BJ Training

by Something Else

Copyright© 2017 by Something Else

Erotica Sex Story: Revenge by two ex boyfriends on a hot woman who denied them sex while dating. She is slowly transformed from a cock tease to a full fledged slut.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Heterosexual   Fiction   Revenge   Light Bond   Rough   Anal Sex   .

Alan and Trevor were having a beer together. They weren’t exactly friends but had gotten to know each other through a mutual acquaintance named Alicia. Both had dated Alicia at separate times. Guy talk ensued and before long they were sharing stories of their attempted sexual advances towards Alicia. Both were surprised that neither of them had even gotten to first base with the hot woman they had dated for a brief period of time.

Alicia is a twenty-five year old woman who is hot enough to turn heads wherever she goes. She is about five foot seven inches tall and always wears beautiful clothes that are designed to show off her incredible body. Alicia’s idea of a casual outfit would be a tight short skirt that showed off her petite and firm ass as well as her long, slim, tanned and perfectly shaped legs. On top she would alternate between a skin tight tube top or a sheer loose top draped over her magnificent C sized breasts. Neither man could ever remember her actually wearing a bra as her perky globes were firm and provided just the right amount of jiggle as she walked to attract the attention of both men and women as she strutted to her destination. Her mid-drift was always exposed. A navel piercing accentuated her flat stomach that showed a hint of six-pack abs. Her hair was jet black and flowed half way down her well defined back. She was always made up. Dark eye shadow and bright red lips. She had multiple piercings in her left ear and an ear cuff in her right ear. There was a tattoo of a small brightly coloured butterfly high on her neck on the right side. Then there were her shoes. She had a closet full of the sexiest high heels. Nothing below four inches and many with platform soles which increased her height equal to most of the men she dated. The shoes combined with her short skirts showed off her shapely, tanned legs and served to accentuate her delicious bum.

In short, Alicia was the ultimate cock tease.

Both Alan and Trevor shared stories about their dating history with Alicia. Alan had dated her for two months before he finally gave up. She was the ultimate arm candy but resisted any attempts at having a sexual relationship. Just being around her and looking at her was enough to bring his manhood to attention but he inevitably ended up going home alone and jerking off. Trevor had a similar experience although he had persisted for four months before calling it quits. He had actually managed to sleep with her on two different occasions but both times it had been sleep only and no physical contact. As he described it he had the proverbial blue balls problem for the duration of their short relationship. He had failed to even get something as basic as a hand job from her.

The more the men talked about their experiences with Alicia the angrier they became. She obviously knew the effect she had on men as she was outgoing and very flirtatious with any good looking man in her vicinity. At parties she was always surrounded by men and enjoyed participating in their sexual banter while showing cleavage and even ass cheek whenever the opportunity presented itself.

Trevor knew of two other men who had briefly dated this cock tease and they had told him of the same frustrations they had encountered.

Alan and Trevor agreed that the bitch needed to be taught a lesson. They would find a way for both of them to get at least a blow job from the ice queen.

Over the next two weeks Trevor worked out a plan. He then met with Alan and laid out what he had in mind. The two of them tuned the plan for a couple of hours and picked a date a few weeks out when they would turn their plan into action.

Trevor was a part time musician and had a makeshift rehearsal area in his double garage. Nothing fancy but he had focused on soundproofing the garage so that he wouldn’t disturb the neighbors. Other than some old carpeting on the floor, musical instruments strewn around and a few woodworking tools it still looked pretty much like an empty double garage. There were also two tri-pod mounted video cameras stored in one corner. Trevor and his group used these to record many of their sessions in an attempt to improve their stage presence. In preparation for Alicia’s visit he had installed a large metal hook in the ceiling of the middle of the garage plus hooks mounted low on the two side walls.

Alan went on a shopping spree at a bondage store that was located in a strip mall not far from his house. He was amazed and a little confused by the wide selection of bondage and torture implements on display. He was the only customer so the store clerk took the time to explain what all the various implements were used for. Alan had to admit to himself that he felt completely out of his element and appreciated the education provided by the cute clerk. Alan had the shopping list that he and Trevor had compiled and the clerk was eager to help him find implements that matched his list. While driving home his mind was in overdrive. He must go back to the store someday and explore some more. Maybe he was into the BDSM scene and hadn’t known it. A growing erection under his pants seemed to confirm this theory.

Trevor called Alicia one evening and made small talk Despite having broken up they had still remained friendly. He mentioned that he and his group had been working on some new music and asked her if she would like to come over and give them some honest feedback. Alicia had enjoyed the fact that Trevor was a musician and had attended most of his gigs while they were dating. They had even met for the first time at a gig his band was playing at in and underground cellar nightclub. She accepted his invite and they set a date for the following Thursday at seven pm.

Alan arrived at Trevor’s house at about six pm. They went over their simple plan a few times and examined the bondage items that Alan had brought with him in a duffle bag.

Alicia was a half-hour late. The guys weren’t upset with this and, in fact, had anticipated it. They chilled drank a few beers and relished what an adventure they were going to have this evening.

The doorbell rang. Alan took his beer and duffle bag and headed for the bedroom.

Trevor was taken aback at the vision presented to him when he opened the door. Alicia still had the power to take his breath away when he saw her. She was looking her best. Dark eye makeup, red glossy lips, arm bracelet, bright orange fingernails which contrasted nicely with her tanned skin, a very tight crop top (also orange), flared white skirt that was way too short, and at the bottom of her long tanned legs a pair of open toed five inch platform wedges which not only showed off the muscles in her legs but also her matching orange toenails. Exquisite thought Trevor. He could hardly contain his excitement as to how different she would look in a few hours.

They hugged and kissed and made small talk as Trevor lead her to his garage. She was comfortable with her surroundings and with Trevor. During their brief time dating he had always been the perfect gentleman. She actually felt somewhat guilty in her withholding sex with such a sweet man. She knew that it must have been very frustrating for him. She had heard him jerking off on more than one occasion while he was in the bathroom.

Alicia had decided some time ago that sex with a man would wait until she had picked the right man and married him. She was aware that the way she looked and dressed made men think that she would be a good lay but she was determined to stick with her game plan. This didn’t mean that she didn’t get aroused by all the attention afforded her but she chose to use this arousal to pleasure herself when she was safe and in her own bedroom. She sometimes wondered if her frequent intense masturbation sessions would spoil her when she did finally allow a man to penetrate her. But, for now, she was content to continue with her self-pleasure sessions while fantasising about one or more of the many attractive men who tried hitting on her. Would they ever be surprised to find out that she was still technically a virgin although she had a wide selection of dildos and vibrators which she enjoyed shoving up her pussy.

Alicia was somewhat surprised to see that none of the musical instruments were setup. In fact, they were all neatly stored in one corner of the garage.

Trevor could see the confused look on her face.

“I have something special for you today,” said Trevor in answer to her un-asked question.

Alan had been waiting at the garage door for the right time to make his entrance. He opened the door to the garage and strode in with the duffle bag in one hand. He then locked the door with a key and put the key in his pocket.

Alicia was surprised to see another of her ex boyfriends joining her and Trevor. She quickly composed herself and went to Alan and gave him a warm hug and a peck on the cheek.

“What’s up you guys?”

“Well, it’s like this Alicia,” Alan stated in a slow and calm voice. “Trevor and I feel that it is about time you started putting out for the men in your life. We both went through hell while dating you and now is the time for you to make it right with us. We might also invite a few of your other men acquaintances to join us in indulging in your womanly charms.”

Alicia all of a sudden had a bad feeling about this meeting and decided to leave before things got out of hand. She quickly made her way to the door. She was relieved that neither man moved but this relief was quickly overridden by panic and fear when she tried opening the locked door.

“Unlock the door. I want to leave now,” said Alicia with a slightly quavering voice.

“Not going to happen,” responded Trevor. “You are ours to do with what we want for as long as we want.”

Alicia’s hand dove into her purse looking for her phone. She was surprised by how quickly Alan moved to her and roughly snatched her purse off of her arm.

“Here, let me get that for you,” said Alan with a mischievous grin on his face. He pulled out her phone, turned it off and put it back in her purse. He then placed the purse on top of one of the many guitar cases in the corner of the garage. “You’ll get that back when we are finished with you.”

Alicia was in full panic mode by now. She wasn’t sure what they had planned for her but instinctively felt that it was not something that she wanted or would enjoy.

“Okay little miss cock tease. First thing we want is for you to get on your knees and give us the best blowjobs we have ever had,” said Alan with sternness and conviction in his voice.

“I don’t do that,” responded Alicia in a voice that betrayed her nervousness.

“You mean that you didn’t do that for us. But that is going to change right now,” responded Trevor.

“No, I mean that I have never done that. Not for anybody,” pleaded Alicia.

Trevor and Alan looked at each other with astonished expressions.

“You mean that you have never given a blowjob?” asked Alan.

“No, never. Not even a hand-job. I am saving myself for marriage. I am still a virgin in all aspects of sex,” stated Alicia with conviction. She felt that this revelation would allow her to escape whatever these two men had planned for her.

“Un fucking believable,” exclaimed Alan. “The world’s biggest cock tease is a virgin. Don’t you realize that blow-jobs and hand-jobs are a necessary prerequisite to dating? Most guys would respect you wanting to preserve your cherry but your other two holes should be open for business,” stated Alan like he was talking to a four year old.

“I believe that a woman should save herself entirely for her mate. An all or nothing approach,” replied Alicia who was thinking that she might be getting through to these two men and that they would soon let her go.

She was terribly wrong.

“Well it’s time to provide some training on the art of a great blow-job,” said Trevor in a matter of fact tone. “Get down on your knees now.”

Alicia’s eyes darted back and forth between the two men but she didn’t move.

Alan approached her with anger in his eyes. Before she could react Alan gave her a hard slap across her cheek.

“I said down on your knees bitch,” yelled Alan who angry face was only inches from her stinging face.

Alicia slowly slid down to her knees. She was looking up at Alan and pleading with her eyes not to do this.

“Now slide my pants down and take out my cock and start sucking on it,” said Alan in a gruff voice.

Alicia undid Alan’s belt, then unbuttoned his fly. She slid his pants down his legs until they were puddled at his feet. He wasn’t wearing underpants. His cock was semi erect. Alicia froze. She had never been this close to a man’s cock before. She slowly reached up and touched the tip. It startled her when his cock jumped up on its way to becoming fully engorged. She dropped her hand and looked up at Alan. “I can’t do this,” she pleaded.

Whap! Another hard blow stunned Alicia on her cheek.

“Okay. We’re going to have to do this the hard way,” stated Alan matter-of-factly as he pulled up his pants. He went over to the duffle bag he had brought with him and rummaged around inside. Frustrated in not being able to find what he was looking for he dumped the contents onto the floor. Alicia took a deep breath as she saw a selection of ropes, cuffs and whips along with an assortment of other things that she had never seen before.

Alan grabbed a long rope that had a noose on one end. He approached Alicia and told her to put her wrists together in front of her. She hesitated and he took his hand back for another slap on the face. Alicia quickly complied and extended her arms in front of her with her wrists together. Alan quickly slid the noose around her wrists and pulled it tight. He then wound the rope around and around her wrists and tied it tight with a fancy looking knot.

Using a stool, he threaded the remaining rope through the hook that Trevor had installed in the ceiling. Kicking the stool to the side he then grabbed the rope and began pulling, forcing Alicia’s arms over her head. He kept pulling.

“Let’s give those knees a rest for now. They will get used to your kneeling position before long but for now let’s have you on your toes,”.

“Noooo!” shouted Alicia as she clambered to her feet as Alan continued pulling on the rope. Finally, Alicia was fully stretched with her hands well above her head and her platform sandals barely touching the floor.

“We’re going to transform you from a cock tease into a fuckable slut,” Trevor whispered into her ear. “Good sluts are always naked so we’ll start with that.”

Alan retrieved a knife from the workbench. He slowly slipped it under her crop top and methodically inched it from the bottom to the top. The bright orange crop top fell to the floor exposing her magnificent breasts. Although both men had seen her treasures before they stood transfixed as they watched her struggle with her hands stretched tautly above her head. Her movements caused her large globes to bounce and sway as if they were performing an erotic dance.

“Please! Don’t do this,” pleaded Alicia.

Trevor suddenly realized he had forgotten to set up the movie cameras. He motioned to Alan to hold off on removing Alicia’s skirt. He carefully positioned the two cameras on tripods on each side of Alicia and turned them to record. He then carefully placed the handheld camera on the floor within easy reach.

“Ok, let’s continue,” stated Trevor.

Alan slipped the knife under the waistband of Alicia’s short white skirt. A gentle tug and the skirt slipped down her thighs. Alicia tried to prevent it from completely falling off her by raising her legs in front of her but she soon realized that the strain on her arms was too much and the skirt fell to the floor. Alicia was wearing a skimpy thong which is all that remained of her clothing. Alan went behind her and grabbed at the sides of the thong and sharply pulled up on them. This caused the thin strip of fabric covering her pussy to be pulled up separating her pussy lips and exerting pressure on her clit. Alan moved the fabric back and forth which created a stimulating friction on her sensitive clit.

Then Alan flicked the knife and snipped both sides of the thong and it joined the rest of her clothes on the floor. Trevor scooped up her ruined clothes and deposited them in a trash can.

“Won’t be using that outfit again. Sorry about that but I know you have lots of other cock teasing outfits to wear,” said Trevor in a sarcastic tone.

Alan was still standing behind Alicia. He couldn’t help himself. His hands began roaming all over her body. Cupping her luscious breasts from behind and sliding his hands slowly down her flat and tight stomach. He stopped at her mons and slowly caressed the hairless mound. Alicia started thrashing about in an attempt to dissuade him but, once again, she realized that this was straining her already semi numb arms so she stopped. Alan’s fingers slipped down to her womanly opening. He was pressed up against her back and was nibbling on her neck and blowing gently on her ear. His finger gently touched her clit. A shock ran through Alicia like she had never felt before. She tried to hide her reaction but it was impossible. Her breathing quickened and she tensed every muscle in her gorgeous body. Alan continued slowly rubbing her clit.

“Please don’t touch me there,” pleaded Alicia.

Alan complied and moved away from her.

“I think the bitch is getting hot,” stated Trevor as he moved in front of her. He couldn’t resist touching her. He slid his large hands down between her legs and cupped her pussy. He let one finger slowly enter her, then a second finger. Alicia squirmed in an attempt to avoid the probing fingers but to no avail. She had sensations running through her body that were totally unfamiliar to her. How could she feel so threatened by these two men and at the same time feeling sparks of pleasure running through her?

With two fingers buried in her pussy he now proceeded to rub Alicia’s clit with his thumb. Alicia couldn’t believe what was happening. She was very familiar to the nice feelings that she felt when she fingered herself to orgasm but this was far more intense. She wiggled in an attempt to dislodge his fingers from her now dripping pussy. She could feel her juices running down her legs which was also a new sensation. Occasionally while masturbating she had noticed that her pussy had become moist but now it was like a river was pouring from her aroused sex.

Alicia could feel a rapidly approaching orgasm. No, she thought. I can’t let them see that I am aroused by this treatment.

“I think the bitch is close to coming,” said Trevor as he continued to finger fuck her and rub her clit.

Alan approached her and he could tell by the faraway look in her eyes that Trevor was right. He grabbed the nipple on her left breast and gave it a twist and a squeeze. Alicia’s eyes closed and her head shot back. Her entire body began to shake and she let out what could be best described as a primal scream as the approaching orgasm tore through her body. She could feel nothing other than the intense pleasure in her pussy. She felt like she was floating in the ocean and someone or something was caressing her sex.

Alicia had never felt anything so intense or pleasurable before. The sensation was slowly receding but the two men continued to stimulate her sex and nipples. She could feel another orgasm approaching. As embarrassed as she was about what had just happened she pleaded with them not to stop.

“Please don’t stop. I’m gonna come again!”

Something about hearing her own voice pleading with two men to bring her put her over the edge for a second time. This time the convulsions were stronger and the screams louder as she came like a freight train. Trevor and Alan had trouble maintaining contact with her as her body thrashed like it had been struck by lightning.

Alicia was panting and her body was covered by a thin film of sweat. She eventually went limp and just hung unmoving from her arms.

Trevor and Alan backed away and looked at each other in amazement.

“I’ve seen some pretty intense orgasms but nothing like that,” said Trevor. Alan just nodded and said, “Thank god we recorded that. I could jerk off to that performance for the next ten years and never get bored.

Alan undid the rope that was holding her up and let her collapse onto the floor with her hands still firmly tied in front of her. She curled up and put her hands underneath her head to act as a pillow.

Trevor went into the kitchen and got three cold beers from the fridge. He came back into the garage and gave one to Trevor and set the other on the floor in front of the unmoving Alicia.

The two men pulled up a couple of chairs and made themselves comfortable while watching the beautiful naked woman curled up in a fetal position at their feet.

“She has been holding that inside her for much too long,” stated Alan.

“I’ve gotta see that again,” said Trevor. He went over to a desk and retrieved a laptop and a cable. He plugged the cable into the laptop and one of the cameras. In a few minutes he was streaming the video onto the laptop. They sat there transfixed as they watched Alicia go through her mega orgasms over and over.

Alicia started to wake up. She could hear a woman screaming somewhere. She looked up and saw her two ex-boyfriends huddled together over a laptop computer. Trevor swung the laptop around so that she could see the video. Oh my god! It was her screaming. They had recorded what she just went through. She sat up and stared at her writhing body and and the shrill screams coming from the laptop. It couldn’t be. But it was!

“Okay. You got your rocks off big time but that’s not why you are here. Consider it a bonus. Now let’s get down to business. We can only dream about having orgasms like you just had but let’s give it the old college try. Back up on your knees and get ready to service us with your mouth,” said Alan.

“Can I have something to drink please?” requested a groggy Alicia.

“That’s why the beer is sitting in front of you my dear,” replied Alan.

Beer wasn’t her favorite beverage but she was parched and guzzled half the bottle down without stopping. Not a great taste for her but served the purpose of quenching her thirst. Knowing what was coming she decided to finish off the bottle in the hopes that it might dull her senses and allow her to deal with the coming ordeal. She put the empty bottle down and slowly got to her knees.

“Please, I beg you, don’t make me do this,” she pleaded once again.

“Not gonna happen. Now undo my pants, take my cock out and suck on it like it was your last meal,” said Trevor in a very stern tone,

Trevor moved in front of Alicia. Her beautifully manicured fingers began undoing his pants. They fell to the floor and his very erect manhood sprung to attention and actually brushed against Alicia’s cheek. She recoiled and pushed back on Trevor’s legs. Alicia tentatively reached up with her bound hands and gently touched the appendage in front of her face. To her astonishment it reacted to her touch by bouncing up and down. She held onto the bobbing cock with a firmer grip. It felt warm, smooth and there was a noticeable throbbing sensation that she could feel in her palm.

“I told you to suck on it not hold on to it,” yelled Trevor.

Trevor’s loud outburst startled Alicia and she instantly put the tip of his cock to her lips. Trevor thrust his hips forward forcing the head of his cock into her virgin mouth. She held onto the shaft and worked the head in and out of her mouth.

“Jeez, she doesn’t know the first thing about giving head,” exclaimed Trevor. “You have a tongue, use it. There is also another six inches that is going to fit into that warm little mouth of yours so get going. If I feel any teeth I am going to whip your pretty body until you get it right.”

Alicia panicked. Whip? Then she remembered seeing all of the implements that had been dumped out of the duffel bag and realized that they intended to punish her if she didn’t perform.

She tentatively slid about three inches of his shaft into her mouth. She let her tongue circle around his manhood. She could feel a reaction from Trevor. His hips began swaying back and forth and his cock became even harder than before. She continued with the same motions thinking that it must be working for him and maybe he would come soon and let her go.

“Better, but I want all of it in your mouth!” yelled Trevor. He then grabbed the back of her head and forced all of his cock into her mouth. Alicia panicked when the monster tripped her gag reflex and without thinking she closed her mouth down on the intruding member.

“Ouch!” exclaimed Trevor. I told you no teeth bitch! Alicia quickly opened her mouth and Trevor withdrew his cock from her mouth.

“What did I tell you about teeth!” he bellowed.

“I’m sorry. But I can’t take it all in my mouth.”

“Yes you can and yes you will bitch. Let us show you what happens when you don’t do what you are told.”

Trevor gave a nod to Alan who grabbed the rope that was hanging from the ceiling and began to pull on it. Slowly Alicia’s hands and arms were forced above her head. Eventually she was forced from her knees to her feet as Alan continued to pull on the rope. Eventually she was stretched to the maximum with her heels barely touching the floor. Her arms strained to support the weight of her body. Alan tied off the rope to a hook in the wall. Both men once again took in the view of her magnificent body as it hung from the garage ceiling.

Trevor went over to where the contents of the duffle bag had been dumped out. He grabbed a couple of menacing looking implements and came back to face Alicia. She could see that he was holding a variety of different whips and straps.

“Noooo! Please don’t hurt me. I’ll do better. I promise.”

“Your right about that bitch. But I think you need a little incentive to do better. Plus, this is going to provide us with some enjoyment. Think of it as our reward for putting up with blue balls while we were dating you.”

Trevor surveyed the implements in his hands and selected the flogger. It had a solid handle about eighteen inches long and a couple of dozen two foot leather strips protruding from the handle.

“We’ll start off with something light and work our way up. Open up your mind Alicia. Some women actually enjoy this.”

Trevor went behind Alicia. She tried twisting her head to see what he was going to do but her extended arms prevented her from moving her head.

Thwack! Alicia was startled and instinctively yelled as the flogger hit her bare ass. Trevor paused to let her digest the first strike. Alicia was somewhat surprised and relieved in that it didn’t really hurt that much. It was more the surprise of the unexpected that had caused her to yell. She could feel a warmth and tingling on her butt but not the pain she had been expecting.

Trevor continued flogging her ass changing sides frequently to get even coverage of her luscious bottom. He began picking up the pace and the strikes became harder. Alicia’s body reacted by shuddering with each blow but she didn’t cry out. Her bum was now stinging and hot but it was more of a discomfort than pain.

Alicia’s ass was becoming red from the flogging. Both Trevor and Alan were impressed that she was taking her punishment without any further screams or outbursts. Trevor decided to give her bum a rest and moved his flogging to her upper back. He couldn’t help but notice the beautiful definition in her back especially with her arms pulled tight above her head. He continued the flogging until her back was the same shade of red as her ass.

“This is tough work,” said Trevor with a smile on his face. “Why don’t you have the honors of tenderising her front.” He handed the flogger to Alan. Alan slowly dragged the tentacles of the flogger over Alicia’s fantastic tits and hard belly. She started writhing and moved her body closer to the leather strands when Alan pulled away.

“My god, I think she might be a pain slut,” commented Alan. He reached down and inserted two fingers into her pussy. “She is soaking wet!” exclaimed Alan. “She’s loving this.”

“For now but I have some other implements that I don’t think she will find so stimulating,” responded Trevor.

Alan began gently flogging Alicia’s breasts. It was like a wet dream for the two men as they watched her breasts bounce with each stroke of the flogger. He continued the light flogs down on her tight stomach.

Alicia surprised herself. The flogging on her back and bum had actually felt very sexy. Even when Trevor hit her harder and harder. Rather than feeling pain she felt excited. Could they be right? Could she be a pain slut? She had read some Cosmopolitan articles about such women but never in a thousand years did she think she would be one of them.

Her back and bum were stinging from the flogging but nothing too uncomfortable. However, she was finding that even the lighter flogs to her breasts and stomach was causing some pain. Obviously her front was more sensitive than her back and backside.

Alan increased the force behind the blows to her breasts and stomach. He could tell that Alicia wasn’t enjoying this which made him smile. Her natural instinct was to raise her legs in an attempt to shield he more sensitive frontal areas. Alicia soon realized that this was not going to work. Alan again increased the intensity of the blows. He could tell that she was definitely feeling pain as her cute little face became contorted with each blow.

“Please stop!” it hurts so much. “No more ... please!”

Alicia’s breasts and stomach were now reddened to a similar shade as her back and bum.

Alan put the flogger down and began caressing her boobs and stomach with his hands. Trevor did the same on her back and ass. They could feel the heat emanating from her beaten skin. Alicia could feel the coolness of their touches but much to her surprise she felt like electricity was running all through her body. A new sensation for her and she thought she liked it. Was this the fine line between pain and pleasure That she had read about? She felt more alive and tingly than ever before. Maybe pain was a stimulant for her?

“Okay Alicia. Decision time. Either you’re going to give us fantastic blow jobs or we will continue to whip your gorgeous body and this time we will switch up the flogger for the cane. I don’t think you will enjoy being caned as much as being flogged. My understanding is that it is far more painful,” said Trevor as he selected what looked like a bamboo stick about five feet long from the jumble of stuff that he had dumped out of the duffle bag.

The thought of more punishment of her already tender body didn’t appeal to Alicia but she was slow to respond to her two tormentors.


Trevor hit her hard across her breasts and nipples with the cane.

“Aghhhhh!, screamed Alicia at the top of her lungs. “Noooo, please don’t hurt me anymore.”

“Are you going to give us fantastic blowjobs?, asked Trevor calmly.

Again a hesitation and again a hard blow. This time across her reddened stomach.

“Yesssss! I’ll do what you want!

Another hard hit of the cane. This time across her red ass.

“Tell us what you are going to do for us bitch,” yelled Trevor.

“I’m go ... going to give you blow ... blow jobs,” whispered Alicia between sobs.

The cane thrashed across her back. Alicia thought she was going to die!

“I said we wanted fantastic blowjobs bitch. And show a lot more enthusiasm when telling us what you are going to do for us,” yelled Trevor again.

“I’ll give you fantastic blow ... blowjobs. Please just don’t hurt me anymore,” pleaded Alicia.

As Trevor began loosening the rope holding her arms stretched tautly over her head, Alan let his fingers explore her pussy.

“Damn, she is dripping wet,” exclaimed Trevor in amazement. “This is going to be even more fun than we thought.”

With the rope now slack Trevor pushed down on Alicia’s shoulders until she was once again kneeling in front of him.

“Now let’s try this again. With enthusiasm and energy slut,” instructed Trevor.

Something about being called a slut by these two attractive, virile men triggered something in Alicia’s brain. She had always felt that if anybody had called her a slut she would have slapped them and walked away. Instead she was discovering that being called a slut and being forced to do nasty things was turning her on.

One again Alicia undid Trevor’s pants. Before they hit the floor she had grabbed his hard cock at the base and was slowly sliding it into her mouth. Although this was a new experience for her she had watched enough blowjob pornos to roughly know what was expected of her. With her body still tingling from the whippings and her ears still ringing from being called a slut she began working in earnest on giving what she thought was a good blowjob.

Alicia was relieved when Trevor, instead of reprimanding her for her lack of blowjob skills, began encouraging her and instructing her on what he wanted. She discovered that the head of his cock responded to her gentle licks, sucks and touches more so than the shaft. She remembered seeing a porno where the woman focused on sucking the head of the cock while her hand stroked along the shaft. She tried duplicating that and was rewarded with a moan from Trevor.

“A good slut would stuff my cock deep enough to cause her to gag. That way we get some thick saliva on my shaft which reduces the friction when you are stroking me,” instructed Trevor.

Now, wanting to be a good slut, she couldn’t believe she was thinking this way, she did as instructed. To her surprise she managed to get all but the last inch of Trevor’s cock into her mouth before she began gagging. Her initial reaction was to withdraw his cock from her mouth and spit onto the cement floor.

“Now let’s try that one more time slut,” urged Trevor with a harshness in his voice. “This time when you begin to gag hold my cock there and have a couple of good gags and then spit your saliva onto the shaft of my cock.”

That word slut once again spurred Alicia to follow Trevor’s instructions. She had convinced herself that she did indeed want to become a great cock sucking slut. This time when his smooth, hard cock hit the back of her throat, and she gagged, she held it there and tried stuffing it a little deeper which resulted in multiple gags. As she slowly slid his member from her mouth she realized that she had a full mouth of her saliva. As instructed she let it slowly dribble onto his cock shaft and expelled the last little bit by literally spitting on his cock. She was amazed at herself. She felt dirty and used but the throbbing in her pussy was telling her that she was thoroughly enjoying it,

Trevor’s cock now felt smooth and slippery as her hand moved up and down his shaft. She could tell by his verbal and physical reactions that this was definitely working for him.

Alicia was fascinating watching Trevor’s balls rhythmically swaying back and forth as she slowly jerked on his throbbing cock. She wanted to touch them but as her hands were still tied together this was impossible. She refocused on stuffing as much of his cock into her mouth as she could. She noticed that when she gagged on his cock it caused him to react in a very positive way. He was even coaxing her to hit her gag reflex by gently pulling her head into him as she engulfed his member with her mouth.

All of a sudden Alicia felt something warm filling her mouth. She tried pulling back but couldn’t as Trevor had his hands on the back of her head.

“I’m coming slut!” shouted Trevor as he forced her to continue sucking on his squirting dick.

Not knowing what to expect or how to react when a man came in her mouth Alicia freaked then choked and began spitting the contents of her mouth onto the floor.

“Did I surprise you slut?” inquired a smiling Trevor as he looked down at her as she wiped the remnants of his jizz from her lips and chin. “Not too bad for a first time. With a few more practise rounds you might be ready to compete with some of the better cocksuckers.”

Despite her failure at completing the job properly, she knew from porn videos that choking and spitting out jizz wasn’t acceptable, she felt proud that she had managed to make a man come with her mouth. She was somewhat shocked to realize that kneeling in front of a man and blowing him was sexy. Her pussy was buzzing with excitement!

As she was catching her breath, she noticed Alan hovering around her with a handheld camera. Oh my god she thought, he filmed her efforts at giving her very first blowjob! Her first reaction was, what if somebody else gets a hold of the video? Her second thought was, damn, I want a copy for myself!

Trevor backed away from her, grabbed a towel and threw it at her. “clean up the mess you made on my floor bitch,” he instructed. She did as she was told and wiped the cum and saliva off the floor between her legs.

Now Alan was standing in front of her with his hard cock dancing around like it was keeping rhythm to some unheard song. She knew what was expected and reached up with her bound hands and began stroking his hard shaft. She felt much more comfortable now and was actually looking forward to experiencing her second attempt at a blowjob. Alan’s cock was about the same length as Trevor’s but it was significantly larger in diameter. She wondered how something so fat could ever fit into her pussy. Then she realized that his size was also going to present some new challenges in fitting this monster into her mouth. Having had no experience in the different sizes of penis’s she tried to convince herself that maybe Alan’s size was maybe the norm and that she had better learn to deal with it sooner rather than later.

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