The Arrangment

by storyace

Copyright© 2018 by storyace

Erotica Sex Story: A lonely middle aged white man meets a sexy young black mother and her boy. She needs a place to live and a man to love; the sex is fantastic, but is that enough? A short, sexy, emotionally charged story.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   Fiction   Interracial   Black Female   White Male   .

The world came back into my consciousness as I rose from a deep sleep. Morning sunlight slid sideways through my bedroom window, and it was different to normal sunlight. I wasn’t sure why it was different for a moment, and then I remembered.

The hot little black woman who had made love with me late into the night.

And there she was, sleeping next to me. Dark and lovely, mysterious and dangerous, sexy and delicious.

The first time I saw her was in the local supermarket.

She was small and quite black. She wore heavy blue jeans and a flannel shirt.

She had a very small ass. No tits were visible. Hair tied back, flat shoes, no makeup.

She had a boy, maybe 8 years old.

She smiled at me when our eyes met. Just for a second.

Her dark little face had a small angular nose, and a well shaped jaw line.

She smiled at me again at the checkout counter, her teeth strong and white, and my eyes followed her tight little body as she left. I saw her get into a small car with her boy and her shopping, and drive off.

I saw her again in the same shop a few days later, at around the same time. I hoped she’d smile at me like that again.

I listened and watched her interactions with the boy; he was bright and energetic, she sent him off to fetch something and he returned triumphantly and dropped it in their basket.

I checked out two customers behind her, she paid with a card, the cashier seemed to know her.

I wondered at my fascination for the little black milf; was it her color? She stood out in this wealthy white suburb. Maybe it was that ass, I sure wanted to see it without the heavy denim on it. Perhaps it was her easy going way with the boy, the love between them that was so appealing.

Or maybe I was just a lonely, horny old bastard who got turned on by any woman who gave me a little smile.

“Hey! Old man!” she called out in the parking lot.

I was shocked back to the present, SHE was talking to me!

“Yes, can I help you?”

“Can you help me get this box into the car? Your back is ok, ain’t it?”

“Sure, no problem.” I said, and pulled the box out from the bottom of the shopping cart, lifting it into the trunk of her car.

She stood a couple of steps away, holding her boy by the hand, watching me.

“Cool.” She said, “This is Matt, and I’m Wanda.”

“I’m Jason.” I said.

“Matt needs to eat.” She said, “Do you want to take us to lunch, Jason?”

I was taken aback by that.

“Sure.” I said.

She asked me a lot of questions, listening intently as my whole life spilled out across the table. Matt ate heartily, and then joined the conversation. He was a precocious kid, clearly comfortable with adults.

“I like you.” Wanda announced, “I’m going to give you my number, and if you want to take me to dinner you give me a call.”

“Or I could just ask you right now.” I said, “Would you like to come to dinner with me tonight?”

“I don’t know if I can find a sitter for Matt that quick.” She said.

“You could bring him along.” I suggested.

“Naw, Matt likes to do his own thing.” She said.

I picked her up at 8PM, at a house not far away. Wanda met me at the door in a slinky lime green dress, matching pumps, gloss lips, and her frizzy hair fanning out around her head. Low cut in front, her dark chocolate chest stood in stark contrast to the thin colorful cloth, which stretched across small pert breasts alluringly.

She was hot; very hot, too hot for me. I dated ordinary women, not beauties like Wanda.

And now, less than 24 hours later, there she was asleep in my bed.

I just lay there, looking at her. She was still beautiful, even after I’d had my way with her. My heart felt funny and my thoughts were unclear.

She opened her eyes and saw me. Big clear dark eyes that made me feel all weird.

“Good morning.” I said.

“It sure is.” She replied, and slid over to cuddle against me.

My hand slid up her smooth warm torso and found itself on her small firm breast, where it stayed.

“Oh baby!” she sighed, her hand reaching down behind her to hold my growing penis. “I think we got chemistry.”

I opened my mouth around her thin dark shoulder, tasting her sweat, smelling her skin, remembering our date, wondering how we’d gotten here.

“Is everything ok?” she’d asked as she got into my car the evening before, “You seem a bit quiet.”

“I’m just ... surprised at how pretty you are.” I said.

She laughed; “Thanks!” she said.

I took her to a decent neighborhood restaurant.

“Local place.” She noted, “That’s brave.”


“You don’t care if you’re seen on a date with a colored girl half your age?”

“No; do you care if you’re seen on a date with a white man twice your age?”


“Then we’re good.” I said.

“So you checked me out?”

“What do you mean?”

“Online, you googled me and shit, right?”

“Yes.” I admitted.

“What did you find out?” she asked.

“You apparently live at the address where I picked you up. You’re a dental assistant at a clinic nearby. You’re a registered democrat. Your boy and a 35 year old man also live at that address.”

“That’s all?” she pressed. “You checked criminal records and credit rating, didn’t you?”

“I talk too much.” I said.

“Well, I checked you out too.” She said, her white teeth showing as she smiled at me. “You live alone for the last few years, you’re a democrat too, you’re credit rating is shit, and you were busted for possession around the time I was born.”

“Yeah.” I said.

“I like you.” She said, “You got a strong back and a skinny ass. I like how you relate with my boy, he likes you too. I don’t give a shit about the age thing; actually, it’s kind of hot.”

“And the color thing?”

“That too.” She said.


“Not tonight.” She said, “I want to stay straight. You go ahead if you want.”

I didn’t.

We switched to lighter conversation, and after I paid the bill I took her home; but when we got there, she didn’t get out of the car.

“I haven’t done this dating thing a lot.” She said. “I’m not real good at it.”

“The idea is just to enjoy yourself.” I said, “Did you?”

“Yeah, but now what?”

“Well, I like you too, and I’ll call you and ask you out again, and we’ll see how it goes.”

She thought about it for a moment.

“May I kiss you?” I asked.

She leaned across the center console, and our lips touched. She tasted of dinner, desire, and promise.

“Let’s go to your place.” She said. “And we can see how that goes.”

I didn’t argue; maybe I should have.

I held her tight body close as I kicked my front door closed. Bags, keys, phones, and clothes flew away, my age disappeared. Our mouths seemed to devour each other, her nipples were poking holes in my chest, her ass was tiny and tight.

I lifted her off the ground at one point, I was strong and she didn’t seem to weigh much. I took her hand and pulled her into my bedroom, my stiff cock bouncing along with us.

Once we were in bed, things slowed down. I licked a line up her black belly, between her tits, up her throat, and into her open mouth. I caressed and fondled her, she tickled my balls and penis.

Neither of us spoke.

She raked her nails through my curly grey chest hair, I rubbed her feet.

We kissed again for a while, naked, body on body, hands gently exploring, sexual tension increasing.

We had nothing in common. Not a thing, zero. But we each had something to share.

I pulled her knees apart and went down on her. She made happy noises and ran her fingers over my bald head as my tongue slid between her hair framed lower lips.

She groaned and heaved, but I don’t think she came. Despite the hair, I liked it. She tasted so wonderfully female, her fluid a mixture of vitality, desire, and need.

I drank it, sucked it down, consumed her. I wanted my body to react to it, to test it and tell me the result.

My cock ached for her, ached to enter that temple of lust.

And when I finally did, my stiff white cock slid into her African vagina, there was nothing else. The world was gone, it was just us, her and me, two strangers in that most primal connected state, her wet tightness pulling the burning heat from my penis as her big dark eyes radiated it back into my head.

It was so wrong, so good, and I never wanted it to end. I wished I could fuck her forever, just like this, fuckfuckfuck, touch, smell, taste, see her.

If I could do that, I wouldn’t be living alone.

The stimulation was too much for me, my cock was stronger than my brain, I couldn’t control myself. I came inside her, fired my old white spunk right up her healthy fertile young middle. All my hopes and optimism left my body with my semen.

As usual.

“Damn.” I muttered miserably.

“It’s ok.” She said softly, stroking my back.

“No it’s not.” I said, pulling out and rolling to the side. “I can’t control it.”

“My first boyfriend was like that.” She said, “I always thought it was something you grew out of.”

“You went home with an old guy and he comes like a kid.” I said, “Sorry.”

“Don’t worry about it.” She said, “To be honest, I’m kind of relieved.”


“Well, you’re good looking and nice. You got a car and a house. I had to wonder why you were single.”

“Now you know.”

“So you’re not like, an axe murderer or a meth head?”

“No, just a premature ejaculator.”

She slid her naked body on top of me and kissed my mouth softly, then slid down between my legs.

“I can deal with that.” She said, and sucked my soft sticky penis into her mouth.

She sucked quite hard; sucked the shame and disappointment right out of me. Sucked me hard and long, until I was hard again.

I’d heard that expensive whores do that, but I’d never met a woman who would. I hoped Wanda was real, because I really liked her; I knew the odds were against me but I intended to have fun anyway.

“I love your cock.” She claimed, “It’s so hard and pink.”

She grinned as I pushed her onto her back and slid it in again.

It was the same, but different. She was totally slimy inside now, and I slid in there like a greased sausage. But this time, I knew I could do it. My cock was full, but my balls were empty.

It took a while to get her back to where she’d been. I stroked her, kissed her, looked into her eyes and fucked her, and she started to push back, and breath deeper, and her fingers gripped my shoulders in that way that women do on the very rare moments that I get them near the edge.

And Wanda came. She really came, and it was the most beautiful, fulfilling moment of my life. She came, she held me tight, she groaned and heaved, her strong little body quivering with it.

And my cock was still in her, and still hard; so I kept on fucking, like the man I always wanted to be.

And she came again.

And again.

Until finally, I seemed to have an orgasm. It was nothing like the first one, but it brought our sexual event to an end.

“I’m going to be straight with you.” She said as we had coffee in the kitchen, “I don’t believe in fate and shit. I don’t believe in ‘the one’, or that there’s a single ‘soulmate’ we’re all waiting to meet.”

“What do you believe?” I asked.

“I think we can build love with all sorts of people; not anyone at all, but it’s possible to connect even if we’re completely different.”

“Like a 58 year old white guy and a 28 year old black woman?”

“Exactly; if there’s chemistry. I need a man, Matt. I need a place for me and my boy to live and I want to be in this school district. I haven’t got a lot of time because I have to move out in a few weeks.”

“You think there’s chemistry?”

“Oh man, we got lots of chemistry, major fucking chemistry.” She said. “Am I freaking you out? You look a little freaked out.”

“Yeah, I’m a little freaked out.” I admitted.

“I do that sometimes.” She said, “Let’s take a shower and then go back to bed. Unless you have plans today.”

“All plans have just been cancelled.” I said.

Naked in the bathroom together, our disparate bodies between the harsh light and hard tiles, the thrill and terror of what she proposed made my cock hard and my stomach queasy.

Live together?

Hot water cascaded over us as she scrubbed my back, fingered my anus, and stroked my cock with her soapy hand. I washed her in return, it was sort of ritualistic.

Wordlessly, we toweled each other, then the small woman took my hand and led me back to the bedroom.

“I like this.” She said, “I like it a lot. Don’t say anything; later, I’m going to go pick up my boy and his friend and we’re going to the beach. You can come with us if you want. After that you take a day or two to think about shit, because this is kind or serious. I’ll wait for you to call, and if you don’t then I get it, it’s cool. Shush! Not a word. Oh man, I love how you stay hard while I tell you that.”

I was sitting on the bed and she had her hand on my rock hard penis.

“Slide over.” She said, and climbed above me.

She loomed over me, dark, wonderful, dangerous. Her black furry bush hovered over my stiff cock, her small breasts and dark nipples built to last.

I just lay there, a victim of her desire, her need, her demand. She lowered herself until her vagina touched the tip, and then she slowly slipped down until she sat on my thighs with it deep inside her.

I sat up and we held each other, her legs around my back and her arms around my neck. She looked into my eyes and silently rotated her hips around my rod, and we kissed. I ran my fingers up and down her spine, I tickled her neck, I tried to run my fingers through her hair but it was impenetrable.

“If you need to come, it’s ok.” She said softly.

“I’m ok.” I told her.

She smiled and fucked me.

I’d been alone and celibate for years. I’d made some feeble attempts at meeting someone, but I wasn’t good enough for any woman who was good enough for me.

So many disappointments; when I did find a girl I liked, they’d usually dump me after we had sex once or twice. I’d stopped trying.

And now this sexy young black woman had pounced on me; she blew through my sexual dysfunction without breaking stride.

She looked at me, but what did she see? A meal ticket? A stupid old white man she could take for a ride?

Did I care?

I saw the sexiest, most desirable person I’d ever met. I was besotted, I was falling in love like a teenager with a girl I’d just met.

I held her cute little face between my hands as she undulated, rotated, twisted. I was a rock, a tower of power inside her, my head was warped with the pleasure of it.

But when she came, it was too much for me. A woman half my age looking me right in the eye in orgasm on my lap with my penis inside her was too wonderful, too erotic. I blew my load, my balls contracting and squeezing it into her, and she grinned and squeezed her vagina around me, holding tight.

She just sat there for a while, and we held each other as my cock withered, fluid running down my thigh.

“Got to go.” She grunted apologetically, lifting herself off. “I promised to pick up the kids by ten and I have to go home to change first. Do you want to come?”

I just had, and yes, I did.

It was a wonderful day; the boys entertained each other mostly, but we played Frisbee and dug in the sand. I didn’t think I liked kids, but these ones were fun. A black boy and his white friend, running and laughing, healthy and happy.

We had lunch and Wanda paid. I took everyone back to her house and she sent me home.

“I have momma stuff to do.” She told me, “I have them both tonight. Today was great, now you go home and I don’t want to hear from you until Tuesday. And if you don’t call by Wednesday, I know what you decided. It’s ok, I know I’m asking a lot, that’s just how it is.”

“Do you really think you can make yourself fall in love with anyone?” I asked her.

“Of course not, not anyone. But I think we could love each other; maybe not in some sort of total fairytale bullshit way, but enough to be happy. If it doesn’t work, I’ll move my hot needy ass straight on out again.”

I drove home in a daze; this was all the wrong way around. A relationship in reverse, sex first, then cohabitation, then emotion. With a kid thrown in.

I asked my buddy Tim, my brother, my mother. Everyone said the same thing; DON”T DO IT!

It was a scam, she was a parasite, possibly a hooker, gold digger, blah blah blah.

I believed them, knowing my own logic was nuked by sex. She was too good to be real, too fast to be decent, too good in bed to settle for an old pre-ejaculator like me.

Tuesday passed with my heart grinding. Wednesday came, and I reached for the phone but it burned my hand and I dropped it again. Maybe she would call me instead, and if she did I knew I’d fall like a rock.

Wanda had made the first move, she’d made it clear that it was up to me to make this one.

I lay awake for hours, when I slept I had disaster dreams. Loss, loneliness, solitude, but peace too.

If I let Wanda and Matt into my life, I would give myself to them. I would be trapped, enslaved, responsible. In a few years, Matt would need college money. Her old car would break down. He’d need to be picked up from here or there, he’d be in the house and prevent me from fucking his hot mom.

I woke up Thursday morning in a panic. I was about to call Wanda when my brother called and talked me out of it.

Another night in a silent lonely house, and I realized that no one could possibly understand.

Wanda was the most honest person I’d ever met in my life. She told me exactly what she wanted and needed. And the sex ... the sex didn’t lie. I was looking at her face, she had orgasms, plural.

I was more terrified of losing them than of having them.

“Hello Wanda.”

“Hi Jason. I told you to call by Wednesday.”

“I know, everyone told me I’m nuts, but I finally realized I don’t care if I’m nuts.”

“Honey, you’re too late.” Wanda said, “I’m in bed with someone else.”

“You mean; right now?” A concrete block landed on my chest; what kind of fool let a woman like that slip away?

“Yeah, right now. I told you baby, I like you but I can’t wait around.”

“So this guy you’re in bed with; is he the one?”

“I told you, I don’t believe in that shit.” She said, “What did you call to tell me?”

“Come live with me. You and Matt. Let’s try it and see.”

“Matt honey, it’s Jason on the phone.” Wanda said, “Do you think we should go live at his house?”

“You’re in bed with Matt?” I asked, the weight on my chest lifting from me.

“Yeah, I was just teasing.” Wanda said, “But I do have a date lined up for tonight, for real.”

“Cancel it.” I said.

“Ok; if you can get your ass over here in 30 minutes.”

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