Afternoon Delight

by Victor Echo

Copyright© 2015 by Victor Echo

Sex Story: I get a flirtatious picture and several texts from Jean. Well, that takes care of getting any real work done today.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   BiSexual   Fiction   Swinging   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Sex Toys   Double Penetration   .

I knew something was up when I got a message at work with the two of them sitting on the bed wearing little more than a bra and panties. Jean was wearing less. She was secured to the four corners of the bed and naked. The picture gave me an instant erection. It also made me wonder who was behind the camera. I soon found out. I returned home shortly after lunch to find Jean still tied to the bed and a broad shouldered man with tattoos sitting over her, feeding her his cock as he played with her nipples.

"Oh a new playmate," Gail, a petite but curvy brunette said as I entered the bedroom.

Gail and I had met a couple of times before and I knew she was a flirt. She almost always took her top off at our place and would often grab my crotch or kiss Jean without warning, or any sense of embarrassment, much less any shame. She had even been known to corner me and pull out my cock before sucking it, but never finishing the job, often leaving me with blue balls for hours until Jean could take care of me. Her friend Beth was little better. At almost six feet she was the quintessential California girl, with the blond hair, blue eyes, and big tits. I had not seen her naked as often as Gail, but the few times I had left me with plenty of fantasies. I did not know who the guy was but I would come to find out his name was Randal.

"Call me Randy," he said as he added more of his cock to Jean's eagerly sucking mouth.

The girls quickly stripped me down as Randy climbed off and undid Jean from the restraints. He was not only tattooed but pierced. Jena has a thing for pieced cocks and I know she was in heaven as she sucked it down and he played with her nipples. The girls pushed me down on the bed and secured me. Before I was fully erect, Jean smeared some lube on my cock and balls and fitted me with a large metal cock ring, making my cock swell and fill all the space. It also made me clamp down on the cock ball she insisted I wear inside my cockhead.

"I am going to find out once and for all if he really is as good as you say Jean," Gail said with a giggle.

Gail threw her leg over my head and lowered her sopping wet pussy onto my face. Not that I had much say in the matter, my hands bound as they were over my head. Her naked lips sat across mine and I decided that licking her pierced clit was my only option. Lucky for me, licking her clit was something that she very much wanted anyway. I set about doing it slowly, twirling my tongue around the hard, protruding nub that was her clit and occasionally biting and nibbling her lips. I could hear, but not see the sounds of the other two women in the room. Beth, the blonde, murmured something that sounded like "that's hot" but with Gail's thighs pressing against my head it really was hard to tell. Gail was getting wetter with each passing minute and her thighs were rhythmically squeezing my head. I was focusing on sucking her clit when two pairs of hands pulled my legs back by the knees. I guessed that Gail took each one behind the knee because suddenly I was open and exposed. Someone lifted my ball sac out of the way and I could feel a finger playing with my ass before lube was added and that finger slipped right in. I am sure I moaned into Gail's pussy as I continued to lick it.

The finger moved around, teasing my prostate and making my cock twitch as it was slowly stroked with lubricated hands giving me very little friction but a lot of sensation. My legs were pulled back more and I felt the large head of a dildo pressed against my ass. I relaxed as much as I could as I felt it pushed against me before it popped through the ring of my sphincter and into my anus. It was such a filling sensation. Then the head moved across my prostate and my cock lurched involuntarily.

"He likes it," Beth said clearly.

"Yes, he likes it a lot," I heard Jean say clearly. But he also likes seeing me ride that monster you are wearing so push it in and fuck me with it," she said.

I do not think my cock could have got any harder than imagining Beth wearing a 16" long, 3" wide dildo and sliding it into Jean's pussy. And she was right. I had come home several times to find her sitting on top of her toy mount, riding the monster cock, pinching and pulling on her nipples as orgasm after orgasm passed through her.

"You like that do you?" Jean said. "You like the idea of Beth fucking me while I fuck you?"

She started to move slowly in and out of me as I sucked Gail's clit harder. I could feel the rhythm change as Beth began to push against Jean and then against me.

"Oh yes, pull my nipples," Jean said and I could only picture what Beth was doing.

"Ohhhhhh, yessssss," Gail hissed flooding my mouth as she came. I kept poking at her clit until she rolled off of me and I could see again.

Beth was pulling hard on Jean's nipples as Jean rammed her plastic cock into my ass, my cock twitching uncontrollably with each push. Jean was now shoving my legs back and pounding into me. Gail sat up and flung herself into position, shoving my cock into her soaking pussy and swallowing it whole before turning her attention to sucking one of Jean's distended nipples. Jean cried out and lost her momentum as her orgasm pulsed through her pussy. She pushed back as Beth gave it her all and finished her off.

"He's still hard," Gail said slowly moving up and down on my cock as Jean pulled out. "Your turn Randy."

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