Margot's End

by Johfrederson

Copyright© 2015 by Johfrederson

Fiction Sex Story: Granny Margot has a rough time making extra money.

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   NonConsensual   Rape   Heterosexual   Fiction   Rough   Humiliation   Sadistic   Torture   Snuff   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Fisting   Water Sports   Spitting   Violent   .

She's apprehensive. Everything about her, from her body language to her facial expression, screams "I don't want to be here right now." But she doesn't move; because she needs the money. My cock is throbbing because of it.

My cock wants to start giving it to her. I want the moment to linger, so I wait.

"Use your hand."

She looks nervously at me and grabs my cock in her wrinkled hand and starts to rhythmically slide it up and down my cock. Doesn't feel great, but it sets the tone. It lets her know that I'm directing here, and it gets her in the mindset of obeying me.

Margot keeps yanking on my cock and I look at her. She's sixty-nine years old. Almost three times my age. That is, of course, the point. I wanted to fuck a granny. To sexually humiliate someone in their Golden Years. So I found Margot. A nice, polite granny with money problems. Prescriptions are expensive. She would never have done this otherwise; money does weird things to people. I would bet a lot of money she wouldn't have ever done this in her life if she didn't need the two grand so bad. And I guarantee she hasn't done some of the things I'm going to make her do tonight.

She's glorious. Not one of those medically enhanced porn dolls you see in DVD's. So called MILFs who are only in their thirties and have undergone more plastic surgery than Michael Jackson. She's the real deal. Grey hair, wrinkled sagging face spotted with sun damage. Her tits are huge and saggy, reaching almost down to her belly button and appearing quite flat against her stomach which, while not having any rolls, is far from thin. Her arms are thick. Her legs are thick and flabby, and her skin is a pasty white. Around her pussy I can see wisps of white hair. My understanding is that she wears dentures. I'm going to keep that little fact in the back of my mind.

She's still yanking my cock, her tits swaying from the effort, and I'm ready to move on.

"Polish my knob."

Her hand stops moving, she looks up at me, and timidly asks "What?"

"Fucking suck my cock you cunt."

She starts to move her face slowly towards my cock, but she takes too long. So I grab the back of her head and shove it onto my throbbing nine inch pussy destroyer. She doesn't like that. Her arms start flailing around, and I can feel her fighting me. Her hands land on my thighs and starts to push away from me. I let go of her head and she falls back. I look at her reddened wrinkled face and can see she's almost in tears.

"You want the money or not? If you do, put your useless whore mouth around my cock and suck."

She looks at the floor, gets back on her knees. I step up to her, grab my cock, smack her head on the side of her face with it and put it in front of her mouth. Her eyes are downcast, her hand limp at her sides. Her humiliation is fantastic. But I need more; I need to bust a nut. Finally, her lips wrap around my cock and she starts to give me what has to be one of the worst blowjobs I've ever had.

I'm getting angry. I came here with the intention of fucking a granny, humiliating her a little bit and busting a nut. This is not satisfying. I grab her shoulders, lift her up and push her onto a nearby couch.

"Spread your legs."

She clearly doesn't want to, but after a second's hesitation, she acquiesces and opens her whore legs. I get a bottle of lube and lube her cunt hole liberally. I start fucking her, my cock sliding in and out of her cunt smoothly and rhythmically. She immediately starts fussing.

"It's too big."

"Not so hard."

"It hurts!"

She starts pushing me and tries to get out from under me. I've had enough of this bullshit from this fucking old piece of pussy. My cock is throbbing and aching for a good fuck. I decide that this granny just lost her human privileges. From now on she's my personal fuckmeat. I quickly pull out of her and stand up. My quick exit surprises her and she stops her annoying complaints and stops moving. She looks at me questioningly.

I say in a dead, no nonsense tone "Turn around."

She's scared now and she whispers, "I don't want to."

I grab her hair and bitch slap her face. She's so surprised that she has no reaction except that her mouth opens into a giant O.

I violently throw her to the ground stomach down. I kneel down over her and slap her saggy ass. The force ripples through her ass, making her ass shake and shimmy. She screams from the pain, while trying to get up. I grab her head again and slam it into the ground. The thump is audible and the blow stuns her for a second. With that break from her fighting I use both of my hands to spread her ass cheeks, revealing her perfect, puckered, and I'm willing to bet virgin, asshole. I plunge my cock into it, dry. That gets her fighting again, and it takes me a couple of tries to get my cock in. She's howling in pain, crying, yelling "STOP, STOP, NO, NO PLEASE!"

Her struggles are pathetic and excite me more. I look down, I only have three inches in; it's not enough. I push my hips down, forcing more of my cock into her ass. Now this is what I needed. What an amazing feeling, making this cunt of a grandma into my fuckdoll.

"Do you like getting your ass-pipe reamed cunt!?"

Her screams and pleas for mercy continue. I finally get all nine inches in and I start to fuck her ass hard. Pulling completely out except for a half-inch of the tip and then ramming my cock back in as hard as I can. After a few rounds of this I notice penetrating her asshole becomes a lot easier, as if it had become lubed. Seems I've started tearing the inside of her ass, causing some bleeding. Nature's lubricant.

I start the next phase of Margot's destruction. Holding her down with one hand, I use my other hand to reach into her mouth and violently pull out her dentures. I toss them away. I do one last thrust into her ass with every ounce of force I can muster. She screams as loud as she can, her voice starting to become weak and hoarse. I pull out and stand up. Her screams stop, replaced by sobs. I look at my cock. Still huge and menacing it's now covered with blood and shit residue. Perfect.

I grab her hair and drag her across the room for no reason except that her pathetic attempt to make me release her amuses me. I stop, pull on her so that she's facing my cock. I spit on her face and she tries to wipe the spittle away. I slap her hand away and quickly give her two hard smacks to the side of her face. Then I grab her right nipple and twist hard. Her face scrunches with pain and fear, and she whimpers. I smack her tit one last time then grab onto her ears and start to ram my cock into her mouth. No teeth, no resistance. I love it. I facefuck her hard. My cock ramming down her throat over and over. She struggles and tries to push me away, to no avail. Her throat is amazing. I grow tired of her struggles so I pull out and for the first time notice the puke on my cock. There's also a puddle of her puke on the floor. Her wrinkled face is covered with tears, spit, puke and smeared shit from her ass.

"You disgusting piece of shit. You worthless cunt, look at the mess you made."

I force her face into her puke.

"Eat your puke slut!"

She helplessly responds, "No please."

I pick her face up a few inches from the floor and slam it back down into her puke. "Eat it!"

She meekly sticks out her tongue and start to slurp the puke off the floor. I pick her up and throw her to the ground. Quickly I run to my bag and grab a pair of handcuffs. I walk back over to Margot, who is trying to pick herself up. I grab her hands and handcuff them behind her back. Two more quick, hard smacks to her reddened and now bruising face and resume the throatfucking. My cock plunging in and out of that toothless, gummy mouth. She tries to bite down, but with no teeth it does nothing except heighten my pleasure. I can feel her puke again and that sends me over the edge. Thick streams of cum shoot out of my cock into Margot's throat, gagging her.

"Eat it, eat it cunt!"

Despite my command my cum spills out of her mouth, some of it falling to the ground, the rest coming to rest on her flat, pancake tits along with spit and puke.

I pull back my hand and slap Margot as hard as I can. The blow sends her reeling to the ground. My cock starts to shrivel and I look down at Margot.

She's destroyed. Her prone form is a masterpiece of sexual abuse and humiliation. I am not done. Her pussy is unused, and I feel like I need to piss.

Fuck it, I have a good toilet right here. I stand over my fuckdoll, grab my dick, aim and piss. My piss exits my cock and start to stream into her face. She hates it. She tries to move away, but she's too weak to do more than sob and turn her head a bit; and with her hands still handcuffed they prove of no use.

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