Boardinghouse Bonus

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2018 by Tony Tiger

Romantic Sex Story: An older widow with an older house. Both require maintenance from the men who board there and they get it.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   Sharing   Gang Bang   .

Mildred heard the back door open and the lunchbox put on the shelf. She bent over the kitchen counter where she was preparing dinner and pulled up the short skirt she always wore that time of day. Her buns were neither trim or huge and sagged a little, but not bad for mid-50s. She always played a little game and didn’t look to see who had just arrived.

Footsteps came up behind her and she heard his zipper and then the mushroom head began poking, suddenly slipping easily inside her waiting sheath. Its entry was eased by the fact that another visitor had very recently left some fresh lubrication.

“It’s Tommy isn’t it?” She guessed from the length and angle from which the firm male flesh was entering her. Lots of experience.

“Very good ma’am. Hope you’ve had a good day.” He was so polite, even when he was fucking her.

“You’re making it better and when you finish I’m ready for some help with dinner.” She knew he would, he was always helpful and it was his turn. After she felt him spurt he took the warm damp washcloth and wiped her and himself off before he pulled her skirt down and went to change out of his work clothes.

The men who boarded with her now were all helpful. She lost her husband prematurely two years previously and without his income it was very difficult to keep up the fourth generation five-bedroom home. It was older and required a good deal of maintenance. When she got the idea to rent four of the rooms out it was salvation. It was within walking distance or an easy bus connection to the industrial parts of town. Her fee was modest, covering her expenses and the good home cooked food she supplied. Each of the boarders was required to provide maintenance in addition to dollars. That suited them quite well or they were asked to leave.

She rang the little crystal bell and three more men took their place at the table. Tommy helped her serve tonight. That was one of the several things that was rotated among the tenants. When all were ready she gave grace and they dug in. Big bowls of food were on the table and rapidly emptied. Depending on the meal, a glass of wine or beer was served as well. Any additional had to come out of their own pocket.

It was Friday night and she had a list of things that needed to be worked on over the weekend. There were different work schedules so she only required that it be done by Sunday evening. She’d inventoried the men’s skills when they began living there so she knew what tasks to assign to whom.

Tommy, who was up on the household helper rotation for the day, was the youngest at 20. Next was William at 27, Roger at 32, and Zeke at 55. All of them had been with her at least a year by this point but Zeke had seniority, being her first boarder when she opened the doors.

The men were on their own after dinner and might watch television in the living room or whatever else they chose to do. Her daily helper must clean the table and tidy the kitchen before they could have free time. Many of them retired for the night early out of the habit of awakening for the early starting hours of their industrial jobs. Some would work many Saturdays as well.

She needed to be up ahead of them to prepare the breakfast that they all needed to handle their often strenuous jobs. She could do that without a helper but today was not yet finished. When she signaled, Tommy followed to her room and they used the bathroom there to prepare for bed. The other four rooms shared two bathrooms but this was the master suite and had its own. There was an easy familiarity between the two, almost as if they were spouses, but that came from the fact that he would be doing this every fourth day.

They snuggled under the covers and reached for each other’s bodies. She was delighted with his long hard young cock, and it took few fondles to get it fully ready for action. He always enjoyed getting his hands and mouth on her soft, mature, and substantial bosom. She decided to be on top this time and mounted him easily, the cream from four randy rods deposited earlier at homecoming not yet fully absorbed. She enjoyed what he was doing to her chest as her pussy glowed with the sensations of moving on his shaft.

She and her husband had an active sex life right up to when he died suddenly. It had gotten even more interesting after the children left home and they began exploring things. Her hospitality to her boarders seemed like a natural thing to do after being a totally accommodating hostess to some visiting men from time to time. If they were a couple, her husband had been equally hospitable. Sex was fun and an important part of her life so she needed it for good health and happiness.

Her young bedmate made sure that she’d reached her satisfaction before he thrust hard and moaned in pleasure, releasing his seed. They slept snuggled until the alarm. A quick shower together before they dressed and their new day began.

Each of the men were special to her and she enjoyed a different flavor of sex with every one. That kept it very interesting. Their order of helping was established by age, just because that was a simple way.

On weekdays she had the house all to herself. That’s when she did the shopping, cleaning the bathrooms, and also taking time just to read and enjoy being herself. About four in the afternoon was when the first one got home from work and then the busyness picked up.

Thank goodness those pesky periods were done and she didn’t have to deal with that mess, or the risk of her belly swelling either. Her womanly parts were now just for the benefit of herself and others. She was certainly making the best of that, each day getting more lusty attention as in a week with her dear departed husband.

William and Roger were pretty average guys, both as helpers in and out of bed. Nothing special but nice and dependable. She slept well enough after they fucked her. Zeke was a different story. He was a rascal.

Being about her age, he was the veteran of three marriages and innumerable liaisons. With his experience and imagination he was definitely the most fun in bed. But that’s not the only place, not counting the kitchen welcome-homes, that he would put his hand under her skirt or squeeze a tit and try to initiate some body fun, even if it wasn’t his helper day. The weekends were the easiest of course but he also worked a swing shift changing out the morning and graveyard shifts every other week.

That let him sometimes be home when nobody but Mildred was there. He well knew being helpful gets you into a woman’s heart, or at least her pants. Even though she never got too much of the latter, and Zeke’s extra assistance provided the time, she limited him one off-schedule screw per day. His pecker wasn’t notably different than any of the others but he sure knew how to use it and surprisingly for his age he was the biggest cummer of the bunch. She couldn’t complain because he often used his tongue and lips to clean her up after he made a mess in her twat. That was his favorite treat, she knew because he tried to be last on the welcoming train and would suck her dry as she stayed bent over kitchen counter.

Because of extra time together they had become much closer friends than with any of the other boarders. She would often ask him for advice about things related to the house or fucking or almost anything else. Zeke even went to church with her, having a spiritual strength hidden under his general irreverence.

One time they were out working in the garden. Zeke pulled up her skirt as she was on her hands and knees weeding the lettuce. It was exciting being where she might be seen having a man ramming into her like a farm animal. It was exciting enough that she had her climax, usually quickly, and he shot his stuff in there, pulled out, arranged her skirt, and went back to picking tomatoes.

She knew he’d had a lot of sex in his life which accounted for his not being at all concerned that three other dicks were diddling his friend. He was getting extra and she told him that she enjoyed his loving the best. That was all he needed to know.

Then Tommy got moved to second shift. That kind of messed up her neatly organized sexual rotation. The daily helper could still get tasks done regardless of time of day except dinner on weekdays. Who used her pussy when had to be reorganized. Mildred sat down with Zeke. He was good at organizing.

The other men worked 7 to 3:30. About a half-hour was allowed for travel. Mildred was up at 5 to get breakfast and lunches made so headed to bed by 9. That gave some time for fucking the helper of the day before sleep.

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