The Older Woman Next Door

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2017 by Tony Tiger

Romantic Sex Story: A mature woman restarts her sex life as a widow. It becomes a lot different than her earlier one.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Sharing   Polygamy/Polyamory   First   Water Sports   .

Marge was having coffee with her next door neighbor Barbara. They were both around 50 and had been friends for decades. They had become quite close and shared a lot of stuff in their lives. Marge was widowed for five years and had a 22-year-old daughter who was out on her own. Barbara was married with 20 and 17-year-old sons.

Barbara’s timing was bad. Marge almost choked in mid-swallow when she heard the question. When she stopped coughing she said, “Say that again!”

Barbara looked directly at her friend and said again, “I’d like you to take Andy’s cherry on his 18th birthday.”

“What brought this on?”

Barbara continued, “Well, he’s such a shy tekkie guy I’m worried about him. He doesn’t date but I find porn on his computer and cummy tissues in his wastebasket. I figured since you aren’t getting any that it might be good for both of you.”

Marge spoke slowly, gathering her thoughts, “I’ve never had sex with anyone besides my late husband. I’m not very attractive so why would any guy be interested, let alone a young one?”

“Bullshit!” piped up Barbara. “You could be as attractive as I am with a little fixing up. We’re both a bit on the thick side and our tits don’t stand up so high any more, but, you know, I’ve discovered that those one-eyed trouser trout are actually blind. They are mostly interested in any warm wet hole that will squeeze ‘em and please ‘em and pull their cum out. Who that hole is attached to just needs to be eager and fun. Looks aren’t important unless you’re plumb ugly, which we aren’t.”

“So how do you know all this, dear friend?”

“For the past three years my dear husband Morrie hasn’t been able to get it up because he won’t take care of his diabetes. So I found some young guys that are happy to get laid no-strings-attached. I look for the more mature ones who are tired of the drama that too often goes with sex with girls their age, and don’t want anyone messing up their life plans.”

Marge was trying to absorb all this. She felt tingles of fear and desire run through her body at the same time. She’d only fucked her husband but always wondered what other guys might be like. And there was still lust stirring deep inside. She replied, “Let me think on this until tomorrow, ok?”

Barbara wasn’t going to be put off and said, “I’ll arrange for Darren to meet with you day after tomorrow. You and I have some things to do in the meantime.

The next day Barbara had an agenda. Marge got some sexy underwear and a negligee. She got a haircut, pedicure, and new makeup. Her crotch carpet got trimmed. Her self-image jumped several notches.

At 9am the doorbell rang and there was Barbara with a good looking young man who she introduced as Darren, one of her favorite lovers. As directed, Marge was wearing the new negligee under her robe. She offered coffee and they visited for a while. Barbara excused herself, asking Marge to call her later.

They looked at each other, knowing why this meeting had been arranged. Darren broke the ice by complimenting Marge and saying that he understood she’d only been with her husband, and that had been a while. “I’ve got all day so let’s take it slow and do what you want to do when you are ready.”

Although it seemed a bit strange to do this with someone so much younger, Marge leaned over and kissed him. The kisses got longer and wetter and she tentatively moved his hand to one of her breasts. Damn that felt good!

“Let me see you,” asked Darren. Marge stood up and took off her robe then slowly twirled around, her body visible through the sheer negligee. Her nipples were hard. Darren responded by doing a simple strip tease for her.

She gasped when his substantial erection came into view. Darren smiled, saying “I’ll be gentle.”

When on the bed the explorations continued and Marge was really getting warmed up. By the time Darren got his tongue to her pussy it was swollen and wet and tingled. She soon whispered, “I’m ready!”

As the young man eased his mushroom head between her labia, Marge sucked in her breath. She began to make small moans as he carefully made short, then gradually longer, strokes deeper into her cunnie. When their pubic hair finally meshed, the older woman was panting and hip thrusting like she had never done before in her life. Darren stroked long and slow until Marge squeezed him with her legs and shrieked as she shook in orgasm. He rolled them on their sides, still fully embedded.

After a while Marge opened her eyes, kissed the young man in front of and inside of her, and said, “Where in the hell did you learn to fuck like that? I’ve NEVER had it so good!”

Darren beamed, “You can learn a lot on the internet. And older women like Barbara are the best teachers.”

Marge asked, “When can we do that again?”

Darren answered by rolling her on top so she was riding his still hard pecker and said, “Go for it!” This was not a position Marge had much experience with, so a little guidance helped her get into it. Darren suckled and fondled her swaying tits as she discovered how to move to get the most pussy pleasure. When he sensed her impending orgasm he let himself go and shot a big load of cum against her cervix.

They fucked the rest of the day away. Marge had no idea that she could have so many climaxes or receive so much cum in a day. It was a fantasy come true. Finally, in late afternoon she showered with him and kissed him goodbye with a promise to return in three days.

She called Barbara who came right over and they shared drinks as she shared her amazement at what sex could be like. Barbara said, “Told you sex is too good to miss. Did Darren have a good time?”

“He seemed to. God, he was always hard. I didn’t know a guy could fuck so much. My pussy is sore, but I’m not complaining! He accepted my invitation for a rematch on Saturday.”

Barbara continued, “With your make over and sexual activity I think you will find that other guys will pay more attention to you now. It’s kind of like an aura or something.”

Sure enough, after several hours of Saturday screwing with Darren, Marge had a definite glow. At church the next day, Ralph, a man her age who she had known for years, suddenly asked her to dinner that afternoon. They had a great time and she gave him a chaste kiss as they parted.

The next day he called and asked her to an event that they both would enjoy. They dated twice a week, but without sex yet. She was screwing Darren on Wednesdays and Saturdays. She was learning to enjoy giving oral sex for the first time and even swallowed.

After a couple of weeks came a watershed moment. Ralph invited her to an off-Broadway play in a nearby city but it would require an overnight stay. Marge really wanted to see it so accepted. He asked a crucial question, “One room or two?”

Marge thought for a moment, then looked him straight in the eye and replied, “One will be fine.” She flushed with the implications.

The play was delightful and the hotel room had a great view of the city. Marge had brought her new negligee and changed into it for their nightcap. She did tell Ralph, “It’s late and this is new. Could we just snuggle tonight and play in the morning?” Another motive was to let Darren’s copious cum from that morning have longer to get absorbed. Ralph agreed, having some performance anxiety himself.

Marge woke early. She hadn’t had an overnight bed companion in years. Ralph was spooned behind her and his morning wood was pressing against her buns. She eased out of bed, peed, and took off her negligee. He awoke to lips on his cock, a pleasure he hadn’t had in way too long. Before he blew his load in her mouth he gently removed it, kissed her, and went to empty his bladder too.

Returning to the bed where Marge was waiting, he explored her body with hands and mouth, enjoying the noises his ministrations elicited from the woman. Finally, Marge said, “Take me...”

His cock was the shortest of the three she had experienced, but definitely the thickest. They had a gently and prolonged missionary position coupling. It was satisfying for both.

Ralph ordered a room service breakfast and Marge surprised him by answering the door naked. The older black man who delivered had a big grin as she tucked his tip into his pants.

They screwed again. Late checkout was no problem and both wanted to make to most of the opportunity. This time Marge rode her partner then they went to a scissors position to enjoy the afterglow. They talked and Ralph revealed he’d not had sex for years since getting divorced. Marge decided to keep her sex life private for the time being. She knew sex with Ralph would be a regular part of their dating from now on.

The next weekend was Barbara’s son’s birthday. Todd turned 18 on Saturday but the family party was Friday night. There it was revealed that his big present was a two-night resort stay with Marge. They would leave the next morning.

Marge had known Todd all his life. She’d changed his diapers as an infant. He had been a big help keeping up the house after her husband died. They both realized this would be a big change but neither knew how to bring it up as they drove. When they checked in and entered the room with its single king size bed, it really hit home why they were there. They looked at each other and Marge gave him a big hug, saying, “This is going to be fun for both of us, I promise.”

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