Christmas Gifts

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2017 by Tony Tiger

Sex Story: Poor girl gives what she can. Her choices are limited.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Tear Jerker   Grand Parent   .

Mary Mae felt terrible. Christmas was almost here and she was struggling to get gifts. When you’re sixteen and there are no job prospects and your family is poor, that makes it real tough.

She’d made three trips down to the truck stop and made enough money giving blowjobs to buy gifts for her father and her boyfriend, the two most important men in her life. Her mom was long gone so that made it a little easier. She’d walked to Walmart and picked out a couple of pocketknives that looked real good. She knew that guys held them in high esteem. They were identical for her two men. She hoped that being made in China wasn’t OK.

Getting that gift money could’ve probably been done it in one visit if she’d used the going rate and with her young wholesome appearance could probably have charged a premium. Her boyfriend said she was the best. Maybe the savings could be considered a Christmas gift to the truckers.

But what to do for the extended family that lived all around there? For the womenfolk, she hand wrote little gift certificate notes that offered varying amounts of her time for babysitting, housekeeping or anything else that they needed done. Time was one of the things that she did have to give.

Gifts for the menfolk were more challenging until her boyfriend, when she asked him what he wanted for Christmas, told her, “All I want is your wonderful pussy.”

She wasn’t sure how to take that since he already got as much of it as they could arrange for. But that was an inspiration. She was pretty good looking and at family gatherings got hit on a lot by cousins and uncles and such. She got some more notepaper and wrote out another bunch of little gift certificates wording them carefully. “This entitles you to one hour of time with me doing anything that you want.” She didn’t want to be gross and hoped they got the message. The little gifts would be handed personally to the recipients when she saw them at the Christmas Eve and Christmas Day festivities.

The first one to take her up on the gift was her favorite uncle. He was the one who had taught her about men when he had determined her father had been no help and her mother wasn’t around. Besides learning how a man can make you feel good in special ways, he also educated her about making good choices, birth control and all the other things you need to know if you are going to indulge. In this occasion they went out in the back of his SUV after the big feast and she enjoyed him bareback as always.

Her boyfriend only got to do her that way a few days a month because she learned about a woman cycle. Uncle could it any time because he had some operation that kept him from putting seed in a woman. She liked fucking much better when it was all-natural even if it was messier.

It took more than a month for her to redeem the gift certificates on both sides of the gender lists. All of the boys had to wear condoms no matter what part of her cycle it was in. She wasn’t stupid. She also didn’t want her boyfriend, who got in her almost every day, to notice that she had other visitors.

Some of them she really enjoyed whereas others she would never consider doing again. All in all, though, they appreciated the gifts. That made her feel real good both as a woman and a family member. When she was in her bed after her boyfriend left the day that the last certificate had been redeemed, she felt pretty good about herself. It had been awfully interesting taking her sex count from two to twelve in such a short time. Of course, lots of them were after repeats which was quite a compliment, but she’d made no promises.

She realized all of a sudden that it wasn’t the ones who were now clamoring to spread her knees apart that had been the most satisfying, but the ones that weren’t. She sat down and wrote out three more invitations with specific guys in mind and they didn’t have expiration dates.

First there was Sammy Jack whose leg had been stepped on by an angry cow that he was trying to corral and it hadn’t been set very good. He had more than a limp, a real awkward way of walking, and he was awfully self-conscious. But he was a sweet young man and when he realized the extent of her Christmas gift he was in awe. She had found a way that they could be comfortable as they joined and he sobbed when he entered her. She didn’t get that special pleasure because he didn’t last very long even though she made him stay with her and do it again.

When he hugged her and said he loved her, she knew he really meant it, unlike some of the other guys that would screw anything that had a hole in it.

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