Nancy's Curiosity

by Babyboomer

Copyright© 2015 by Babyboomer

Romantic Sex Story: Detectives Nancy and Georgiana are on vacation. Daddy's working in New Orleans and George has relatives nearby. They find the people are very friendly. Daddy finishes business quickly and the girls receive presents. Can the girls find Happiness or will circumstances stop them? Can they solve the mystery or will they end up victims?

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft   Mult   Teenagers   Consensual   Romantic   NonConsensual   Rape   Drunk/Drugged   Heterosexual   Fiction   Historical   Mystery   Crime   Cousins   First   Pregnancy   .

Chapter 1

Nancy's father had gotten a request from one of their neighborhood friends to try to help one of their sons setting up an import export business in New Orleans. Her father had to refer his usual clients to his partner while he travelled. It was planned that he stay from six months to a year in New Orleans which he thought he would need in order to do the work necessary.

The red headed detective Nancy had just graduated from high school along with her buddy George(Georgina). Nancy was talking to her friend about what a tough time it would be to have her father so far away.

"I know this will give us enough financially to get me to an ivy league school but there are others that can get me a good education too!"

"But Nancy with your brains you should go to the best! Just think you could end up as a partner working with your dad! I bet he would love it."

"Well that might be nice for you but I might like to work with some private eye in a big city.

Yet going to an ivy league school would get me a lot of rich contacts."

"Have you thought what you are going to do while your dad is in New Orleans?"

"No, and since I get most of my cases from dad this could be a very boring time. In fact he said he couldn't afford to take me with him."

"What if I tell you that my favorite aunt lives in New Orleans? What if I tell you that I've already gotten her and my folks permission to travel with you to New Orleans and live there until your dad finishes his work? What if I tell you that I've already gotten your dad's permission to have you go too? What if I tell you you are already packed and we're leaving with your dad on the train this afternoon?"

"George, is this true?"

"Ha, ha yes! So brush your teeth and we're off to listen to the Jazzmen of New Orleans!"

Chapter 2

"Ya'll are young ladies. I do hope you know how to conduct yourselves! As much as I love this town, there is a definite rough edge to it. We stay clear of Storytown! No woman of quality will even dream of stepping into that neighborhood. Elsewhere if you have a male escort, it is almost always safe for a young lady to shop or visit. We do have a chauffer who can escort you.

My married daughter Gladys is also visiting with her husband Lawence. Although ya'll aren't married, I was always asking my married friends and family about -- what marriage is like.

I will tell you now so you will not be shocked when you here it from others, they have their bedroom, together, on the second floor along side Georgina's on the right and Nancy's on their left.

Mark and I have our bedrooms on the third floor. Our son Edward is there too. I explained when our meals are and the servants duties. Please tell us when you do go out so that someone can be with you."

"Thank you Aunty Bee, I know that we will both want to visit Nancy's dad tomorrow."

"I anticipated your wish ladies and the chauffer will have the limosine ready for you tomorrow morning. Frank may look like a bull but he is very respectful of the attitudes of ladies."

Later both Lawrence and Gladys expressed their desires to be included on their jaunt into the city. Nancy did notice on one occasion a curious exchange between Gladys and her mother. Aunt Bee became quite concerned with her daughter's question and didn't seem to want to answer her.

Yet she finally relented and seemed more introspective and possibly worried than before. Gladys, on the otherhand, became more out going and even jovial.

After Nancy turned off her lamp for the night, she quickly noticed that she did not need any quilts for warmth. Even her nightgown was too heavy for the heat of the night. She had left her windows wide open and relied on the mosquito netting to protect her. Only one thin cotton sheet covered the absolutely nude sixteen year old woman. Just as she thought she was about ready to sleep, a fairly rhythmic thumping began from the room next door. Then after a couple of minutes, a low feminine moan began. Later a distinct male ahhh, was added which ended the noise from next door. It hadn't taken Nancy much deductive effort to guess exactly what and who was doing it. Nancy had been sweaty to begin with but she began to keep a beat with the rhythm from next door. Remarkably, she arched her back within seconds of the sound of the male aaah. With sweat dripping from her she fell asleep within seconds of her release.

Early the following morning Nancy awoke noticing her hand still inserted between her clenched thighs. She felt rather unsettled with her reaction to the normal happenings of a wedded couple next door. After all even her own father and mother must have joined at least once when they had been young. And certainly if she had been married to Gladys's rather handsome husband she would have had him exercise his will upon her. A wash cloth and some water at the wash stand took care of the smell and her sweaty body. She then quickly dressed for breakfast.

"Nancy! Did you hear anything last night?"

Nancy decided to play dumb and hear what George had to say. "No, it seemed quite peaceful to me."

"Your wall must be thicker than mine! I swear I couldn't help it but I heard my cousin and her husband doing it last night!"

"They're married George! That gives them permission to do it!"

"I grant you that, but it was what my cousin said that got to me! She said, "Just imagine darling if you had your wonderful tool inside my virgin blond cousin! She would be so tight and petrified that her cousin's husband had taken her maidenhead. You might even plant a baby in her womb!"

"George, did you have something to drink last night? Or did you take laudinum so you could sleep?"

"Honest Nancy, it's true! Then she had him withdraw from her and then told him, "Now imagine that her friend Nancy is lying here with her red hair spread on the pillow and her red haired sex open for you! Her eyes are frightened but pleading for you to be her first! Now plunge it in and take her maidenhead!"

"You must be on something George. But let me think about it before you say something to them."

"What? Do you think I would say something to them? She was talking about her husband having sex with us! I am so angry I can't speak!"

"Good! Please don't! We are here in their home as guests so let's pretend nothing happened.

Maybe it's some kind of game between the two of them. If that is true it does seem kind of wierd or perverted but she is your cousin and otherwise both of them seem to be perfectly fine people."

"O.K. Nancy, it wasn't as if they were actually trying to have sex with us."

Nancy turned away from her friend and descended the stairs. She thought to herself that maybe Lawrence's thing might be too big to fit her anyway. Meanwhile her best friend was thinking similar thoughts about the size of her own precious place and Gladys's husband.

Chapter 3

Lawrence had gotten bored silly sheperding the women, girls really, while they shopped at the dress shop and then the shoes store. When they entered the longerie store he deferred and wandered a bit down a side alleyway. There was a small Potion and Oils shop. A tiny bell rang when he walked through the doorway. A very dark old woman minced over to a tiny counter.

"May I help you young man?"

"I saw your sign and was curious as to what your potions and oils are or do?"

"I make various potions and oils to ... aid men and women who have problems. Other priestesses may make ... black magic. I only make love potions and oils. For example, if your mother-in-law is mean to you, this potion will make her nicer to you. Now this one lets you seduce any girl you want. She won't remember what happened to her. Naturally I wouldn't sell this to any man. No he has to have good character such as yourself. I have another for a man which will enable him to participate in an orgy and satisfy at least three women. Unfortunately the next day may be painful to the man's fruit!"

"Do you have something that will make the girl think that she was the one who wanted to do it? I have a wife that keeps putting off having a baby. However if she suddenly changes her mind one night or two, then so be it!"

"Yes, some women are very fearful of having babies. Despite nature's push they have seen or heard of some women dying from the process. If your wife is very young then mother nature may not be strong enough yet to overwhelm her fears. I do have something which does promote nature's urge. Try this scented oil as a gift. If she rubs this into her skin it will do the job."

The old black lady decided not to tell him that if she used it on her lower region his wife may not be able to control her sexual urges ever again. The girls she procured for her Storyland houses had come from some nice families. She had profitted from the mistakes some husbands had. made.

Lawrence had a smile on his face when he joined the girls. But then he remembered the sex games he and his wife played the previous night, "imagine your virgin blond cousin," or "the redhead with an open red haired vagina." The sweat started to pour from his forehead as he began to see that he may have the power to actually have sex with them! It was only when he looked at his wife that suddenly he could control himself. He could see her pregnant with his child, Yes, he could be a responsible husband and father. That was the power he wanted because he loved his wife. Her little fantasies of him seducing the two virgins helped her believe that she was married to a big stud. Well, soon she would find out that her stud wasn't going to just play games with her.

No, he wanted to play the best game, life!

Chapter 4

Edward had been warned by his mother to be a gentleman to the visitors, who happened to be family and a friend ... Of course his older sister and her husband he wouldn't pester mainly because he liked his new brother-in-law. Edward didn't care if they made noise when they did the deed unlike his parents who even had separate beds! No, somehow one of the girls he had dated had decided that he had gotten fresh with her and had told someone who had told his mother.

If his mother had any inkling of the things he had done to a lot of the girls he dated he might have been forcibly married to one of them. He knew that he had taken at least five virgins. None of them had been a date or knew he had done the deed. Three of them had gotten pregnant. All had been dosed with a potion and then raped for hours. While he had been cautious previously, the two girls that were visiting were just too too. He would need to discover more about them and especially when they might be leaving. He really didn't want to leave it to any chancey physically forced rape. No, the proper potion used discretely and at the right time would ensure that he escape unnoticed and unsuspected by anyone.

When Nancy and George visited her father in New Orleans at his hotel, they were both surprised to find out that the job that might take up to a year to do would only be two months!

His employer was so happy about the results he had already given him had told him that he would earn the enitre amount he would have been paid for working the entire year! However, Nancy and George had no work to look forward to doing. So the girls and Nancy's father had a nice celibration at a local restaurant. Both girls had cocktails but George seemed to have just a bit too much.

Luckily the chauffer helped to get the girls into the limosene and back to the mansion.

Nancy helped undress George and pour her into bed. Then she too went to her bed and stripped down for the night.

Edward had been sneaking around earlier that night and had found the diaries both girls kept. It interested him that each girl had written about fantasies with his brother-in-law especially after the taunting his dear sister had given Lawrence during one their nightly conjoinings. Then he discovered their calendars. Each had dates when their period would be expected. They would then be ready to wear protection from the bleeding that women had to endure each month. Yet for him he understood enough to now plan when best to rape and possibly impregnate them.

Chapter 5

Edward had heard about their upcoming celibration. He realized that few opportunities might present themselves like this one. His calculations indicated that both girls would be at a receptive time in their womanhood. Before they had arrived he had dosed their water glasses with the potion. His brother-in-law had already presented his wife with a special oil. He hoped for his sister's sake that she used it correctly or his family might have a whore in it!

When the limosene arrived both girls were noticably drunk! He got both of them to take an aspirin for the certain hangover that would occur tomorrow. Naturally they used their own water glass on their own night stand.

Oddly enough he had to wait for his parents to complete their own tryst that night! It was a bit frustrating but decidedly weird to hear them grunt and moan till they were done. Then he carefully gathered his two towels and very quietly snuck through the hall and staircase to George's room. He didn't need the key he had. Georgina had taken off her nightdress and had kicked her bed sheet off. She was naked and completely blond. Small breasts and narrow hips made her look almost boylike. However, with her legs spred wide and her middle finger rapidly moving in and out of her open vagina, it was very obvious that this was no boy!

Edward needed no more stimulus to get moving. He slipped a towel beneath her hips and crawled between her legs. He kissed her and felt one of her hands reach down to his erection and guide it to her opening. He gently probed her and within seconds was at her womanly gate.

He kissed her as he pushed through her maidenhead. A second later it broke and the last cry of a girl became the first cry of a woman. He lifted his body up slightly to look down at his manhood's invasion of George's lambie pie. It didn't take long for her to relax enough to continue the plundering of her womanly treasures. Ten minutes later she began to throw her pelvis up. She gave a mighty groan and her insides began to go into waves of constrictions, milking his erection.

No man could hold out for long and Edward didn't want to anyway. His cock erupted into her.

Spurt after milky spurt of semen entered the awaiting womb.

Five minutes later Edward stared down at the newly fucked girl. He had removed the stain soaked towel. Blood and semen had pooled beneath the crack of her ass. This was a heavenly picture to him. If she did get pregnant, he knew that it would be unlikely he would ever see her that way. This would have to be enough. However he was not done for the night.

He quickly made his way to Nancy's room. Again no key was needed. Like her friend, Nancy was nude and open for use. Edward eased a different towel brneath her butt. She was slightly taller than her friend but smilar in size. Maybe a B cup with narrow hips but thinly redhair covered vagina. Nancy seemed even tighter than George. Even with the kiss she seemed to scream her pain through his lips. It unnerved him enough that he stopped to hear if anyone had gotten up to investigate. It did allow Nancy time to accommodate the feeling of his cock in her lambie pie. Minutes later she lifted her legs onto his buttocks using them to further coax Edward to push deeper into her depths. He loved it. She was a natural. When he released into her he hoped that she too would get knocked up!

It was a night to remember. He placed the trophy towels in his special locker. It was early morning. Exhausted he threw himself onto the bed uncovered and was asleep immediately.

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