Welcome Interruption

by TheWatcher58

Copyright© 2015 by TheWatcher58

Erotica Sex Story: He had settled down for a day alone watching his latest porn downloads on his big screen TV. He get interrupted by a hysterical girlfriend of his teenage daughter. A hard slicked up cock and a scantily clad teenager is a recipe for a rapid hard fuck.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Reluctant   Cheating   Size   .

My wife of twenty years Sonya and my 17 year daughter Tania had left the house about thirty minutes ago for a whole day at the shops and the beauty parlour. I had planned to catch up on some of my latest porn downloads using my ultra big screen TV.

I was sitting naked on the lounge chair watching a particularly great fuck movie. I'd lubed up my cock - it was long, hard, slippery and glistening as I wanked it slowly.

My peace and quiet was suddenly interrupted by a frantic banging on the front door. I was startled and quickly headed towards the door to check out the source of the noise through the spy hole in the door.

I didn't make it to the door before a young black haired teenager burst through the door and into the lounge room. She was crying and babbling as she strode into the room, coming to a stop at the back of the lounge chair. She completely ignored me standing naked and stunned in the entry foyer.

She was suddenly quietened when she spotted the fuck scene playing out on the big screen TV in front of her. Her eyes were riveted to the screen watching a closeup of a long fat cock slowly penetrating a small hairless pussy.

My house invader was 17 year old Paige who was one of my daughter's best friends. Paige had a sensational body which I'd checked out previously in her very brief bikini when she had used our pool. Today she was wearing a tube top, and a short skirt.

She was mesmerised by the fuck scene on the TV. I was so horny too that I walked up behind her and wrapped my arms around her, pulling her body against mine, trapping my erect cock between us. My hands slipped up to cup her huge tits through her tube top. Finding that they were braless under the top, I pulled the top down to bare her sensational tits.

They felt so good in my hands with her hard nipples pressing against my palms. I nibbled at her ear and neck - an action that had her pushing her ass back against my cock.

Seizing the moment, I stepped back, pushing her forward so that her hands rested on the back of the lounge chair. I flipped up the back of her skirt to find a G-string running between her taut ass cheeks. With my fingers I pulled the skimpy covering to the side of her ass and pussy. With the other hand I directed the head of my cock between her fleshy pussy lips.

I pushed forward firmly with my slippery cock sliding with some ease into her tight pussy canal.

I kept pushing in until my cock was full enveloped in her tight sheath. My hands then went to her hips to hold her and direct the motion of her hips as I proceeded to fuck her moistening pussy.

"Fuck yes ... I've wanted to fuck you for ages" I yelled as I slammed in and out of her rapidly aroused pussy.

She was wiggling her ass against me as I lunged into her. I slipped a hands up to molest her swinging tit flesh, and to tweak her hard nipples.

"Oh god ... I'm cumming" she gasped just as I felt a gush of her juices along my cock shaft.

I buried my cock in her and held still whilst her orgasm peaked and finally waned.

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