The Mom's Club, Volume One

by Dainii

Copyright© 2015 by Dainii

Erotica Sex Story: Angie and her friends are newly wed, and newly mothers. They are smart, energetic and. bored. They want to work, doing something they like, and they like sex. Follow this gaggle of friends as their aspirations evolve into The Mom's Club.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Teenagers   Consensual   Lesbian   Heterosexual   Fiction   .

Bob and Angie were married on a sunny day in October.

Bob was in his mid-twenties, working in construction as a project manager after gaining his civil engineering degree on the coast. He was with a small company designing and building bridges, road work, and other smaller civil jobs. He was medium height, and with him working outdoors supervising jobs, he had managed to stay in decent shape. He was into the beer though, and with not much time for sports or other things, staying in shape was at risk.

Angela, better known as Angie, had just finished her commerce degree, locally, didn't have a job yet and was four years younger than Bob. She was five foot four inches in height, and a very svelte one hundred and fifteen pounds. Flared hips above tight buns and below her narrow waist, her figure was hour-glass with her medium sized breasts rounding out her top half. Her face was narrow with pixie-like features, framed by raven hair, cut to mid back and often curled. She was a beauty who didn't have to consciously work out to maintain her figure.

They had met each other at a campus bar where Angie was hanging out with her girlfriends and hit it off immediately. One thing led to anouther and they became girlfriend/boyfriend. While Angie had flirted and teased many boys through high school and university, she was not what you would call 'experienced'. Bob was only her third boyfriend, and she had only gone 'all the way' once, in the backseat of her second boyfriend's car. Bob had even less experience. So it was a bit surprising for both of them when they found themselves pulling each other's clothes off and fucking like bunnies on their fourth date. It had been one of those over-the-top, passion-fueled experiences in the passenger seat of Bob's car. But after that, they spent as much time in bed, or at least in coitus, as they did doing anything else. So much so that they found that the bed wasn't enough. Bob and Angie were inside each other's clothes in the car, at the park, at the movies, and everywhere else. After the first few times Angie's concern about being 'caught in the act' turned into anticipation. She found out something about herself during those heady days of wild sex – the young woman loved the thrill of 'almost' being seen. Bob was more than complicit – he loved putting his girl on display, knowing that she was his and while others could look, they could not touch. They were wildly, passionately, in love.

Bob had some money saved already, so, after the wedding bills were paid they enthusiastically set about finding their first home. After some looking, they found a back split on a cul-de-sac overlooking a small lake in a new neighborhood. The house and the little lake was separated from a very large lake by a ridge of small hills making it very easy to get to the beaches there. There was one other house already built there – and occupied by a young family of four, and only two other lots to be developed. They were assured by the developer that the last two lots would take a long time to move as they were both on a shoulder of rock – about fifty feet high – looking down on the cul-de-sac, and would require a 'bit of work' to build on. Buyers would be tough to find. Bob and Angie fell in love with the house, the view, the area, and the potential, so, even though it was a stretch for them financially, they decided to go for it. After all, they were young, Bob had a good job, and Angie would find one once they had settled into the place. A deal was made, and the young couple moved in as soon as they could.

They were in the house for no more than two months, and Angie was ready to go look for work – something in accounting or financial management which is what her degree was in – when she realized that something was 'off'. She just wasn't feeling good, and she always felt good, so she checked into it. She was aghast to find that she was pregnant. For some reason, this bright young woman had simply never considered contraception, or the risks of not being on the pill (or being protected in some other way). Thinking about it, and all of the times that Bob had painted her insides with his cum, she had to acknowledge that they had been lucky so far. But, she was still shocked.

Bob was even more concerned and surprised. He had just assumed that his wife was on the pill, and besides, whenever he was in the process of dumping his load into her tight, almost virginal cunny, 'protection' was the last thing he was thinking of. His thoughts went to concerns about money – he had been counting on Angie getting a job to help out with the mortgage, but now it looked like belt-tightening was going to be the order of the day for a while.

The mutual surprise notwithstanding, nine months later Angie delivered a healthy bouncy baby girl – that they named Sammy. During these months while they redid one of the rooms for the coming baby, and Bob started to sweat their finances more, Angie's friends seemed to go on a marriage kick. Angie had, through most of high school and on into university, stayed in close contact with a clutch of six friends. They were all, in their own ways, as good looking as she was. In fact, they were the group that she had been hanging out with when she met Bob. Some she had introduced to some of Bob's friends, and some had found their own men, but regardless, they all seemed to reach the matrimony decision in or around the same time. So, the nine months of Angie's blossoming included many wedding showers and weddings followed by house hunting and moving in to new homes ... all within the same general area that Bob and Angie were in.

Shortly after Sammy was born, the first of her friends announced that she too was pregnant. That started anouther flurry of announcements and soon all of them were in the family way. They all joked that it must be something in the water.

Angie, for the first time, consciously started working out. She wanted to regain her pre-Sammy figure. Surprising to her, she found that she really enjoyed going to the gym and pushing her body to the limit. To herself she also admitted that she enjoyed all of the men watching her work out ... even the older, less fit ones. She found it to be a turn on knowing that it was her body that they were staring at. She imagined that when those men were having sex they were actually pretending to be having sex with her. It was so hot! Not so hot as almost being caught having sex, but Bob and her hadn't been doing much of that since Sammy was born, so it had to suffice.

Even after she had lost the baby weight, she kept at it, eventually getting into the best shape of her life. And she continued to go to the gym, and even started availing herself of some of the outdoor sports that their area offered – hiking, swimming, rock climbing, etc. She found that she preferred the summer sports because then she could wear less clothing, and show off more to whoever was watching. The beach, for swimming and paddle boarding, turned out to be her favorite.

She was a bit disappointed in the fact that Bob never showed much of an interest in joining her, but understood that his focus had to be his job. Besides, after some consideration, she thought that maybe she wouldn't be quite so comfortable parading around in front of all of the other men if her husband was there. The couple of times that he did join her and Sammy at the beach, or when they found a babysitter and went by themselves, Angie wore something just a little less risqué like a more fulsome bikini or a one piece. They were still sexy, and had the desired effect upon her husband, but they did not reveal nearly so much of her beautiful flesh to the consuming public. Angie always giggled when she thought about that.

She was very happy when her clutch joined her, one by one, as they each had their children. Soon enough the circle of friends had found two more ways in which to enjoy each other's company – babies, and working out. Ok, maybe three things. Babies, working out, and showing off their bodies to strange men. One of her friends said, over some wine, that she actually got turned on when she discovered some other women staring at her too.

That particular conversation with her tall blonde friend – Karly – was just a beginning. Angie's circle of friends had always been in the habit of, at least once or twice a week, gathering at one house or anouther, to have giggle sessions over each other's babies, have some wine to relax, and talk. Karly introduced the subject of other women, but that evolved into a general discussion about all the 'strange' that was watching them, and how it made them feel. Of course, being women, that quickly morphed into conversations about sex. Sex with their husbands, comparisons of husbands – both their endowment (apparently Karly's man had a nine inch cock!), and their abilities (or lack thereof) in bed. In this regard it seemed that most of the friends would like more from their husbands (all, it seemed, were suffering from the same reduction in sexual interest that Angie was experiencing) or perhaps something a little different in bed, at least once in a while. But they were just talking.

While Angie and her friends were working out, and drinking wine, and talking, and their babies were growing up, other things were happening.

Bob and Angie got along very well with their neighbors – Ted and Joanne (just Jo) - the man helping Bob out on things around the yard once in a while, and they would drink a beer or wine in the backyard from time-to-time. They were nice people, just not real true friends. But that was ok.

On Angie's cul-de-sac, there were some other changes, with the final two lots sold about two years after Bob and his wife moved in. Both sets of new neighbors built their houses up on the shoulder of rock overlooking Bob and Angie's and Ted and Jo's houses.

One couple – about the same age, if not a little younger than Bob and Angie, and with a toddler of their own – built their house on the back of their lot, away from the edge. They seemed quiet and a little stand-offish.

The other couple were older, appearing to be in their late forties, with no children at home. They built their new home right up to the edge of the rock with a wrap-around porch. When it was done it was obvious that when they were sitting up there they would be able to easily see whatever was going on in the cul-de-sac – cars coming and going and the front yards of their neighbors. The people were nice, with the woman being a little shy and not coming out of their yard too much.

Soon after the older couple were moved in Angie found herself working in the front yard, and she could 'feel' eyes upon her so she sneaked a peak over her shoulder to see that the older man was watching him from his porch while he was drinking a beer. He caught her looking and waved, so Angie waved back. Then she had a thought, so she quickly went into the house and changed into a bathing suit. It wasn't the bikini that she wore to the beach to show herself off to the boys, but it was the nice one piece – cut high on the legs and low on the bosom – that she wore on those odd times when Bob went with her. She reached into the top, adjusting her breasts so that they were barely halfway covered by the suit and her nipples were right at the hem. She grinned at herself in the mirror thinking about what she was doing and then she got Sammy who had awoken from her nap and they went back outside to the front yard. She set up a sprinkler for her two year old Sammy to toddle through, and then she sat back in a lawn chair and just relaxed, letting her thighs hang naturally apart. She also had put on her mirrored sun glasses so that she could stare back at the man freely. She got a little tingle – very similar to what she got at the gym, or on the beach – as she watched him watching her. Just because she could, she let her hand rest on her tummy so that she could idly touch herself. That produced an even better tingle as she saw the new neighbor stand up and pay closer attention.

During this time Bob was having some problems at work. With the financial downturn his company was getting less and less government work and he was growing increasingly concerned. Eventually, about the same time as Angie was sitting on her front yard in her attractive one piece bathing suit playing with herself and with half of her breasts hanging out, Bob got a lay-off notice. He was out of work. More to the point, he was out of work with a wife who liked to spend money at the gym and on clothes, a two year old daughter, and a house for which the monthly bills were too large. He had to do something, and he had to do it quickly.

Bob had a friend – an engineering friend from university – who was working in the Canadian oil patch out in the boondocks of northern Canada. Bob called him up and explained his situation. After a talk, followed by Bob emailing his friend his resume and a copy of the glowing recommendation from his recently (just today!) ex employer, and then anouther talk, Bob found that he had new job.

It wasn't ideal. Bob would have to work eight weeks in northern Canada, followed by two weeks at home on a continuous rotation. He would be away from his family for two months at a time! But it was also pretty good. He would be hauling in pretty good coin – actually about 150% of what he had been making – and since there wasn't going to be much he could spend the money on at the job site, he should be saving quite a bit. Maybe, as he thought more about it, in fact it was a pretty damn good thing. He went home that day to tell Angie the good news.

Angie wasn't too sure that she liked the situation, or Bob's solution, but there was no getting around the fact that he needed to work and to pull in a good paycheck. Angie knew that as Sammy got older she would finally be able to get into the workforce and help out with the bills. So she reconciled with herself that, at worst, Bob would only have to do this for anouther four or five years. Surely they could make it work for that long?

Time went by. The friends worked out and drank wine, and talked. They went to the gym, and the beach, and wore progressively more revealing clothing at those places. They did not always tell their husbands about their antics, but they giggled a lot while they talked about the 'strange' men (and women) who liked looking at them. Sammy turned three. Bob was away more than he was home. Angie couldn't help but feel lonely.

The neighbors were the same as they always were although there was the one time, after a snow storm, when the older man came over to help her shovel out her driveway. Angie found out that his name was Kelly, and that he was a security consultant specializing in surveillance. He was a nice man with a twinkle to his eye and a ready laugh. She invited him in for a hot chocolate when they were done shovelling and he came in for one. She found herself talking about Bob and Sammy and their lives. Kelly was easy to talk to. She talked about her concern over Bob's time away and how her and all of her friends seemed to be in a similar situation – young kids, too much time, spouses not around enough, nothing much to do except go to the gym or the beach. Kelly just suggested that they should band together and start a business of some sort - something that they had in common and could really get in to. He left after that to help out Ted with some shovelling and then to go home.

That thought stuck and she shared it with her friends. They laughed about it – what did they all like to do that they could sell and make some money? But it did stick, and Angie did think about it. They all did.

That spring, Angie and Bob were feeling pretty good about the state of their finances. They promised each other that they would spend some more quality time together when he was home in the coming summer.

They decided to build a pool. Angie contributed a thought to the pool design. She was concerned about being able to watch Sammy all of the time. The girl was big enough now that she was becoming harder to keep track of. So she told Bob about Kelly (who Bob had waved at a few times in a neighborly way, but never really met) and his business, and together they went up the hill to talk with Kelly. They met Kelly and his wife – Jennifer – and shared a bottle of wine while Angie explained what she wanted. Then, since it would take Kelly some time working in their house, they arranged a weekend away during which Kelly could install some cameras in the house and around the yard, all feeding back to a few big screen tv's in the house. Angie was very excited, and happy that she had thought of this. Sammy's safety was her top daily concern.

The pool got built while Bob was away. There were a lot of young, muscular men working in her yard for days on end. It was a pretty warm spring, and Angie was doing all of the spring yard work herself, so daily she was working up quite a sweat – which was ok because she liked working up a sweat. One day she stood up from a flower bed, to find pretty much the whole work crew staring at her. She had been combining planting with stretching by only bending from the waist. Her back had been to the workers, and she thought (smiling to herself as she considered it) that they must have liked what they saw. And that was with her wearing long jeans and a loose sweat shirt. She went into the house thinking that maybe she should dress a bit different the next day.

When she had originally considered it, she had thought that she would dress more frumpy, so as to not distract the workers. But, as the day dawned, she reconsidered that notion, thinking that those men were really working very hard for her, and really, what harm could come of her giving them something pleasant to look at? It may actually be a reward of sorts, and promote better work from them. The more she thought about it, the more she realized that she should make the effort to brighten the workers' day by dressing a bit more ... provocatively? And besides, Angie thought about all of the strange men – at the gym, or at the beach – that she purposely dressed in revealing attire for. How different was this? Strange men were at her house, and she wanted to show a little of herself. Angie actually got a little tingle just thinking about it.

So Angie stood in front of the full length mirror in her bedroom, nude, looking at herself while she contemplated what she was going to wear. Strong, muscular legs met at a neatly trimmed bush – she thought that maybe she needed to trim it again soon. Her waist is narrow with abs slightly defined in the womanly sort of way. Nice pear shaped breasts that sit high on her chest. Since Sammy they were a little more full than they had been before Sammy, but they were still very firm. To check, she bounced up and down on her toes for a bit, enjoying the sight of her breasts bobbing very prettily. Her nipples were hard and she considered that she shouldn't hide them behind a bra today. She fluffed her hair and moved it around in various poses to see what might look best. In all, it took a bit of time to reach these important decisions.

Finally, she went to her dresser and pulled out a pair of cut-off jean shorts. They were old, and she had considered throwing them out more than once already, but had always ended up putting them back in the drawer. She held them up to look at them again and then nodded and decided they would do nicely. She pulled out a pair of nice panties and put them on followed by the shorts. Looking in the mirror she could see that the jean material between the legs was so thin and frayed that the panties were showing. She considered that for a moment and then removed the shorts and the panties and then pulled the shorts back on. Anouther look in the mirror confirmed that while the shorts barely contained her pussy lips, it did look better without the panties.

The problem of trimming was obvious though, so once again, she removed the shorts and ducked in to her ensuite bathroom for a quick trim job – and since she was there with all of the tools anyway, Angie decided 'what the hell' and simply shaved herself bare. All over. Once done, with all of the implements put away, she once again stood in front of the mirror rubbing her newly bald pussy. It felt so different she thought to herself. Then, with a grin, she pulled the shorts on again, satisfied with the look.

Before she went looking for an appropriate shirt she remembered to turn the cameras on. Kelly had said that there were two modes – passive and active. They were always in passive mode, which, he explained, meant that they were operating on a motion-detection basis, but wouldn't show on any tv unless specifically told to. The process to do that on her computer was quite tedious, so Angie rarely did that. Kelly had said that she could get the feed on her smart phone too if she wanted, but she wasn't that interested, so she declined.

Active meant that the cameras were always on and showing on the tv – which would split into multiple screens each showing the view from a different camera ... if she also turned on the tv. Kelly had left the cameras that looked into the backyard, and the one in Sammy's room on active so that Angie didn't have to worry about monkeying with things every day. So she turned the tv in her bedroom on. Immediately two pictures appeared upon the screen, side by side. One showed Sammy sitting in her bed playing. The other showed the construction workers in the backyard getting ready for the day. One of them was actually standing next to the sliding door that opened out to the backyard and the patio that they were creating there to go around the new pool that they were putting in, and he was peering in with his hands cupped around his face to block the glare from the sun.

Angie had a start, thinking that he must be looking for her because she had forgotten to do something. She quickly ran out of her bedroom and down the stairs and was just turning into the rec room that the sliding door looked in on when she recalled that she only had her shorts on. She stopped abruptly, staring at the hunky man who was staring back at her. Staring at her naked tits! With a little squeak Angie turned and fled back up the stairs. When she got back to her room she was a little breathless.

She looked up at the tv to see that the man was now talking with his co-workers and then they all started to work. Angie decided that either she hadn't forgotten something, or that if she had, the workers had decided it could wait. She considered what had just happened, and while it certainly hadn't been planned, she had to admit that she wasn't really upset by the fact that she had just inadvertently flashed her naked breasts at a strange man. It actually gave her a bit of a tingle ... down there ... and she could see that her nipples were really, really hard. She smiled and started to think about possibilities. Then she went to find a shirt.

After holding up a dozen shirts and discarding them all, she decided on a plain white T. It was also older, from before Sammy, so now it fit a bit snugly across her slightly larger bosom. It was also a bit threadbare, so when she pulled it on she could clearly see her nipples. She bounced up and down on her toes again and was pleased with the result. Yes, the plain white T and short shorts were going to be just fine.

Angie put her hair in a ponytail – which is what she had decided would look best with the outfit - went to get Sammy and began her day, humming softly to herself.

Later, with Sammy being looked after by the neighbor's daughter next door, Angie was on her hands and knees in the flower garden at the side of the house. The day was extremely hot again, with the sun blazing down upon her. She had actually resorted to wearing a floppy brimmed hat so that she wouldn't bake her head in the heat. She was sweaty all over and could literally feel the perspiration dripping down her face, her back, her chest.

Finished with a plant, she sat back on her heels and put the trowel down, and pulling her gardening gloves from her hands she wiped at the sweat on the bridge of her nose. Opening her eyes again she saw a pair of legs standing just to her side. Somewhat startled, Angie tipped over on her side landing with one hand bracing her on the ground and looked up. She saw one of the workers – the same one from the morning – looking down at her. His face was blurry in the sun behind him, but she could see that he was bare chested. His work pants hung low on his hips and his very well defined abs and pecs were tight and tensed above his belt. She could see that his arms were huge – a whole lot bigger than Bob's – ending in heavily muscled shoulders. What she could see of his face in the glare showed a strong jaw line, lightly stubbled with dark bristles. But what really drew her attention was the large bulge in the front of the man's pants. Angie realized her mouth was hanging open.

The man was obviously staring down at her. And it became pretty obvious that he was enjoying what he was looking at because he made absolutely no effort to move away. The bulge started to look uncomfortable for the man. Then he told her that she looked hot. Angie assumed he was stating the obvious so agreed that she was very hot. She could see that that caused him to grin widely. The man asked if she wanted a drink, or, could he do anything else for her? Angie nodded and held out her hand to him, which he took, pulling her to her feet. The man was strong, and the motion sharp, so Angie found herself pulled into his grasp with one of his arms snaking around her waist and the other landing – accidentally? - right on her left boob. Angie tittered a giggle when she felt him flex his fingers on her breast, softly squeezing it.

The young mother was momentarily nonplussed by the man's handling, but quickly recovered and she playfully slapped the man on his rock hard chest, but at the same time she could feel the equally rock hard boner in his pants pressing in to her abdomen. Angie slipped from his grasp, stepping back and away. She thanked him for helping her up and agreed she needed a drink so she was going to go into the house to get one. As she walked away from the man and in to her house she wondered briefly if the man had wanted to come with her so she glanced over her shoulder to see him standing there, staring at her, with one of his large hands massaging the bulge in his pants.

Of course Angie had seen that kind of reaction before. Actually that was the kind of thing she strived to achieve when flaunting her barely covered body at the gym or the beach, but this was a little out of place she thought. It was her home. There were neighbors. So she just smiled at him and went in. Before getting a drink she went into her bathroom to wash the sweat off of her face. When she looked at herself in the mirror she was astonished at what she saw. Her plain white T had pretty much disappeared! The sweat had made it see through, just like a wet T shirt contest. Her breasts and nipples were as visible as if she had absolutely nothing on! The initial shock faded quickly as Angie considered things.

In the end she just made a point of getting the shirt even more wet as she washed her face. Then she grabbed a drink and a lawn chair and then went to sit in the backyard to watch all of the hunky worker men build her pool.

Angie spent the rest of the afternoon out there and had a number of nice conversations as each of the workers needed to come over to talk to her for a bit. In the end Angie was quite happy with how the day turned out. So happy in fact that she phoned all of her friends and told them about it. They all enjoyed the story, and they all decided to come visit Angie the next day to sit in her backyard and watch the men. So they did. And, as Angie expected, they all tried very hard to dress in as little as possible without being totally lewd. Just for the fun. They came around to visit on quite a few days while the construction was going on. The workers really did do a good job and they really did seem to enjoy working there.

Eventually the pool was finished and the men stopped coming by. Angie and her friends spent time at the beach and they took the boat out for cruises on the water. Angie could not find a place to buy a wild weasel – other than on the internet, but she wasn't willing to do that yet. The friends did find some water skis but did not actually get around to using them yet. And they continued to talk.

Then Bob called to say that his friend – the engineer who had helped him get the job – was going to be in their town while on his two weeks 'out'. Bob asked if the friend could stay at their house. The friend was going to pay for a hotel but Bob had said he could stay at their house if Angie agreed. Bob said that the friend would pay them instead of a hotel so they would make a little extra money. Angie thought that was a wonderfully nice thing for Bob to offer so agreed to the proposition and started to think about what renting out the room to the friend may entail.

Two days later there was a knock at the door and Angie answered it to discover the friend standing outside clutching a small duffle in his hands. He introduced himself. The friend was about medium height but carried some beer weight around his middle. He was clean shaven with short brown hair, and rimless glasses. He looked very much like an engineer Angie thought as she invited him in. He thanked her for letting him stay at her 'hotel' and he understood from Bob that she was going to make sure that he enjoyed himself while in her town. He even knew about the new pool.

Angie gave the man a tour of the house and introduced him to Sammy, and then took him up to the spare bedroom. She helped him unpack his duffle and put his clothes away in the dresser. She noted that he didn't have a bathing suit and he just laughed and said that either he would buy one, or just skinny dip. Angie laughed at that. He asked her if he could take her out for supper as a thank you for letting him stay at the house. She thought that was nice, so she called next door to arrange for a babysitter and they agreed to be ready to go – dressed casual, because that was the style of the area – in an hour or so.

A little while later she was standing in her bedroom wearing a pair of nice shorts – not the old cut-off jeans – and a bra, and holding a peasant blouse in her hands. The blouse was loose, low cut in the front with a scoop neckline, and had elbow length scoop arms. It was perfect for a warm, breezy evening. However, she wasn't sure that the bra would look good under it so she was considering that.

With a little start she realized that the engineer was standing in her doorway, leaning on the door jamb. She always left her door open so that she could hear if Sammy was in trouble. Angie turned to the man and started to cross her arms over her bra clad breasts but stopped herself – it was really no different than a bikini top after all – more than some of her bikinis. She smiled at him in inquiry.

He started by apologizing for standing there, but he had a question and the door was open. She just waved that off as being ok. He then said that he had seen the cameras all over the house and asked what they were for. She told him and he nodded. He asked about the little green light that showed on all of them. Angie said she didn't really know but guessed that they just showed that they had power or something. He asked where the recording computer was, and Angie told him that it wasn't like that and that they didn't record anything. The engineer questioned that privately but let it go. Finally, he thanked her and asked if she would be ready soon. Then as he was turning to leave he suggested that the shirt – and he pointed at the peasant blouse in Angie's hands – would probably be much better without a bra.

That was the conclusion that Angie had arrived at as well and so, as soon as Alexy arrived to look after Sammy, she climbed into the engineer's rental car wearing the blouse with no bra on and off they went. Angie directed them to a winery restaurant where they sat on the patio overlooking the orchards and the lake. It was breezy, not cold, but chilly enough that she was aware that her nipples were at attention and poking through the blouse.

They had a wonderfully delicious meal, chatted amiably, and drank glass after glass of wine. The dinner was a 'paired' experience, with different wines paired with each course of the meal ... and there were a lot of courses. Angie found herself becoming a little tipsy, considering that she was a small woman. The engineer was telling her jokes and she was giggling constantly. His voice became softer and she had to lean down on her elbows to hear him. Suddenly he stopped talking and was just staring at her. Angie realized that he was looking at her chest and she glanced down to realize that the scoop top was hanging down and her full, naked breasts were fully visible to the man. She sat up slowly and smiled at him.

He cleared his throat and told her that he was now going to wish that he wasn't staying at her hotel. That immediately caused Angie some concern and she had to ask why – she hoped that she hadn't offended Bob's friend. He waved his hands at her and said that he had been enjoying his dinner with a very lovely young woman and now he had just seen her nude tits (that was the word he used). He complained that he now had a boner (again, that was the word he used, this time causing Angie to giggle) and because he was staying at her hotel he couldn't do anything about it. Angie could tell he was joking, but she went along with it and asked the man what he would do if he was at a different hotel. He shrugged and then matter-of-factly said that he would probably either try to pick the lovely young woman up so that he could take her back to his room and have his way with her, or, failing that, he would call an escort agency and have them send someone over to take care of things.

Now Angie was a bright young woman and mother. She had gone to college and earned a respectable degree. She had friends and they talked. She knew what an escort agency did – in fact one of her acquaintances in university had put herself through school by being an escort. So, she wasn't shocked. But she was curious and had to ask the man – all the while laughing with him – what would he pay for the escort and how long would the escort stay in his hotel room.

They continued to laugh as a waiter appeared to refill their glasses and then the engineer launched in to an explanation about escorts – and he seemed to know quite a bit! He told how much he paid them – though he said they only got to keep a fraction of that sum as the rest went to their agency – and what the different price points were. Apparently, and this was all new to Angie even considering how worldly she considered herself to be, there were different charges for different amounts of times (which made sense) covering everything from a fifteen minute blow job up to an overnight or over-the-weekend stay. There were also different charges for different activities – as the engineer put it. Even kissing cost more. Angie received quite the education over the next hour, asking questions and getting answers, all while the two of them finished the equivalent of anouther couple of bottles of very fine wine.

Near the end of the discussion, and it was hard to talk because they were laughing so much, Angie started negotiating, taking the pretend position as an escort determining her fee for the evening. They both agreed that the evening, which had run a number of hours already, was fun and that Angie had been very enjoyable company. But, the engineer pointed out, it hadn't included any sex of any type. To this Angie responded that she had already shown him her naked tits and that had to be worth something. He ruefully concurred with her, and suggested that a fee of around $500 would be reasonable. This figure surprised her and it showed on her face. The engineer quickly recanted and allowed that perhaps $800 was a more reasonable compensation for the lovely young woman's time and effort.

Angie, even in her inebriated state, was nonplussed by the amount. She had never considered that an escort could make so much money for so little effort. Without thinking she asked the man what she would earn if they included some or all of the sexual activities that they had discussed before. He was silent for a moment while he considered and then suggested that he would be willing to pay an extra $100 for a simple blow job, more if it was a 69, more if it included ... all the way up to sleeping with him for the whole night would be around $2000.

Again, Angie was speechless. The engineer took the opportunity to ask for the bill for their dinner. He also asked for the restaurant to call them a cab as neither of them were fit to drive. When the bill was paid, he rose and helped Angie to her feet. The engineer was in a bit better condition so he put his arm around the young woman, steadying her, as they walked to the front door to await the cab's arrival. Angie found herself leaning into his side for support with her hands around his middle and she didn't really mind when the man's hand drifted off of her back and onto her bum. She didn't even mind when he gave it a quick squeeze while helping her in to the cab that pulled up to the curb for them. It just made her start to think more.

She sat down in the cab and waited while the man ran around to let himself in the other side. She quietly told the cabbie where they were going to – it would be a little more than a half-hour ride – and then turned on the seat to contemplate the engineer. He stared back at her for a moment and then opened his mouth to say something but Angie interrupted him. In a slightly slurred voice she sought confirmation that she had already 'made' $800 for the evening? He just looked her in the face for a moment and then purposefully let his eyes drift downward. Angie giggled at how obvious Bob's friend was being, and then pulled her shirt down in front, exposing her chest to him again and repeated her question. She didn't even think about the cabbie watching them in the rear view mirror.

The engineer gulped – which made Angie giggle again – and then nodded slowly. Angie considered what to do next. She was having fun – had been having fun with this man all night. She was thinking about how tingly she always got when she was dressed as scantily as possible at the gym or the beach having all of those strange men look at her. This was really just a mild step beyond that and she sure was tingly now! So, rather than fixing her shirt, she tucked the hem down under her breasts leaving them exposed to the night air inside the cab. Her nipples were sooo hard!

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