Hiring a New Assistant

by TheWatcher58

Copyright© 2015 by TheWatcher58

Erotic Sex Story: He is a widower, and he is looking to hire a new personal assistant. The requirement to sleep with him is proving a difficult ask for all the applicants so far. Then in walks Carly who is a friend of his late wife. She suggests that she auditions for the job.

Caution: This Erotic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Size   .

I was hiring a new personal assistant, and I was having lots of trouble with my very personal requirement that they would sleep with me whenever I had the urge. I still had the urge at 60 years of age - a daily urge.

I was called lots of names and threatened with physical harm by some of the daintiest of women.

Then in walked Carly. She is a trim 30 year old woman with curves in all the right places, a beautiful face framed by short deep red hair. She was immaculately dressed for the interview.

I was shocked because she was a friend of my late wife, and I had never had any thoughts about her sexually. Her presence threw me - gone was my confidence and bravado. She sensed that I was struggling to interview her.

"You have a problem interviewing me don't you?" she enquired.

"Hmmmm ... yes and no" I responded after a few seconds pausing. We just looked at each other fro another minute before I spoke again.

"I don't honestly think that you will be interested in this job" I finally offered in explanation.

"Why? ... Is it because you don't think that I will sleep with you?" she asked with a dead-pan face.

"What ... what?" I stammered.

She let me stew for a while longer before she spoke.

"I ran into one of your previous applicants out on the street. She was very upset and wanted to come back in and sock you one" Carly explained.

"And you don't want to?" I asked sheepishly.

Carly looked at me and paused for what seemed ages before she spoke again.

"I like older men" she admitted in a voice just over a whisper.

She added "They know how to treat a woman".

For the first time in about 5 minutes I was able to muster a half-smile.

"Now can we discuss the rest of the job conditions and perks?" she added with a smile.

Over the next half hour we discussed terms and conditions. She asked lots of questions but the elephant in the room that we both avoided was the sex requirement.

"OK. I'm happy with all of that" Carly admitted.

"Now can we discuss the sex requirement?" she added. We spent the next hour talking about sex - what she liked and what I liked. What I wanted her to do, and what she could expect in return.

"Hmmmm ... OK. I'm happy with all that" Carly responded, almost taking over the interview. Then she added "Maybe we should do a practical assessment of our sexual compatibility".

"Now?" I gasped.

"Yep ... why not?" she quipped with a smile and a giggle.

And that was how Carly and I came to be naked on this huge bed in my apartment. Our clothes were neatly piled at the bedside.

Once naked I could take in her sensational body. Her tits were a C-cup with distinctive pink areola surrounding darker red nipples. To my surprise I discovered that her nipples were pierced with small gold rings. Her mound was bare with her pussy lips fleshy and large. A closer inspection revealed a pierced clit, not the hood but the actual clit itself.

She had me lay upon my back as she sat cross-legged beside me, giving me a sensational view of her tits and pussy. Both her hands were on my cock, one on top of the other - neither having any chance of encircling the girth of my cock.

"No wonder Anne always had a smile on her face ... oops sorry" Carly commented. She was referring to my late wife who had died a few years ago.

"No ... no problem." I reassured her. "Yes she did love having it inside her".

Carly bent down and brought her lips to the tip of my cock. She swished her tongue around its head before taking a couple of inches into her hot mouth. With one hand still on the shaft, and the other massaging my balls she expertly sucked the top few inches. It was too fat to slide any deeper into her mouth (without causing her major discomfort).

"Oh god..." I moaned as I enjoyed her special oral attentions. "You do that so good ... but I want to taste you too".

She heard me and swung her body about until we were in the sixty-none position. She continued to suck me whilst I got an up close and personal view of her very beautiful pussy. Her lips had parted slightly and I could see a sheen of moisture covering her lips.

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