of course," he said, his hands lightly on her shoulders.

"Glad he brought you tonight; thanks for the play time. What's that?" she asked. Then she went on: "Yes, of course," she said. "One little kiss for you, since you did so much of the work."

She bent then and kissed the head of his erection.

"I'm going to say 'good night' now," she said, again to the erection.

He simply stood and shook his head.

"Better and better," he said, "Of course, stranger and stranger."

"Don't mind him, old grumpy," she said to the erection. "Just make sure that he brings you again next time and we'll play some 'hide the salami' kind of games."

He was laughing then, as she kissed the head of his erection one more time before putting 'him' away inside the still damp nylon shorts.

"I didn't even get much of a chance to play with your ass," he complained but with a smile on his face.

"That's because it was my turn first," she said, kissing him.

"It certainly was," he said.

"You treat him nice, when you get home and think of me," she said, against his shoulder.

"I promise to do that," he said to her. "But wait 'til next time!"

"Yes, next time is mine," she said, "And I promise to wear a skirt."

"Great!" he said.

"Need to think about all of this but it feels so wonderful," she said to him, reaching up for one more 'good night' kiss.'

"Yes, wonderful," he affirmed and he left.

"Nice skirt, Piper," she said.

He turned and grinned at her and was gone.

He got home, washed a bit and was in bed, when the phone rang.

"You being nice to my friend?" her voice softly asked.

"Yes, I am," he said, "You showed me the way very nicely."

"Glad that I helped," she said.

"By the way," she continued, "Dinner next week any time?"

"Love to," he said. "You wear the skirt though."

"Tuesday and I promise," she said.

"Great; Tuesday it is. Can I bring something?" he wondered.

"Just you and my good friend," she said.

"The one you kept kissing?" he asked.

"Yes, Mr Nosy; the one that I kept kissing, and I know he liked it and I don't intend to stop kissing him at all," she replied.

"Yes, Ma'am," he replied, "Your wish; my command."

"More like it," she said. "Now is my friend there and ready?"

"Yes," he said, "Naked here."

"Panties here," she replied.

"Play with him and let me hear you," she ordered.

"Of course," he said.

He jerked off then breathing and then moaning into the phone to let her hear him doing it.

She giggled.

"I love that, and I'm going to get you!" she said.

"Hope so," was his reply.

"Good night, Sean," she said.

"Good night, Sherry; Tuesday."

"Yes," she said, "I'll be ready."

He was indeed on time for dinner that Tuesday. Sherry answered the door and behind her, in her chair was Wendy.

"It's the piper!" Wendy said, joy in her voice.

Sean gave Sherry a hug and also a kiss and then went for the same with Wendy.

"Beware of Greeks bearing gifts!" Sean said, chuckling.

"Momma," Wendy asked, "What does he mean?"

Sean grinned at Sherry, who gave Wendy a short explanation of the war between the Greeks and Trojans and the 'gift' of the Trojan Horse.

"See," Sean said then, once the explanation had been made. "Greeks and gifts!"

He handed Wendy a package then, causing her to kind of squeal out loud: "For me, Mr Greek?"

"For you," he said, "If you're the beautiful Wendy, whose name is on the package."

"I am," she said. "May I open it?"

"Why not?" Sean said, his arm now around Sherry, while the two of them gave all of their attention to Wendy.

It was a new iPad. Wendy was speechless for many seconds and there were tears on her cheeks, as she began to say her 'thank yous' to Sean for the gift.

"This is wonderful," Wendy said, getting another hug from Sean.

"Thank you," Sherry said to him, turning her head to kiss him.

Then she said: "Let's go into the living room we'll see about this wonderful gift."

She grabbed the handles of Wendy's chair and led them off toward the living room.

Sherry was wearing a shortish pleated skirt that evening. As she moved away with the chair, Sean put his hand down so that it was just under the bottom of her pleated skirt, resting on the back of her thighs.

She jumped just a little bit, as he moved his hand to let it rest on her panty covered butt.

She grinned at him, and got a grin in return.

They sat in the living room and Sean explained that the iPad came with a year of internet data pre-paid. Wendy was explosively grateful. She began to use the new pad right away.

"This is marvelous!" she proclaimed to the two grinning adults. "You are marvelous," she said next.

Sherry went into the kitchen to check on the dinner, while Wendy and Sean talked about the iPad and did some exploring.

After just a little bit, Wendy asked: "Did you bring them?"

Sean knew, of course, what she meant, and said: "Naturally, I did."

"May I see them?" Wendy asked.

"Sure," he said, "I'll get them."

"Oh, good," Wendy said, grinning at her Mom.

Sean went to his car and then came back with the big padded case that held his bagpipes.

"Okay," he said, "Now a lecture. Get ready."

He went on then to show Wendy and Sherry every individual part of the bagpipes. He removed the drones to show them the drone reeds. He showed them the blow pipe and explained the reason for the rubber cap at the end of it.

Next he showed the pipe chanter and the reed in the chanter. He then took out from the bag's pocket his practice chanter.

"See," he said, "This has a really mellow sound because it uses a plastic reed and isn't very loud."

He blew into the practice chanter, which made a very soft and mellow sound.

Wendy clapped with joy.

"But," he went on, "Wait until you hear the difference."

Then he took the pipe chanter and blew into it. It made a loud, Oboe like sound that fairly filled the room.

Again, Wendy was clapping with her glee.

Then he showed them how it all fit together.

"Ready?" he asked.

"Yes," Wendy said with excitement, and was joined in that by Sherry.

"When I blow into it," Sean explained, "It will first bring in the drones and then, as I continue to blow and fill the bag, the chanter will come in with the music. Like this."

He blew into the bag, bringing in the drones and then the chanter with its characteristic 'E' note.

When he'd done that much, he whirled into the tune 'The Banks and Braes of Bonnie Dune'.

He had Wendy clapping along with him right away.

He played for them for the next 20 minutes and got a real ovation from both of them, when he was finished.

"Okay," he said then,"Piping is hungry work!! What does a person have to do here to get something to eat?"

"Be nice to the cook," Sherry said, putting her arms around him.

"Gladly!" he said.

"Let's go into the kitchen," Sherry said, wheeling Wendy away.

Again, as they went to the kitchen, Sean had his hand under her skirt and on her ass. She hesitated just a few seconds, when she felt his hand and simply wiggled her ass cheeks for him.

Dinner was for them a real treat. They had a chance to sit and talk to each other: news of the day, what they'd been doing etc.

They sat to some TV for a bit afterwards and then Sherry took Wendy off for a bath for her before her bed time.

Wendy was pleased that both Sherry and Sean were there to tuck her in for the night.

"Thank you, thank you," she said, hugging Sean, "For the gift and for showing me the pipes and playing for me."

"You're welcome, sweetheart," he said kissing her forehead.

Then it was her prayers and lights out. It had been a special and tiring night for her.

Once Sherry said 'good night' to Wendy too, the two of them left the room, with a night light on, and closed the door.

Sean had his arm around her shoulder immediately and was whispering into her ear: "You are in so much trouble, lady!"

"Who me?" she asked, softly, in an innocent voice.

"You, panty lady!" he said.

"Did you like what you found?" she asked.

He had his hand on her panty covered ass again and said: "Like it and am going to keep it."

She twirled around and was kissing him then, with her arms around his neck, which rucked her pleated skirt up, allowing him to take possession of her ass cheeks, covered with the lovely, white sheen of the nylon of her panties.

He said to her, softly into her ear, that it was her choice; he wanted to know what she wanted.

"What a nice question," she said, then she whispered back to him: "I want to be held, while I'm naked and you're not. That's how I want to start."

"Hmm," he said, "Nice idea."

"Good," she went on, "You watch."

With him looking on, she took her clothes off, waiting until last to remove her white, nylon panties. Then she was indeed naked.

She went to him and they were hugging and kissing again, with him having the chance now to run his hands down her back, across her naked ass cheeks, down the sides of her thighs, around to the front of her, to her pussy nest, and her nipples. In just a bit he had her trembling.

"It's like last time," she said in a strained voice into his ear. "You're going to make me cum that way."

He chuckled and buried a finger in her pussy hair, getting a reaction from her. Her back bowed with the feel of it and then he had, in addition, one of her nipples in his fingers.

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