The Devil's Pact Side-story: Violet's Affair

by mypenname3000

Copyright© 2015 by mypenname3000

Romantic Sex Story: Violet's in love with another woman, and doesn't know how to end her relationship with her girlfriend without breaking April's heart. This takes place during Chapter 43 and at the same time as Lillian Gets Spanked and April's Cumbath

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including ft/ft   Consensual   Cheating   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Sex Toys   Pregnancy   .

Note: This takes place during Chapter 43 and at the same time as Lillian Get's Spanked and April's Cumbath.

Friday, November 8th, 2013 – Violet Matheson – Tacoma, WA

"I'm going down to the lobby to do some writing," April smiled as she slipped her laptop into a satchel.

"Are we still going out with Lillian tonight?" I asked her. I lay stretched out on the bed and flipping through the latest copy of Seventeen.

I was reading the most fascinating article: "How to attract the Living God's Gaze." It was full of tips for young teens on how to try and catch Master's attention at his public appearance. "Wear short skirts," the article read, "with thigh-high stockings held up by garters that peak out. And never panties. Our God wants a girl ready for Him to just lift her skirt and go to town on her pussy."

"Yeah!" April smiled. She was pretty and innocent, with her bushy, brown hair and glasses; a sexy nerd. My guilt returned, bubbling inside my stomach. "Doesn't it sound like fun?"

"Sure," I lied. I was getting good at lying to April. Going to a bar with Lillian, especially pregnant and unable to drink, didn't sound like fun.

April turned, her stomach gently swelling with Master's child, her large, dark nipples were hard. They were so big compared to her tiny breasts. Though hers were swelling with her pregnancy, while my A Cups hadn't changed a bit. That was fine, Master loved my tits. I was pregnant, too, though it could be Master's or Mistress's child.

"Love you," April smiled as she opened the door of my hotel room. We took turns sleeping in the other's room since we started dating last August.

"Love you, too," I answered automatically.

She smiled. Why did April have to be such a sweet girl?

The moment she was gone, I grabbed a sexy negligee, deep purple, that fell loosely about my girlish frame. My small, pink nipples were shadows through the sheer fabric, and my pregnant belly gently pressed against it. The hem ended just above my ass, displaying my tight pussy, shaved bare the way Master loved it. My brown hair was in pigtails, tied with purple ribbons, making me look even younger than my almost sixteen years.

I slipped out of my room, passing a pair of off-duty bodyguards who gave me appreciative nods. Master had commandeered the entirety of the Murano Hotel in downtown Tacoma, and it was filling up with maids and bodyguards and other servants, most of whom were hot, young women like me. I reached the elevator, pressed the button, and waited impatiently.

The elevator dinged, doors slid open. Finally! I impatiently hit the button for the fourteenth floor. I tapped my foot, growing impatient at the elevator. I normally loved them. I had met Master in one and he had rescued me from ... No. Don't think about her. She can never imprison me again.

I put Mother out of my thoughts, walking briskly down the hall to 1431. Cindy's room. My heart picked up its beat, and my stomach tumbled into knots. I hoped my lover was free. I needed to be with her so bad. I really should break up with April, but I just couldn't stand to disappoint her because ... The room, glaring lights so bright, so hot, Mother shouting her disappointment...

No! Don't think about that.

The door opened. Cindy's face lit up in a smile, driving my guilt and fear away. I loved her so much. I had thought I loved April, but it had just been puppy love. We were the two young, quiet sluts, so it had been only natural we spent time together. But I had confused my lust for actual love. When I met Cindy, I learned just what love is. Deep, consuming, warm. I didn't need to fuck Cindy, I just needed to be with her. I could be just as happy sitting in the same room with her and reading a book as I could mussing the sheets with her.

The moment I saw her the day of her interview, I knew I loved her.

She was naked, her blonde hair damp, and green eyes twinkling with mischievous. She was a year younger than me, though her breasts were slightly larger. Still A Cups, but she would have developed larger breasts if she hadn't been bound to Master. She smiled, braces glinting on her teeth. Master could have healed her, but I suspected Cindy would never be allowed to get rid of them. They made her look so cute and innocent, though it could be rough on the tongue when I frenched her.

"Violet!" she squealed, and threw her arms around me. I was taller, and she pulled my face down and kissed me on the mouth. "Umm, I love you so much."

I looked around, getting nervous. Someone could spot us. "Let's get inside."

"Don't you love me?" she asked, eyes hardening for a moment. She didn't like having to hide our relationship.

"I do love you," I whispered. Any second another maid could walk by, or a bodyguard, or one of the sluts. I didn't want April to know. Not until I found the right way to tell her it was over. "I love you so much!"

I clamped my mouth shut. I hadn't meant to yell that last part, but my feelings for her were hard to contain. I had almost called out her name last night in bed with April. Luckily, I had caught myself. My sudden, loud declaration made Cindy blush red, and she pulled me into the room.

"I could barely clean my Lord's room today," she sighed. "All I could think about was holding you." She gave me a kiss, wet and sweet. "And kissing you." Another kiss. "And touching you." Kiss.

"Me, too, Cindy." I stroked her cheek, pushing back a damp strand of gold.

She broke from the embrace and scampered to her bed, her cute ass jiggling. She grabbed a brown sack. "Look what I bought!"

I smiled. She pulled out a large, red dildo attached to a black harness. "Ohh! Do you want to fuck me, Cindy?"

"Absolutely, baby!"

"You got to butter me up first," I laughed. "I want to feel that tongue between my legs."

"Yum!" she grinned. She walked back, and reached out and pinched the fabric of my negligee. "This is cute. Did you buy it for me?"

"No," I answered. "April gave it to..."

"And you wore it here?" Cindy spat, her face twisting. "It's bad enough you won't break up with her, but you don't have to parade around here wearing her gifts!"

Shit! My heart beat. I disappointed her. The room ... No. She wasn't Mother. "I'm sorry," tears welled at my eyes. "I just ... It's so beautiful. I didn't think, Cindy. I didn't mean..." A hiccuping sob choked off my words. "I-I didn't mean to d-disappoint you."

"Oh, don't cry." Her eyes were watering up. "I'll start crying, too. I'm sorry. It's alright. I know whom you love."

She reached out and wiped my cheek.

I smiled. "You are such a wonderful girl. I'm thankful Willow brought us together."

"Do you think we would have met if it wasn't..."

"I do," I nodded. "Maybe in college, we would have met and fallen in love..." Mother would have been disappointed, like she had when she caught me with Summer ... No. No. No. Mother isn't here.

I kissed her, probing my tongue into Cindy's sweet mouth. I didn't want to think of ... unpleasant things. I wanted to enjoy my new life, and my love. Summer was gone. She had just been a passing fling anyways, like April. And Mother will never imprison me again.

Cindy tugged up the negligee, and I reluctantly broke the kiss. She tossed the scrap of cloth to the floor, her hands gently stroking the slight curve of my pregnant belly. Everyone loved to touch my belly. I carried a God's child within me.

My lover knelt down and kissed my bellybutton. "I can't wait to hold your child," she breathed. "The Divine grows within you. It's such a miracle!"

It was!

Then she bent lower and nuzzled between my thighs, giving me a quick lick. I shuddered. Her tongue was amazing, and her braces scraped almost painfully against my pussy, adding another wonderful sensation. I moaned, and fell back onto the bed.

"Ravish me!" I groaned. "Make me cum!"

"Only if you return the favor!" she grinned, stroking her tight slit.

"Nothing would make me happier!"

She jumped onto the bed, laughing as she bounced. Then she quickly straddled my face. Her pussy was waxed bare, and sealed as tight as a maiden's cunt. Her vulva was swollen red and dripping wet. I breathed in her spicy aroma, licking my lips. I couldn't wait any longer; I grabbed her ass, yanked her down, and buried my tongue inside her.

"Oh, baby!" she gasped. "Umm, I love your tongue!"

I answered with a moan, licking her tight flower. Her tongue wiggled inside of me, and we savored each other's flavor. I loved sixty-nining with my lover. We both were giving each other pleasure. It was magical.

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