Celia's Invitation

by tunefulbob

Copyright© 2015 by tunefulbob

Romantic Sex Story: Another romantic and erotic encounter between Celia and her lover.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Safe Sex   .

"Come in," you said, responding to my knock. I opened the door, then stopped dead in my tracks when I saw you. You were turned away from me, just straightening up after leaning over to pick something up. I was stunned by the sight of you, for you were wearing rather less clothing than I had expected – a diaphanous blouse, no bra, panties and sandals with raised heels. You were still slightly bent over as I walked in, which had the effect of focusing my attention on the beautiful shape of your slender and oh-so sexy ass. The loveliness of the fabric and style of your panties was something I noticed later. My eyes next ran up and down the length of your long, lissome, shapely, magnificent legs. You know that I have trained myself to maintain eye contact with a woman as beautiful as you, lest you should think that your body is the only thing that interests me. But your wonderful eyes were not in view; and those are the moments when I feel free to steal a glance and enjoy the other elements of your beauty. Your sandals were pretty too – and showed off to great advantage the slender grace of your lovely feet.

As you straightened and turned, your eyes were on me; so they grabbed my attention, as they always do. For it is in your eyes, so beautiful in themselves, that the loveliness of your mind and your heart shine forth. It isn't only politeness that impels me to look into your eyes whenever I can; for there is so much to see there. Your state of mind is often displayed there, for example. And the look that you gave me had a mischievous glint, as you were well aware of the effect your appearance would have on me. Another thing I could see in your eyes and face was that you looked downward at me and smiled at the noticeable bulge that had immediately formed within my pants at the sight of you. In fact, your eyes lingered there, which gave me the opportunity, and the license, to steal a glance at your extraordinary breasts, which were displayed to wonderful advantage through the transparency of your blouse. Your breasts are treasures, still youthful and shapely in spite of your body's experience of having nursed two beautiful children. They are the breasts of a fulfilled, mature woman, more beautiful to my eyes than those of a young woman, which, no matter how large and well formed, still look immature, unripe and unready to me.

You kept your gaze directed away from my face for a while longer, seeming to know that you were thus giving me permission to explore your body with my eyes, which I proceeded to do. Your waist and tummy are quite perfect – slender, with smooth skin and subtle, graceful curves. Your shoulders, arms and neck are slim but with the pleasing shapes that only can be supported by firm musculature beneath the skin.

After you had given me sufficient time to admire, if not to dwell on, the aesthetic perfection and alluring sexiness of your body, you looked me straight in the eyes, and your smile broadened. It was obvious that you could see in my eyes and on my face, the effect that your appearance had on me; not just confirmation of the desire that was so apparent in the bulging of my loins, but also the appreciation of you and the affection for you that have so quickly come to dominate my day-to-day thoughts.

You came into my waiting arms, we kissed, and you pressed your body against mine in a way that made my mind and my heart focus completely on one single, burning notion – to make love with you with all the passion, intensity, stamina and staying power that I could muster.

You seemed to have something like the same idea in mind, for you took my hand and led me to the bed. I sat on the bed next to you and kissed you, softly at first, and then with increasing ardor. My hands roamed over your shoulders, your back, your breasts, your tummy, feeling the smoothness of your skin and the delicious lines and curves of your body through the thin fabric of your blouse. I know that you enjoy my caresses, but always wonder if you know that touching you, experiencing your beauty with my hands, gives me pleasure that perhaps equals what you feel at those times. I was eager to undress you so there would be no barriers to my appreciation of all the loveliness your body offers; so I knelt before you to start with your sandals, then unbuckled each strap and kissed your elegant insteps where the straps had left faint marks.

Removing your sandals left your legs slightly parted. I kissed the insides of your thighs, just above your knees, pushing your legs further apart, and reached to the waistband of your panties to pull them off of you. You lifted your ass off the bed to ease things for me, then sat back down and lifted your legs gracefully, allowing me to slide your panties down the long lengths of your thighs and calves and over your feet. You reached down to my waist to undo my belt buckle and the snap on my pants, while urging me to stand up in front of you. You unzipped me and pulled my underpants down over the bulge of my cock, which was nearly fully erect. My cock leaped up when it was released from the fabric; you grasped it firmly with one hand and gently cupped my balls with the other. You kissed the tip of my cock lightly, then wrapped your lips around my cock and took about five inches of it into your mouth, so that your lips touched your hand where your fingers firmly gripped the base of my cock. I could feel the tip of my cock pressing against the back of your throat, and your tongue pressed against the underside of my cock, from the tip to about midway. You paused for a moment, then began to pump my cock in and out of your mouth. It felt spectacular, and I soon felt like I would come in fairly short order.

But I needed you to catch up with me.

So I leaned you back on the bed, easing my cock out of your mouth in the process. My cock swelled up and pulsed a couple of times, but then settled down. I lay down beside you, then leaned over you to kiss you and caress your body underneath your diaphanous blouse, paying particular attention to your beautiful, womanly breasts, with their delicate, delectable nipples. With the arm that was behind your shoulders, I pulled your body closer to mine so that your breasts were against my chest. My free hand moved downward on your body, caressing your tummy, then your ass, before moving to the tops of your thighs. I insinuated my hand between your legs and began stroking your outer labia, then slid one finger between them to caress your clit, oh so lightly. I continued that for some time, simply rubbing your clit very delicately, in a circular motion. My intention was that this would be a slow preamble to a long, long session of lovemaking. I wanted both of us to be in the moment, to linger over each movement, each caress, each sensation. But it wasn't long before your heavier breathing told me that you were getting to the verge much more quickly than I had expected. I thought it would be such a delicate and quiet way of making you come just to continue what I was doing, and before long your tummy muscles tightened, you lifted your shoulders and your knees from the bed. You stopped breathing entirely for a moment, then gasped, and began breathing hard and moving in ways that told me that you were having a surprisingly strong orgasm. And it lasted a long time, perhaps more than a minute.

I slowed the circular rubbing of your clit as your orgasm dwindled, and stopped a little after your orgasm stopped. Your body was limp now, the picture of complete relaxation. Your eyes were closed; you almost looked as if you were asleep. But as I leaned down to brush your lips with mine, you grabbed me and pulled me into you so that our kiss became intense and passionate, open to each other, absorbing each other, as if our souls were merging through our mouths.

Your cues told me that you were ready for more. "Would you like to start on top?" I asked, while reaching for a condom. You nodded and immediately rolled over on top of me, then mounted me, barely waiting until the condom was in place to grab my cock and press the tip against the sweet opening of your pussy. You pushed yourself down very gradually, slowing down still more as you approached the point of completely engulfing my cock. Then you closed your eyes and gasped as you pushed your pussy down around my cock and pressed your clit against my body and held it there.

I pushed my pelvis up to provide just a bit more pressure in the depths of your pussy and against your clit; and you slowly began moving your body up and down, gliding smoothly along the length of my cock, and pausing at the end of each downstroke to enjoy the pressure you experience at that point. I took note of the rhythm you adopted, because it was slower than the slowest rhythms I generally use. I took advantage of the opportunity, with both hands free, to caress both of your breasts and sometimes to provide delicate pressure on your nipples.

You continued sliding your body up and down on my cock, using that slow, steady rhythm, every now and then pausing at the top of the cycle, then slamming down with extra force, and sometimes pausing at the bottom of the cycle, grinding your pussy and clit against my body. Then you gasped, arched your back, leaned forward, squeezed your thighs against my sides and pushed down harder than ever on my cock. I could feel the muscles of your pussy clenching and unclenching my cock spasmodically. The feeling was extraordinary, delightful and sensual! You kept coming, and squeezing my cock, for a long, long time. It took all my concentration not to ejaculate fountains of sperm up into you...

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