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True Sex Story: Early one morning...

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   .

My eyes fluttered open as I heard the sounds of the shower in the adjoining bathroom. With a smile, I recalled the delightful activities of the previous evening. My daughters were spending the night with friends, watching a marathon of "Hunger Games" movies and no doubt, consuming large amounts of junk food. Such is the joys of Summer Vacation! On a positive note, this allowed me and their father to have a night alone. And OH, what a night. My ass was still sore from the riding crop and the internal pounding it had received. Thank God for Astroglide.

My husband, ever the thoughtful one, had started a pot of coffee before starting his shower and I could detect the fragrance as it drifted from the kitchen. I would be consuming several cups of that deliciousness before my own shower, once he was off to work.

The water stopped and in a few minutes, the man I had loved since I was 15 walked into our room. "Good morning, pretty girl," he smiled at me.

"Good morning, Daddy!" I giggled. "What do you want for breakfast? I can make something fast, if you want."

"I'm running a little late. Just coffee. I can eat later." He sat at the edge of the bed, after getting some items from the dresser drawer. He looked at me and smiled, no doubt recalling the previous night, and the reason my body was still a mess with dried sticky cum all over me. He had gotten me in all three orifices, as well as across my body.

As he sat, I slithered across the bed and to the floor to kneel in front of him, and buried my nose between his legs. "Mmmm ... Nice and clean!" I purred. "I want MY breakfast now!"

"Kitty," he started to say, "I need to..." He never finished because I had started licking his thickening cock like a little girl would lick a popsicle on a hot afternoon.

I looked up with a mischievous glint in my eye and proceeded to suckle the tip of his cock with my lips all puffy from hard kisses that were bestowed on me just a few hours previously. Softly, I caressed the underside of his nut-sack and traced a fingertip down towards his "taint" spot*. It drove him crazy when I did that, and I could feel his thighs clench.

Slowly I dragged my mouth up and down, and swirled my tongue around with the lightest flicker, in order to softly stimulate the nerves in the head. A drop of liquid bubbled up and was quickly savored.

Releasing him from my mouth, I pursed my lips and cupping one side of his shaft, I began rubbing my lips along the length of him on the other. My other hand continued to fondle and caress him below. Daddy knew her was no point in resisting, so he just sighed and lay back onto the mattress.

Pausing, I shifted a little, so I could lift his legs to go over my shoulders. Now I could get my face even closer to my goal. Pressing his cock back towards his tummy, I started to lick his nuts. I could feel them moving around in the skin of the sack, like two little marbles. Opening wide, I took that bundle into my mouth and sucked gently, again letting my tongue dance. His moans grew stronger.

"That's my good girl," he sighed. "Make Daddy feel good." That was my intention!

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