Toyboy's Golden Experience

by Peeobsession

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Coming of Age Sex Story: A bit of an awkward invitation, innocent at first, to help a young middle aged woman move some furniture in her apartment, changed into a hot and wet experience later on. She wanted to teach but ended up being taught to accept some natural and wet fountains. Based on true facts from my student era.

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   True Story   Humor   Oral Sex   Squirting   Water Sports   .

I like to recall some nice experiences from a while ago.

When I was twenty and living in another country as a student, I was living in an apartment block where I had rented a furnished studio apartment. A couple of doors down, in a 1 bedroom apartment, was an older lady living by herself. I say older but she was only about 40, give or take a few years, some grey hairs, divorced and a very nice figure. She took very good care of herself, doing fitness, and sports, using only very little make up and casually but nicely dressed. I think she was a business woman, or was working in a bank.

We met each other sometimes by the mailboxes and she was a little flirtatious sometimes but some other times she was treating me as she was a mother or older sister to me. Depending what mood she was in she could change into a complete different person. Other people in the apartment building did not like her very much because she never really spoke a lot to the others.

Once she asked me on a Saturday morning if I had some time to come over and help her out moving some furniture. "Sure no problem", I went over to her apartment and did move the sofa and some heavy chairs and it was ready in just a few minutes.

She then asked me if I wanted to drink something, it was a warm day so ice tea seemed in order, big glasses, ice cubes and homemade ice tea, 'sun tea' as she called it.

We started to talk and she seemed very nice, a mother some minutes and flirting some other moments. Slowly she 'moved in' with her questions, I did not see it coming and when I answered some of 'those' questions it made me stutter and red in the face. She asked me after some standard questions if I had a girlfriend and if/or had I dated and what did I do with the girls and did I have some fantasies about those young girls. But she did not move in for the 'kill' yet so to speak.

She asked me if I would come over later so she would like to cook me dinner, but an early dinner because she was planning an early night. It was Saturday morning, she still had some errands to run and if I could come over sometime between 3 and 4 pm.

I had mixed feelings about what to think of this but the dinner invitation she made in her motherly voice and wanting to show me how to cook. In the few hours in between, my mind was very busy trying to figure out what she was planning and how to prepare. A pack of condoms or a little present for mother, like flowers or so. Well when I was there she did not have any flowers or plants in the house, as I recalled, but since I stopped at a flower shop earlier and had now some flowers in my apartment that I could give. I also went to the liquor store and bought a bottle of wine. Yes you had to be 21 to buy liquor or beer (except 3.2 beer), most of the time I did not have any problems because I looked older I guess, than I really was.

I dressed in Bermuda shorts because it was very warm that day, somewhere in the 90's F, and nice Hawaiian loose shirt, and all clean and freshly washed of course, just mentioning this because I was a 20 year old boy that was just living on his own for the first time, but I was clean I think, washed my clothes in the washing machines across the hallway and frequently cleaning my apartment.

When 3 pm came I kept an eye out and saw her coming home, waited about 20 minutes and went over to her place brought the wine and small bunch of flowers, they were mini carnations.

She opened the door and was dressed in very tight nice jeans cut offs and a slightly transparent shirt and was pleased to see me. I suddenly felt a bit boyish in my Bermuda shorts.

Gave her the flowers and the bottle of white wine and luckily she did not make a remark about the alcohol and my age in reference, you never know in what mood she was in or which person she was (if she was schizo?)

We started out with some Mexican beers and the way she was looking at me showed lust in her eyes, I did not notice it much at the time, I was a bit passive and inexperienced in seeing 'bedroom eyes', a bit naïve but surely I had my fantasies!

She was going to cook light Mexican food, chicken, salsa, corn tortillas etc. And she was going to teach me how to cook it. "First things first" she said, she put a small bowl on the table and put some Doritos in, a dish of salsa and she had a bottle of Tequila and freshly squeezed lime juice. "When you start cooking Mexican you have to feel like a Mexican if you want to do it right so one shot of Tequila is a must!" she said. Wow, after a beer and a shot of Tequila I was hooked on the stuff and I still drink it once and while especially when I cook Mexican food.

She started chopping the ingredients and asked me to come over to the counter showed me how to cut the vegetables and asked me to do it. She stood behind me, reached around with her arms to guide my arms and hands and moved in, her breasts rubbed my back, slowly but intense, slowly step by step she 'moved in', started to grind her pelvis on my ass, so slow that I hardly noticed at first, but it slowly dawned on me what was going to happen that evening. I decided to play her game, continue to act innocent and let her guide me until it was my turn to take control of the situation. Sure the alcohol did help!

I was cutting the veggies, chicken, onions, etc, she guided me, I did learn how to cut everything tiny, fast and without cutting my fingers. Her hands moved up from my buttocks to my chest, Oh yes! and if you asked me, how is that possible, teaching how to cut, guide your hands, rubbing your buttocks and then moving her hands up to your chest, how many hands did she have you might ask? Folks, don't know the answer that is how it felt, I was in a dream world and trying also not to show my fast upcoming Boner yet, so I don't know how she did it all at once.

But as soon as she started she stopped and moved in to show me the next step in the cooking lesson. She dropped something on the floor, turned her ass to me and bend over to pick it up, my guess was no panties under her cut-offs and it showed what looked like a wet spot, a small one but there was one. A few minutes later same thing happened, she bent over and the wet spot had 'grown'.

For a while nothing much happened, the cooking was finished, we sat down, poured each other some wine and started eating, first a soft taco she made and fed it to me. Near the end, she suddenly excused herself and went to the bathroom. I looked at her seat where she had been sitting and it showed a damp spot. I touched it, smelled it, and I dared to taste it. A nice and mild soft taste, slight urine aroma but very slight. Because of my action I had an instant hard on.

She came back a few minutes later wearing a very nice see through robe and she was completely nude underneath. "Does it shock you?" she asked. "I just decided to cut the crap and be bold, you like it? If you are shocked or upset it is ok to leave if you want but I hope I guessed right, I can see that it must be difficult for you now to stand up, something in your pants is pinning you to the table underneath".

Yes I was indeed pleasantly shocked but I was able to stand up and took charge, I told her that I would like to make love to her and make her feel nice but I have to be a bit careful because being young and inexperienced I might shoot my load too quickly. "no problem" she said, you being young also has the advantage that I can take care of it and 'recharge' it in no time.

She told me she had the bath ready and wanted to wash me and I could wash her, even she had taken a shower just after she came home (and so did I ).

She unbuttoned my Shorts, and yes I too did to have a wet spot and had briefs on underneath. She slid the shorts down and bent over to take them off and looked up. My tool almost hit her in the eye; she moved up and slid her tong on my manhood just as she passed it. This was going to be tough not to shoot. I stepped into the tub, which was almost ready filling up, she left for a moment to get something and I saw her shorts on the laundry hamper. I picked them up looked at the wet spot which was big, almost the whole bottom of her shorts, felt it, smelled it, and licked it, squeezed it and sucked it, the taste was awesome!

Just when I heard her coming back I threw them back on the hamper but they fell to the ground just as she came in. She looked at me, looked at the shorts but did not say anything; just I saw a faint smiling wrinkle around her nose.

She Removed her gown, picked up a piece of soap and started to scrub me. She could not take her eyes of my boner. After she finished washing me, she stepped in and handed me the soap and cloth and asked me to wash her. In the front she had a small V shaved into her pubic hair and in between her legs she was as bald as an eagle.

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