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Sex Story: A young scholar takes a teaching job that included some very strenuous extra-curricular activities.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   School   .

I had been coasting along, enjoying graduate school and plowing through my research when I hit a snag at about the same time my savings ran out. I would have to work for a change, but I still wanted to get my doctorate.

I found a job that fit perfectly. I signed to teach at what the school called halftime pay, just Monday, Wednesday and Friday for three one-hour sessions, all the same course, introductory U.S. History, a course I should be able to talk my way through without much in the way of preparation plus one hour of office time. The pay was adequate but with no fringe benefits. I began right after the semester break, in mid-January.

I am sure you will not believe it, but until the first class, I had not really noticed that it was a girls' school, a junior college for females, a private and very upper-class one with tuition on the level of the Ivy League.

At 9 AM on a very cold January Monday I introduced myself, told the assembled two dozen young females that they could call me Richard if they wished or just Mr. Hamilton. I was just an instructor, I said, not a professor and not a doctor of anything. They smiled.

I smiled back and looked around. They were an almost uniformly lovely group with a few gems but no dogs. My second period class was nearly the same but a bit larger and the third period class was only fifteen, every one a beauty.

On the third day of my work, the first Friday, I sat in my tiny office and did some paper work, planning the next week's lectures when someone knocked and entered. It was nearly lunchtime.

It was a tall blonde wearing the standard school uniform, tight-fitting Levis and a loose-fitting sweater that failed to reach the waist but hung over her hands. "Hi," she said, "I'm Pam Jones, second period."

I gestured at a chair and closed my notebook.

"I saw you had office hours posted, and I wanted to ask a favor."

"OK," I said, puzzled.

"Well," she said, wiggling as if her ass itched, "do you think you could do three girls in an hour?"

I blinked and coughed. "Do?" I managed to ask.

"Fuck, screw, hump, pork, you know, copulate." She smiled. "Mr. Harris, the fellow you replaced, he could only do two, but you're bigger and younger."

"You mean sex, right?" I asked brightly.

She nodded. "The locals are rednecks and ignorant, and most of the other teachers are too old or too married. We're all horny and there are very few lesbians."

I shook my head.

"Anyway, we would sign up out there on your list, but we wanted to know whether it should be two or three per office hour." She smiled.

"I'll let you know on Monday," I said, completely flummoxed. "I've got to think about this."

"You're not queer or anything, are you," Pam asked, looking worried.

"Uh uh," I said, "but there are laws and rules and things."

"OK," the girl said standing and unbuttoning her pants. She started skinning them off. "You let me know Monday, and I'll pass the word along." She smiled as she tossed the Levis on my desk along with the tiny underpants which she had pulled off at the same time. "But how about a sample, you know, an introductory offer or something." She pulled her sweater over her curly head, but she still had her Pumas on. She had worn a bra, a very well-filled, semi-transparent bra. I helped her remove it.

She was one fine looking young woman with a nice set of small, round, pink-titted breasts, a trim waist, well-rounded hips, a carefully trimmed bush and long, long legs.

I was hard immediately and turned off both my mouth and my mind.

Pam braced both hands on the end of my old desk and spread her feet apart. "This all right?" she asked, looking at me over her shoulder as I moved behind her feeling my pulse climb.

I put one hand on her haunch as I unzipped and freed my rearing cock. "Fine." I said in a rather strangled voice. She was dripping.

"Oh, geeze," she sighed as I entered her. "You're a lot bigger than Mr., ohmigwad, migawd, migawd." She came up on her toes.

"Not so loud, ' I said, seeking her clit with one hand and teasing out a nipple with the other while I kept my throbbing ram buried all the way up in her, and she squeezed it and squirmed under my pawing.

Her head sank down between her elbows as I backed halfway out and pushed it all the way in once more. She whinnied and then sobbed.

It took a while to get her used to my equipment and then she joined the game and matched me thrust for thrust, and eventually we got to rocking and rolling, smacking our bodies together, and she came with a shuddering spasm, covering her mouth with both hands and arched back while I mauled her boobs and enjoyed myself.

When she quieted down, and I was still ramming at about one thrust every four or five seconds, I asked, "You on the pill?"

She nodded, gasping.

"Here it comes," I said as I stopped holding back and held it fully extended as I gushed three times in rapid succession and then once more after another out and in.

I hugged her and humped her for another minute or two, pistoning out some of my jism, and them let my well-satisfied tool ease out of her. She turned quickly, lowered herself to her knees and lapped me into her mouth. She sucked and licked and groaned and then let it slip free and stood and kissed me, openmouthed, and dandled my cock in her hand.

"It's so heavy," she said. "And so big."

I handed her her clothes and she dressed quickly, glancing at me now and then. "You're going to be very busy," she said as she left and quietly closed the door.

Monday I told her that I thought I might be able to satisfy two girls in an hour but I was sure I could not do three. She pouted and then smiled. "I'll spread the word."

By the time I got back to my office shortly after eleven, students had signed up for the rest of the month, two each day. The first one was waiting for me, standing by my disordered desk with her clothes in her hand and a wide smile on her face. She was naked, not even shoes and she had an admirable body with extra-heavy thighs.

"How do you like to do it?" I asked her after I put down my books.

"I like to rough," she said, looking up at me. "I have these rape fantasies."

I pushed her back against the outside wall, right next to the window, twisted her nipple until she gasped, freed my cock and forced her down on her knees with a twist of her hair in my fist. I made her suck me hard, making her gag, fucked her face briefly and then pulled her upright, bent my knees and thrust it right up into her as I pulled her legs up above my hips one by one.

Her eyes got very big and her mouth flopped open as she rested her shoulders on the wall. I gave it to her fast and hard, mercilessly. She came almost at once, shivering, eyes closed, creaming and gasping.

I pulled it out of her, turned her about, grasped her wrists above her head and rammed it back up into her while my free hand mauled her lovely breasts. She came again and slid down to the floor, I followed, held her at the hips, still ramming, and asked, "Enough?"

She nodded and I smacked her buttocks and pulled free. I helped her up, hugged and kissed her and then sat down and watched her dress. It had taken all of about five minutes.

I got my breath and heart regulated, did a bit of work and a beautiful little girl knocked and came in, closing the door and leaning against it. She looked about twelve.

"Hi," I said, closing my binder and standing up. "What's your name?"

"Linda," she said, "I'm Linda James."

"You're not in any of my classes, are you?"

She shook her head as I leaned back against the edge of the desk and offered her my hand. "I'm a virgin," she said very quietly.

I raised an eyebrow. "Do you have a hymen, Linda, an intact hymen?"

She shook her head again.

I smiled and pulled her to me. We kissed gently. "Would you like to do it lying down, missionary?"

She nodded and I cleaned off my desk, and she climbed on and lay back, spreading her legs, they hung off the end from the knees down. I pulled off her shoes and then her fancy denims and tiny underpants. Her pubic hair told me she was a natural blonde. "You are certainly a very pretty girl. I'm surprised you haven't done it with a boyfriend."

"I'm tired of fighting them off, been doing that for years."

I got out of my shoes, pants and underpants and took off my tie. My eager member jutted out, hard and ready, dripping. Then I knelt between her legs and rubbed her slit with my long, hot pole paying special attention to her little hidden nub.

When she snorted and nodded, I positioned the head of my ram at her tight-lipped opening and bent to kiss her mouth. When her tongue crossed my teeth, I shoved my bone up into her. Her young body resisted briefly but then I popped through and sank five or six inches on into her very tight vagina. She gasped.

"It's so big," she said up at me, taking a deep breath as I backed it out and then pushed it deeper, and deeper, and deeper.

"You OK?" I asked after five minutes or so, resting while buried in her. She was rocking from side to side under me, eyes closed.

She nodded, and we began again. I made sure that I moved up her body with every thrust, rubbing and stimulating her clit with each deep insertion. I went slowly and gently but deeply, and she was soon moving in concert with my efforts, and we grunted happily together until she arched and spasmed, squealing with pleasure.

I slowed my thrusts until she calmed and then said, "You can wrap you legs around me if you want."

That changed the angle a bit, and I bumped her cervix as well as rubbing her clitoris, and we moved quickly to one a second and then a bit faster than that. She was mewling and gasping when I ejaculated, pumping three or four thick ropes of cum into her unsullied tunnel.

"I forgot to ask," I said when she blinked up at me.

"It's OK," she moaned, "I'm protected."

"Had enough?" I asked, only the head still in her but it was jumping and jerking around.

She nodded and took a deep breath. "For now," she said with a smile, and I got off of her and pulled up my pants.

As soon as she left, in walked Pam. She looked at me and then up at the clock. "Twenty minutes left," she said. "Sure you can only do a pair?"

"Let me explain something to you," I said.

She waved. "I know, I know, but I had a boyfriend in eighth grade who could do it five times in a row."

"I'm not thirteen," I said.

"How about early mornings, or in the evening?"

"Come on," I said, "I have a life too."

She nodded. "The demand is going to increase as your customers gossip about you. I'm still sore." She left quickly.

I rinsed off my cock and balls at the drinking fountain in the hall and was surprised that I was still a bit riled, not completely spent. I knew I was well hung but did not think my equipment was anything special. I had certainly seen bigger.

Tuesday I did some reading up online about sexual performance as well as doing my George Armstrong Custer research. I ordered some testosterone tablets and an herbal mixture online and started doing PC exercises aiming to separate ejaculation from orgasms.

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