My Stepsister''s Banana Smoothie

by Tony Sorrentino

Copyright© 2015 by Tony Sorrentino

Erotica Sex Story: More banana-related step-sister stories just for fun.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Teenagers   Consensual   Incest   Spanking   Light Bond   Food   .

I guess my first mistake was in getting too close to my pretty and provocative step-sister who never failed to get me aroused just by bending over or "accidently" brushing up against me when I was so horny my desperate needs must have radiated from my crotch. My mom's recent marriage to her latest live-in boyfriend had taken me by surprise and I found myself relegated to the living room sofa whilst my new step-sister took my bed and my bedroom by right of "girls go first" or something like that.

I had taught her a good lesson in the kitchen late one night that first weekend with the use of a recently purchased bunch of bananas and now she teased me by eating the tantalizing yellow skinned fruits across the kitchen table at dinner or even at breakfast. She gave me many an erection on the way to school just with the way she slowly peeled the things, and then tentatively touching them with her sensitive and slightly pointed tongue as if she were testing them for the proper denseness and taste to her satisfaction. I remembered her shaking with emotion as I fed her those same yellow demons in her pretty mouth, her glorious hairy bush and straight up her delicious brown eye. I aroused the hidden devil in the girl and she never turned back from the fast lane to hell.

We were both circumspect in keeping our parents oblivious to our extra-curricular activities and the pair of lovebirds were so caught up in their own frenzied love-making that our fornication exploitations slid right underneath their parental radar.

I felt a little guilty about doing it on the sly with my newly acquired step-sister but she was such a tease and submissive little darling that I really had no choice in the matter. We did our best to keep my baby-making seeds out of her baby production area and she complied by using her mouth, her hand and even her pretty bum to absorb my copious emissions. When I did use her tight vaginal channel, I made every effort to either release my spunk beforehand or pulled out just before spurting and let it spray in long white lines on her belly and breasts.

She acted like it was most thing ever but I witnessed her tasting it from time to time and sometimes even rubbing the stuff on her nipples or her backside to help me slide a little smoother. I think if her father could have seen her streetwise wanton actions he would have been totally astonished.

Nicole liked to have me force her to do things ever since I blackmailed her about sneaking food from the kitchen and showed her how nice it was to be fed multiple bananas in all her womanly entrances. She was pretty much attached to me now and followed my orders even when they robbed her of her dignity and her pride. I was a bit ashamed of my degrading use of her mouth but I justified my enthusiasm with the knowledge that she was an accomplished cocksucker having practiced endlessly on the jocks and the masters at our school. I was just lucky to be the one next to her at night in the privacy of my former bedroom.

She didn't object when I produced the lengths of silken cord to affix her wrists and her ankles to the four corners of the bed. I slipped in a fluffy pillow under her hips to raise her cheeks up at a better angle for impalement and she started to whimper even before I started to give it to her good. I bent down and whispered in her ear,

"Take a care, sis, we don't want any visitors to see why you are making funny noises."

It was a bit warm and we were both sweating now with me straddling her thighs with my big boy buried between her cheeks. I was pressing my cockhead into the rear part of her slit despite the fact I knew she wanted it in her brown eye because I had become addicted to her cunt which was just as tight and with a distinctive scent that made me think spring was in the air.

She struggled against the bindings and told me I was a bastard for making her immobile and helpless. I knew she was just pretending because she had begged me for just that kinky procedure on previous occasions. After a lengthy period of pounding her pussy, I pulled out rather sloppily and inserted my tool into her preferred entry in the rear. She sighed in satisfaction and started to wiggle and hump down on the pillow with reckless abandon. Fortunately, she maintained her silence biting down on the other pillow like a well-trained step-sister submissive.

I had no choice but to drain into her shaking body and she froze into a rigid stick underneath me. Then, she must have gotten her much-awaited tingle and bucked me up into the air like a bronco gone wild and wanting to run the hills freely and without a rider on her back. I dug in my heels and gave it to her good and hard and she calmed down and melted into a puddle of female flesh fully under control and awaiting further instructions. I liked it when she did that and it was even more exciting when I had her bound to the corners of the bed and she had no choice but to give me exactly what I wanted. I think she liked it better as well because her inner legs were glistening with the slick juices constantly oozing from her happy slit. The sound of our young frantic bodies slapping into each other was the only noise in that little bedroom but it sounded like a marching band to me in fear of momentary discovery and the shame of being found to be a dirty step-sister humper with no morals or sense of decency.

I loosened her up and massaged her wrists and ankles to make certain she had not been injured in the excitement of the moment. We could hear our parents still screwing like rabbits in the large master bedroom and my step-sister giggled sitting with her legs crossed right in the middle of the bed.

She looked at me with one of those devious little looks that informed me her brain was planning some mischievous trick just to embarrass me or make me look silly. I didn't mind because when she did something like that she always made up for it by doing something that I really liked but was afraid to ask a regular girlfriend to do for me.

"Big brother, I am going to go downstairs and make us some banana smoothies."

The mere mention of the word "banana" was enough to make my big boy jump to attention just thinking of one sticking out of her pretty brown eye like a yellow tail of shameful indiscretion. She smiled up at me all innocently and I knew right away she was going to be giving us something a little spicier than a banana smoothie. I snuck down the stairs behind her and saw her squirt some Nicole juice into the mixture with a look of sheer bliss on her face. The fact that she also added some delicious ice cream didn't miss my attention and I ran up to the bed before she came in with the two glasses and straws like a thoughtful and considerate step-sister in all her naked glory. I drank it all down with her and she admitted what she had done with a gleam of trouble in her eye.

"I expect you know what comes next, little sis, are you ready for your spanking?"

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