After the Shock
Chapter 49

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Erotic Sex Story: Chapter 49 - What happens after he catches his wife cheating?

Caution: This Erotic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Cheating   Revenge   Anal Sex  

I returned home from work one evening. Sabrina was waiting for me. She kissed me quickly.

"I have another assignment for you, Ron."

"What's that, Sabbie?"

She fumbled in her pocket and then handed me a key.

"You'll need this, honey."

I took the key and looked at her questioningly.

"Honey, Monica has just split up with her boyfriend. She is a wreck. She is crying her eyes out in her apartment. She has the door locked and she's not answering, but she's there. That's why you will need the key."

"What do you want me to do, honey?"

"Ron, I want you to help my little girl feel better about herself and about men in general. I want you to make her feel loved."

"You want me to have sex with her, Sabbie?"

"Yes Ron, she needs someone. You can sleep at her place tonight if she wants you to OK?"

"Really Sabbie? Are you sure?"

"Yes, Ron. This is a one night only pass for you and Monica OK?"

"OK honey. I hope I can cheer her up. I love you, Sabbie."

We kissed again passionately.

"I love you too, Ron. Now go. She's been crying for hours."

I knocked on Monica's door. Nobody came. I knocked again and waited. Still nobody. I used the key and opened the door. I made sure the door was locked again and headed towards the bedroom. I could hear Monica sniffling.

"Hi Monica, It's me, Ron," I said loudly.

Monica was staring at me as I entered the bedroom. She looked terrible and beautiful at the same time. Her hair was a mess. Her face was red and splotchy, but she had a thin t-shirt and sexy panties on. She rushed up to me and hugged me tightly.

"Oh Ron, what are you doing here?"

"Your mom sent me to cheer you up, Monnie."

"Oh Ron, I caught Danny cheating on me. He's been cheating the whole time. I feel like such a dumb ditzy blonde."

I stroked her gently.

"Monnie honey, we both know you are no dummy. You are a beautiful, intelligent and sexy lady. Your Danny doesn't deserve you. That's for sure."

"Oh Ron." She kissed me.

She seemed to have switched from being depressed to being horny for sex. I was only too happy to switch modes as well. I grabbed onto her ass forcefully and kissed her hard.

"Oh Ron, we're not supposed to be doing this are we?"

"Monnie honey, your mom specifically told me to have sex with you tonight, so don't feel guilty."

"She did?"

"Yes Monnie."

"Oh, goodie!"

She pulled me towards the bed and started stripping.

"Get your cock inside me, Ron. No foreplay required."

"Are you sure, Monnie?"

"I'm sure, Ron. I started running like a fountain as soon as I heard your voice."

"Alrighty then, here goes, Monnie."

I slammed into her hard.

"Mmmppphhh. Ohhhhh Ron. Fuck me. Harder Ron."

I was already pumping into her furiously, but I attempted to pump harder just for her.

"Oooohhh, Ron, Aaaaahhhh."

We both came hard. We cuddled in bed for a bit and I let my fingers travel lightly all over her sexy body.

"Oh Ron. I thought he might be the one."

"Well at least you caught him early Monnie. You didn't let it go on for years and years."

"I suppose. He just thought it was OK to lie to me. He was surprised that I was so upset. What an asshole."

"I'm no expert, Monnie, but I have a suggestion."

"What Ron?"

"Wait for at least a couple of weeks and multiple dates before having sex with the next guy."

"I did wait with him, Ron. That's one of the reasons I am so confused."

"Ooopsie. Sorry Monnie," I said with a weak smile.

"Oh, it's OK, Ron. I know you are just trying to help."

"It's your own fault, Monnie," I said with a grin.

"How so?" She wasn't sure how to react.

"You are so freaking gorgeous, Monnie, that even the players will be patient."

"I am cursed," she said with a grin.

"OK, I have a better idea."

"What this time?" She asked.

"Once you've dated a guy a few times and you like him and you've established some ground rules, have one of your sexy friends like Amber or someone come on to him when you aren't around. Whichever friend is doing this for you has to be single because they need to be seriously flirting with him and ready to follow through. If your prospective man has sex with your friend, well then you didn't want him anyways. If he rejects your sexy friend, there's a good chance he's a keeper."

"Ooooh Ron. You are devious, and that is brilliant."

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