Jaclyn: Natural Male Enhancement

by Dsimp

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Erotic Sex Story: With her husband suffering from a case of nervous dick syndrome whenever they try to conceive their first child, Alexa decides to outsource her husband's arousal to a young local college student.

Caution: This Erotic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Romantic   Lesbian   Heterosexual   Fiction   Group Sex   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Petting   Cream Pie   Prostitution   .

Alexa lay next to her husband, stroking his hair softly. He was turned away from her, neither of them wanting the other to see their face. Alexa could hardly keep the look of disappointment off of hers and Daniel's was full of frustration. Last week they'd made love with no problems, and both were sure that next week would go just the same way. But the few days a week where he really needed to perform he just couldn't manage.

"Baby," Alexa said, trying to her words carefully. "This is the fourth month this has happened. Maybe we need to try something else."

"I'm fine," he replied gruffly. "I'm just ... we just need to try some more." He put on a smile and rolled over to face her. "How about some educational videos."

"Ok," Alexa said slowly. This wasn't the first time they'd tried this. She stroked his flaccid cock as they watched some porn on their small bedroom TV. It went on for about fifteen minutes before Daniel brushed her hand away and turned away again. The more he thought about it the harder it became to perform. The more they tried the more he thought about it. It just wasn't working out.

"There are pills and things," Alexa said, stroking his head some more.

"I don't need any goddamn pills." Daniel thought for a minute and decided to come clean. "I ... I took some. Today. It's a mental thing. I don't know what to do." He looked at her, this time letting his emotions show. Alexa appreciated it; she'd definitely married the perfect man. He knew when to ask for help.

"Right now isn't helping anything," she said, getting up. Daniel couldn't keep his eyes off her body as she pulled some shorts and a t-shirt on. She was gorgeous, with long straight dark hair and deep brown eyes. She had a curvy, sexy body with a 34 D chest and a plump, beautiful ass. It wasn't her fault at all and Daniel was terrified she'd think it was. For her part Alexa found it hard not to feel a little insecure. But any other time of the month she had no problem exciting her husband which she took comfort in.

Alexa spent the evening googling their issue and found that it wasn't uncommon. Most just said to keep trying, or to try pills, but one reply on a message board caught her eye. It had been violently shouted down but the poster insisted that it'd worked. She'd asked a friend to join them in the bedroom for the night.

Alexa and Daniel's sex life had always been pretty vanilla. It was very happy and plenty fulfilling, but the idea of swinging or threesomes was something Alexa hadn't thought about since college nearly a decade ago. Even then she'd never gone through with it. She didn't relish the idea of sharing her husband with another woman, but she did badly want a baby. She looked up at the calender. She had nearly a month to think about it.

A month turned into half a month and that turned into just over a week. There was a growing tension in the house as they got closer to the time of the month they both knew she'd be ovulating. She used the test strips but hardly had to; she had been regular since she was 14. After an evening of seeing baby pictures and pregnancy countdowns from her friends online she poured a tall glass of wine and began researching.

She didn't have any friends that she felt she could bring into her marriage without wrecking something. If she were to hire someone, though, it would give her the emotional disattachment and guarantee that the other woman wouldn't fall for her husband that she needed to consider this. She didn't like the idea of hiring an escort, but it was better than any other idea she'd had. She got on a website that had been recommended to her online and began scrolling through profiles.

Most of the girls looked trashy just like she'd expected. Grainy photos in hotel rooms, unattractive looking swimsuits, and more tattoos than she could count. She drafted up a form letter explaining her situation and sent it to a few of the less terrible looking girls but wasn't excited at any of the prospects. She hadn't brought the idea up to her husband yet and maybe it just wasn't meant to be.

It was actually a girl that didn't even have a photo uploaded that finally caught her eye. Unlike the others her 'about me' section was well written and had no spelling errors or grammatical mistakes. She claimed to be a college student doing this on the side as many had, but for once Alexa thought she believed it. She began to copy and paste her email but decided to send a personalized one to her. It was over a page long and it felt more like she was writing to get someone to actually carry the baby than just to excite her husband. She hit send and shut her laptop. Hopefully there'd be a response in the morning.

Jaclyn had been with a client when she first saw the email. It was long and she almost deleted it without reading it since most long emails were from creepers, but when she saw the feminine name she decided to give it a look. She had to skim since the man who's hotel room she was in was waiting for her, but she was intrigued. She'd only been doing this for about a month and hadn't been with a couple yet but it sounded better than a regular client. She would have to reply later though.

As she walked out into the bedroom wearing a little pink neglige the man, she'd already forgotten his name, licked his lips. Jacyln was only 19 years old and possibly looked younger. She had long blonde hair and a fit, feminine body. Standing only five foot and with a 32 C chest she looked far better than anyone expected when she showed up at their door. She started to strip slowly and felt his hands against his body, yanking her clothing off.

"You good at sucking dick?" he asked, pulling off his jeans and boxers to reveal an erection.

"I guess," she said, turning red.

"We'll see I guess." He laid back and put his hands behind his head. The guy disgusted her but $300 was $300, and she had tuition and board to pay. She crawled up toward him, kissing the inside of his leg. He pulled her hair to hurry her up. She winced and felt his cock brush against her lips. It slid into her mouth and against her tongue. It had an acrid taste; he'd probably been with someone else recently.

She bobbed her head up and down but apparently not fast enough, as within minutes she felt the man's hands pushing down and pulling up on her head. She slurped up the saliva spilling out of her mouth and started pumping his cock with her hand. If she could get him off now maybe he'd let her leave early.

It wasn't to be. After a couple minutes he pulled her head up off of his cock and watched her gasp for air.

"Get on your back," he said, standing up as she nodded and rolled over.

"You've got to put on a condom," she said, cleaning her mouth with the back of her hand.

"I'll give you an extra $100." Jaclyn shook her head no. "$200."

"You've got to wear a condom." She crossed her legs.

"Fucking bitch," he said, pulling a condom out of the nightstand and putting it on. "Fucking prissy ass bitch."

Jaclyn wasn't even offended. She'd been called worse, and she was more relieved than anything that he wasn't going to try and rape her. She spread her legs and smiled at him, hoping to diffuse the tension. He didn't look happy as he spread her legs wide and plunged into her shaved pussy.

It didn't feel bad for Jaclyn; it almost never did. The circumstances weren't ideal but she did enjoy having sex. It's part of what had made the decision to enter the line of work easier. He was rough and not worried about her pleasure at all but she still felt a pressure building inside her. Suddenly he pulled out.

"Ride me," he said, pushing her off the bed and laying down where she'd been. Jaclyn just nodded and climbed up on top of him, squatting down on his cock. She pushed up and down with her legs and smiled as his expression went from annoyance to contentment. Slowly she slid down to her knees, letting his whole cock glide into her and then slowly letting it nearly fall out. He moaned and watched her chest jiggle up and down, amazed at her tight little body. She leaned forward, smothering him in her chest.

The excitement was too much and he started to cum, a loud deep groan punctuating the surging she felt inside her. She smiled down at him and let him stay inside her until he pushed her off, his cock already soft. To her relief the condom was still firmly attached.

"Not bad," he said, rolling over and getting dressed. "Now get out of here." Jaclyn just nodded. Most guys tipped her but she hadn't expected one this time. That was ok; she'd be able to make her car payment and buy some decent food based on the last 45 minutes of work. Better than most college girl's part time jobs.

When she got back to her dorm the last thing she wanted to think about was work but the email she'd gotten stuck in the back of her mind. After taking a long, hot shower and changing into some comfortable pink pajamas she curled up in her bed and read it in depth. The lady sounded nice and it'd be a welcome break from guys like the one she'd just been with. The email included an offer for dinner to get to know each other and Alexa had offered to pay her for her time, but Jaclyn sent back a cheerful response stating that paying for the dinner would be more than enough and she'd love to talk about the arrangement.

The next morning Alexa had mixed emotions when she saw the reply. She'd wanted the girl to email her back obviously, but part of her hoped she wouldn't and that the whole idea would just go away. The response was just what she'd been looking for though, so she gritted her teeth and send a short message back asking if that evening was too soon. Within a few minutes she had another cheery response. Dinner was on for that night.

Alexa showed up to the restaurant almost twenty minutes early. She hated the idea of this poor girl having to sit and wait and wanted the opportunity to throw back a drink or two before she arrived. They were meeting at a fairly nice steakhouse; nothing too fancy but better than a big chain. Alexa had polished off three vodka martinis when she saw Jaclyn walk through the door, wearing the dark green sundress she'd said she would show up in.

Alexa could hardly believe her eyes. This girl could be mistaken for her daughter. She was just over thirty but this girl looked every bit like a teenager. She had an excellent body that betrayed her maturity a bit, but her face and the rest of her build looked more high school freshman than college. Jaclyn saw Alexa staring and gave a nervous smile, not sure it was her, then a more relieved one once Alexa waved her over.

"Hello," Jaclyn said, smiling and extending her hand. Alexa vigorously shook it and stammered out a hello, motioning for her to sit down. Somehow the older woman's nervousness made Jaclyn feel a little more comfortable.

"How was the drive over here?" Alexa asked, fidgiting in her seat a little. Could she really watch this girl and her husband together? She trusted her husband completely but jealousy is irrational.

"Not bad, I live in the dorms so it was only a couple miles." Jaclyn sipped on her water and counted the drink glasses on the table. "Thank you so much for the email, it was really sweet."

"Thanks for replying!" Alexa said, tearing up her straw wrapper with her fingers. "There aren't a lot of girls like you out there." Jaclyn smiled a little. "I hope you understand, I really don't know how any of this works..."

"It's ok, I'm not like, a professional or anything. So I don't know how it'd work either." Both girls giggled.

"So, if you don't mind me asking..." Alexa started, looking for a cue.

"Go ahead, ask anything. I'll let you know if I don't want to answer anything but I won't get offended." Alexa smiled, feeling more at ease finally.

"What's a girl like you doing working like this? How did you get started?" Jaclyn smiled.

"A couple months ago I had to make a decision on whether to take out another big student loan or find another way to make some money." She sipped at her water again. "I enjoy sex, a lot, and decided I'd try this out for a little bit instead of having loans till I'm thirty."

"I'm thirty-two and paying them off still, but that's grad school for you." Both girls laughed again, feeling much more at ease with each other. "You don't, like, have a pimp or whatever right?"

"No no no, I do everything on my own." Alexa was obviously happy with the answer. "And I don't see a lot of clients. Two or three a week usually."


"Always." Another hit with Alexa.

The waiter came and they ordered their food, both getting salads.

"So is there anything you'd like to ask me?" Alexa asked after the waiter was out of earshot.

"Well, what do you want to happen? How do you see it going?" Alexa stopped and thought for a moment. She had tried not to visualize what would be happening but needed to face the reality soon.

"I guess I hadn't thought about the specifics. Like I said in the email he's having some difficulty, so I thought maybe having someone else there would help him get..."


"Exactly. You just being there might be enough, or it might make it worse, I'm not really sure."

"How far are you ok with?"

"I guess if we need it to get the job done I'm ok with anything. As long as he finishes in me of course." Jaclyn just nodded. "I mean, I'd sort of like for there to be as little as possible. But I'm ok with anything."

"Does your husband know about all this?"

"No, I wasn't going to break it to him until I met someone I thought it could work out with."

"Do you think he'll be ok with it? Have you done anything like this before?"

"If you let me show him your picture I think he'll have no problem." Jaclyn giggled a little. "I really don't know. I can't promise anything. We haven't been with anyone else since we met. Before that yeah, but not since."

Their salads came and they made some small talk while eating. Both had already decided that they wanted to go through with this. Jaclyn honestly wanted to help this family out and would have probably done it for free. The money wouldn't hurt though. Alexa promised to speak with her husband that evening and let her know if he was up for it.

Alexa was still a little tipsy when she got home and her husband was feeling handsy. The conversation could wait a few minutes.

"How was your day?" he asked, not waiting for an answer before kissing her deeply and running his hands up and down her sides.

"Busy, glad to be home." She reached down and rubbed him through his jeans as he walked her backward toward their bedroom.

"Need a little stress relief?" He pushed her backward onto the bed, smiling as he lifted off his shirt. Alexa reached back and unhooked her bra.

"Mmhmm baby, I want you inside me." Daniel tore off her shirt and pants, leaving her naked on the bed.

"Deep inside you?" He took off his own pants and boxers in one motion and spread open his wife's legs. He pulled her to the edge of the bed and began kissing her, starting at her neck and slowly working his way down. Alexa just nodded and bit her lip as his mouth moved past her chest and down to her stomach. She clenched the bedsheets as his kisses graced the inside of her thighs and finally began to moan as his tongue darted across her clit.

"Take me," she cried breathlessly. Daniel smiled and stood up and kissed her deep on the mouth. She could taste herself but that'd never bothered her. He pushed open her legs once more and she felt his cock push into her. She was soaking wet and it went in effortlessly. Alexa started to climax almost instantly.

"Take me! Take me!" she yelled as her husband thrust into her harder and faster. Alternating between clutching and pounding the sheets she felt her pussy start to spasm. She began to call out her husband's name before collapsing back, a huge smile on her face. Daniel continued to pound her for a couple more minutes before finishing and laying back down next to her, their bodies contouring perfectly together.

"You know," he said after a few minutes, "maybe it'll stay up there long enough. We're pretty close." "Maybe," Alexa quietly replied. "I'm still a week away though." Daniel grimaced. Was it time to bring this up? "Baby, I was thinking. Maybe we should try something else."

Daniel's mind started to race. He'd thought about different possibilities as well. Artificial insemination was expensive though. He just quietly nodded.

"I met with someone today," Alexa said slowly. "A girl. I think maybe she can get you ... revved up." Daniel's eyes shot open.

"Like, have her in the bedroom with us? You already got somebody?" She couldn't tell if he was upset or just confused.

"Have her in the bedroom, touch her, whatever we need to do. I love you and I trust you completely. I'm ok with this. But it's completely up to you, if you aren't comfortable with it I understand."

Daniel was quiet for a while and Alexa began to panic. She shouldn't have brought it up. She especially shouldn't have met a girl without telling him. She'd just made everything worse.

"You're sure you're ok with it?" he asked finally. Alexa nodded, wiping the tears that had started to form in her panicked eyes. "Who's this girl?"

"She's an escort," Alexa explained as Daniel raised an eyebrow, "but she's a really nice girl. I just thought an escort would be easier because"

"No no, I get it. No emotional hangups."

"Exactly! She's young, a freshman over at the university. She's very pretty."

"And you're ok with seeing me with her?" She nodded. Daniel sighed. "Ok, set it up I guess."

Alexa was relieved but once again felt a nervousness start to build. She was ok with this, or at least she thought she was. She wouldn't really know for sure until the girl was in the room, and then it'd be too late. She wanted a baby more than anything though. It was worth the risk.

They didn't discuss the arrangement at all the next few days, but Saturday morning when the ovulation strip confirmed what Alexa already knew she gave Jaclyn a call. They set up a meeting that evening.

The hours felt like days for both Alexa and Daniel. Daniel was excited at the prospect of having his first and likely only threesome, but he didn't want to do anything to damage his relationship with his wife. Alexa trusted her husband and wasn't worried about him falling for this girl or seeing other escorts after this, but the idea of seeing him with someone else twisted her up like nothing else. Daniel was still in the shower when she heard a knock at the door.

"Hi," Jaclyn said with a nervous smile as she leaned in and gave Alexa a little hug. "I'm glad you decided to call." She was wearing a tight university sweatshirt and bluejeans and carrying a little bag.

"I'm glad you were able to make it." Alexa took her hand and guided her into the livingroom. "Daniel will be out in a second. Do you like red wine?"

"I don't really know," Jaclyn said with a giggle. "All I've had is vodka and beer."

"Oh god I forget your age. I guess one more illegal thing tonight probably won't tip the scales too much." Jaclyn giggled again.

"Just a little glass. I need to drive home after." Alexa poured three glasses, two short and one tall, taking the tall one for herself.

"So how does this work, with like, the money?" she asked, hushing when she said the word 'money.'

"Usually I get the money before, but we can do whatever you're more comfortable with."

"No it's ok, I have it now." Alexa handed her an envelope which she slipped into her bag. "And that's for an hour right?"

"It's for as long as you need, I won't be watching the clock." The girls smiled at each other, the wine starting to make both feel more relaxed. "I have a couple little outfits in here if you'd like me to put one on."

"I'll leave that up to Daniel I suppose, but I think you're fine." Jaclyn nodded. The girls sat around sipping their wine, Alexa replenishing her glass once, until they heard the door slowly creak open behind them.

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