Carrier in the Air

by Ka Hmnd

Copyright© 2015 by Ka Hmnd

Action/Adventure Sex Story: A submitted idea turns into a secret project that will change the war and hopefully end it. More... it will change how mages move things in the air. When I landed on the carrier Freedom I knew something new was coming.

Caution: This Action/Adventure Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Oral Sex   .

A submitted idea turns into a secret project that will change the war and hopefully end it. More it will change how mages move things in the air. When I landed on the carrier Freedom I knew something new was coming.

Tens of thousands of people submit ideas to the mages or the war department. It has been many months since the war changed and Rus leaped in with both feet. They still had not tried to attack Genta directly but we had pushed into their country now. As for Nees, the freed mages that had escaped turned their country upside down.

We have pulled back and out of Nees but for now we still have a small force along the border. Over two years ago I had sent in an idea to the mages and the war department. It was just that, an idea and not a plan. I did not expect them to do it or to ever see it in person. The same day I graduated I went to sign up.

I wanted to join the navy and took the tests. The station commander came in as I was looking at the results. I glanced at her as the senior chief stopped talking. She smiled, "you are Samuel White?"

I nodded and she hesitated, "you submitted an idea to the war department?"

I blinked and nodded again, "a floating carrier."

She grinned, "well Mr White you are going to be an officer."

She glanced at the senior chief, "get him on his way to basic and send me his paperwork for the officer candidate school."

She left and I looked at the senior chief, "what happened?"

He chuckled as he pulled out another set of papers, "you must have been flagged."

I was and went straight to the officer course after basic. From there I got a crash course in ship tactics before getting orders to report aboard the secret and classified carrier Freedom. Of course my first look at Freedom was when the Mule landed on her deck. Her keel was floating twenty meters above the ground and docked against a building.

I walked off the Mule with the others and stopped to salute the ship ensign and then the duty officer. He gestured towards a petty officer, "sign in mister."

He turned to the next man as I shifted the sea bag in my hand and the duffle on my back, "aye sir."

The petty officer took my name and told me my assigned set of quarters, "put your things away and report to the captain sir."

I nodded, "thank you."

I glanced up at the wedge shaped bridge as I headed for the hatch below it. I checked the cabin assignment and started hunting. I was a little surprise when I opened the hatch and saw the large bed. To the left was another hatch into a small head, that would be a bathroom. I put my bags down and left and began to climb up.

The bridge was three decks above the flight deck and it was huge. I stepped in to see thirty people that all seemed to be murmuring at the same time. Half were female which was okay since we were not in combat. I crossed the room to the tall captain speaking with a air force colonel.

I came to attention and waited and he glanced at me and then held up his hand, "ensign White?"

I nodded and he grinned, "it is nice to meet the man who dreamed up the impossible."

I reddened, "it was just an idea sir. The mages and war department designed it."

He chuckled, "it was the idea that started it. There were two ways a mage made something move through the air. By pushing or making it float or lift. Your idea to generate gravity and use it was genius. It is changing our aircraft and even some of the weapon systems. The mage community is very busy creating new things by using gravity."

The colonel chuckled, "not just the mages. We have engineers dreaming of soldiers flying."

The captain nodded and finally sighed and gestured to someone on the other side of the room, "so ... you are assigned to lieutenant Roberts. His company has the air defense on the forward port side of the ship."

A teenage girl with red hair stopped beside me and he nodded to her, "Kai this is Samuel."

She looked at me and grinned, "he looks just how the seer described him."

I looked at her and blushed as the captain gestured, "we will speak again ensign."

I stepped back and turned and the girl followed. I glanced at her and she slipped her arm around mine, "so I am Kai. I am a journeyman mage and you are going to be my mate."

I blinked, "really?"

She nodded as we went through the hatch, "a seer saw it and my circle approved it. Besides going to have strong mage talented children we both enjoy sex."

We were going down the stairs and I turned to start across the carrier, "I am horny a lot but I have never had sex."

She grinned as she squeezed my arm, "we will very soon."

I looked at her as I went down another flight of stairs, "more from your seer?"

She shook her head, "I am getting very ... horny."

I grinned and then chuckled, "yeah."

I found the forward port air defense center and stepped in the hatch. There were several sailors and lieutenant Roberts who looked up. He grinned, "ensign White I presume?"

I nodded, "aye sir."

He moved towards the hatch and smiled at Kai, "I will show you around to our positions. We have twelve seeker missile batteries and twenty four positions with twenty millimeter miniguns. All the sights are tied into the firing center. We have two other ensigns in charge of the two minigun batteries so you will be in charge of the missile battery."

He took us around the sides and up and down and to the front. I had three missile batteries or positions in the front and nine on the port side. The carrier was not for fighters or planes, mostly it carried new model Sharks that were very fast and extremely deadly. It also had a few Chargers and a couple of Mules.

When we finished he dismissed me for the day and Kai caught my hand and started pulling and I smiled, "what?"

She grinned as she kept pulling me through the ship, "bed."

I chuckled and pulled her when she missed a turn and started to lead her. When I opened the door she pushed me and closed it while starting to undress. I began to take my clothes off as I backed towards the bed. She stalked after me and when I was naked I caught her and spun. I pushed her back and her knees hit the bed and she sat.

I knelt as I reached out to push her legs apart. I looked at her pussy and then leaned closer and licked through it. She shivered and fell back as she opened and spread her legs more. I continued to lick her pussy and wiggled the tip of my tongue on her clit. She moaned and lifted her hips and I began to suck on it.

She gasped and shuddered harder, "ooohhhh!"

Before long she was twisting and jerking while trying to cover her pussy. I stood and turned her on the bed and moved over her. I sank my cock into her and she groaned and hugged me. I gave her a kiss and rolled and rubbed her back while her tight pussy massaged and squeezed.

She grinned as she sat up and spread her knees before she started to roll her hips. Her tight pussy grasped and seemed to pull my cock as if milking it. A few minutes and she was fucking me hard and shoving down. She twisted and turned and shook while I played with and kneaded her breasts.

When she spasmed and fell I rolled and began to fuck her firmly and bury my cock. Before long I was holding her under me and she was thrashing around. I shoved in and kissed her as I gushed and spewed sperm. She gasped and jerked while her pussy clenched. She wiggled and squirmed as I filled her and then pulled back to start over.

She laughed and lifted her hips as her messy pussy gripped my cock again. It was almost two hours before we stopped and she lay against me and kept caressing my chest. She sighed and moved off the bed and I followed. In the tiny shower I got to watch her wash since it was to small for both of us.

After we were clean we dressed and went to one of the five dining halls and ate. I guess I thought she and the other women I was seeing would get off before the ships left. I found out she was one of the mages that monitored the ship systems. The other women were on the ship to stay all the way to Han and Clar.

She kissed my cheek after we finished eating and walked out. I went to see and speak with my men. I met Kai for dinner in the officer mess and then we walked the landing deck before returning to our quarters. I found her two travel chests against a wall when we entered but ignored them as I stripped her and then myself.

I woke to her snuggled against me and caressed a bare shoulder before lifting the cover and moving off the bed. When I came out of the head she was sitting up and stretching which made me want to fuck her again. I had to dress and leave for a morning briefing since the ship was leaving.

We manned our stations and looked out as the ship lifted higher and began to move. It was windy, especially in the forward positions. I realized we needed goggles and face masks and went to see lieutenant Roberts. He nodded and turned to a senior chief who was on the ship intercom. He grinned and nodded, "I am talking with supply now."

A couple of hours and we went to a standing watch with just one man for four positions. By the time we reached the coast we were into a routine. We did have drills, sometimes a couple of times a day. After we were over the ocean we got to test fire weapons. By the time we reached Han my men knew what they were doing.

The ship did not stay long before turning to head north. We had Sharks coming and going in a protective screen. Finally we reached Clarmont and hovered beside the airfield while the admiral took a Charger to go speak with the army commander. It was night and we still had a standing watch of one man per four positions.

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