New Plantation Slave

by Vektor

Copyright© 2015 by Vektor

Historical Sex Story: John Childs falls for a new slave. 1st part of the series.

Caution: This Historical Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Romantic   Interracial   Black Female   White Male   First   Oral Sex   Squirting   Pregnancy   Cream Pie   .

John Childs remembered the first time he met Mr. Harken. It was early spring in 1819, and he was working as a hand for the Overseer. John thought nothing of him and paid him little attention. To John he was just another hired hand. Although he was a white hired hand, he was still treated as such. John did not know of the harsh discipline he enjoyed when Mr. Franks left. When Mr. Franks was moved to the cotton plantation, Mr. Harken took over as Overseer.

John was now riding in the back of a carriage with his father, and Mr. Harken. The Glenwood Plantation was not doing so well the last three seasons, and was ready to sell some property. John was now eighteen, and his father wanted him to participate in the family's business. The ride lasted almost two hours. He had to listen to Mr. Harken's accounts of Cherokee attacks and how slaves should be treated. John tried his best to ignore him as he seemed to be one of those whom found fault in everything.

When the carriage finally stopped, Colby opened the door muttering about how the place looked like it was ran by a bunch of wild animals. John knew his father listened to Colby, as they grew up together. Colby was the best slave his father owned. No one really questioned how John's father treated him as a friend rather than a common slave. Colby also never made mistakes and would make sure the other slaves were in line. Although Colby never whipped anyone, his word was just as powerful as the Overseer's lash. No one dared question his loyalties, as his position often irritated Mr. Harken to no end.

The owners of the plantation greeted all of them accept Colby who stayed with the carriage. John walked with his father around the grounds and remarked how the plantation had fallen into disrepair. The big house needed a coat of paint, and the boards of the front porch were all loose. John walked towards the fields, as his father spoke with the owner on the dilapidated porch.

The easy stroll through the spring crops was nice. He noticed how the cotton fields seemed to be neglected as well. There were some slaves milling about, but no real work was being done that day. When he came to a clearing he saw a lone female slave. She was walking through a small field of wild flowers. Every few steps she would bend over to collect some. She walked towards John holding a mixed assortment of colored wildflowers. She looked to be about his age, and did not have the clothes of the field slaves. She was a petite girl, just barely clearing five feet. She must not have been a field hand, her face and hands showed no signs of it, John noticed.

When she was only a few paces off from John he could make out the sadness in her features. She was quite attractive, and the smell of the flowers she held only added to her allure. John thought she had a beauty about herself even though she walked as if she was dead to the world. Her face looked too young to be so doleful. She did manage to lift her head when she walked by him. With a slight nod upwards, she cracked the smallest of smiles before her gloomy look returned.

John finished his stroll, but could think of nothing other than the bright smile she showed him. When he got back to the big house he saw his father and Mr. Harken inspecting a group of slaves. They were all lined up as they were being poked and prodded. His father and Mr. Harken went down the line of slaves and called out prices. John knew this was his father's offer to buy them. None of the offers were of market price either. John figured his father was going to fleece the owner and probably resell the slaves he did not need. John wanted to laugh as the offers came in and were accepted by the owner.

John walked over and whispered to his father. "There was another one in the fields that looked good too. She may be a good for the house."

John then heard his father mention to the owner about the slave he saw so depressed in the field. The owner surprised John refusing his father's offer. His father was a successful planter for a reason. He knew how to handle situations, and make the best deals possible. He was a shrew negotiator and had proven it to John on many occasions, and today was one of them. John's father then offered to buy nothing and wait for the bank to hold the auction, saying that the auction prices would be much cheaper. The owner relented and nodded his head, agreeing to the low price.

John, Mr. Harken, and his father left the plantation with more slaves then they had anticipated on buying. Colby was left to bring the slaves back with the spare horse. Colby was often allowed to roam freely within the county as everyone seemed to know his freedoms. He was now in charge of the new slaves and making sure they got back to the plantation.

Mr. Harken was now the coach driver. John's father was grinning at the new stock of slaves he just got at a steal of a price. His father then told John how the other planters would not buy from him due to rumors about small pox outbreak at his plantation. His father seemed to be explaining more of the plantation's expenses as if he would someday be in charge. John simply sat back and let his father go on about what he planned to do with the new slaves, he was just happy he did not have to hear the hideous stories of Mr. Harken.

The next day John awoke to the sound of the plantation slaves gathering to see Colby ride back with the dozen new slaves. John got dressed and went to watch as Mr. Harken and Colby assigned jobs and living quarters. Then he spotted her, the girl he saw in the fields. She still had a somber look about her. She wordlessly followed Colby as he showed her the cabin she was now going to live in.

John was happy that she was given the cabins of the craftsmen and house slaves. The other slaves were taken to the field slave cabins further away from the main house. Since it was just her, she did not have to share the cabin with anyone. John had no idea when she would be sharing the cabin or if she would ever share it. He knew his father was strict about slaves moving cabins or sleeping in a place they should not.

The moment she went into her new cabin, John wanted so badly to introduce himself. Her morose disposition bothered him more than he cared to allow. To him it was a shame for such a pretty girl to be so sad. It may be the idea of a new place and the unknown had stolen her smile. John had made up his mind, he would introduce himself. Before he could talk to her, he was called off to meet his tutor.

John resented the fact his father insisted on him still having tutors come to the plantation just for him. John wanted to attend college, but his father still wanted him around the plantation. The only reason he could figure was that his father would be without any family around. His mother refused to live on the plantation until the end of the harvest season. He always laughed at her inability to handle the heat and humidity. John often tried to stay later on in the season, well after both of his parents went to the summer home.

The day seemed to drag on. Before John knew it the sun had set, and he had yet to meet the new slave. He was disappointed; he did not even know her name. When John finished his chores he was finally able to get away and walk down to the slave cabins. Holding nothing but a lantern, he made his way to the row of cabins. They were close to the house, and kept in very good condition. Although the slaves were not allowed to roam the plantation at a certain time, some were allowed if their jobs permitted. Colby often roamed around to make sure there was no issues. Slaves would rather speak with him compared to Mr. Harken.

As her cabin came into view he spotted Mr. Harken heading there as well. John's heart dropped. He could make out Harken's sinister grin in the dim glow of his lantern. John knew exactly what he was going there for. He quickened his pace to get there just before him.

When John reached her rough cut wooden door he made his inquiry to Mr. Harken. "Did not expect to see you out around here at such an hour."

Spitting out something before thinking. "Just checking up on the new niggers. Does your Pa know you're out here?"

"About the same as he knows you're out here." John shot back with a strong tone. He never spoke to Mr. Harken like that before. He just knew that Mr. Harken was going to do something wrong to the new slave.

John turned his head, ending the conversation before Mr. Harken could respond, and opened the door to the cabin. As John walked in he saw the new slave standing there at the doorway as if she knew he was going to come inside. As he stepped in to close the door, she walked to the small bed in the corner and sat down. The look on her face was that of fear, panic, and solemn resignation.

John turned his attention away from her to peer out of the small window. He smiled to himself, his little ruse worked, and Mr. Harken retreated back to his own place. When the dim light of the overseer faded in the distance he knew that he'd won a small victory.

John turned around when he heard a quiet soft voice speak. "You gonna have me?"

John didn't like the fear in her eyes as she regarded him, "I am only here so he doesn't touch you." He said to ease her fears.

"I just be figuring you get here before he did, or you be taking turns wit me."

"Nobody is going to be taking turns with you. I came here to make sure of that."

"So you going to sells me then for someone else?" She said on a sigh.

John walked over to her with his hands out in a calming gesture. "My father is not going to sell you, and Mr. Harken is not going to have you."

She stood quickly as something akin to fear flashed over her face. "You be the Massa's son. I dids not know. I thought you just be nother overseer. I saw the way you looked at me and wanted me with the others. Just thinking you wanted me as yours."

John smiled back as he knew he was caught. He was staring at her yesterday quite obviously. "My name is John Childs." He said holding out his hand, "I am sorry I stared at you like that. I was just wondering why you looked so sad."

She looked down at his hand, wary of the formal gesture. She looked up to him and placed her small hand in his, "Mr. Laurens called me Jasmine," she said, "my Pa named me Michael cause he wanted a boy. Be changing it to Michaela when I be born. Massa did not likes that so he called me Jasmine after the flowers in the fields."

John pulled the chair from the only table in the room to sit down in front of her. "I can call you Michaela if you like?"

Jasmine laughed as she sat across from him on the bed. "Be bit lates for that seeing how everyone knows me as Jasmine. No matters, Mr. Laurens not be thinking he gives me a white girl name. Guess I gots one over on him."

John smiled at Jasmine as her body seemed to relax from talking. "Can I ask why you were so sad?"

Jasmine eyes glassed over as she opened up. "Pa got solds when Mr. Laurens got the bank notice. He gots rid of all the old field hands. Be wishin I knew wheres he went."

John got up and sat next to her, putting his arm around her for comfort. "I will ask Colby if he can find out where he was sold to. He knows all the plantations in the county. I bet he can find your Pa."

Jasmine looked up as she smiled briefly. "You would be doing that for me?"

John got up to leave. As he left he told her. "I will first thing tomorrow." John stood to leave, "Just don't tell anyone about it. Don't even bring it up to Colby. If he found out it is for you, he will think you will get ideas about running."

Jasmine nodded her head in agreement. John and Jasmine exchanged smiles as he stepped out of the cabin. John quietly walked back to the house trying not to wake his father or any of the other slaves. When he reached his room he stared out the window for a time to see if he could watch over her cabin. Although he could not see anything the idea of protecting her made him feel at peace.

John woke up to the sounds of a working plantation. Although sleeping in was frowned upon, John found that he could get away with it from time to time. He was happy that his father was busy enough not to realize and that most of the house slaves gave him no notice.

The first thing John did was spring up to the window and peer out to Jasmine's cabin. He told himself it was to check if it was disturbed but he'd hoped to get a glimpse of her. When he saw her with a wash basin cleaning clothes he took a sigh of comfort knowing she did not run. Mr. Harken was not around either, so he took this as a good sign, and got his day underway.

When John got downstairs he was told that his father, and Colby had left to go to the Market place with a few of the new slaves. His father was dropping them off at the auction to be sold this week. The thought of Mr. Harken left alone with Jasmine... (left him uneasy). He had a suspicion that Harken wanted to bed her, and will inevitably try to again.

With the light work load given John, he was able to stroll about the plantation with very little to do. Most of the skilled slaves did not need direct supervision. It would not be uncommon to see them walking about tending their own garden, or relaxing on a hot day. The overseer was normally watching over the field slaves and the main work of the plantation. John suspected he must have been out in the fields when he had not seen him around.

John said hello to those he passed including Jasmine, he did not want to arouse any talk by only greeting her. Although he did nothing special, Jasmine grinned with the relief that he was close to her. John felt a twinge of guilt. He was the reason she was here, living with the fear of Harken at every turn. He must cheer her up. John immediately knew how.

There was a patch of wildflowers not too far off that John knew of. He raced there as quickly as possible yet slow enough to not arouse anyone's curiosity. He quickly picked the best ones he could find in the shortest time, stashing them in his shirt as he walked back to the main house with a mind to find a vase. When they were in the vase, he left them in his room before heading back out to the fields. John knew that he still had to do some work before his tutor arrived.

Once John finished his studies and met with his returning father, supper was ready. The evening was spent listening to how his father made money off of the new purchases. John heard how the slaves he sold could have been used, but the ready cash would be needed for other endeavors. He really did want to be interested but his thoughts lay with Jasmine.

John waited till his father was in the study reading before sneaking out the back door. Old Millie was there to close the door for him. It was as if she knew what he was up to. John always had a good relationship with her. He trusted Old Millie and knew she'd lie for him if necessary. When she saw the vase full of flowers in his hand her eyes lit up with a knowing look. Did she believe he was going to bed some girl?

He gave her a quick explanation before making an even quicker exit. "It's not what you think. Just to make someone feel better is all."

Old Millie smiled as John left the house. "Just don't be lettin' ya Pa finds out. Lord, heaven knows what will happen."

John chuckled to himself even as she said it. He knew she knew more gossip than anyone on the plantation and yet she never told a soul her secrets. John was quick about his pace and made his way to Jasmine's cabin faster than the night before. As he got closer he could see her waiting by the window with none else inside. John visibly sighed with relief.

Jasmine quickly opened the door to let John in. Once inside he gently moved her aside to place his unlit lantern at the doorstep. If Mr. Harken did come by, he would know who was inside. He closed the door and smiled at Jasmine. He wondered how she'd accept her gift. Would she smile? Her full brown lips would pull back in a smile and the gleam in her eye would light up her small heart shaped face. Jasmine looked at him as if waiting for him to speak. He then realized he was staring again. He quickly pulled out from his coat and presented her a glass vase filled with an assortment of flowers from the field.

"I thought you might like these, and maybe help cheer you up." John said, as he cautiously waited for her reaction.

Jasmine's smile was brighter than he'd hoped, lighting the drab room with joy. "Thanks too much Mr. John. Theys beautiful." John returned her smile, as his heart felt at peace.

"Don't know hows I can thank ya," Jasmine began then her smile began to fade, " 'less you gots a way in mind."

"No, no, I just came by to make sure he was not here," John rushed to explain, hating to see her gloom return, "and to make you feel a tad bit better about yourself."

Jasmine's smile returned, softer somehow, and more sincere. John gaze lingered longer than he intended, so he simply nodded and turned toward the door.

"I reckon he won't be round tonight nows you here. You gonna stay a spell?" Jasmine said her back turned as she placed the vase of flowers on the beat up old table, pausing to smell the sweetness of the flowers.

John wondered why she would ask knowing he was just about to leave and she was unhurt by anyone. "Mr. Harken won't bother you tonight, I am pretty sure he saw the lantern outside the door." He said reassuring her.

"When you leaves, reckon he be thinking it's his turn." She said before lifting her fearful gaze to his, "Also thinkin he not hears us, and might be wondering if we really doing it."

John did not want to believe she was right, but knew it might be true. John again for the second night tried to ease her fears. "I will leave my lantern out front as a warning. Just take it in and hide it in the morning."

Jasmine gave a look as if her life was hanging in the balance. Without saying a word she nodded her head to John agreeing to the plan. John sneaked out into the dead of night and back to the main house. His last worry now was the night and finding his way without any source of light.

At the main house John found the side door left open for him. The only one who would do that was Old Millie. John knew he would have to thank her in the morning. John crept to his room making as little noise as possible. He finally took a deep breath when he closed his door behind him happy he had gotten away with something. John's heart was racing so much he could barely sleep, thinking about trying not to think about Jasmine.

The next day John made a point to see Old Millie before leaving the house. When he saw her she smiled and walked away as the sound of a ringing bell called her. Before she left she only winked and nudged John toward the side door. John took her nudge as a sign of something to do, and he went outside.

Outside, John saw Mr. Harken standing near the smokehouse. He had his eyes trained on Jasmine as she was bent over a washboard scrubbing clothes. Her covered hair was hanging out on the sides, and the top of her chest was exposed as she scrubbed fast on the washboard. John found himself watching as well. Jasmine's breasts swayed each time her body and arms moved on the washboard, her skin covered dampened by the water.

Suddenly Mr. Harken moved, making his way towards Jasmine. Some of the slaves stopped what they were doing and watched as Harken crossed towards her. They all knew that Mr. Harken had set his sights on her and could only imagine what was going to happen. John acted quickly, walking to Jasmine and making it there before Harken by a good five steps.

Once John was in front of her she looked up at him then Mr. Harken. John announced loud enough for Harken and the slaves that were watching to hear. "Need you in the main house to help out there. Kitchen staff is shorthanded. I want you working with Millie from now on."

Jasmine nodded pushing to her feet. Her heart was beating erratically as Mr. Harken came near. She kept her eyes down on her work. She hadn't even seen John appear but was filled with relief and admittedly joy when she heard his voice. She visibly relaxed when her back was turned toward Harken. She wanted to smile but wouldn't dare. She kept her head down and followed John.

Mr. Harken scowled as if his prize was somehow taken from him. John ignored him as if he had no idea of his true intentions towards Jasmine. Walking her to the main house kitchen, she gripped his hand when they were far enough away. She knew what would have happened if John hadn't shown up. Jasmine said nothing during the quick walk yet she never let go of his hand and smiled when they'd reached the door.

Old Millie opened the door and looked about before acknowledging John and Jasmine. "Best comes in now girl, folks be staring and talking."

John reluctantly left Jasmine with Old Millie. He never asked if Old Millie needed the help or not. John knew she would never turn down help or good company. John smiled to himself because he knew that Mr. Harken had no real power over her either. The only person Old Millie reported to was his mother, and she was not on the plantation. Even his father stayed away from her when his wife was not on the plantation.

John went about his daily routine without so much as a nod from Mr. Harken. John knew that he would try to get his revenge tonight. John would be ready. He had his route already planned out by the time the sun had set. To John's surprise, Jasmine opened the door as soon as he was close. When the door shut, she looked like the cat who'd gotten the cream.

Jasmine threw her arms around him as soon as he was in the warm confines of her cabin. She took John by surprise yet he instinctively accepted her affection, holding her in his arms. The knowledge of what could have happened, what John had saved her from, hung between them as she held him closer. John never expected her embrace would be so passionate, but when her large brown eyes looked into his he was glad for it. He leaned in to tell her something but it was immediately forgotten as John gave into his emotions. He kissed her lips ever so softly. Jasmine relaxed into his arms from the kiss and pulled him closer. As she felt the heat of his nearness her body began to tingle.

John realized he'd gotten carried away and quickly pulled away. "I must apologize. Don't know what came over me."

Jasmine instantly missed the embrace of her savior. It was her first kiss and it still tingled on her lips. "Sorry, sah. I shouldna hugged ya likes that."

John saw the disappointment in her eyes, and wondered if she really meant it. "If I let you hug me like that, would you want that."

Jasmine looked up at him confused. Suddenly, a small smile broke across her face, "Would you be kissing me like thats again if I dids?" she said in a jestful tone.

"Would you be wanting me to?" John answered with a smile of his own.

Jasmine stepped forward until she was inches away and his breath fanned her cheek. Wordlessly, she ran her hands up his chest, past his broad shoulders and around his neck, pressing her body against him. Her gaze never left his, as if daring him. John wrapped his arms around the small of her waist, pressing her full breasts against him. He gripped her tightly, lifting her up until she had no other option than to wrap her legs around him. John then kissed her as if she was the only person he ever wanted to kiss. Jasmine sighed into their kiss as his tongue explored her mouth.

Jasmine returned John's affections with her tongue. Her thighs gripped tighter as her body coiled around his. John felt her ebony body so close as he kissed her that his own body responded, his heart beating faster, and blood flowing quickly to his groin. The moment his manhood got hard, there was no hiding it as it was firmly pressed between them.

He pulled away from the kiss embarrassed. "So sorry ... I did not intend to."

Jasmine gazed at him with pure emotion. "You cans if you wants to."

John wondered what she meant. Was she saying that she wanted to have sex, or that he could have sex with her because she was his slave. "I would not want you to think..."

Jasmine cut him off by kissing him quickly. "I wants you to," she said softly, "and I knows you wants it too." She said the last looking down between them before smiling playfully.

John moved over to the bed setting Jasmine down. She set her feet on the floor as she laid back making room for him on the small cot. Jasmine lifted her dress past dark thighs stopping at their apex. She looked up at him, an expectant smile on her face. He realized he had been drinking in the sight of her bare flesh.

John leaned in and kissed her as he positioned himself between her dark legs. He cupped her face as his lips and tongue met hers. Jasmine's small hands roamed his body, stopping to undo his pants, pushing them down past his hips, and freeing his now throbbing member. Excitement rushed through them both as the need to be much closer overwhelmed them.

Jasmine's body writhed beneath him, as his hand slid up her body cupping her breast through her dress. She sighed as her hardened nipples pressed into his palm. John moved his body so that his erect manhood could find its home inside her willing love hole. As he slid it across her sex Jasmine shuddered at the sweet friction. John dipped it down so it sat at her entrance. Just as his swollen head pushed into her she gasped in pain, stiffening beneath him, if only for a second.

"Sorry, its be my first time and all." She said softly.

John realized that he was going to be her first, he knew he was no better off than she was.

"I can stop if you want?" He said already pulling away.

Jasmine smiled before kissing him again, wrapping her arms around his waist. She nodded for him to continue when their kiss was broken. He could feel her brace for the pain.

John pushed into her tightness, breaking her virginal wall with his white rod. She was a woman now, she smiled as she knew she gave it to the right man. He was kind, compassionate, brave and clever but more importantly, he made her feel like a person and not property. She would have no other for her first. John smiled back as he withdrew and slowly pushed in to the hilt. He paused there as she adjusted to being filled with his erection. It was such a foreign feeling, painful and yet it felt good to be filled with his hot, hard heat.

When Jasmine nodded her acceptance, he continued with slow and steady thrusts into her ebony love canal. Each time he pushed in, John could see the emotions of both pleasure and pain on her face. John continued to kiss her, he wanted her to know his intentions were to make sure she felt as good as she made him feel.

Jasmine couldn't tell where she ended and he began. She couldn't tell the pleasure from the pain. She was now moaning as her body accepted John's shafting, stretching her core. Her sex was now wet as she moaned in ecstasy. Although, pain was still present in her face, she clutched at him, her knees drawing up past his hips sending his cock deeper into her tight opening. Her passionate mewling never stopped in between John's passionate kisses and pounding erection. With each moan John thrusted harder, but not enough to cause her more pain. His body was going faster as he felt the peak of his ecstasy near.

John had no idea of how much time had passed, seconds or hours, but he knew that he could not last too much longer. Still continuing to thrust inside her now very slick dark entrance, he felt his own end close. Not knowing what to do, he never stopped until the end was a mere push away. John came thrusting deeply into her womb.

The moment John's seed filled Jasmine's body she threw her head back moaning at the new sensation. "Oh lord thats feels hot insides of me."

John moaned when Jasmine's kiss met his lips as he continued to thrust his steady stream inside her. Suddenly Jasmine spread legs wrapped around him, holding him tight.

"John," she moaned loudly as she came for the first time.

She didn't know what he'd done to her, but it was the best thing she had ever felt. Her whole body spasmed with ecstasy. John continued his pleasure, shooting all of his white sperm deep inside of Jasmine's willing cervix, as it gripped him in turn. As John was about pull out thinking he was finished, she held him tight, her legs wrapping around him as he felt her sex grip his erection.

"Keeps it in me. It be feeling good," she said on a breathy sigh, as tendrils of pleasure thrummed through her body.

John leaned in again to hold her face and kiss her dark full lips. Her lips were so soft as he could feel her female muscles grip him over and over. Still erect, he left himself inside of her as their tongues explored each other's mouths. Enjoying that beautiful moment, John never let his lips depart from her mouth as his manhood finally slipped out from her tight love hole.

The sound of footsteps broke through the night, interrupting their bliss. Jasmine was the first to react, pushing him away before telling him, "You gots ta leave, get dressed and go!"

John got dressed as he watched Jasmine jump up to the window to spy on who was outside, "You be in real trouble if Mista Harken catch you. Don't wants ya to be getting in troubles for me." Before he could say anything or kiss her goodbye, she shoved him out the door.

John saw the lantern in the distance move further away as he skulked back to the house and to his room. He wanted to run back and tell her he wasn't afraid of Harken but knew she was right. That night he recalled every second he had just spent with his first girl. He recalled every caress, smile and moan. He never imagined he would lose his virginity before marriage, and never to a slave.

John awoke to the sun beating down on his face. He had overslept and no one woke him. As he dressed and headed downstairs the sound of female laughter and the smell of breakfast greeted him. He walked in the small kitchen past the main table to see Jasmine laughing right next to Old Mille. The both of them looked giddy and not surprised to see him.

Old Millie pushed him back to the main dinner table as Jasmine grabbed a plate of food and followed. "Be sittin' before you goes outside. Made youse a hot plate too. Can't be having you leave wit out some food in yours belly."

John sat at the table and watched as Old Millie left and Jasmine passed her with a plate of food in her hands. She placed it right in front of him giving him a knowing smile before turning to walk away.

"Jasmine," he said softly, quickly grabbing her hand stopping her in her tracks. Jasmine paused to scan the room to make sure they wouldn't be disturbed. She leaned in and whispered in his ear. "Can't be talking, Misses be close by. I wants to tell you how much l likes it last night."

John smiled and tried his best to talk softly. "I can come by again."

Jasmine replied back softly as she once again scanned to the other room. "I gots to work tonight on the account of company be coming over."

"How about I come over before they get here?" John inquired.

Jasmine smiled and caressed his face. "Can't be having you do your thing in me before I works. Tooks forever for its to come out of me last night."

John felt guilty, he didn't want her thinking he was only interested in sex. That would make him no better than Harken, "I am sorry. I will leave it up to you when you're ready."

Jasmine laughed quietly to herself. "Don't be so sorry all the times. I likes when you come by. I be liking it so much when you did its inside me. I'd be ok with you coming by any nights I don't have works."

Jasmine scanned the room once again before leaning in to kiss John on the lips. This was only a small kiss but to Jasmine this was everything. She had never kissed another before John, and never wanted to kiss any other now. John could hear her and Old Millie giggling like school chums once they were left alone again.

John walked in on his father as he was packing some papers in his study. When John saw the bags he knew that his father would be heading off to their summer home soon. He just did not know it would be so early this year. The crop was not even close to being done, but John figured his mother was wanting company.

John's father looked up and smiled as he spoke, "Your Ma wants me to leave early. I sent for Mr. Halloway to handle the point flow and oversee the fields 'till I return for the harvest. I know you would like to stay, and I told your Ma that you're old enough to decide if you want to leave for the summer."

John knew Mr. Halloway ran one of his father's small fields by himself. John had always liked Mr. Halloway. He was a very close friend of his father and known to be a fair man.

John shook his head, "I would like to stay on, Sir. I want to handle the fields next year, and Mr. Halloway can teach me a lot."

His father smiled as he continued to stuff papers in a satchel, happy to see his son take an interest in the plantation. "Ok it's solved. I will let you stay here for the rest of the season and let you run Hannover Fields next year."

John left his father's study to prepare for the day. He wondered why his father was giving the main fields to Mr. Halloway, and not Mr. Harken. He also wondered why he was giving him Hannover Fields for next year's planting. John smirked knowing that was what Mr. Harken wanted. John's mind drifted back to thoughts of Jasmine and the smile on her face this morning. He felt a quick detour was in order. John collected a bouquet of what Jasmine loved the most and left it on the back kitchen door before heading off to his tutor, imagining her reaction all the way.

The day went off without any issue from Mr. Harken or his lackeys. John managed to find his way back to his room to get ready for the gathering with friends to see his father off. Most of the people showing up were just trying to get something from his father but a few came with well wishes and to bid him farewell before his departure for the season. It was always good food and company for John and missing it would be huge loss.

John did manage to sneak past the few servants setting up to get into the kitchen. There he spotted Jasmine all alone wearing a blue dress that looked very new and tidy, her hair covered in a blue wrap, and her chest pushed up by her dress. Old Millie was nowhere to be had, and Jasmine was preparing some sort of pastry. The creak of the floorboards revealed him to Jasmine who in turn lit up like a sunrise morning after a storm. "Mistah John! You be scaring the devils out of me."

John casually walked over to her as she put the pastry dough down and wiped her hands on the apron that hung off her dress. John quickly moved in for a kiss, but was rebuked with a glance before Jasmine turned away. "Mistah John, cans you give me a hands in the other room with a barrel?"

John nodded yes. Why was she so formal and off put to him? John walked over to the small room where the extra casks were stored. It was a very small room and only a few people could fit in it at any one time. Normally the room was packed during this time of year, but now was somewhat empty. The moment the two of them were in the room Jasmine closed the door before pulling him in for a passionate embrace. Lord she wanted to do that since she'd found the flowers he'd left for her. He was all that was on her mind since.

John ignoring the fact the house was filled with servants and soon to be guests and openly kissed Jasmine. Her arms tightened around him and he enjoyed the way her body molded to his. John could not help himself, he lifted her body up so she now sat on the barrel they were supposed to be getting. His lips never left hers and his hands roamed free on the back of her dress, wishing he could peel it off of her.

Jasmine reached below, happy to find John growing member in her hand. "Puts it in me quick." She said sliding the skirt of her dress up her legs.

John looked at her and then to the door behind him. It lacked any sort of lock. "We can get caught. Old Millie could walk right in."

Jasmine smiled impishly. "She done gone to help the others. I needs you bad, been thinkin' 'bout youse all day and how you loved me. I wants to feels it again."

John answered by capturing her lips with his. Jasmine fumbled with her clothing as he quickly pulled down his own clothes. John was ready to take control but he felt her grip his now solid erection. She placed it right at the entrance of her love canal urging him to push it home. John did without any further coercion, as they both gasped at the pleasure of their union. Their eyes locked as Jasmine once again was penetrated with John's white manhood.

Jasmine mewled with satisfaction as John continued to enter her moist sex. Her sighs of pleasure fueled John's passion and he kissed her as he plunged as deep as he could inside of her. Jasmine groaned into their kiss and John feared it was too much. He pulled out a little to see if it was as painful as the prior night. "If it hurts let me know."

Jasmine grinned at John's concern, she could see the powerful emotion in his deep blue eyes. Her body felt only waves of pleasure from having his thick manhood inside of her. Jasmine did manage to moan her intentions. "Be ok. Be feeling good whens you deep inside me is all. Just loves me likes you did last nights."

John kissed her again trailing his lips over her cheek and down her neck. His body was now thrusting harder as his white sex stretched her still tight love opening to his size. Each time he was fully rooted inside of her John could feel the pulse of her body as she writhed in pleasure. He could not get enough of her reactions to his thrusting. Her fingers dug into his flesh, urging him on as she whispered his name like a prayer.

John reclaimed her supple lips, muffling her moans. John couldn't tell if she was in pain or enjoying it so he broke both their kiss and his thrusting. Jasmine looked at him in despair, "Oh lords don't be stoppin'. You feels too good in me to be stopping so soons."

John returned kissing her large lips, his tongue pushing past them as he pushed back inside of her tight ebony body. Jasmine pulled him closer as her desire reached new heights. Suddenly Jasmine felt the peak of her pleasure as her body convulsed around him. John felt her love canal rapidly grip and release him as his member easily pushed in and out of her now slick entrance. Not stopping for anything now, he pounded harder knowing she was capable of it. With each moan he muffled in his mouth he felt her wet sex continue to get slicker as his own manhood sloshed back and forth inside her. Wave after wave of pleasure crashed into her with the rhythm of his thrusts.

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