The Debt

by Barticlees Jones

Copyright© 2015 by Barticlees Jones

Sex Story: payment is due

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Mult   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Coercion   Lesbian   Heterosexual   Fiction   MaleDom   FemaleDom   Humiliation   Gang Bang   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Petting   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   .

I clicked on the folder. It contained hundreds of files. I picked out a file at random that read "CASE #3407895/MS.BDS/PAYMENT15OF19" and I clicked on it. For a moment the screen went completely dark and I was afraid that I had been denied access for some reason. But after a few moments a picture filled the entire screen. It was a picture of the inside of a very expensive and lavishly furnished room of some sort. It looked like a den.

I gazed at the screen wondering what it meant and then I heard a door open. I looked around my office thinking that someone had come in but then I realized that the sound was coming from the monitor on my desk. It wasn't a picture after all, it was a video, a very professionally made video. I stared at the screen and waited.

The door closed -- I heard it in the background. And then a voice that came from no where said "stand in the middle of the room, please". That's when I saw her. She walked to the center of the screen and stopped next to an antique divan.

She was beautiful. She was dressed very nicely as though she were a professional or had dressed up for the occasion and when she stood still in the middle of the room I could see that her figure was very nice and her face and long flowing hair were equally attractive.

She put her purse down on the divan and then just stood there as though she were waiting for something. After a long minute the disembodied voice which seemed to come from nowhere said "Take off your clothes. You may leave on the high heels and the necklace."

I was dumbstruck. As I watched her calmly obey the voice and reach to her back to begin unzipping her dress I couldn't believe I was going to see this beautiful young lady undress. She didn't look like a stripper or a hooker, she looked like a teacher, or a lawyer, or the mother down the street and as she peeled off her dress to reveal her figure now clad in only frilly red bra and panties my cock immediately sprang to attention. She was amazing.

After slipping the dress off and putting it next to her purse she reached behind herself and unhooked her bra. The sight of her large milky white breasts that spilled out as she removed her bra made my mouth water. Wow. In retrospect I am surprised that I wasn't drooling on my desk as I watched her set aside the bra and then reach for her panties. She had turned now and her backside was facing me and I hit pause several times as I watched her slowly pull her panties off. I paused it when the lowering of her panties first revealed the top of her ass crack, and I paused it when her whole butt was first revealed and then I paused it one more time when the panties reached her knees and she was bending over at the waist to take them off. Wow, was an ass. She was magnificent.

Once she had removed the panties she set them on top of her other clothes and then stood there naked with her hands at her sides and calmly waited. I noticed that she did not try to cover herself. She just stood there with her large nipples pointing outward and her triangular bush exposed at the top of her long shapely legs. The high heels she was wearing made her calves taut and made her butt stick up and out. Wow.

Then the voice said, "Go over to the love seat and kneel on it with your elbows on the back. And do not move unless you are told to."

I thought I saw something flash in her eyes as she turned to walk across the room to a beige love seat. I couldn't tell what it was but she suddenly seemed apprehensive and scared; and was she actually blushing now? I could sense a tenseness in her now that hadn't seemed to be there a moment ago, as though she were waking from a hitherto tranquil trance. What in the Hell was going on here?

The camera, which must have been mounted on something, followed her as she strode across the room to kneel on the cushion and put her elbows on the back of the seat.

Wow. Her legs were slightly spread and I could see her pubic hair and the slight shadow of her anus in her butt crack. Also, in that position, her large pendulous breasts dangled in a most enticing way beneath her and only slightly brushed against the back of the love seat.

There was silence then. Only later did I realize how long the silence lasted because I was so busy staring at her beautiful nakedness and her sexy body that I lost track of time. But that was when the camera angle changed. Without any motion the video suddenly switched to a different angle and I found myself looking at her from the side. And then, after a long minute or so the angle switched again and I was looking at her face. Her eyes looked teary and she looked scared, but resigned at the same time. Then the camera angle switched again, and again, and again. Each time taking in the view of this submissive angel as she knelt naked on the love seat.

I counted about twelve different camera angles in all. The cameras must have been carefully hidden and mounted all over the room because I could never see any of them from any of the other angles. And though the view would move from side to side and zoom in or out they did not seem to bounce as though they were being carried by a person so I assumed that they were all being remotely controlled, and by someone who had a lot of practice and expertise.

As the perspective slowly faded from one angle to another I realized that I was being teased, and teased well. Whoever had shot or edited this knew what they were doing. The views lingered enticingly from every direction eliciting a different erotic response each time. One view showed her ass. One view showed her frightened face. One view showed her kneeling subserviently from a distance. It was genius. My cock was throbbing in no time at all.

And then I heard the door open and close again. I waited with bated breath for what was going to happen. When a tall sexy woman dressed only in high heels, a thong and a "topless" bra walked up behind the kneeling woman I was surprised as I had expected a man for sure. But though I may have been surprised I wasn't disappointed because what I saw next was incredible.

The tall woman walked up behind the kneeling woman and slowly ran her hand up and down her back. Then she began slowly stroking the kneeling woman all over. She ran her hands up and down the back of her legs, over her ass, up her back, through her hair, and then back down to her ass again. Then, after whispering something in the kneeling lady's ear she slowly ran her hand between the kneeling lady's legs and began to finger her pussy. She did it very slowly and sensuously. I had expected something more strict, I guess, because I was surprised at how carefully and expertly she stroked the kneeling woman.

Then, as she continued caressing the woman's pussy with one hand, she reached over with her other hand and began to pull and tease the kneeling woman's hanging breasts. When she did that the kneeling woman leaned her head back and sighed. She was clearly becoming aroused. That was when I noticed that there was something attached to the tall woman's hand: she had a vibrator on her hand. She wore it like a ring with the vibrating nub on the underside of her hand, and as she ran her hand over the kneeling woman's vagina the poor woman began to writhe and sweat. She was being expertly masturbated, and each time the kneeling woman seemed to be on the verge of an orgasm the tall woman would back off and run her hand over and around the kneeling woman's upturned butt until she calmed down again. Then the tall woman would begin all over again.

I marveled at the sexiness of it all and about the time I had come to the conclusion that the poor kneeling woman was being tortured with pleasure I was surprised once again to hear the door open and close again.

This time two naked men walked in. I am not gay, but the two male bodies that I saw walk up to the love seat were so perfectly sculpted and cut that I might have been happy to have sex with them myself. But they weren't gay either. Because one guy walked around to the back of the love seat and casually put his already hard penis to the mouth of the kneeling woman and watched her as she quickly opened her mouth to receive him. The poor woman was so aroused at this point that it was obvious she wanted their cocks because without any encouragement at all from the man she began bobbing her head up and down over his dick while the other man entered her from behind.

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