Breaking in the Back-up Babysitter

by Tony Sorrentino

Copyright© 2015 by Tony Sorrentino

Babysitter Sex Story: Domestic bliss and the need to keep the help well-trained and ready.

Caution: This Babysitter Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Fa/ft   Consensual   BiSexual   Spanking   Group Sex   Babysitter   .

It was not until I was in my late thirties that I acquired a "taste" for barely nubile young females who my clueless spouse selected to furnish nanny duties for our often hard-to-handle offspring. I never got into the selection process because my Patricia was careful to pick the determined ones who could handle the three children without calling for assistance. We had a daytime nanny who handled the children chores but she was a mother as well and just like clockwork headed home to her brood when the sun started to wane.

I have no earthly recollection of the first one I took whilst my wife was in a slumber in the upstairs bedroom other than she made the most delicious whimpers after opening up to take me inside her tight youthful cunt with eyes brimming with guilt at "fooling around" with a married man. The fact that my Patricia was always careful to choose a young lady with modest behavior and at least eighteen years of age made things most acceptable to me in terms of obedient compliance and legal niceties. I found that once my spouse was safely tucked in upstairs and the generally exhausted young lady was resting in my comforting arms, the delectable little things were more than enthusiastic about engaging in oral stimulation heading them in the ultimate direction of vaginal and anal copulation and in some cases, ... both.

One of my favorite little games was to engage in double entendre with the little darlings before leaving for the engagement and savoring their little glances of interest or nuances of immature flirtation offered like some naughty hatchling tempted to leave the nest for the first time. Then, for the entire time of our absence, I would allow my rampant cock to savor the speculation of squeezing up into their little entryways with their knickers still hanging on one long bare leg. If dancing with some female other than my wife, I would generously roam about her lower extremities with my hard erection. My imagination caused me to think of being like some perverted person on public transportation in close concert with a completely unknown female whose available flesh was grist for the mill of depraved desire. It was a desire that stoked the fires of degrading liberties heaped on a stranger with an even deeper desire to keep her humiliation known only to the both of us. Fortunately for me, most of my dance partners were of a more mature status in life and they were generally accepting of my terrible fetish without comment because it, no doubt, added some "spice" to their otherwise boring activities.

My happy little Patricia was one to imbibe of spirits at most of these gatherings and she was prone to falling into a slumber as we either sped home or shortly after when we entered our darkened residence.

The babysitter on this most recent occasion was a young lady called Betty.

My Patricia introduced her as Rose's cousin "Betty" just visiting from the country. She was a demure young thing just barely eighteen with a touch of color on her cheeks that was unnaturally natural. Her hair was a jumbled mass of curls that looked like some illicit warren for a shy but vicious fox with a bent for mischief. For some strange and incomprehensible reason, I had this insane desire to shove my cock in the midst of her tangled tresses and sprinkle my spunk all over her curls like streaks of silver in her rays of gold. She kept moving her head in every direction making those curls quiver and quake like an almost virgin reaching orgasm for the first time. It was most distracting because I had to carefully hide my lust from my watchful spouse who never missed a trick when it came to affairs of the heart.

The young girl was in a high state of anticipation when we arrived and she helped me move my spouse to the large bed in the master bedroom. The children were sound asleep as to be expected and we were careful to not make any noise that would awaken them. The darling girl labored alongside me to remove my wife's gown and tights leaving her only in her thin undies on top of the ironed sheets. I watched the girl patting my Patricia's rump like she was facedown for her pleasure and looking at me with a queer look on her pretty face. This girl from the country was certainly a lot different than the other babysitter's I had done whilst my wife was sleeping.

"Sir, my cousin Rose told me you like to do it downstairs on the fluffy white carpet but would you grant me the favor of doing it right next to Miss Patricia? I would like to fondle her bum when I am getting it good on the other end with your package of goodies. I promise to be ever so quiet. Just like a little church mouse hiding under the pews."

I could see the girl was in earnest and not pulling my leg or hoping to involve my spouse in our depraved activities. When I pulled down her knickers, I could tell she was more than ready for an immediate insertion and I hoped she would wet the bed with all her leaking glory. I quickly ran into the bathroom and placed two thick towels underneath her on the bed to prevent the telltale signs of recent impalement and started to play with her curls as I slid my demanding cock inside her flanks searching for her pretty young opening. I always made a habit of starting with the natural entryway because sometimes the young darlings were not as fastidious as my spouse when it came to such matters.

This girl's female parts truly looked delectable and I considered spreading her wide with my suddenly thirsty mouth that was brought to the edge of excess saliva at the sight of her delicate lips covered with similar curls like the ones on top.

The exploration of her female regions was a task that I undertook with the utmost of good intentions. I wanted desperately to bring her to a fever pitch of readiness for my inspired member waiting for opportunity to play a pretty tune on her wantonly wet slit.

The deeper I slid inside the more the poor girl moaned in sweet surrender. She reached out without any cognitive thought and slowly rubbed my sleeping spouse's bum stretching up her face to kiss her bare skin with the air of a devoted slave ready to pay homage. I pumped steadily and soon came to that point in the coupling when I knew the very next thrust would cause me to spurt my spunk without delay into her clutching void.

My Patricia pushed her soft and yielding bum back into Betty's sweet young face and I saw that she was already under the babysitter's thumb when it came to anal gratification. I vowed that as soon as I had recovered from the first spilling seed into her lovely cunt, I would make haste to subjugate her rear portal as well so she was fully clear who was in charge.

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