Looking After Suzy

by TheWatcher58

Copyright© 2015 by TheWatcher58

Erotic Sex Story: He is 35 years old and he has been checking out the girl friends of his team mate Gabe for some time. Suzy is the latest girlfriend, and is just 16 years old when he offers her a lift home. A nude dip in his spa pool with her develops into a steamy sexy afternoon together.

Caution: This Erotic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   Cheating   Size   .

Suzy was the latest in a long line of girlfriends for 21 year old Gabe. She was 16 years old, blonde, petite with a nice face, and an equally nice body. My 35 year old eyes had checked out her form on numerous occasions when she had come to support the team that both Gabe and I played in.

Gabe was playing that hot Saturday afternoon, and I wasn't - I was being rested. I had still come to watch the first part of play before heading off to catch up on some other tasks.

I noticed that things were a little tense between Gabe and Suzy that afternoon.

As usual I was checking her out. She was wearing a short skirt with a tight fitting tank top that showed off the amazing shape of her little tits. I could just detect the outline of her nipples behind the fabric. She was wearing sandals on her feet as usual, and her toe nails were painted a bright red, matching her finger nails. I have a hand and foot fetish so that sight stirred some interest in my crotch area.

I noticed that Suzy had disappeared after about an hour. It was probably about 15 minutes later that I was leaving. I had to head home to collect my mobile phone that I had forgotten before I headed to the shops.

As I drove along I noticed Suzy walking along the footpath. I stopped beside her and commented on the hotness of the day, and asked her if she needed a ride somewhere. She was walking to her home - she was pissed off with Gabe and the relationship was on its last legs.

I found out that she lived near the shops that I was heading to. I explained that I needed to collect my mobile phone and then I could drive her all the way home. She accepted my offer - I think she was keen to have a ride in my new sports car. After my divorce I had treated myself to a new BMW X4 Roadster.

I invited her to come inside for a drink whilst I collected my mobile phone. I was looking to delay dropping her off - she was a fun person to talk to (and a good looking young lady to perv at too).

"Oh wow ... you have a spa" she observed as we walked towards the rear of my house.

I have a large spa and a day bed under an opening roof on the back veranda of my townhouse. It looked so inviting especially on this very hot afternoon.

I grabbed a juice for both of us whilst she dipped her sexy toes into the waters of the spa.

"Ooh that is so nice" she commented excitedly. "I'd love to get in to cool off" she added.

I thought that I would tease her, and test her when I commented "The pool rule is strictly NO CLOTHES - its a nude only pool".

"I can do that" she responded quickly. She followed her response by quickly shedding all her clothes in a pile beside the spa.

"Oh my god" i murmured under my breath at the sight of her slim naked body and her small high-set tits with their little nipples.

She stepped into the spa and sat down in the clear waters. She looked up at me saying "Well ... are you going to join me?"

I was just a little dumb-struck but I still managed to undress.

"Ooh..." she quipped when she caught sight of my half-hard cock dangling from my crotch. When fully hard, I was just over 10 inches in length, and quite fat with a larger mushroom shaped head.

I stepped into the spa and went to sit in the seat opposite her.

"Come sit with me" Suzy suggested, indicating the seat beside her.

I sat beside her ... looping my arm behind her. She moved closer with her shoulder touching my chest.

"We chatted for a while, sipping on our juices. It was then that I felt a hand on my still half-hard cock. It grasped it, and slowly worked my cock shaft up and down. I went from half-hard to fully hard within seconds.

"Oh my..." she whispered before she turned towards me. Our lips came together slowly at first, then with some determined passion. When her tongue sought out mine, I slipped a hand between us to cup her firm little tit.

Her body turned more into mine, before she changed position and climbed onto my lap. She had to release my cock when she changed position. I could now have free access to both her little tits with my lips. I locked my lips on one nipple and sucked before changing to the other.

I sucked and flicked her hard nipples with my lips and tongue.

"Oh ... fuck that's nice" she groaned as she pulled my face against her heaving chest.

My cock was trapped between us, rubbing against her flat tummy.

Her firm tits and hard nipples felt wonderful to touch and to feed into my mouth. I switched back and forth between them. I could hear her becoming more and more excited. I knew that I could possibly tip her over the edge with a little more effort.

Within a minute I heard her scream "Ahhhhhhhhh fuuuuuuuuccccccckkkkkk!!!!! I'm cumming". Suzy collapsed onto my chest - I held her tight against me whilst her little body continued to spasm with cum aftershocks.

After a few more minutes I stepped out of the spa and offered Suzy my hand to assist her out of the spa. She followed me as I directed her to lay upon the day bed. With her laid back, I spread her slim thighs to reveal her pretty little pussy. It had tightly closed lips that protected the entrance to her pussy canal.

I crouched between her thighs, moving my face into close proximity to her pussy. My tongue flicked her outer lips, before sliding the tip up and down between them.

"Oh my god ... what are you doing?" she asked. She was propped up on her elbows as she watched me intently.

I didn't answer her immediately. I continued to probe between her pussy lips with my tongue, pushing them apart to reveal a rapidly moistening channel.

When I did finally stop I looked up her and asked "Haven't your boyfriends paid proper attention to your beautiful little pussy?"

She hesitated a little before answering "Not with their lips and tongue...". She left the rest of the sentence unsaid.

I went back to probing her very wet channel, finding the entrance to her hot little sheath with the tip of my tongue. I thrust it in and out, mimicking a fucking motion ... and sending her arousal levels off the scale.

"Oh yes ... yesssssssssssss!!!" she squealed as a huge cum exploded from her loins. Her pussy became very wet, as I devoured her spend with my lips and tongue. I found that her not so little clit had popped from under its hood, making it easier for my tongue to pay attention to it.

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