After the Shock
Chapter 94

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Erotic Sex Story: Chapter 94 - What happens after he catches his wife cheating?

Caution: This Erotic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Cheating   Revenge   Anal Sex  

Friday night we were heading out to a dance club. Sabrina looked amazingly sexy in a backless dress. I pulled her to me for a passionate kiss.

"Sabrina honey, I think this is the sexiest outfit I've ever seen you in. Do we have to go out? I just want to fuck you."

Sabrina grinned at me. "Ron honey, I'm glad you like it, but I'm dying to get my tongue into a lady's cunnie. C'mon, let's go."

"You're the boss, Sabbie."

She laughed and kissed me again.

The bar was really busy. There were people everywhere. I'm not really much of a dance club kind of guy. I just sat at the bar and Sabrina kissed me and then disappeared to search for a woman to join us in bed. I was watching the ball game. The Yankees were losing to the Red Sox again. I was getting frustrated. The guy sitting next to me at the bar had a shit eating grin on his face after David Ortiz hit a home run.

I chatted with him a little about baseball. He seemed like a good guy. His name was Don. Then Sabrina came walking up to me with a tall slim lady. She was gorgeous. She had an amazing ass. The lady rushed up and kissed Don. Sabrina gave me a big kiss. She looked radiant.

"Hey Sabbie, find anyone?"

"There's a group of late 20s hotties in the other room, Ron. I counted four or five of them that got my blood flowing."

"Sounds promising, Sabbie. What about the lady here?"

"Oh, I tried to pick her up. She reminds me of Annette. Believe it or not, Ron, she's also looking for a girl to join her and her husband there."

I was checking out the slim hottie. She really was a sexy woman.

I could see why Sabrina thought of Annette. But this lady was confident. She knew she was sexy.

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