Terran History

by realoldbill

Copyright© 2015 by realoldbill

Science Fiction Sex Story: A new world is being developed by survivors of the old world's demise, but trouble lurks in the rigidly classified society.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   NonConsensual   Slavery   Violent   .

Revolt on Terra

The FTL ship emerged from hyperspace in the proper quadrant and below it lay the blue-green planet, nearly cloud covered from pole to pole. As the huge cargo ship slowly descended, the dark side came into view and the waking crew could see twinkling lights that marked the few cities. The men stretched and spat, having endured more than a month of suspended animation with intravenous feeding and waste disposal.

Once all the crew members had left their pods and rehydrated themselves, they began awakening their cargo, level by level, starting as they always did with the younger women. The crew leader selected out two for use, prime sluts he called them, big enough youngsters that they could handle a score of men with rigid cocks, and the others were washed and fed in groups as more levels were revived and the two girls shrieked almost continuously. A total of 3,500 humans had been taken on board, anesthetized, IVed and locked down and now the sensors showed that they had only lost 37 of them during the nearly month-long voyage, a very acceptable percentage. On some of the early trips, the dead had numbered as much as ten percent.

When all the women were revived, the two that had been serially raped were given null-memory shots and sent for their meals, wondering why their groins ached and their thighs and lips were bruised. Then the young men were awakened, tier by tier, and finally the 210 prisoners from the lowest deck were brought back to life and, of course, put in chains before they were washed and fed. The wash water, which had been used over and over, was jettisoned along with the dissolved bodies.

By then the ship was in the grasp of the anti-grav landing grid and being hauled down to the sprawling dock. The wholesalers along with a few wealthy men with particular tastes had gathered as the naked indentured servants were marched into their holding pens.

Most of the willing ones had pledged four years, 410-day years for Terra's yearly swim around its sun took a bit longer that old Earth's trip. Its axis spin was 22 hours so the difference hardly mattered. The criminals, for the most part, were to serve seven years and a few of them were lifers, forehead branded, neutered and never to be left unchained.

The women were sold first, in groups of twenty, starting with the early adolescents. The youngest of this shipment was fourteen and the oldest twenty-two for both men and women. The criminals were not sorted by age but none were over twenty-five.

From each twenty, the hedonists, as they were usually called, culled out their pets, both boys and girls, and the rest went to the Scottish wholesalers to be hauled out into the hinterland and parceled out at a profit or displayed and sold one by one at their stores. Prices were good for the worker shortages were great after two settlements had been all but wiped out in a dust storm that engulfed nearly a third of the planet. Terra-forming was progressing but there was a least another century of work ahead despite the cloudy appearance of the cobalt sky, produced almost entirely by the aichtoho generators.

The criminals, all male, had a big letter C burned into their right deltoid and all had been physically castrated. They were, in the main, a docile group and most ended up in the mines or doing heavy construction work. Those that survived their seven years sentences were given prescriptions for testosterone if they found a woman to mate, most often a widow and there were plenty of those, some who had survived six or seven husbands.

The associate administrator's stylish wife attended the sale, masked and dressed as a man in a tailored jumpsuit, and had her agent pull out a half-dozen boys for her to inspect. She bought two after having all them masturbate to ejaculation. She measured their young penises with her gloved hands and noted how long it took each to become erect for the second time. One of her friends, also disguised, after watching her hour-long examination, bought one of the boys she had rejected because she liked the way his cock curved upward.

The two women traveled to their sealed homes in their secure community in a government car with a uniformed government driver, their purchases bundled in the copious trunk, both bound and gagged.

"They certainly look sturdy enough," said Regina Summers. "This will be my first, you know."

'Well, don't expect him to last. I haven't had one yet that earned his freedom. A decent saving, you understand."

"Sorry," said the other woman, unable to get the image of the lean boy's jerking cock from her mind.

"Once they've served their four years," she chuckled, "you have to pay them a hundred credits and buy them some clothes and shoes. That's the law. If they don't last that long, well then." She smiled. "Mine never do."

"Do you use yours only for sex?" her friend asked.

"No, of course not. There are all sorts of jobs they can be put to. They can tend the lawn and gardens, clean and polish, do laundry. Use your imagination. Keep them busy. I share with my daughters; you know, back and forth. That's why I always buy two at a time. Some say we work them to death." She laughed. "My girls hanged and emasculated their last one after he failed to generate a second erection in a timely manner."

"Here's my bubble," said Regina. "Thanks for the ride." The driver got her boy, ear tagged with her name, his hands tied behind him, out of the trunk and walked him to the front portal, accepted her gratuity and patted the youngster, feeling sorry for the little bugger with his thin chest and drooping prick. He was indentured himself, with only a year more on his contract.

Regina Summers, whose well-paid but inattentive husband was one of the chief engineers, hurried the boy up the ramps and into a back bedroom. She ordered him onto the bed, stripped off her expensive jumpsuit and crawled up beside him, anxious to sample her prized purchase and knowing how jealous he would make her neighbors. She captured his mouth with hers and ground her carefully toned body against his bony frame.

Joe, who was not sure how old he was, and had signed a contract at the recruiting station after his parents vanished in the wake of a Chinese germ attack on San Diego, a ruined town then in Mexican control. He had never attended school, but his mother had taught him to read well enough to survive out in the desert.

He had seen people having sex, and he had played with himself often, but he had never entered a girl or a woman. And now this naked lady who was probably twice his age was kissing him and stroking him, pushing her big dark nipples at his lips and now she was pulling him to her and now, now he was in her and her long legs were wrapped about him, and they were humping like crazy. His brain seemed to freeze, and his slim cock took control of his being.

"Ah, ah, ah," gasped Regina, arching up on her boy after she rolled him to his back. She closed her eyes and imagined one of the muscular men in her video stories, well satisfied with Joe's active six-inch erection that was probing and rutting ceaselessly, punching wildly at her folds. She was highly pleased with her purchase as she tried rotating her hips on the young man's shaft.

She had already come once and now felt her second orgasm starting to wash over her. She bit her lower lip and her lush body stiffened as Joe continued to ram upwards into her, his mind empty and his belly and back muscles straining, bouncing his butt off the bed. He sought friction and relief, nothing more. The woman had what she wanted.

She fell on him with a sigh and the boy instinctively rolled her over, wiggled himself deeper into her and satisfied himself, pumping out four ropes of thick jism and sobbing as he did so. She pushed him away and hurried to the washroom to clean herself out, sure her barriers were in place but not liking the feel of Joe's spend coursing down the inside of her thighs. Joe lay back, exhausted and confused.

She came back to the narrow bed and patted the boy's belly, noting that his cock, while limp, was still long. "That was well done, boy," she told him. "Do you like chocolate?"

Joe shook his head. "Never had it?"

"Well, every time you serve me, or one of my friends, and do it well, I will give you some chocolate." Her fingers ran though his sparse pubic hair and she stroked the root of his trembling penis. "Can you get it back up?"

Joe shook his head. "I don't know. I've never done this before."

Regina Summers, who had hooked her rich husband with her single talent, bent over the slim boy's belly, smiled and stuck out her long tongue.

Meanwhile her friend, Marian Bose had her long-term criminal servant take the boys out by her pool and hose them off before she put the electronic collars on them. Major, as she called her criminal, had been with the family for three years, as long as they had been on Terra, and did exemplary work, silently for the most part. His mistress, as a reward, gave him doses of what she called "Test," now and then and took him to her bed where she tried to wear him out without success. The castrated man, when his cock reared up, had a thick eight-inch erection that lasted as long as the testosterone held out.

The woman had sex several times a day with one or more of the boys, depending on what her selfish daughters were up to, and still needed a full grown man from time to time to keep her calm. Her husband, Neal Bose, the well-paid associate administrator, had stayed way from her bed for the last two years having installed a series of young indentured girls in his office for his use and that of his assistants. They were much less demanding than his shrewish wife.

Major, who was free to wander the whole house and high-fenced grounds, had found where his mistress kept her drugs and had been carefully and slowly sneaking out a few Test pills over a period of months. He now had more than thirty, each one worth ten credits or more on the black market that served the criminal underground community. He also had accumulated various uppers and downers although these were less valuable since the transported criminals had learned to make both, along with high proof alcohol, in their underground labs.

That subterranean community, dominated by a lifer with his capital C burned into his forehead, a man known only as Rolf, was growing in wealth and on the verge, Major was pretty sure, of making a move to take over the government and oust the slime that ran it. He was looking forward to that day, the day when he would cut his mistress's throat and the rape her foul daughters before he slaughtered them.

Meanwhile four years of lovely Amanda Wilson's service had been purchased by a young teacher named Sligo who taught history at the small school established for upper-class children in the capital of Terra, still called Terra City despite several attempts to change its name. He had worked overtime and saved for a whole year to afford the girl at M'Gregor's retail store. He got hard every time he thought about looking at the Scot's merchandise and making his selection from the ones he could afford.

Amanda, still naked as she had been when her bought her time, now stood in Sligo's spartan apartment while he sat in a chair, drank a beer, and admired her young body. She was very pale and well formed, her hips slim and her breasts no bigger than his fists. Since he was virile and reasonably well hung, he had seldom lacked for female companionship, but he wanted more. He wanted a submissive girl who would do anything and everything for him and be with him any time of the day or night. He wanted a slave.

'Can you read?" he asked her as he felt himself becoming aroused by just watching her breathe.

Amanda nodded.

"Can you speak?"

She nodded again and made a small smile.

"Tell me your name."

"Amanda, Amanda Wilson." She paused and then added, "Sir."

"Who taught you that, that sir?"

She smiled again. "My mother. She died a ten-credit whore in ElAy after my father was killed in a Mexican raid."

"I like it. Please do call me sir."

She nodded.

"Come here," he said, and she approached him until he could see the tiny hairs on her arms and legs and the bright curls below her puff of a belly. He eased his middle finger into her and rotated her thumb where he guessed her clitoris might be and felt her become wet. Sweat popped out on her forehead, her cheeks brightened, her eyes closed, she came up on her toes and climaxed, the tip of her tongue in the corner of her mouth as she flooded his probing finger.

She was very tight.

Once Regina had gotten young Joe hard again with her talented tongue, she spread her body on the bed, Had him climb up on his knees, put her legs on his shoulders and told him to drive it all the way up into her and to keep doing it until she told him to stop. He whimpered and gritted his teeth as he saw her gash writhing.

Joe nodded and pushed the purple head of his cock down to slip it into the woman's steaming vagina. He sank it up into her, grabbed both her breasts after she brought his hands to them and began rutting, smacking them loudly together, heaving his whole body from his knees, slapping them loudly together.

"Been shopping?" asked her husband pleasantly as he stood in the doorway and watched Joe's buttocks clench and relax as the boy served his wife relentlessly. The noise they and the bed were making was remarkably mechanical.

"You're home early," she said and then she closed her eyes and gasped, arched her back and spasmed with pleasure. Joe kept right on thrusting, squeezing the woman's nipples out between his fingers, and wondering what chocolate was. He became aware that someone else had gotten on the bed behind him, and he screamed when Regina's smiling husband shoved his hard cock into his dry, pink anus.

Marion Bose by then had sampled both of her young acquisitions and sent Major off with the younger one for her randy girls to use, both of whom were in the planet's only college under the original dome the settlers built twenty years before. The boy she kept, who told her his name was Jim, was a sixteen-year-old with plenty of stamina and the thickest cock of the group. He really stretched her vagina when he smashed himself into her, and she loved it. He had already come twice and was now very much in the throes of another highly entertaining coupling, licking her nipples as he ploughed her slit, giving her half-foot thrusts and trying to change the angle with each one. He tried not to smile as the woman beneath him squealed with pleasure.

Amanda Wilson lay in the teacher's firm embrace. He had used her body until he was thoroughly spent, and she had pretended to enjoy what he was doing to her. She was bored but patient.

Of course not all the indentured people were used for sex by the inhabitants of Terra, but many were and various rules had been promulgated to punish both young men and young women for unwanted pregnancies. An electric prod in the genitals was the most gentle of those and another year's servitude the most severe.

Before the FTL ship that had brought Joe, Jim, Amanda and all the others to this new world was loaded for the return trip to earth, the long-feared or much-anticipated explosion came after one of the older criminals was gunned down on a city street after refusing to get off the sidewalk at the approach of high commissioner Bose. Bose had watched with a satisfied look as both of his security men fried the upstart, burning him into an unrecognizable lump of carbon.

"Eventually," said Bose to the man walking with him to lunch at the capital's number one establishment, ignoring the smell of burning flesh, "we are going to have to rid ourselves of all those scum."

"I suppose," said his companion, a well-paid lobbyist for one of the mining conglomerates. "But right now they are important to our surface work. We use up a dozen of them a week in the hottest areas."

'Damn," said Bose, "well our birth rate just isn't there yet. The council is, as you may know, about to approve my plan for plural marriages. We may have to import more women and let each man have as many wives and families as he can reasonably support, an emergency measure you understand." He smiled and wondered how many he could have.

"Yes, yes," said his laughing friend, "an emergency measure. I certainly have three of four I like to put a baby in."

As they opened the door of their private club they were engulfed in a roaring ball of flames, debris and smoke that had originated in the kitchen and now brought down the building and set fire to the whole block. A young suicide bomber had brought in a satchel of plastic and chemical explosives after being anally raped by his owner again and again. He cried, "Freedom," as the fiery explosion ripped him apart.

The signal was sent via an open channel to the criminal brotherhood, and Major received the message he had been waiting for while he was cleaning the swimming pool, his radio earpiece installed as usual. On a planet with a shortage of water, the community where he lived was dotted with large, blue pools and awash in well-watered lawns. The upper-class resident claimed that both helped add moisture to the arid atmosphere. He put down his net, turned off his radio and walked to where his mistress sat sunning herself in a very revealing swimsuit of gold and silver threads.

Marion Bose looked up as Major's shadow blocked out the sun. She squinted up at him and smiled. "Care for quick one?" she asked. "I can fetch the pills." She smiled invitingly.

Major grabbed her by the ankle, dragged across the tiled patio and tossed her in the pool, ignoring her howls of protest. He was well aware of the fact that she could not swim. He sat in her chair, finished her sweet drink and watched her scream and drown, begging him to save her as she futilely splashed.

In the house, he called the daughters at school, told the one who answered that their mother had an accident and that they should hurry home. He assured the girl he spoke to that her mother was going to be all right, but she was hurting and wanted to see them as soon as possible. Then he went to the locked medicine cabinet and downed two Test pills, rummaged through the woman's belongings until he was convinced he had all the money readily available and waited near the front door when he heard their scooters arrive, his huge cock pulsing as never before and blood roaring in his ears.

Lovely Jeannie was first through the door, and Major backhanded her in the face, breaking her patrician nose and knocking her into the wall where she fell unconscious. Her sister, hearing a noise, hesitated and Major reached out and grabbed her at the throat and pulled her to him, kissing her roughly and tearing at her clothes. He was fiercely aroused by the double dose of testosterone he had ingested and could hardly wait to satisfy himself on the two young girls of his hated master.

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