Spring Break

by Morganna la Fae

Copyright© 2015 by Morganna la Fae

Horror Sex Story: Spring Break is fun for many people, but for some it becomes a nightmare that haunts them for the remainder of their lives.

Caution: This Horror Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   NonConsensual   Rape   Coercion   Mind Control   Drunk/Drugged   Magic   Slavery   Fiction   Zoophilia   Extra Sensory Perception   Paranormal   BDSM   FemaleDom   Rough   Humiliation   Sadistic   Torture   Orgy   Interracial   Bestiality   Water Sports   Public Sex   Caution   Violent   .

The sun shines brightly but gently on an anonymous stretch of beach. On the beach man and woman stand together with a large white dog sitting between them. They are both tall and blond, beautiful people by all appearances, the woman is slightly taller than the man, who stands about six feet tall if someone were to measure him. The man is carrying a professional video camera and wearing a blue Speedo that is tightly molded to the bulge of his cock and balls.

The idyllic scene and beautiful people however conceal a darker reality; the center of which swirls around the woman who could pass as a Nordic goddess. But only the woman and man seem entirely aware that there's something wrong in the small seaside city which has become a Spring Break destination for many young people.

The woman is wearing a white t-shirt that is cut to ribbons almost as high as her nipples and a pair of string bikini panties that is lovingly molded to her camel toe. When the woman moves it is easy to see that her breasts are unrestrained under the thin knit of her shirt. That is if the visible contrast of her nipples which tent the thin material is not enough of a clue. The woman also carries a microphone which appears to be wireless.

Each of them wears a hat that is emblazoned with the words: Official Photographer. They also have fairly large fanny packs. The packs are almost large enough to be called rucksacks. They have flip-flops on their feet and wear mirrored sunglasses.

In the direction the camera is currently pointed an orgy is in full swing. As the couple film the scene they discuss the action, "So Dick, how long do you think it will take the police to get here this time?" the woman asks. The discussion which seems friendly to outside observers. The truth is much darker, because a tendril of dark power flows from the woman to Dick encasing his body and mind in a straight jacket that only allows him to say what she desires to hear for the most part.

"Sandy, I think it will take about as long as it takes some wrinkled old bat of a woman to complain," Dick answers.

"That's rude!"

"You can't say that it's untrue though can you? Have any of the complaints that we've been able to source ever come from a man?"

"There was that dirty old man of a priest."

"Who counts as a wrinkled old prune at least, but since we've spotted him looking from places he thinks he can't be seen, I still say he should count as a wrinkled old bat of a woman."

"You won't include the fact that he was more interested in your cock than my pussy in that evaluation, though will you?"

"Oh that has something to do with it alright, but I still think he wouldn't have said a word if he hadn't been worried that he had been recognized by those old bats who were just down the beach."

Their conversation is broken when a couple of young women come over to flirt with the camera. Dick senses the moment that Sandy's power shifts the attention of the approaching girls from him to her. Even so according to the instructions the woman has imparted to them they begin to preen and pose. Almost immediately the dog gets to his feet and sticks his nose into each girl's crotch.

"Down Spot! Bad Dog!" Dick says pulling on the leash that until that moment had been invisible, forcing the dog to at least back away from his enthusiastic sniffing and licking at the girls.

Sandy's power subtly shifts the girls' attitude once more during this incident. Dick is aware that they would normally have been embarrassed at having the dog's cold nose, and hot tongue in their most intimate and guarded area. Instead they giggle and experience a shot of arousal.

After the girls have held a whispered conversation with Sandy, which includes a deep kiss with lots of tongue and some moaning, each of them leans over, practically flashing their tits at Dick while they make admiring comments to Spot.

"So will they be back?" Dick asks as he watches the women join in the orgy that they are filming.

"Kitty, that's the blonde," Sandy tells him, "seemed interested, but she's not drunk enough yet."

"That'll wear any booze that they have in their systems right out," Dick indicates the energetic orgy in front of them.

Sandy then turns against Dick and pulls him into a kiss. "I slipped them something that should keep their interest up," Sandy whispers to him.

"God I love you," Dick says as he backs away from Sandy.

"Can I get some of that?" a bold, chocolate colored woman asks, as the pair separate.

Dick has just enough time to realize that the woman is able to shrug off Sandy's attempt to redirect her attention before he feels Sandy's rage begin to build. Her approach to the woman is at first deceptively mild, but soon escalates. "You want to kiss me too?" Sandy asks as she pulls the slightly younger woman to her.

"I've never done that..."

The older woman who has caught the interloper's hair says, "Maybe you really want me to slap your silly little ass so hard your children feel it?"

"You can't do that!"

Sandy pulls the younger dark skinned woman back far enough that she can lay a resounding slap across her breasts.

"Help! I'm being assaulted!" she screams.

"What's going on here?" a policeman asks, as he approaches the altercation.

Hope flares in the girl's eyes at the approach of the lawman. Her hope however is short lived as the woman who has been slapping her apparently has some sort of hold over the policeman as he doesn't blink at the woman's answer. "This nasty little cunt was trying to horn in on my man," the woman who has an iron grip on the dark skinned girl's braids tells him.

"Do you need any help, Sandy?" the policeman asks.

"Sure, if you could hold this slut while I ask her some questions."

While the dark girl is still gaping at the exchange, the policeman gathers her arms into a hold that twists both of them up behind her head.

"Hey! I'm... ," she starts to say.

"I know what you are," Sandy lays another slap across the girl's breasts that knocks one of them out of her swimsuit. "You're a nasty little slut!" Sandy tells her while slapping her breasts hard enough to leave a mark and draw a sobbing cry from her victim as she manages to catch both of her now exposed nipples.

"What," Crack!


"I," Crack!


"Want," Crack!


"To." Crack!


"Know." Crack!


"Is." Crack!


"Where." Crack!


"You." Crack!


"Think." Crack!


"You." Crack


"Are." Crack!


The dark skinned woman has been reduced to sobbing and sniffing by the slapping that has been done to her breasts. The policeman shakes his head and lays her mostly unresponsive body at the feet of the woman who beat her. "What a worthless cunt!" he says, "I might fuck her but it would be like fucking a new corpse even if she was awake."

"Thank you for your help, Officer Lopez," the woman says, "I suppose you have to break that up?" she asks pointing to the orgy just down the beach.

"I do, and Sandy, a word to the wise: Don't leave any trash on the beach."

"I'll remember that," Sandy replies. When Officer Lopez' back is turned to her she shifts her swimsuit bottom to the side and straddles the face of her still whimpering victim. She lets loose a stream of piss that hits the crying girl's face and eyes before she has a chance to avoid the humiliating shower. This is especially true as Sandy has her feet on her hair.

"Why'd ya do that?" the woman on the ground asks.

"Because I can. Now, again, Where do you think you are?"

"Uhhh... ?"

"Does that mean that you have no idea of where you are, or are you trying to figure out what I really want to know?"

"What do you want to know?" the girl asks between sobs.

"I didn't know that asking where you thought you were was a trick question," Sandy says tapping her captive on one of her nipples with a long thin stick she has made appear from somewhere.

"OWWWW! Mexico... ?"

"What made you think that trying to horn in on my man was a good idea while you were in Mexico, slut?"

"I'm not..." Craack "OWWWWWWWWWWWWW!"

"Hey Dick, piss on this slut so she'll wake up," Sandy orders her partner.

Dick unlimbers his cock from his Speedo and begins to piss on Sandy's captive, taking aim at her partially open mouth and somewhat open eyes. The woman jerks her head hard enough to rip some hair loose trying to escape the stream of piss that is hitting her face. "IEEEEEEEEEE! YIEEEEEE! EEEEEEEE!" She shrieks. The man takes advantage of her open mouth to aim his stream there. This brings coughing, gargling shrieks from her.

When Dick stops pissing on Sandy's captive she taps the girl's face and says, "Are you done being a stupid slut?"

There is only whimpering and low sobbing from the woman. Whack! Sandy strikes the woman's breast "I can hit you with this until I get tired or I draw blood," she presses the end of the stick down on the welt she has just raised and continues, "You can nod if your answer is yes for the next few questions: So are you ready to answer some questions?"

The woman on the sand nods carefully so as to avoid pulling her hair as she moves. "I see you can hear me and maybe you're smart enough to be trained: So, did someone teach you manners?"

The girl on the sand nods. "Do you think the person who taught you manners would think that approaching another woman's man and offering him sex was good manners?"

The woman on the sand shakes her head slowly.

"I see, so I'm going to bet that the person," Sandy presses hard on the stick she's been using to tease her captive's nipples with, shoving it into one of them with its narrow edge laid along the welt that crosses the nipple, "MAMA!!" Shrieks the woman who is being tormented by Sandy. "Like maybe your mama, had a name for women who offered to have sex with random strangers?"

The captive nods slowly.

"Was it slut?" Sandy whisks the end of her stick across both of her captive's nipples.

"WOWWWWWWOWWW!" the woman howls before shaking her head.

"Whore?" the stick in Sandy's hand strikes her captive's nipples hard enough that a faint slap can be heard just before the girl howls again. Her head is shaking as tears stream from her eyes and snot rolls across her cheeks.

"Not slut, and not whore?" Sandy asks as she brings the end of the rod in her hand quickly across her captive's nipples again. Howls ensue amid head shaking as emphatic as the girl can make it without ripping her hair from her head.

"Well I'm sure I could guess all day but I won't," Sandy says while tormenting the sensitive flesh of her captive's breasts a bit more. "I think I'll take you home; that is after we get your ID, which I bet you don't have with you."

Sandy's captive shakes her head. "You don't have your ID, or you don't want to come with me?"

"Both!" Sandy's captive spits.

"Hey Franco!" Sandy calls, motioning to the policeman who's making his way off the beach. "You go off duty about now don't you?"

The chunky policeman ambles over to the trio and asks, "What do you need, my Lady?"

"This slut doesn't know where she is and seems to have forgotten her name, or at least she won't tell me her name, even though she solicited my man for sex."

"So she's a whore?" Franco's eyes light up at the prospect of having the woman at his mercy.

"I think that she really doesn't know what is done to whores here; maybe you should cuff her and take here around town to see where she's staying. After all as lost as she is she might fall in the ocean and get eaten by a shark. I'm sure the mayor, who doesn't want trash on the beach, wouldn't be pleased to have a tourist, even one as stupid as this one show up on the beach dead from shark bite."

"That would be bad."

"Then there's the fact that she thinks that she's in Mexico."

"That is bad, as we're not permitted to punish lost turistas."

"But I'm able to recover damages from the slut, and she is still under our laws otherwise?" Sandy asks the policeman.

"You may."

"And part of those are the charges I will owe for asking your help with determining where this slut is staying?"

"If you say she's a whore it is easier for us, you know."

"Hey slut, stop pretending that you've gone to sleep," Sandy says as she sharply pokes her captive's nipple with her rod.

"WOWOWWWW! I'm not..." Whack! "OWOWOWOW!"

"Before you decide to deny that you're a slut, which would mean I might think you're a dirty nasty whore who is selling her pussy," Sandy brings her rod down between her captive's legs with another sharp WHACK! "You might want to know the difference between the charges and who can assign punishment and what that punishment might be."

"All whores belong to me," Franco Lopez grins so that the captive can see him though it may be debated whether she is truly aware of her surroundings due to her howling and sobbing brought on by the latest pain that Sandy has inflicted on her.

"Though it does sound more like you have a bitch there, mistress," Dick says.

"I didn't ask your opinion, did I Dick?"

"No Mistress."

"Still if I have a stray bitch, I'm able to take her home and no one can say anything about it?"

"If I might add a bit, Mistress," Dick asks.

"If you say something I don't like I will punish you, Dick."

"It will be as you desire, Mistress, but it might be wise to discover who that slut looks to, if she has an owner, or someone who can cause you problems if you simply take her. Recall if you will the tangle I caused?"

WHACK! Sandy's rod rises up between Dick's legs and the blow bends him over, nearly causing him to collapse in order to protect his injured nuts.

"You're hard on your property, Lady," Franco tells Sandy.

"I'm glad to belong to a kind and generous Mistress," Dick squeaks.

"My property is always appreciative of my generosity," Sandy says a bit unctuously.

"If I might add a bit more," Dick says, watching Sandy's rod carefully.

"Speak slave!"

Dick gulps and changes his stance so that his feet are nearly a foot apart. "Mistress, we had another project under way when you decided that you must rescue that ungrateful slut you've been instructing in manners. It seems to me that we should return to that as quickly as possible before you have to start over."

"You're right Dick, and you obeyed your training this time," Sandy says as she moves just enough to bring her hand into contact with her slave's cock bulge. She strokes the length of his prick through the thin material of his Speedo until a good two inches of erect, uncut cock is poking past the low waistband of the tiny suit. "Franco, what's the charge to rent your cuffs for a while?"

The policeman names a price and Sandy says, "Get her up and shackle her arms around this Dick's neck. Then shackle her feet to her wrists." When the process is finished, Sandy attaches a leash to the necks of her captive and her slave, though the first is a bit unnecessary, she produces a razor knife and proceeds to cut the last bit of clothing from the woman's body. She pulls the Speedo off from her slave and works his mostly erect member between her captive's pussy lips. "Lift up!" Sandy commands, while jabbing a sharp object into the juncture of the woman's pussy lips. Dick, the slave lifts a bit and the woman does too, to avoid whatever Sandy is sticking her with.

When Sandy has the head of her slave's cock well seated in her captive's pussy hole she eases the pressure she's putting on her to cause her to lift her body and the captive slides down with a soft grunt, impaling herself on the erect cock that she has been forced to accept. Her head falls on the shoulder of Sandy's slave and except for the shackles and leashes the pair would appear to be lovers.

As Sandy hangs the girl on him Dick makes contact with her mind. Because of the assault that she has experienced and because Sandy has seized control of some of her lower brain functions the girl, whose name he now knows to be Beth is intoxicated in certain ways. Therefore Dick also knows her sexual past. He can't use that knowledge at the present, but when Beth has had a chance to acclimate to the fact that her body has been told to be sexually aroused the knowledge will be handy to train the woman to be part of Sandy's program.

To be honest, Dick isn't sure that if he weren't programed by Sandy to think about how to break women like Beth, who Sandy has captured that he would think of anything except that his cock had been placed into the heated confines of a woman's vagina and that the woman was actively attempting to extract a load of sperm from him. That he will only cum when and where Sandy has programed him to cum is not known to the women to whom he is just another cog in the machine that a mad monster has built to turn them into something less than livestock.

Most of what Dick thinks though is not something that occurs to him as he makes contact with Beth, but rather what he has managed to put together in the times when he is not being used to break women who have fallen into Sandy's clutches. Those thoughts, like his mostly futile plans of escape are beyond his ability to control. That they are uninteresting to Sandy is a testament to her arrogance. That is what he hopes will one day put him in a better position to escape from the madness that he has fallen into.

"Let's go down Stock street before heading to Hotel road," Sandy orders. She pulls on the leashes she has attached to her slave and captive while heading into the town that lies along the beachfront.

Stock street is not named that because at one time the street was home to a stockyard, but rather because there are stocks placed along the street for the punishment of crimes both petty and not so petty. The fact that the stocks are in use is ignored by most of the passersby. The few college age men and women who notice them at all think that they are part of an ongoing renfaire.

As they go, the man who Sandy is leading on a leash turns his head slightly and whispers to the woman who is impaled on his cock, "You'd be wise to pay very close attention to what we're going to see. I'm not sure you have really processed the fact that you are neither in Kansas nor in Mexico, but you need to pay attention to something besides how hot your pussy is."

"You wouldn't be whispering sweet nothings to that slut about escaping and living the wild life in my forests, would you Dick?"

"No Mistress, I'm trying sweet reason on this slut, since she seems to not ... OOOFFFF!" he grunts as Sandy's rod strikes him in the crotch, "to respond to pain very well yet."

"See that is all you do. Even if I decide to keep the slut you'll have to share her with whoever I decide should be tupping her."

"Escape is impossible," the male slave whispers to the woman who is hung on his body. "Sandy, whatever she is, and I don't think it's human, can track you anywhere in the universe, or perhaps the multiverse ... OOOFFFF!" Sandy has struck him with her rod again.

"Sandy has injected you with something that will put you in heat, or a condition close enough to heat to mimic it. What that means is that until you're pregnant you will want to fuck. You won't care if it's me she hangs you on or if she puts you into presentation pose and puts you to Spot's cock, until you're pregnant all you're going to be able to think about is getting fucked." he tells the woman who is now beginning to actively hump her body against him, fucking herself on his cock as they walk.

Sandy who is walking beside them rubs the captive woman's back and says, "Are you enjoying getting knocked up little slut?"

"UHH HUUU..." the woman moans as she works her body up and down on the pole that is impaling her pussy. Though it is doubtful that she has answered the question that has been put to her, this is because she is moaning and humping with blank eyed abandon.

"It looks like I need to take my newest slut home. People are starting to stand around and stare at her breeding herself," Sandy tells Officer Lopez, "I'll clean her face up and send her picture around, and get a set of prints for you to query."

Several hours later a bucket of cold water is thrown on the woman who Sandy captured. "Wake up slut!" Sandy grates.

The naked, dark skinned girl who is now in a cage comes erect in a flash and rushes at Sandy. ZAP! "OWWWOOWW!

"I said, wake up stupid slut!" Sandy grates as she tosses another bucket of icy water into the cage.

The woman who was knocked back from the bars of the cage by an electric discharge a moment before rolls to her hands and knees and looks out of the cage. She makes no attempt to rush her tormenter. She however glares at the woman who is standing next to several buckets. "I see that there might be a brain in your head," Sandy says in a rough voice. "Tell me, do you remember what I asked you last?"

"Something about me having bad manners," the girl in the cage says.

"Nothing about you enjoying getting knocked up?"

"Uhhh... ?"

"How are you feeling?"

"Uhhh... ?"

"What's wrong? Kitty got your tongue?" Sandy asks her captive, who is attempting to rub her pussy with hands that are encased in large, soft and currently soaking mitts.


"I guess there's nothing in your skull but a bitch in heat, are you willing to present to a dog in hopes that you'll get a litter of puppies?"

The girl in the cage freezes and utters a double grunt, "UHHH HUUU!"

"Are all human females stupid?" Sandy grates.

"No Mistress," Dick opines from a cage where he is standing naked, near the bars, with his feet a foot apart.

Sandy turns and faces the man, she uses a thin rod to strike his nuts and pecker, "Did I ask you any questions?" she says harshly.

The man falls against the bars of his cage and an ugly ZAP! sounds. The woman lets it go on for a few seconds before using her rod, which is evidently stronger than it appears, to push him away from the bars.

For a while Sandy paces and rants about feeding all the humans in her program to sharks. "That would be most unwise, Mistress," Dick croaks from where he's sitting somewhat spraddle legged on his cage floor.


"You may rule this town as queen, and even convince the rest of Mexico to ignore what you do here as long as only a few tourists disappear, and the nearest federales get a good income from you. But if everyone in town disappeared they, and other nations would be forced to notice."

"What do you mean?"

"Consider Officer Lopez' warning about trash on the beach, you and I both knew that he didn't mean glass and paper, or at least not only those, he was saying and we heard, please stop having so many dead bodies appear on the beach."

"True, but that's only because I haven't exerted my will to rule this world."

"Do you think you could rule the world? And if you could, would doing so meet your goals?"

"What do you know of my goals?"

Dick, who hasn't changed his position from one that leaves him entirely open to being struck on his most tender bits says, "What I've learned from the women here."

"I thought that you were discussing escape."

"It always comes up. But if you will hear me I will try to help you better understand humans."

"Say on."

"At least three times you have partially purged your program. Perhaps you have even completely purged it before, but after each purge you've returned to working with humans."

"Yes... ?"

"So, the first conclusion I've reached is that you have some goal that makes using humans necessary."

"Indeed... ?"

"So, now hear about humans or be forced to move again, because that is the second thing that I've learned from the women, that is that every time you purge your program you've moved to a new location."

"Why do you think I moved on?"

"When too many human bodies showed up, far more people than you could control came to investigate."

"Why are humans so irrational?"

"Are we irrational? Perhaps you can answer a question: What would happen on your world if bodies of your people started appearing in a place?"

"There would be an investigation."

"So too, this is true for humans. You can play the big bad monster to a certain degree if you're willing to move around and not have a permanent base. But you're trying some sort of breeding program. To do that you need a base that is not being pushed on by investigators."

"How can I do that?"

"Create a plausible excuse for people to stay where you are. For the ones that you want to keep, make them doubt their memories of what you do to them, while they live and work near you."


"Give that slut something to make her sleep and I'll change her bed again. Then give everyone here some sort of hallucinogenic drug, then let them go."

"How will that keep people away?"

"It won't, but for most of them it will provide a plausible excuse which will keep them from looking deeper."

"I don't understand"

"At least some people will stop looking if they have an obvious explanation for something."

"Are you sure?"

"What I suggest won't stop everyone, but it will muddy the water quite effectively."

"I still need to keep females long enough for them to produce young."

"So study us more and create a plausible reason for women to stay here and bear young without men to form society with."

"I suppose you have some ideas as to how to do that?"

"You mean you haven't read my notes, or viewed the courses I purchased?"

"What could savages like you teach me?"

"Why you're afraid of us, or why you should be afraid of us for a start. Maybe the last time your people had dealings with us you taught us to write. But mark this well, we learned to write and that is among the many reasons you should fear us."

"I don't fear humans! They are puny savages that I can destroy anytime I want to!" Sandy shouts in a voice that comes close to breaking glass.

"Are you ready to move to a new place and start over? Three times that I know of you have left a place and lived small until you could capture a person of power. Will you raze this town and move on? Where will you go?"

"This is the best place I've found."

"So go reinforce your hold on the mayor and the police, or you will have to move."

"If I must..."

"The true danger to your program isn't those of us in the cages here, but those who you must let wander around so that you can capture a few people. If they start to question your power or your ability to help them fulfill their darkest wishes they will start to try to take your power."

The woman turns with a snarl, toward the door. "If you kill them, you'll have to start over in a new place. Seduce them before showing them your fangs so to speak. Oh and release me so that I can get the wet stuff out of the new slut's cage. If you don't she will die, and that may be the final body that forces you to move."

Though the woman's back is to the cage as she growls there is a snap as a lock is released then as the man's cage door swings open she sweeps away to the door of the warehouse where the people, mostly women are imprisoned. "It will be death to touch this door, or any other leading outside." she snarls as she steps through it and swings it shut with a resounding crash.

For a short time silence reigns in the warehouse, then a sibilant whisper can be heard, " ... Quisling..." "Quisling..." "Quisling!"

The man lets the chant continue for at least a minute before shouting, "How many of you bitches are in heat?"

Almost immediately there is silence in the cavernous space, then there are whimpering moans from more than half the cages. "Are the rest of you pregnant?"

"Except for JoJo and he wishes he could get pregnant, even here," a derisive voice shouts from somewhere in the mass of cages that are mostly filled with women. "Everyone who is pregnant be quiet for a minute," the man shouts. When the noise in the warehouse has settled to just the moans of the women who sound like they might be near orgasm he walks up to a cage where a woman is kneeling in an almost perfect presentation pose, "Penny, look at me," he commands.

"So hard..." the woman he called Penny says as she lifts her head to look at him.

"What's so hard? The dog cock with its hard, hot, knot that will fill you with sperm and make you cum and forget about being in heat? Or maybe you want me or JoJo to do you so you can stop being in heat for as long as it takes to have a baby?"

"Survive to escape, escape to kill you, worthless dick," Penny manages to pant out.

"That's the spirit Penny, I love you too, and I hope you survive to escape, but for all you who think I'm being a Quisling for cooperating with Sandy, consider that she was in a killing mood when she brought the newest bitch into this prison. So everyone say it again, the first rule of escape is to survive long enough to escape!" Dick says the last bit in a shout.

"Penny, tell me why we will win!"

The woman he calls Penny seems to struggle to lift her head again, "Hot ... I will think past desire, I will think past pain, I will cooperate with other humans to overcome our common enemy," she gets out before her head and shoulders collapse to the mat in her cage leaving her ass high in the air inviting a fucking. Indeed she moans, "So hot... ," though it is lower and less plain than what she told the man.

Perhaps half an hour passes as Dick walks among the cages. It soon becomes apparent that he is able to call most of the women out of the mating trances that they have been forced into, at least enough for them to communicate disdain for him. At each cage where he fails to reach the woman forced into a bestial mindset he stops and says, "In the name of Bethany, Lucy," or whatever other name belongs to the woman, "I have sworn vengeance on the enemy she no longer recognizes."

At length Dick works his way back to where he began his tour of the prison he shares with nearly two dozen women and five other men if JoJo can be counted as a man.

When Dick arrives at the new girl's cage he does something to the lock on her cage. The door swings open but the woman is in a trance and apparently frozen in place, still on her hands and knees as if to accept being fucked from behind. She seems to yearn toward the open space beyond the bars which will serve to contain her when the door is once more closed, yet even as Dick leaves the door open while removing the soggy bedding on the floor of the cage she doesn't move. When he had replaced it with clean and dry blankets and padding as well as replacing the mitts on her hands, Dick attaches a collar and leash to the new girl and leads her around the cage explaining it to her.

When he finishes the short tour he positions her so that she has a clear view of Penny. He gets behind her and bends over her body without actually inserting his penis into her luridly swollen vagina. "That," he pulls on her braids to lift her head so that she can see the woman in the cage next to hers, "is the proper position to assume if you want a dog.

"Of course, you may want a man so you'll go out of heat. What do you say? Can you answer me at all? Beth Anne Smythe, are you home? Or will I have to add your name to those we must avenge upon our captor?"

The woman, Beth doesn't do anything except try to maneuver her pussy to capture Dick's prick which is passing under her belly. "Elizabeth Anne Smythe, where are you?!" Dick whispers urgently to the woman.

"So hot ... Fuck me, fuck me!" she moans as she humps and wriggles her body in an effort to impale herself on the hard length of Dick's prick which is pressed maddeningly against her heated pussy.

"Do you really want me to fuck you? Did you really come to the free city of Oxacaxa to be fucked while your were under a magic spell or the influence of drugs? Think, Beth, think, you're a human being, not a bitch in heat, no matter what that witch Sandy has done to you," Dick whispers to Beth.

Since he doesn't get any answer except for Beth working harder at trying to impale herself on him, he says "I hate to disappoint you Beth, but today you don't get anything, not my pecker, not a dog's prick, nothing at all. Part of that is my decision, part of it is the decision of my Mistress. Remember today well and promise me something, that if there ever comes a time that you're able to kill Sandy, that you won't hesitate to kill her and then that you will please kill me."

The last request that Dick makes seems to connect with Beth enough for her to speak lucidly for a moment even if she doesn't cease from her attempts to get his prick into her body. "Why should I kill you, aren't you a captive too?" she asks.

"I am, but I wasn't a rapist when I started being Sandy's captive."

"How do you hold yourself to such a standard?" Beth asks, apparently in some control of her mind now even if she does moan, wriggle, and gasp between words.

"I helped her break women, and men to the point that they no longer were thinking beings."

"Why does she break us?" Beth asks while wriggling energetically.

"If she breaks you, you stop thinking, then she is only keeping an especially dangerous animal in a cage."

Beth wriggles and yowls, "Fuck me, don't tease me!"

Smack!! Dick's hand lands on Beth's butt. "I told you, I'm not going to fuck you. If you present properly and beg for a dog to fuck you you might get to know one of the dogs better tomorrow," he tells her.

Immediately Beth drops her head and pushes back at Dick, almost managing to impale herself on his cock as the new position has shifted her angle of attack so that it makes keeping away from her questing pussy a difficult task for Dick.

Smack!! "Beth, be still," Dick orders.

Beth stills and then moans, "Either fuck me or kill me, but for God's sake stop the burning in my pussy!"

"Beth Anne Smythe," Dick whispers to the woman as he bends over her and holds her tight so that her slight movements can't cause his prick to lodge in her pussy, "No matter what you do in this place, and no matter what anyone calls you or does to you, you are not a slut, and most definitely not a bitch. Hold those thoughts tight or you'll become something less than a life support system for a cunt!"

"I am a human being," Beth gasps out, "and I live to kill the ones who would break me!"

Dick smacks the woman lightly on her butt as he moves away from her. "If you can get control of your mind and body you might be able to make yourself cum. That won't bring you off from the heat that Sandy has forced on you, but it may let you lie down and sleep." he tells her as he exits her cage and locks the door.

He walks through the kennel, for there is no other description for the place and retrieves a dog, on the front paws of which he places a pair of boots. In his mind he repeats the mantra, Beowulf slew Grendel, as he walks past cages where women who see the dog beg him to bring it to them so they can have its knot in their pussies.

What the creature that looks like a woman and calls itself Sandy is, he is not certain. But it has power, power that is either very advanced technology or magic. He repeats Clarke's law between repetitions of his other mantra, 'sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic, ' he tells himself. Then he reminds himself, that in either case they have to have consistent internal laws and logic. He hopes in some ways that the creature he must fight against has been arrogant enough to not read his notes on what he has discovered. Even more though he hopes it hasn't read through the biology, zoology, and anthropology texts he has acquired.

Other books on legends, myths and ancient history are there as well and he has studied them as well. From the way Sandy acts the people it comes from have previously been in contact with humans. However that must have been a long time in the past as it expected to be received as a god. The fact that it was not received as a god put it into a rage that had wiped out several small cities before it had settled in what had been a quiet backwater beachfront village to attempt to convince the people there that it was the manifestation of an angel or saint. Dick, as he even thought of himself these days was certain that whatever Sandy might be it was nothing that would have been considered holy, powerful, yes, but more to be feared than to be the object of love. Then again he had to consider that many gods of legend were feared rather than loved. That along with some of the blood rites that had previously been practiced in this part of the world made it entirely possible that something that the people had previously seen as a god had returned.

Dick's musings bring him to the cage containing Penny. He opens the door though a method that can't be seen. He leads the dog in and asks, "Are you ready to be fucked by a dog Penny?"

"Just kill me now," Penny moans.

"I've promised myself that I won't become a murderer on top of being a breaker of women," Dick tells the woman as he guides the very excited dog into mounting her.

"You are a murderer, considering Bethany and the others, Penny gets out between gasps.

"That's it, hold on to your rage, yesterday I had Sandy's life in my hand but I'm not sure that I could get you out if I had taken the opportunity. Also the mayor would have tried to keep you all as slaves if I'd been held for murder as we were on the beach at the time," Dick whispers in Penny's ear.

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