A Taste of Honey

by Pars001

Copyright© January 2015 by Pars001. All rights reserved.

Romantic Sex Story: An artist comes to Canada for a job and finds a lot more than he was expecting. Torn between two women only one he wanted, what's a good man to do?

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Oral Sex   Safe Sex   Slow   .

The cold Artic wind blew with a fierceness that almost led one to believe it was alive. Paul Rubbins stepped off the plane feeling the bitter tempest trying to remove every piece of clothing and skin he had. Walking to the terminal he only had a vague idea from a few pictures what this place looked like. Damn it's cold he thought, I haven't been this cold since that week it was -30 in Philadelphia. Carefully he scanned the crowd, hoping to catch a glimpse of the woman he'd been taking to on the comp about this job.

Walking near the entrance he began to search harder, hate to fly to all the way to British Columbia and miss her. Sighing he sat on a bench near the front doors, I really hope she wasn't joking about wanting to meet me, this was going to be an expensive job. Sighing again, really I didn't have anything to complain about after all, SHE was willing my price to get me here, so she obviously wanted me here and what he'd seen flying in this was beautiful country.

Suddenly a soft voice sounded behind me, "Mr. Paul? Is that you? Oh my god it is! I thought you had turned me down, I almost didn't come, not having heard from you in almost a week."

Shaken, I turned around not really sure how I'd react, finally, I meet the woman who'd captured my attention so intently but I was not about to tell her so. The pain of my last marriage was still fresh and till I had worked things out I was afraid to even strike up a non-business conversation with a female.

My eyes flew wide wow! Was this woman a looker, taking a deep breath I held my hand out taking hers for a brief hand shake. "Nice to finally meet you face to face," I said waiting for a responce.

"I could say the same thing about you, waiting long?" she asked eyeing parts of my body a slight smile easing onto her features.

"No, I just landed about 20 minutes ago," I said watching this petite, golden haired, blue eyed woman as she seemed perplexed by my business like greeting.

"Well," she said not perturbed in the least, "I've seen the many projects you've done in the states, your natural grasp of nature seems perfect to accent our airport, YKA,"

I nodded to her, this seemed to slightly miff her it wasn't that I wasn't interested it was just ... well I guess you'd say I was afraid.

"So," she started anew, "As I told you in our communication, I am Andrea Lamarche and we here at Kamloops Airport, are more than just a little interested in your work."

I nodded trying to pay attention to her little speech, it was hard, we'd already discussed this a month ago and I wasn't really interested in her telling me everything again.

I was forcing myself to listen when across the lobby I saw the most beautiful woman I'd ever seen. I quickly excused myself, flying to the exit doors trying to catch up with the luscious goddess. Looking out there was no sight of her, damn it! It had been a long time since a woman had stopped me in my tracks like this. Andrea came up behind me with a slight worried look on her face, "Are you alright?" she asked genuine concern in her voice.

"Yes," I replied not really even there or noticing who I was talking to, "I just saw a woman unlike any I've ever seen before," I was still in a shock like condition and didn't see the slight irratation flicker across her face.

Andrea bumped my crotch with her hip and jerked away as if she'd been shocked, the woman I'd seen had stiffened my cock to the point I was almost in pain. Andrea had just rammed her hip into a rock hard cock, mine, it had shocked her that I was as large as I am.

"First we'll get you settled in then we can discuss what plans you have for the cultural murals," Andrea said still annoyed that she didn't have my full attention. Arriving at my room Andrea quickly slipped me her card, "that's my personal number, call me if there's ANYTHING I can do for you," she said as she slowly backed from my door, "and I do mean anything, be it company or just companionship." Thanking her I quickly closed my door the looks she was throwing my way reminded me of a hungry predator and obviously she wanted me for the main course. I couldn't get the woman I'd seen in the lobby out of my mind, her lucious lips, her seemingly perfect rounded breasts, her face was what had caught my attention.

Her skin was so clear and youthful, damn but she couldn't be more than 25, 30 at the most she moved with a grace that I'd only seen dancers of ballet have. She seemed to radiate and glow, damnit, I'd been looking for someone like her for years, hell now that I'd seen her I couldn't find her, weren't there about 85,000 people here in Kamloops? Sighing I took out my sketch pad to start on the drawings that I'd present the committee in a few days. As I started to draw, all I could see was her face, shaking my head to clear it I was finally able to get started. Working well into the night I had the first set done, suddenly feeling tired I layed everything aside and fell asleep. My dreams were haunted by visions of the woman I'd seen that afternoon, shit! I had to meet her, if for nothing else to clear her image from my mind.

The next day I awoke too late for breakfast in the hotel, damnit! I'd forgotten to pack my coffee, sighing I decided to see what the town held. Starting down the street I prayed there was somewhere I could find coffee. Sure enough 2 blocks away was a Starbucks! Yes! I was saved, no more tea, I was about to cross the street when lo and behold there she was, holy shit! I did a double take to make sure, there was no mistaking her happy almost gliding gait. I quickly crossed the street keeping my eyes on her unfortunately, I was almost run over by a passing car, it sounds so much more eloquent to be cursed in french than any other language, I know. Stepping inside I noticed that the place was small sighing I guessed that not many locals went there for coffee. There at the counter she stood in all her glory, she and her red dress stood out hands above everyone else.

Walking next to her I placed an order, "I need the strongest you have, I have to wake up," she briefly sized me up a small smile crossing her lips. My god! the whole room seemed to light up from just that slight smile.

"I take it you're not from Canada?" she asked the smile never leaving her face.

I almost stumbled over my words when I finally got them out, "uh ... no ... I'm from the uh ... the states," I felt like a jibbering idiot. "Why do you ask?" I was prepared for her to say no reason or just curious but she surprised me.

"I've always been fascinated by the states especially the southern most section," she replied

"Why is that?" I queried.

"Well," she started, "they aren't in as much of a hurry as the rest of the country is, that appeals to me very much."

Ok, now it was my turn to be fascinated! "That's interesting,"I said, "I am from the southern region, Florida to be exact."

"Oh! The land of sun and fun!" she said genuinely interested and excited. "You must tell me about it!"

As we sat I went into every little nuance of back home that I could conjure from memory. She had the sweetest laugh a sheer delight to be around.

Two hours passed it seemed in no time at all, I had finished and she was telling me of her beloved Canada, one had to admit, she painted it as a fabulous place to live. Neither of us noticed the time till I took a drink from my coffee, ugh! it was stone cold! (I hate cold coffee) ordering up another we sat for another hour this time paying attention to our drinks. We finally got around to the reason I was there, when she found out that I was the artist she shook her head in understanding.

"They say that you have a rare talent, one that hasn't been seen in a long time. I glad I got to meet you Paul," she said as she prepared to go.

"Um Brandi? can I ask you a question? I said somewhat sheepishly.

"Of course," she replied smiling at me I was almost completely lost in her deep blue lovely eyes, damn! I almost forgot what I was going to ask her!

"UH... ," I tried to start, "I have a dinner party coming up and thought you might like to go with me." Brandi smiled that smile that had me tingling to my toes, something I hadn't felt in a very long time. "Well, I really love the airport art that is there and since you are painting a cultural mural," here she stopped to think about it, I was holding my breath while I waited for her answer god I hoped she agreed to go. "I don't think I'm doing anything that night, I would be honored to accompany you."

I thought my lungs were going to burst waiting for her to answer, I let out a whoosh of air which drew a soft giggle from her an almost heavenly sound.

As we got up to leave I told her that I had to get back to the hotel, I was a little behind on my sketches. I started to pay for her coffee but she stopped me, "I just met you, I can't let you do that but next time we'll see," here she flashed me a sexy sly smile. Oh thank god, I thought, there would be a next time!

Going our seperate ways I was almost in a daze what the hell was wrong with me? I was acting like a lusting teenager! As I started to cross the street I was almost run over by the same car and driver.

"Hey connard que vous essayez de faire tuer?" the older man said, I just smiled, "Trou du cul stupide de touristes putain!" As I said before french was definitely a more eloquent language to be cursed out in. Reaching my hotel, I was waylaid near the elevators by Ms. Lamarche, "Paul! I was starting to get worried when you didn't answer your phone," Sighing I kept walking to the waiting elevator, Andrea linked her arm with mine. Oh great, I felt like a piece of meat she'd laid claim to, I tried to listen to her as she talked on but Brandi was still too fresh on my mind. Exiting the elevator Andrea continued her tirade til we stopped in front on my door. "Thank you for walking me to my door," I told her hoping she'd go away and let me be in peace. I was hoping till she walked in behind me, saying that the committee wanted an update on what I had so far.

Sighing I knew that I couldn't just shut the door in her face, I was hired after all to do a job and though I wasn't happy this beautiful petite woman was my main contact to the committee. Shutting the door I went to get my sketch pad to show her the ideas I'd come up with so far, when I reentered the room she was sitting in a most unlady like position. When I didn't stare, or even seem to care she showed the first signs of being irritated. As I moved closer I could also see that she'd removed her panties which were now safely tucked away somewhere.

"Here's the sketches I've done so far," I said as I handed her the book, "I hope that the committee finds them sufficient for what they want."

Looking through the sketches she put them down after a few minutes and walked over to me, "You know there are "other" benefits with this job if you care to take them."

"Andrea," here I sighed, "It's not that I'm not interested, it's just too soon after my divorce."

A little miffed Andrea backed up, "I won't offer this a third time, this is an exclusive deal, you are one of the best and you deserve the best as do I, we are perfect for each other. I could cure your fear of rejection since I wouldn't reject you, you could cure me of no sex, what do you say sexy?"

Andrea stood there her dressed pulled up exposing her tight trimmed pussy, moisture glistening on her outer lips. Knowing that there'd be consequences later, still I didn't care the thought of any woman rejecting me again had me terrified as I answered this sexy vixen.

"I'm sorry Andrea," I whispered turning away from the sight of her exposed sex, "I can't, not even with as sexy a woman as you."

Andrea's face screwed into a hint of rage then just as suddenly it was gone. Lowering her dress she tossed her hair as she turned for the door, "Well MR. Rubbins I'll take what I've seen to the committee let us Hope they want to keep you on." With that she slammed his door as she left.

I was shaking, this confrontation left me weak barely able to stand and apparently because of a vindictive and horny woman, I might not have a job here now. Sighing I sat as I tried to calm down, taking the bull by the horns I called the front desk, "Yes, this is Mr. Rubbins in room 380, yes, Please thank the cultural committee for the room, inform them I am leaving today, apparently my services aren't needed, yes, thank you in about 2 hours."

I decided to take a walk to clear my head, not really caring where I went, I ended up at the Starbucks again. Huh, I thought, always coffee, going in I sat in the darkest, furthest booth from the door. Ordering a danish and a coffee I sat there absorbed in what I felt was the end of a really good day, a day turned to pure crap and flushed down the crapper. Feeling the same familiar feeling of uselessness I had when I was married, I tried to push it away with thoughts of anything. A half an hour later I'd had no sucess was about to leave in defeat when Brandi walked in.

As she walked to the counter I watched her intently, wishing I'd had the chance to know her better. This time she was in a dress that reached barely to her ankles, damn I thought she truely is beautiful, maybe I'll luck out and she won't notice me, too late I realised that wasn't going to happen either.

"Paul? is that you? Why are you sitting in the dark?" she asked genuinely concerned.

She sat and I told her what had happened, though I mentioned no names or positions. I mentioned that I'd had situations like this before when I was first starting out, those had ended badly but now that I was as good as I was and somewhat popular things might not go quite as bad as they used to. Brandi just shook her head a moment before she spoke.

"You say she came on to you? You turned her down? Why?" I'd forgotten that Brandi didn't know about my personal life, I'd only talked about home and not myself.

"I just finished a really bad marriage right before I got popular, there were alot of really hateful things said by her, very ... hurtful ... things." I managed to push out. I was fighting to hold the tears back but from the look on Brandi's face I was losing the battle.

Brandi's mouth dropped open she'd never seen a man cry over a woman before not like this, I sat back trying my best to stem the flow of tears and not embarrass Brandi, she was a beautiful soul and didn't deserve the scene I might make. Brandi came over and held me close, she smelled so good it had an almost calming effect, again I tried to stop, "Brandi, I apologise I didn't mean to make a scene."

"Look Paul, we all have something bad that we deal with in life and though most men don't express it like you are, I find it refreshing that a man can show true emotion," Brandi said holding me closer.

I couldn't believe I was allowing a woman this close to me, normally I'd have already hauled ass out of here.

With Brandi, it felt natural as if this was where I belonged.

"Tell you what," She started, "I'll help you pack, there's a spare cabin near my place, ok?"

I was about to refuse when she looked at me, "don't you dare refuse, you need a place to hold up till this mess blows over ok?" Hell, how could I refuse that invitation?

So Brandi and I went to the hotel and packed my stuff, the front desk said I had 15 messages 14 were from a lady 1 was from the committee it's self, this one I opened to read.

<Dear Mr. Rubbins

We here at the committee don't know with whom you've been speaking, please rest assured that we will get to the bottom of it. We more than ever wish to persue a working relationship with you, please call us at the below number at your soonest convenience.

Yours cordially

The Kamloops Cultural Committee>

Huh? I was a little shocked, I thought Andrea was the committee head and what she said goes, so she was acting on her on time fine, but I think I had her ass now.

Brandi saw the look on my face, "everything alright?" she asked. I just nodded not really quite sure how to take this.

After we'd left the hotel we were a block away when I saw Andrea pull up to the front and storm in sporting a serious pissed offed face. I slightly smiled and followed Brandi to her car, we drove for 10-20 minutes before we were out of the city into the countryside turning a few minutes later it seemed we next drove through the woods forever. Finally she stopped at a large house set in a clearing, we took my things around back to a small cabin, "Here you go, home sweet home away from home." Brandi smiled as she opened the door, "everything you'll need, there's a phone but please don't give the number out, see you later." with that she was gone, alone I took in the small area, a bed, a table, small stove and frig. A fireplace dominated the room I expected to be using it by tomarrow hearing of a snowstorm that was blowing in.

I had just sat to start drawing again when my cell went off, "Hello? What do you want? You obviously made your intentions clear, so ... no but ... I don't care, look if you're going to be like this ... good bye Andrea," with that I hung up on her but it wasn't enough, she called right back this time though, I refused to answer it, I could almost see her seething on the other end of the phone. I had lost myself in my drawings when Brandi knocked at my door, "Hey," she said when she poked her head in, "wanna get some coffee? I'll even let you buy." she laughed at this I needed a cup right now and wondered if they'd sell me a few pounds of coffee at the Starbucks. Both of us laughing we left in her car headed into town, we were sitting in a back booth when Brandi looked me in the eyes, again I was lost in them, every coherent thought fled my mind.

"Brandi?" I asked unable to look away, "would you mind if I kissed you?" I awaited her laugh in my face but I couldn't help but expect it.

"I thought you'd never ask, been waiting all day for you to." she whispered breathlessly, I leaned forward and kissed her lucius lips. I felt as if I had been shocked, never in my life had I felt anything like this, Brandi looked at me in shock also.

When our lips seperated not a word was spoken, I fell almost paralyzed, Brandi was breathing hard herself, after a few minutes we finally sipped our coffee. Again like before we just talked but with Brandi it was easy, like I'd been talking to her my whole life. Suddenly she sat up and walked to my side bending low she whispered in my ear, "Come to the bathroom in 2 minutes after I leave, got an idea," I just nodded wondering what the hell she was up to. 2 minutes later she was pulling me into the small bathroom, "sit down with your pants on," I did and she lifted her dress to reveal one of the most beautiful pussies I've ever seen. Her womanly scent intoxicating I leaned forward sticking my fingers and tongue deep into her pussy, oh my god she tastes so damn good!

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