Harem of Clar

by Ka Hmnd

Copyright© 2015 by Ka Hmnd

Action/Adventure Sex Story: I never thought how I grew up would give me an edge in the war. From being a backwoods country boy to a long range scout. From silent unseen stalking the enemy to coming face to face with the clar king's harem. Not only were they forced into the marriage but they were neglected. When I see a captured general my mission becomes secondary and I have no intention of leaving all the women.

Caution: This Action/Adventure Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Consensual   First   Oral Sex   .

I was a long range scout and most of the time I did not even carry a weapon. Well I did carry a long knife. I was eighteen and had grown up in the hills back in Genta. When I walked off the huge Atlas a slim man wearing the stripes of a master sergeant took one look and gestured. I stepped out of line and walked towards him and went to parade rest.

He snorted and gestured to the long knife I wore, "that is not issue."

I stiffened and waited but he smiled, "by the look I would say it was made back in the hills."

I nodded and he looked at me carefully, "if I told you where to go do you think you could find me and everything that was there?"

I snorted like he had, "yes."

He looked at another master sergeant watching us, "I will take this one."

He nodded and turned back to the other soldiers and the master sergeant in front to me gestured to a small vehicle, "get in and we will see how good you are."

I tossed my pack and duffle in back and climbed in beside him and he took off. The place I had to find him in was thick jungle and he was not alone. The other men knew what they were doing but I still slipped in and looked at everything before I left. I returned to the base camp twenty kilometers away and found them waiting when I got there.

The master sergeant shook his head, "if you had not left the string on my neck I would never have known you were there."

I grinned as I squatted by the fire, "and if I had not you would have thought I was not there."

The others laughed and he grinned, "true."

That was my test into the long range scouts. We went out in pairs or alone and sometimes it was weeks before we returned. I started with senior sergeant Crosse who had grown up not far from where I lived. Six months and his time was up and I got sergeant Alex, until he stepped on a viper and I had to carry him out.

Master sergeant Dibow did not have anyone else so I went out alone. I also began to learn how to fly a Charger whenever I had the chance, not that I actually got to fly. Two months after the day of rebirth counter offensive I was back and drinking tea. General Johnson stepped in and master sergeant Dibow cleared his throat, "Edward?"

I stood and sighed, "again?"

The general looked at him, "you sure he is good enough?"

The master sergeant snorted, "and then some."

The general nodded and moved to the table and unfolded a map. He looked at me and touched the Clar capital of Clarmont, "we need information on everything in and around their capital. If you can get into king Hikura's palace and get any information, that would be great."

I looked at the master sergeant, "radio?"

He nodded, "standard transmission at mid of night when you finish."

I nodded back, "I want a break when I get back and maybe even quarters with a bath."

I headed for the door and glanced back, "maybe even a wide bed so I can find a girl or two."

He laughed and the general chuckled as I walked out. I went to change and grab my pack but did not bother with my rifle. I caught a ride on a Mule doing a supply run to a forward combat base. From there I slipped out when it was dark and started into the jungle. I did not rush or even walk normally, I was stalking and searching everything around me.

The next day I was beyond the front lines but continue to move carefully. I angled to the east and just before the sun went down I hit the first defensive positions. They were completely around Clarmont and reenforced with Nees regulars. It took several days to map the positions and finally I slipped through and began finding artillery and tanks.

The huge airbase to one side was constantly busy with military flights and took a day to map in detail. The city was full of Rus soldiers and almost empty of civilians but had two large hospitals. It was night when I went over the wall and into the palace. Mostly the guards were lazy so it was easy to get inside.

First I moved around and in the back I found a landing pad with a Mule or whatever the Clar called it. On the side was the King's crest. I checked doors and windows in the palace and finally slipped into a large room off the pool. I looked around and saw lots of pillows and then I saw the women and girls.

There had to be at least fifty around the room and in the shadows. I turned to leave and a girl whispered, "a man."

I spun to see a stunning teenage girl with long red hair. Like all of the others she wore clothes made of colored gauze. I expected her or one of the others to yell or sound an alarm. They sat up and another girl giggled, "can we fuck him?"

One of the women laughed, "he is in our harem."

I looked around as they sat up and the first girl stood, "I saw him first so I get him."

The second girl stood, "and then me."

I grinned, "first I need to wash and then I will fuck you."

The next thing I knew I was surrounded and pulled to one side and into a large bathing area. They stripped me and pulled me under a shower. They kept pushing my hands away while washing me and I finally reached out and started to feel them. That brought giggles and a moan and than another moan.

They pulled me out and dried me before the girl caught my hand and pulled me into the huge room they had been sleeping in. She led me to a cushioned bed in an alcove and I pulled her back and gave her a kiss. I pulled her down and laid her back before I kissed down her body. She opened and spread her legs and I looked at her pussy and then licked through it.

She shivered and lifted her hips and I felt and saw all the other girls and women sitting around us and watching. I kept licking her pussy and nibbled on her inner lips. I covered her clit and began wiggling my tongue. She shuddered and moaned and I slipped a couple of fingers into her. I sucked and nibbled and teased her clit as I began to fuck my fingers in and up.

It was not long before she stiffened and then jerked and thrashed, "ooohhhh!"

She spasmed and squirted as I kept sucking and using my tongue on her clit. She twisted and bucked and wailed as she squirted again and then again, "aaaahhhh!"

I pulled my fingers out while all of the other women and girls whispered. I moved up and sank my cock in her almost slimy pussy. She grunted and put her arms around me and I began to grind and press. A minute and I pulled back and started to fuck her with long grinding thrusts. She lifted her legs and cocked them as she shook and squirted again, "sssoooo..."

She bucked and jerked while clutching me as I kept fucking her. A few minutes and her eyes had rolled up and she was convulsing, "mmmm!"

She was thrashing around and suddenly went limp as she passed out. I buried my cock and looked at her, "um..."

One of the other girls giggled, "my turn."

I looked at the girl under me and gave her a kiss before I slowly pulled out. I turned and was pulled up and to another alcove and bed. I pulled her down and pushed her back before I started kissing down her body. She spread her legs when I reached her pussy and I heard all the women and girls laugh.

I looked at her bald pussy and leaned down and started licking. I nibbled and pushed my tongue into her and then caught her clit. I sucked and squeezed and teased it and she gasped and lifted her hips, "ooohhhh!"

I kept it up and she began to shudder and moan. I slipped two fingers into her very tight pussy and fucked them in and up into the soft area I felt. I continued to work on her clit and it was not long before she was jerking and spasming. She thrust up and shook hard a minute later while she squirted, "aaaahhhh!"

She twisted and thrashed and tried to push my face away as she squirted again, "please!"

I grinned as I pulled my fingers out and moved over her. She was panting as I pushed and my cock sank into her wet pussy. She groaned and clutched me as I buried my cock, "yes!"

I gave her a kiss and began to fuck her and press and rub. She lifted her hips and her pussy kept grasping, "mmmm!"

It was not long before I was using firm thrusts and she was struggling and bucking. She stiffened and then arched her back and wailed as she squirted, "yyyeeeesssss!"

She thrashed and bucked and squirted and yelled as I kept her under me and fucked her. Several minutes and her eyes were rolling up and she was spasming and convulsing. I shoved into her and kissed her as I pumped spurts of cum. She gasped and hugged me while her pussy clenched, "YES!"

She wiggled and squirmed and when I was done she sagged to the bed. I gave her another kiss and pulled out and looked at the other girls and women. A young woman grinned as she stood and held out her hand, "my turn."

I stood and caught her hand and she pulled me to yet another bed. I waited until she laid down before I knelt between her spread legs and leaned down to lick her pussy. She shivered and tilted her hips and I kept it up. I opened her pussy and started working on her clit and pushed two fingers into her.

I sucked and squeezed her clit while she shuddered and her pussy gripped my fingers. I was fucking her pussy with them and hitting the soft spot behind her pelvic bone. A couple of minutes and she was shaking and thrashing around. She spasmed and lifted her hips as she squirted and began to convulse, "yyyeeeesssss!"

The others had followed us and giggled as she struggled. She squirted a couple more times as she tried to twist away and cover her pussy. I grinned as I moved up and pushed her onto her back. I sank my cock into her very wet pussy and began to grind. She clutched me and her pussy clenched as she squirted, "ooohhhh!"

I started fucking her and she went wild. She bucked and thrashed and twisted and all while her pussy kept grasping and squirting. Several minutes and she fell to the bed panting and shuddering. I buried my cock and kissed her and she grinned and hugged me. I pulled out and looked at the other women and stood, "next?"

I do not know if I fucked all of them but I did cum in at least eight. The first girl had been Kyli and the second Tara and the young woman was Neely. By the time I stopped it was almost dawn. Neely was the one to get my things and pull me to her bed. I could hear the palace waking up as we talked.

This was the king's harem and the girls and women taken from their home and given to him. They seldom had sex and the only male allowed to see them without clothes was neutered man and he was cruel. They were able to tell me a lot about the palace and what they saw. The king was making plans to move north in a week and they did not want to go.

I dressed and looked at the hint of light before we heard the lock in the double doors. I looked at the girls and women as they ran towards beds. I growled at their frightened and terrified looks and strode to the end of the room. I pulled my knife and stood to one side as one of the doors started to open.

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