Outdoor Trip

by Eivind_Loup

Copyright© 2018 by Eivind_Loup

Fiction Sex Story: A short story about Me and my girlfriend tried to have fun outdoors and inside a cave. Inspired by true events, but had some fictional scenes

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Romantic   Fiction   True Story   Sharing   Group Sex   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Oral Sex   Squirting   Voyeurism   Public Sex   .

It’ been a few weeks since my girlfriend, Annette, and I have been dating. She told me last week some of her fetishes as we had our first time having sex. It was the middle of the night, we were both having a breath from the good fucking we just had, “you know what would be such a turn on?” she said, “some public action”. So with this in mind, I was wondering when we could possibly take the chance of have some ‘public action’. Hopefully soon enough, because I get more and more sexually frustrated every time I think about it, and not being able do it. I mean, having sex with her it’s just unbelievable. She has red hair, that reaches down to her shoulders, and her eyes and freckles are just too cute and irresistibly attractive. her body was perfectly shaped. Gorgeous curves and long legs with B-cup breasts. I’d get so hard from just feeling her body with my hands underneath her clothes.

Luckily I found a chance. Early in the day, we drove towards a caving area, around one and a half hour drive from my apartment. We brought towels, extra clothes, food and other more stuffs that we might need during the trip. The cave in the area was carved by water that came from the mountain rivers, so we knew that we would need some good warm clothing, or no clothing at all. It was near the dog days of summer but the water in the cave was still around waist height deep and would be as cold as a cold shower in the early spring morning. It’ll take a few minutes of getting used to. The trip inside the cave would be around 30 minutes, if we only walked. But, overall the area is quite a good escape from the summer heat.

When we arrived, around 7 am, no one was in the area yet, which means we have time to enjoy ourselves before entering the cave. But, she didn’t know that yet.

“Are you ready for the caving?” I asked her as she unbuckled her seat-belt.

“Are you?” She replied

“I will be in a few minutes ... We’ll have to make sure our gear is ready first”

As we both went out of the car, we had a few stretches, the trip has gotten us both a bit stiff in the joints. She opened the back of the car and slightly bent down to open her bag. I saw this as an opportunity, so I pressed my hardening crotch against her ass and guided my hands to unzip her camping-shorts.

“what are you doing?” She asked, but she didn’t resist.

“Well you said you wanted to have some public action”, I replied as I pulled her shorts and slid my fingers under her panties to massage her cunt.

“Keep going”, she softly moaned.

My hands had also pulled her panties down to her ankles and her bare ass was displayed to a few cars passing by around 100 km/h, probably heading towards the lake another 30 minutes away.

Her cunt was dripping wet, she was so aroused, and I can feel her lust taking control of her body. She stood up and faced towards me, her eyes were hypnotizing, I couldn’t help myself. I ripped her buttoned shirt open and let it glide down her arms. The only thing left on her was her bra, but it wasn’t long till I also ripped it away from her. It was cheap so she didn’t mind. She started to unbuckle my pants and my kept massaging the bulge made by cock, as she stood there fully naked for all the passing cars to see. I removed my shirt as well, and within a minute we were both fully naked. I lifted her and streaked across the parking to grass area several meters away from the car. She laid down, and I started to suck her breasts, licking, nibbling and teasing her stiff erected nipples. She kept moaning, we didn’t care how much noise we made, no one was in the area yet anyways.

I dick was dripping with precum, as I penetrated her cunt. Her juice-lubricated pussy sucked my cock deep inside her. It was so warm and arousing, we were both enjoying each other; way more than we would in our bedrooms. In and out, I pounded her pussy with my rock-hard cock again and again. All she was able to do was take my dick deep inside her as she moaned loudly, almost screaming with pleasure as she had an orgasm.

I squeezed her breasts like a large stress ball and impaled her with my cock, as I began to squeeze my sperm into her fertile pussy. We didn’t care, even if she wasn’t on birth control, all we wanted was to feel more of each other. And, we had another round because there were no cars coming to the caving area yet.

Two hours later we had fixed ourselves, ready to enter the cave. Our head torches were ready and started walking towards the cave entrance. I noticed there were still no cars entering the parking lot, so I could assume people wouldn’t be coming later during noon when it’s hotter.

As we entered the cave we had to plunge neck deep into the cold water, the water was way deeper than expected, but it only during the entrance. As the water level lowered, the cave wind made us shiver, even after such a hot session. I could see her breasts molding her wet shirt, apparently she only brought one bra with her. But, luckily I got a bit aroused, warming me up, especially down my crotch. I decided to ‘return the favor’, so I reached her hands and slipped under my pants, letting her feel my warm dick.

“thank you” she said, as she smiled and kissed me on my lips.

She kept stroking my cock slowly so it would stay hard and warm, although it was a bit difficult to move around with her hand yanking me by me crotch.

We were halfway, and we could see the cave so evidently carved by the gushing water, creating a wavy surface on the walls, floor and ceiling. During the look through, I found a spot that looked a bit like a bench, you probably know what’s on my mind.

“Look there”, I said


“We could probably sit there.”

“Are you sure you wanted to sit?” she replied, as she held my cock firmly. “Don’t think about ripping my shirt, by the way “, she added.

I laughed as I unbuttoned her shirt properly, letting her firm breasts feel the cave breeze.

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