Brother's Keeper

by CharlieWasHere

Copyright© 2019 by CharlieWasHere

Erotica Sex Story: For all his failings, he can still count on his brother.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Coercion   NonConsensual   Rape   Heterosexual   Fiction   Sadistic   Cream Pie   First   Violent   .

“SHUT UP! SHUT THE FUCK UP!” he snarled into her ear.

The fire blazed in the distance, and a few of the guys popped off firecrackers while the girls cheered them on. Neil held a tight grip over her mouth as she grabbed at his hair and shirt collar. She managed to struggle out from beneath him and started running for the campsite.

“HEEELLLLPP!” She bellowed from behind the trees. Her skirt fluttered as she ran and it gave him something to swipe at when he caught up. She looked back to swat his hands away, but a tree root tripped her from behind when she did. He fell on top of her and resumed his efforts to get her under control before he lost his temper. He pushed his hand over her mouth again and pinned her shoulders down with his other elbow. He looked up over the sticks and leaves, through the tree line, and across the gentle creek. The teens on the other side were jostling each other and hammering bottles of whiskey and tequila. None of them seemed to notice the two had gone for a walk.

After about thirty seconds of the girl fighting beneath him, she grew tired and her attempts to throw him off weakened more and more. Neil snickered in her face as she started to cry and blubber. He set about tearing at her blouse. She rolled over and tried to crawl away, but each time she managed a foot he would pull her back between his knees. The fabric ripped with a satisfying snap at the end, and he used the material to tighten a quick knot around her neck. She tugged and wrenched at the makeshift noose, but for all her troubles she could only gasp and wheeze. Neil laughed deep and low, suppressing the urge to belt out a maniac’s cackle and draw attention.

He put a knee in the middle of her back and bit her cheek. When she let out a sharp yelp, he pulled up on the fabric and sent her gasping again. His dick was now stiff and aching to be free from the confines of his jeans. He slid down her backside and adjusted his weight so most of it was on top of her. He rubbed against her ass as his underwear started soaking with pre-cum. She darted her eyes between him and whatever was on the ground in front of her; a rotted out tree stump maybe. He slid all five fingers through her hair and inhaled.

“God you smell good,” he said.

Pieces of her hair cracked from all the spray she used. “I wonder if you taste good too.” He found the hem of her skirt and yanked it up.

She found her voice again. “N-no no, s-s-s-stop. Please. Stop, d-don’t do that.” Her hand came back to push him away, but he twisted it hard behind her and laid back down.

“Don’t do what?” he asked with a grin. “You mean this?” he felt the entrance of her pussy and dug a finger in between her lips.

“Yes!” she cried out. “Please! No!” She winced as he probed in and out.

“I think ... there it is,” he pressed around for that soft mound inside her cunt.

“W-w-what are you ... n-no, not t-that, ple-uh, ah.” Her breathing intensified as he applied pressure to her G-spot. He felt the walls become wet as he sped up his hand motion.

“See?” he said into her ear. “I told you I could make you feel good if you just gave me a chance.”

She didn’t want to, but she released a small moan into the air only they could hear. Her hips gyrated alittle as he felt her walls swell, then fill with cum.

“But you had to be a fuckin’ tease and try ‘n run away from me.”

Without pause he shoved three fingers into her pussy as deep as he could. Her free hand moved to push off the ground as her head craned up, and Neil had to push her face back down into the dirt. He kept one hand through the knot, twisting it like a tourniquet as the other hand fucked her. He would’ve put his whole fist in there, but he couldn’t get the angle. She gritted her teeth and dry screamed into the ground. Her tears soaked into the cold earth as her eyes moved in and out of focus. He held his hand up to look at his soaked fingers. He licked the side of his index finger and was pleased.

“You must take pretty good care of yourself to taste this good.” He pushed his fingers back in. This time, when he pulled them out he shoved them into her mouth, listening to her choke on her own cum. She twisted her head away, but he let her. He stared into the side of her face and smirked as she shrank inward with humiliation. He sat up and undid his belt buckle. The sound of clinking metal was enough to make her struggle again. He grabbed the middle of the strap and brought the buckle down on her back with a thud. Before she could think to scream, Neil punched the side of her jaw. Her head bounced off the dirt floor and she groaned in immense pain.

“Shut! Up.” he said as he leaned down. “You’ll take this beating, and if you so much as say ‘ow,’ I’ll make sure to choke ya out for good. Got it!” She gave a feeble nod and he went back to hitting her back with the buckle. After about twenty, though probably closer to thirty, times of doing this, he looped the belt around her neck and fastened the strap until it was snug around her neck.

Her entire body tensed under anticipation. Her skin was covered in goosebumps and an array of red and purple spots, some already turning black. She shivered with her arms tucked in and her nails digging into the dirt. She flinched when he laid down on her. He chuckled into her ear and smelled her hair again.

“P-please,” she whispered, “p-please ... n-no, no m-m-more ... please?”

He pulled at the belt strap and whispered back, “You still have one more thing I want.”

Neil grabbed two handfuls of her hips and pulled her ass into the air. She stayed on her elbows, afraid to move after the beating she just endured. He found the waistband of her frilly panties and tore it to shreds with his bare hands, eager to see her unobstructed ass. He balled them up tight and held them out in front of her face.

“Open,” he ordered.

She did and with minimal effort. He pushed the underwear into her small mouth towards the back of her throat. Untying the ripped blouse from her neck, he tied the fabric through her teeth and secured it around the back of her head. Her breathing filtered out through muffled moans and the taste of her own pleasure. He smirked at the gagging noises she made as well as the humiliated look on her face. He pulled out his throbbing cock from behind his own waistband and let it fall on the back of her ass. She squealed as it landed and jerked forward. Neil grabbed the belt strap with one hand and the base of his shaft with the other.

“Uh uh uh,” he said. “You ain’t goin’ nowhere princess.”

He doubled the strap over his knuckles and pulled until she was forced to back her ass up against him. He stroked the tip up and down the soaked lips of her cunt and began inserting himself into her wet hole. She tugged at the belt, so he grabbed the middle part with his free hand like he were controlling a skittish filly. He pushed with his hips until his dick disappeared inside her pussy. She cried out from behind the gag and pushed at his stomach with one of her hands.

“What?” he asked, “You don’t like me takin’ your virginity?”

She shook her head as he pumped in and out, enjoying her tightness and pain. He moved his hands to either end of the belt and pressed the strap across the back of her neck. Her chest hit the ground with a thud. His fists made indentations into the ground as he slammed his cock in and out. Letting go of the belt, he put one hand on the back of her neck and the other hand on the small of her back. She dug her nails into his hand and still pushed at his side to get him off. He paused for a moment, dick still inside, as he twisted both her arms behind her back like chicken wings and continued to pound away. Her hands and arms tensed each time his skin slapped against her ass. “Ffffuckin’ A girl,” he said in a low voice. “If I knew you were gonna feel this good, I would’ve convinced you to go for a walk sooner.” She grunted with each thrust and turned her face away, a face that was turning bright red.

Neil slowed his pace and thought to himself. He nearly snickered out loud when he got the idea. He pulled out and for a second she relaxed, but a second was all he gave her. He leaned down like an animal and whispered to his prey, “You think daddy’s gonna kill ya, wait ‘til he finds out you’ve been turned into a sodomite.” She yanked her head back and forth at the dirty word.

“Pleesh,” she begged through cloth and coughing, “Pleesh, d-don’ ... plee-”

He pounded his fist into the side of her temple. Before she could recover, he stuck his still hard erection into her asshole. He grabbed hold of the buckle and twisted the belt so it made deep marks across her neck. Her suffering echoed inside his ears and flooded his body with ecstasy. He could only push so far given how tight and clenched she was, but he was confident he’d gotten his point across. He noticed every time he twisted the belt, her asshole would get even tighter. What little fucking he was able to do to her ass was enough to make him explode inside of her. He erupted with a guttural growl and collapsed on top of her, panting and exhaling “oh shit” a few times.

Once he slowed down his heart rate, he wiped his dick on her ass, stood up, and reassembled himself like nothing happened. He unfastened his belt and admired the deep red imprints around her throat. Various pieces of her wardrobe were strewn about and most of her was covered in dirt. Looking down at her black and blue body, he nudged her head with his boot. “Hey ... hey!” She twitched and started to curl up in the fetal position, eyes closed and arms pulled across her body. He knelt down and rested an elbow across his thigh. “Look at me.” he said. She remained still, like she was trying to play dead. He leaned in.

“Look. At. Me.”

She twitched her eyes open and her body curled tighter.

“Yer not gonna tell anyone. Right? Not even daddy?”

She wearily nodded up and down.

“Good.” On that syllable, he jumped up and kicked her square in the gut. She spazzed and clutched at her diaphragm, gulping in air as readily as she could. He kicked her again, then once more. She tried rolling around to the other side as best she could, but he just rolled her onto her back with the heel of his boot. He straddled her stomach and wailed on her face a few times, just because. He smiled to himself as her face instantly bruised and swelled at his assault. He checked her pulse. When he felt it still beating, he spit on her for good measure, and got back up. He looked across the river and noticed the fire had died down considerably. He turned around and headed back the way they came.

Then he saw it: a beam of light, shining right in his face.

“Neil?” he heard a voice ask.

He panicked when he recognized the voice. “A-Alex,” he said as he held his hand up. “the fuck you doin’ out here?”

He lowered the beam. “I came lookin’ for you and Shirley when y’all didn’ come back.” He eyed Neil up and down. “The hell you covered in dirt for?”

“ ... I tripped.”

“Like hell you did, the fuck were you doin’ over there?” He flicked the beam to where the unconscious girl lay.

“Don’t worry ‘bout it, let’s just go.” Neil pulled at Alex’s wrist, but Alex pulled the light away and backed up towards her spot.

“Look, we may’ave been born on the same day, but I’m still yer older brother.” He turned around and started running to where she was.

“Wha- Alex! Alex! DON’T!” Neil sprinted after him, trying to think of what he would say.

Alex stopped ten feet short of where the unconscious girl lay. His jaw relaxed open as his grip on the flashlight loosened and fell on the ground. The beam rolled around and illuminated her bruised torso and ripped skirt. Other than the spotlight on this near corpse, the only other light was provided by the moon, sneaking a peak above the treetops. Neil had caught up and was facing his brother with both hands up to stop him from encroaching any further. Alex could see the faint outline of forehead and nose.

“Alex, w-wait, I can explain-”


Neil staggered back as Alex punched him directly on the side of the mouth.

“The fuck man!”

“Yer goddamn right yer gonna explain!” Alex said as he stepped forward and pushed Neil on the chest.

“Alright! Alright!” said Neil. He put a hand up and spit blood from his mouth, then wiped his lips off.

They each stopped for a moment. The wind was

beginning to pick up.

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