Learning Family Secrets

by Westernman

Copyright© 2015 by Westernman

Sex Story: Jill comes home to find her brother and her cousins having sex. When sneaking into her room she discovers their parent having swinging sex and acting out fantasies. She plans a birthday party for her dad where he takes her virginity thinking she is someone else.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft   Ma/ft   Consensual   Fiction   Incest   Mother   Brother   Sister   Father   Daughter   Uncle   Niece   Aunt   Swinging   Group Sex   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Double Penetration   .

Jill was supposed to be having a sleep over with her friend Mary. Her dad and mom were having their twice monthly bridge game with her aunt and uncle at home. Her brother and her cousin were watching movies at her aunt's house. The houses were on the same block only two houses apart. The families had always been very close.

Mary wasn't feeling well so Jill decided to go home. She would join her cousins and brother for movie night. When she arrived she headed to the family room. Instead of a movie she heard groans and panting. Peeking around the corner she saw Kelly her sixteen year old cousin on her knees on the sofa leaning her head over the back rest. Jill's sixteen year old brother Tom was plunging into her from behind while her fifteen year old cousin Ron had his cock plugged in his sister's mouth. All of them were completely naked. Kelly was being pushed back and forth like she was skewered on a spit. Her tits were swinging freely until Tom grabbed them and used them as handles to pull her onto his stiff cock. Their sounds of pleasure were growing in volume. Ron cum first with a load groan as he shot his cum into Kelly's mouth. She swallowed it all then pulled off and screamed out her orgasm. Her spasming pussy and cries of pleasure tipped Ron over the edge and he pushed in as far as he could and filled her grasping tunnel with his hot seed. They all collapsed on the sofa wrung out from their frantic love making.

Jill recovered from her shock and quietly left. She would go home and if she was careful she could slip past their parents to her room.

As she quietly entered the house she was surprise to hear no sound from the dinning room where they usually played cards. The cards were on the table along with snacks and a bottle of wine. Four glasses of wine about half full were setting as if just abandon. She had only had wine once before but she thought a little would help her deal with the turmoil in her mind. Looking around she didn't see any signs of anyone. Taking the bottle she took a sip and then another then a couple of long swallows. Carefully replacing the bottle she quietly headed for her room. Down the hall her parent's door was open. Sounds of sex were audible. The wine was taking effect and making her braver. Sneaking closer she stayed in the dark hall but could see her parent's king sized bed.

Her mother Ellen was on her back with her knees push almost to her shoulders. Uncle John, her mother's cousin was driving his long rod into her in powerful strokes. Next to them her dad Bill had Aunt Carrie his sister on her knees. He was pumping into her ass and groaning loudly. Bill shoved in hard and held his sister tight to him while he filled her with his cum. With a moan her mother went stiff then started to thrash around finally going limp. Bill pulled out of Carrie and John shoved his cock into his wife's pussy. Several quick plunges took them both over the edge into screaming orgasms. Carrie was a screamer like her daughter Kelly.

As they caught their breaths Jill stayed in the dark hallway and stared. Her pussy was dripping and begging for attention.

"Well it wasn't double penetration but you both filled me up."

"After we rest sis we'll help you with that. Can you pretend to be Kelly? Then we can both do Ellen. Maybe she can be Jill."

Jill slipped away to her room. She finger fucked her self to two climaxes before she could sleep. Images of what she has seen and heard at the two houses were burned into her brain.

It had all started when Ellen and Carrie were room mates in college. Carrie had introduced Ellen to her brother Bill. They had started dating and things got serious. Bill would come to their apartment and he and Ellen would have wild sex.

The night Bill proposed they all celebrated and got drunk. Bill and Ellen had wild sex and Carrie was horny because she hadn't had a boy friend in a while. Ellen was jacking Bill back to life when Carrie pushed her roommate aside and climbed aboard. She fucked her brother and had three great orgasms before he blew his incestuous load into her waiting pussy. Ellen usually used a diaphragm. But being drunk she forgot. Carrie hadn't been dating so she had got slopping about taking her birth control pills.

Three weeks later they both missed their periods.

The week after the celebration Ellen introduced Carrie to her cousin John. They dated and got to know each other. They were getting to the point of having sex when Carrie missed her period.

"John I think I'm pregnant." Carrie said.

"We should be married before our baby is born." Said John with a smile.

"You know it's not your's."

"It will be if you marry me."

They had a double wedding when the girls were four months along. They went on their honey moon together and had been sharing ever since.

The next morning Jill slipped out of the house and returned at breakfast time.

"Hi honey you look like you didn't get much sleep. Is every thing ok?"

"Mary didn't feel good so I decide to come home early." She didn't tell them how early.

"Join us for breakfast. You're just in time."

Wednesday Jill and Kelly got out of school an hour early. As she entered the house she could hear her mother talking loud. She was baking and talking on speaker phone to her Aunt Carrie. Jill set down where her mother wouldn't see her and eves dropped on the conversation.

"Bill's birthday is in two weeks. What should we do for him this year?" asked her mother.

"John will be out of town. The boys are going to that basketball camp. I have an idea. Let me run it by you. We could have a wild night of sex."

"That's not new."

"You know the guys have been wanting to bring in a third woman."

"Did you find someone? She would have to be discreet."

"I was thinking of keeping it in the family. We could ask Kelly."

"She's Bill's daughter and yours. Are you sure?"

"She doesn't know she's Bill's daughter. She thinks John is her dad. The questions she's been asking lately make me think she's ready to try sex. I'm sure John would love to take her cherry. We've had to roll play as her and Jill a lot lately."

"If she's ok with it maybe she could be our third woman on a regular basis."

"I'll talk to her when she gets home from school. We'll need to send Jill somewhere."

"I can arrange another sleep over at Mary's like last Friday night."

"Ok. That sound like a good plan. I'll talk to you later."

Jill slipped out and texted Kelly. 'Meet me in the park right now. It's really important.' Jill wasn't aware that Kelly had been listening in on the same conversation. Her mother was ironing and using the speaker phone.

They both arrived at the park out of breath. Kelly spoke first.

"You won't believe what I just heard. I'm very confused right now."

"If you heard our mothers on the phone so did I. Let me explain some other thing I've learned and that may help you understand."

Jill told Kelly about coming home early Friday night. She didn't go into detail about finding Kelly and the boys. Kelly was shocked when Jill told her she had seen them. Jill gave all of the details about seeing their parent's and Kelly was even more shocked.

"So when your mother asks you, are you going to fuck my dad?"

"I'll have to think about it. Now I know he's my dad this could get weird. He is very sexy. This swinging thing must have been going on for a long time."

"I can't believe my dad is your dad. Your mom is his sister."

"You should join me and the boys. It would be great to have two girls instead just me and two of them all the time."

"We need to get home. I'll call you later."

As soon as Kelly got home her mother set her down and told her about the sharing. She didn't tell her Bill was her father. After a long conversation Carrie told her what she wanted to do for Bill's birthday. Kelly said she needed to think about it for a few days.

Friday night after Kelly called Jill. They lay in bed talking on their cell phones for two hours. Both of them fingered themselves to multiple orgasms.

Saturday morning Kelly told her mother she would do it if they followed her plan. Ellen and Carrie would get Bill ready but not let him cum then they would go to the other house and wait for Kelly to call them before coming back. Kelly said she would be to self conscious with them close by. Kelly would say she was going with Jill to a sleep over.

Bill's birthday came and they had a small party. With John and the boys out of town it was just Bill, Ellen, Carrie, Kelly and Jill.

They had cake and ice cream and champagne. The girl each got one small glass before they left for their sleep over.

John expected some hot sex with him and two sexy women all to himself for the night. They stripped him and pushed him down on the king sized bed. He had to wait while they changed into sexy lingerie. It was worth the wait. Being kissed all over his body by two sets of soft lips almost made his shot his load. They would bring him to the edge and then back off. They both got up and left the room.

Almost immediately Carrie was back leaning on the doorway. In the dim light he could see she was wearing a big ribbon around her waist with a bow hanging down to cover her pussy. When had she changed into that?

"Happy birthday Uncle Bill. Are you ready for some fun?" She said in a sultry voice. She was going to be Kelly for him. That was one of his favorite fantasies. Her hips swayed as she walked to the bed and knee walked over to him. His eyes were on the swaying bow. She gave him a scorching kiss. He couldn't believe his eyes. It really was Kelly.

"Kelly what are you doing here?"

"I'm you special birthday surprise. Mom and Aunt Ellen think they're giving you my virginity. I'm not a virgin but don't tell them yet. Now, fuck my brains out DAD."

"You know?" If he wasn't in shock before he was now.

"That's something they don't think I know. We'll talk about the details later." She flopped on her back and spread her legs. "Now give me that stiff cock."

Not wanting to disappoint his special daughter he shoved between her legs and rammed his cock in to full depth. She screamed.

"Are you all right? I didn't hurt you did I?"

"I'm ok. You just surprised me. That's the biggest thing I've ever had in me."

Bill started slowly pumping into Kelly. Kelly had been thinking about this for weeks. She was hot and ready. When her dad reached up and massaged her breasts she moaned. When he pinched her hard nipples she cried out with pleasure. He ground his pelvis into her clit and she went stiff her body started to shake and flop uncontrollably as her orgasms hit her she scream his name. Bill was near the edge from the teasing Carrie and Ellen had given him his balls were loaded with hot cum. His fantasies of Kelly were coming true. When her spasming pussy began to milk his rock hard cock he couldn't control the out pouring of his lust. He emptied his balls into her tight wet teenaged pussy. With his cock still plugging her he took her in his arm and kissed her deeply.

They lay together on the bed as he told her how wonderful she was. Beginning with her lips he started to kiss and caress her. Trailing kisses down her neck and massaging her breasts he worked his lips and tongue and hand all over her body. He kissed her breast then gentle sucked and chewed her nipples. Waves of pleasure surged through Kelly's body. She moaned loudly and when he bit her nipples she scream out another orgasms. Her young pussy filled with her own hot cum. Sex with her teenage brother and cousin had always been good but this went far beyond any experience she had ever had.

Bill was in heaven as he worked his way down across her tight teenaged stomach until he reached her love slot. Spreading her legs he picked up the aroma of her heated sex. Diving in with his tongue he licked and sucked in her wonderful flavor. He sucked in her clit and began to nibble on her love button. He could get Carrie, his sister and her mother, out to about inch but Kelly was even longer. Her pleasure was apparent when she clamped his head between her legs and rolled through another climax. Shoving two fingers into her wet hole and lapping her clit it only took a few more minutes for her to fire her cum into his mouth. He drank down all he could collect.

Letting her rest he lay beside her and fondle her breasts. Rolling him onto his back she took his cock in her mouth and brought him to full attention. She straddled him and slid her hot wet sex down onto his waiting staff. She began to ride him mashing her clit into him with each stroke. He lover her in this position. He could watch his beautiful sixteen year old daughter as she made love to him. He played with her bouncing breasts and pinched her nipples. He was rewarded by her moans of pleasure.

Kelly soon reached another peak and screamed out her orgasm. Bill thought how much she was like her mother. They were both screamers and climaxed easily.

As she posted up and down his hard shaft he was building to another climax of his own. He could feel his balls tighten and prepare to fill her with his seed. Kelly could sense his need and she lunged down and held him tight up inside of her. They both exploded together their mutual need satisfying each other.

"Was that as good as your fantasies dad?"

"It was so much better. I love you. Thank you for the wonderful birthday gift. I hope we can do it again some time."

"Now I have two dads that love me. Mom and Aunt Carrie gave you my virginity as a gift. I'm sorry that's not what you got."

"Don't worry about that honey. You were the best gift I've ever gotten."

"Dad go get cleaned up. I have a special gift for you. Catch a quick shower and I will come get you."

Bill was curious but followed Kelly instructions. He was just getting out of the shower when she came in still naked and sat down.

"Uncle Bill, I have a friend that's a virgin. She will be my present to you. You can't tell mom and Aunt Ellen."

"You know I can't keep secrets from those two."

"Well just for a few days ok. She's shy so all of the lights will be out. I'll be there to guide you. She's built a lot like Jill. I even had her use Jill's soap and shampoo. You can call her Jill if that helps you fantasy." She handed him a pill.

"That should keep you going. You know that mom and Ellen will be over after we're done. They expect a full night."

Bill was led into to the bed room. He could see a girl already on the bed. In the dim light he couldn't see much else.

"Start by eating her out. That should get her good and wet." Kelly proceeded to guide him to the right position.

"Call her Jill and tell her how much you love her. She's here for your pleasure." Bill breathed in her aroma. She did smell like Jill right after a shower plus she smelled like a hot woman ready to please her man.

Tonguing her pussy and sticking his tongue as far into her hot vagina as he could he brought her to her first moaning climax. Her tunnel filled with her special lube. She sounded like Ellen when she moaned. Kissing her clit and sticking two fingers into her pussy he finger fucked her with quick rabbit strokes. After a few minutes she rewarded him with a shuddering orgasm squirting her delicious cum into his mouth and all over his face.

She was hot and ready now. He kissed his way up across her tight abs to her tits. Her nipples were like Ellen's, the way he imagined Jill's would be. Sucking and nibbling on them brought further moaning. He finally buried his nose into her soft neck. Her hair was in a long pony tail just like Jill like to wear. The smell of Jill's shampoo permeated his nostrils. Kelly had chosen the perfect girl to fill his incestuous fantasies.

"I love you Jill." He said as he kissed her soft willing lips. Her tongue darted into his mouth and he returned the kiss in kind.

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