Jolly Time With Jagada - Masturbation in Marriage

by Ramprabhu

Copyright© 2015 by Ramprabhu

Erotica Sex Story: This incident happened some 2 months back. I attended a marriage where a busty woman enticed me. I wanted to fuck her and she agreed. But i could only get masturbated by her hands.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   True Story   Masturbation   Indian Erotica   .

I have posted in this site a story titled "Great Fucking in Grain Warehouse". In this story I have narrated my sexual experiences with 3 ladies in the warehouse who were employed for cleaning and packing grains. For about one and half years when I was employed there I daily fucked these three women. Later I left that job after getting a better employment. But my contacts with those ladies remained and sporadically we would meet and exchange pleasantries though I did not fuck them anytime later.

Of the 3 ladies one Karupayee died a few years back. The other two women namely Guruvamma and Pongi are still there.

About 2 months back Guruvamma's daughter got married. Her name is Seeniamma and she has studied up to some 8th class. She is working as tailor in a garment making company. Guruvamma invited me to the marriage and she very much insisted that I should attend the marriage with my family. They are living in a poor class locality and my family was not interested to go there. But I decided to go because I felt attached to Guruvamma (having fucked her many times) and she would feel bad if I do not honour her invitation.

The marriage was to be celebrated in Guruvamma's hut in the evening and I went there by 6.30.PM. They had put a shamiana and some chairs and there was a lot of people. Guruvamma and her husband warmly welcomed me and after some pleasant talk they went to attend others. As I did not know anybody else I was sitting in a chair and spending time. There was lot of noise, loud speaker was blaring some film songs. People were rushing here and there and children were running all around for their play. In one corner some people were drinking and playing cards.

I was sitting and feeling very awkward. Guruvamma noticed it and she told me that I can comfortably sit in another house and also take some drink. I said it was alright but she and her husband insisted and so I went to another hut a little away and sat in a chair there. Soon one person came and gave me a quarter bottle of rum, soda and a glass and a plate of potato chips. Though I said I do not need it he insisted and I took it.

I kept the items on another chair and mixed a drink and sipped it. In the hut many pockets were kept probably for marriage purpose. After some time a few ladies came inside. I looked at them and they also saw me. I tried to get up but they "sir – please remain" and I sat again. They sat in a corner and started gossiping. They were talking about some marriages which they had attended and they were generally making merry. I first felt awkward to drink before them but they said they would not mind and so I continued. I could notice that they had also taken drinks and I got a faint smell of drinks from them.

I noticed them and they were an assorted group and they had all dressed up to their best. One lady particularly attracted me. She was 30 or so. She wore a fine looking saree and had kept lot of jasmine flowers in her hair. When she came inside I noticed she had full sized body and she had juicy buttocks which immediately caught my attention and I saw her with interest. She went and sat with others and started talking with others. She talked very loudly and laughed often.

She was sitting on the floor and while talking she swayed much making lot of gestures with her hands. So the top portion of the saree covering her chest moved and her balls were exposed. She had good tits and my eyes got riveted on them.

She noticed my looks and covered herself properly but after a few minutes again her saree dropped and her tits were exposed. Again she corrected it. But when it happened again she did not bother to cover her tits though she looked at me and noticed my lustful look at her tits.

I was drinking rum and also with my eyes I drank the beauty of her balls. I started to get erection and my cock started to push inside my pant. I felt guilty and tried to control but soon I was given to lust and my bulge became noticeable.

The lady noticed it and gave me a coquettish smile. She slightly bent forward and the cleavage of her balls was exposed to me. I was thrilled and my cock gave a twitch. I gaped at her balls without any shame and soon I had a raging erection and the bulge in my pant was pronounced and the cock beating up and down was also seen.

I had taken about two larges of rum and I was feeling flushed. I ogled at the lady with naked lust and the lady and others soon noticed it. I was embarrassed and felt some fear they would scold me for my unchaste act. But they did not do so. I got bolder and so I slouched in the chair to expose my bulge more to them and felt a thrill in that.

Then Guruvamma came inside and asked me whether I was comfortable. I replied I was fine. She noticed my bulge and she smiled at me. I have fucked her countless times and my lust was not new to her. She said the wedding will take place after sometime and asked whether I needed more drink. I said "enough – I am fine – don't worry about me but attend to your work".

One lady asked her whether I was related to her and she told "sir is a big officer now – but previously he was manager in the warehouse where I am working – he was always nice to us and if we did anything wrong he will not scold us and he will always protect us from Chettiar (the warehouse owner)- he is a very good person and for me he is special guest here". All the ladies smiled at me and I also smiled at them. Guruvamma then talked with them in hushed tone for sometime but I could not get her words. Probably she told them about me because they all looked at me with interest. But I did not bother much. Moreover I was only interested in that tit woman and secretly wished that Guruvamma should introduce her to me.

Then Guruvamma went out taking 3 or 4 ladies with her leaving the big tit woman and two other ladies there. These ladies resumed their talk and I resumed my drinking and shamelessly eyeing the tits of that woman.

After a minute that lady said "it is very kind of you to come to poor people's marriage like this". I was taken aback by what she said and looked at her. She smiled and again said "we are thankful to you". I replied "no need for thanks _ I know Guruvamma very well and it is my pleasure to attend her daughter's wedding". Then she smiled at me more and I also grinned at her. My lust for her had reached the maximum and without thinking at the consequences I boldly winked at her. I was immediately alarmed but she only grinned at me and others also smiled at me. This eased my mind very much.

Then the two other ladies got up and went out leaving the tit lady with me. Tit lady smiled at me and comfortably leaned and sat. Now not only her tits but also her midriff (belly button) was exposed to my view and it gladdened me much. I grinned at her and slouched more exposing my middle bulge. Getting bolder I just massaged my cock with my hand and the tit lady smiled even more. I asked her name and she told her name was jagadamba and she was cousin sister of Guruvamma.

By now I had finished my drink and I was feeling bit tipsy. Her big tits caught all my attention and my lust was getting out of control but I was also afraid to do anything with her. So I more foolishly grinned at her and gave one more wink.

She smiled more broadly and said "sir – your drink is over – can I get some more". I said "no – it is enough". Then I giggled and said "but something else will be welcome". In Tamil I said "drink vendaam – vera edhavadhu kidaichcha nalla irukkum".

She smiled and said "what else sir – do you need cunt water". In Tamil she said "vera enna sir – pundai rasam venuma". I was taken aback by her words and looked at her in confusion. She laughed out loud and said "what sir – you look like as if some ghost has slapped you". In tamil she said "enna sir – edho pey adichcha madhiri ayitteenga". I said "did I hear you properly – what did you say".

She laughed and said "sir – from beginning I am watching you – your eyes were on my tits only – and I know what you are thinking – so don't feign ignorance". She then added "Guruvamma told how you fucked her in the warehouse – so don't feel bad – if you want to fuck me say so". In tamil she said "sir – aarambathula irundhu naan paaarthen – onga kannu ennoda molai meladhan irundadhu – onga ninaippu enakku theriyum – onnum theriyadha madhiri nadikkadheenga – Guruvammavai neenga eppadi ellam otheengannu ava sonna – adhanaale vekka padaadheenga – enna okkanumaana adha sollunga".

I was stunned as well as delighted by her words. I told "yes – I very badly want to fuck you – but how – here it is not possible"

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