Arabs Use Me for Pleasure

by AnnaTartyWife

Copyright© 2015 by AnnaTartyWife

Fan Fiction Sex Story: another piece of fantasy from a friend

Caution: This Fan Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Fan Fiction   Slut Wife   Humiliation   Swinging   Gang Bang   Group Sex   Orgy   Interracial   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Squirting   Exhibitionism   Double Penetration   .

I had been busy at work when David called me into his office and explained that the following week we had a visit from an important middle eastern company who were interested in placing a very large contract with us.

The visit was scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday the following week and I would need to be present to take notes and serve refreshments etc.

David said that he thought that there would be three attending the meeting and that they're were quite old so he suggested I dressed conservatively as he didn't want them to be offended.

I was a bit surprised at this as normally David would have my knickers off before 9.30am and I'd be giving him a wank before 10, he'd coat my knickers in spunk and then make me put them back on, by the time I went home you'd have to crack them to get them off!

The following Tuesday I wore a dress which came below my knee with tights and low shoes, very conservative.

At 10am, they arrived. I showed them into the boardroom and they made the introductions with David while I served coffee, all three were about 60ish, Ali and Abdul were short and fat whilst Malik was tall and thin, all wore flowing white robes.

The day was long, they asked countless questions about the business without giving anything away, I served refreshments but they really ignored me, or so I thought.

Towards the end of the day I caught a glimpse in Ali's eye, I knew what that was. The dirty old fucker was undressing me.

I ignored it but noticed that when David's back was turned they all took turns in eyeing me up, the thought of three dirty old Arabs eyeing me up turned me on, my cunt was itchy!

At the end of the day when they left, David didn't look very happy, he explained that he didn't think it was going well and that we wouldn't get the contract- which we really needed for the future of the business.

The next day I changed my appearance, the dirty bastards had been eyeing me up yesterday, today they were going to get an eyeful.

I wore a dark grey skirt 2 inch above my knee, red heels, copper stockings, white blouse, red bra, suspender belt and open crotch fuck me now knickers.

When they arrived they gave me serious looks and unlike the day before didn't ignore me.

During the presentation they were eyeing me up, they didn't even bother about David being aware, in fact they asked few questions appearing more interested trying to look up my skirt.

I sat with crossed legs, I made sure that they could see my thigh above my stocking tops.

When we stopped for coffee, Malik put his hand up my skirt as I served coffee to Ali and Abdul, he went up above my stocking top and rubbed the inside of my thigh.

I was tingling, my legs parted naturally and I expected and wanted him to finger my cunt, in fact I wanted him to ram four fingers up my wet hole.

Unfortunately he didn't, but when I turned round and bent to serve him, my skirt rode up of course and Ali and Abdul got a close up of my arse. They didn't mind and I felt two fingers slide in my cunt, my legs again parted and Ali fingered my sopping wet gash whilst I served Malik coffee.

I didn't move, I just stayed bent over while Ali rammed his fingers in my wet cunt, as he pulled them out Abdul shoved three of his fat fingers up me.

David who had been using the bathroom came back and I straightened up as though nothing had happened.

When the meeting restarted I sat with my skirt well above my stocking tops, I didn't care, they'd just fingered me and my cunt was on fire. I let my legs fall apart and then closed them. I was teasing them giving them flashes of my twat.

I'd got all of their attention when Ali just pulled up his robe the next time David turned his back, the dirty old fucker had a semi on. It was about 9 inch and fat, he also had the biggest balls dangling between his legs I'd ever seen.

Abdul then spoke up, 'David, ' he said, 'we will make he contract on the condition that we can spend the rest of the day fucking Anna stupid!' David looked across at me and said, 'What do you think?' without saying anything I lifted and spread my legs, my cunt was now on show.

I put two fingers in and said 'Show me your pricks, I want to see how much knob I'm going to get, wank for me you dirty bastards!'

I pulled my cunt lips apart so they could see my fingers sliding in and out of my cunt.

The three of them pulled up their robes, Ali had now got a hard on, his fat prick was about 9inch and was standing up to attention, his bell end was already wet with pre cum.

Malik's knob was long and thin, but again hard and he was wanking it like a train.

Abdul's knob, fuckin hell, it was horrible, long and thick but gnarled and veiny, it also was nearly at his knees, he wrapped his hand round it and pulled his foreskin back, his swollen bell end was purple and covered in fucking cheese.

I couldn't keep my eyes off his dark brown dong as I fingered myself off.

I could feel myself cumming, I pulled my fingers out and shot fanny juice right across the room.

Malik immediately moved across in front of me and started licking my cunt. His tongue was right up my fanny, then he sucked my clit, the feeling was fantastic, he was sucking me off via my clit. Ali and Abdul were both pulling on their knobs. Abdul's prick was now solid, what a fuckin' monster, his peephole looked like a fucking hose pipe nozzle!

I started to cum again. 'I'm cumming you dirty fuckers', I shouted and sprayed Malik's face as he sucked on my clit, he turned round to Ali and Abdul with my cunt juice dripping from his face and said, 'The slags on fire, she's dying for prick.'

'Fuck me you dirty cunt, ' I said. 'Get your dirty Arab knob up my gash.'

He stood up and rammed his long thin prick up my hole, he went right in and started long slow strokes, my cunt farted, he looked over his shoulder and said to the others, 'The sluts farting!' my cunt was squelching and farting as he speeded up.

I looked at the others and urged them on. 'I want your dark pricks, fill me with your filthy spunk!' I shouted.

'I'm your dirty slut.' This spurned Malik on and I felt his prick swell up, he pulled out and moved back, his prick was coated white with my slime.

He wanked his prick a couple of times and then sprayed his load all over my thighs, he must have shot his load a good 3 foot, and it didn't stop cumming, he couldn't have cum for months, he was pissing spunk at me!

My legs were wide open, so was my cunt and my thighs were wet through with my juices.

'Who's next?' I shouted.

Before anyone could answer, David came up to me from the side, his knob was sticking out like a flag pole. He shoved his knob in my mouth and then grabbed my hair, he pulled me to my feet still with his prick in my gob and walked me over to Ali and Abdul.

I was bent in front of them with David's knob in my mouth and skirt round my waist, my fuck me now knickers were open with my swollen fanny on show!

Ali stood up and moved behind me as I slurped on David's prick. Ali drilled his fat knob up my hole and stretched me. I couldn't breathe, David's prick was down my throat.

Ali was in up to the hilt as I watched Abdul's massive prick in front of me.

My twat was squelching and farting, the noise I was making was incredible.

I was being fucked silly in my cunt and mouth and the biggest prick I'd seen for months was waiting it's turn, cunt juice was running down my legs like tap water.

Abdul stood up and moved in front of me. I could smell his prick, his bell end was shiny but still covered in cheese, he started to rub his knob over my face.

David still had my hair gripped and his prick in my mouth as Abdul wiped his precum all over my face. I managed to get David's cock out my mouth and started licking and kissing Abdul's prick.

I stuck my tongue in his peephole and licked the cheese off it.

'You fucking slut, ' Abdul said. 'Lick my fucking balls.'

I got my hand on his massive balls and got one in my mouth.I sucked on his bollock as he rubbed his prick over my face.

David was wanking himself silly in front of me, he started to cum and squirted spunk all over my face whilst I continued sucking on Abduls balls!

When he'd finished Abdul sat down, his prick was sticking up in the air like a flag pole.

'Sit on my cock, ' he said. 'I'm going to fuck your brains out.'

I moved to sit on him.

'Face away from me' he said. 'I don't want your slag spunk covered face in front of me!'

As I lowered myself on his knob I started to cum, he wasn't all the way in and cum was spraying out of me. 'You love it don't you slut, you love my prick don't you, ' he said, he was now in up to his balls and I was cumming.

My cunt was farting as cunt juice was trying to escape out my hole which was full of his prick'

'Fuck me, my cunts yours!' I said to the Arab as I came again.

He put his hands on my hips and lifted me up and down for the next three hours, he wouldn't stop, my legs were like jelly and my gash was like a fucking bucket.

David and Ali took turns in fucking my mouth, spunking on me and generally treating me like a slag at the same time, at one stage they both put their cocks under my arm pits and fucked those till they came on me again.

When Abdul finally came, he held me while he emptied his bollocks up me, I could barely move, as he pushed me off his knob, spunk gushed out my hole.

I was fucked, I just lay on the floor as Abdul then knelt in front of me and I licked his cock and balls clean.

After the Arabs had left, David helped to my feet and helped clean me up, I was covered in jizz.

'Thanks Anna' he said.

'Mo problem.' I said. 'I am sure you'll give me a bonus!'

Next day was a normal day at work when around lunch time David called me into his office and said Malik had been in touch and they were going to go ahead, they'd invited us to a reception that night at their hotel and Malik had insisted that I come along.

David said he'd collect me around 7pm and that I should dress appropriately!

I decided to wear black.

I had a black dress that came well above my knee with buttons all down the front, black stockings with red tops and suspender belt and sheer black knickers and bra, my shoes were black with 4 inch heels. Oh and my knickers were fuck me now knickers, i.e. open crotch!!

When David picked me up he said 'wow' as I got in his car. You look great.' he said.

'Thanks David, ' I said. 'I'm as horny as fuck as well!' I said as we drove off.

'You dirty bitch.' he said and slid his hand up my skirt.

I pulled my skirt up and spread my legs, my bald fanny lips were sticking out of my knickers and David shoved two fingers up my hole.

'Fuckin hell Anna, you're soaking, ' he said.

'I know, ' I said. 'I'm dying for a fuck!'

David concentrated on driving whilst I replaced his fingers with mine and had a good wank before we got to the hotel, after I came I put my fingers under David's nose.

'Smell that!' I said, he licked my cum off my fingers!

As we arrived at the hotel I straightened up and we entered the hotel and went to the penthouse suite for the reception.

We entered the suite and were met by Ali, Abdul and Malik were talking to two old men in suits and there were two other old Arabs in traditional dress.

There were two people serving drinks and canapes a think black youth and a girl who looked Spanish.

Abdul and Malik greeted my very well and were complimentary about my dress. I had all the buttons fastened, so there was nothing on show.

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