Tina's Babysitting Adventure

by Switch Blayde

Copyright© 2016 by Switch Blayde

Erotica Sex Story: At almost 19 years old, Tina believes she is too old to babysit. But when her younger sister gets ill, she fills in for her and has the adventure of her life.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   BiSexual   First   Masturbation   Babysitter   .

Tina, glaring at her mother, stamped her foot on the checkered linoleum floor in the kitchen. "Ya gotta be kidding!"

"Honey, just this one time."

"I'm too old to babysit. Jeez, Mom, I'm nineteen."

"You're almost-- That doesn't matter. What matters is your kid sister promised and the Webbs have plans. It's too late to get anyone else. It's not Sammi's fault she got sick. Do it for her."

"But, Mom, babysitting? What if my friends find out?"

"So what would be the big deal? Anyway, they won't if you don't tell them. Sammi won't. I won't. They don't know the Webbs. Look, I don't ask you for favors a lot, but I'm asking you now. Sammi likes babysitting for them. There's something about babysitting for the Webbs she really likes. Especially the times she sleeps over. I don't want to jeopardize her job."

Her mother pressed her palms together and held them under her chin. "Please, Tina, just this once."

Tina threw her hands into the air. "Okay, okay, I'll do it. But Sammi owes me big time. You too. Boy, this is going to be so damn boring. But why do I have to sleep there?"

"Sometimes they come home so late that Sammi stays the night. It's too late for Mr. Webb to drive her home."

"But I drive. I don't need him to drive me."

Look, honey, I guess they come home very late. Like the next morning. It's better if you stay the night. Better for them and you, and me."


"Yeah, don't want you waking me up coming home in the wee hours of the morning."

"How come they stay out so late?"

Tina's mother chuckled. "They're young, not old fuddy-duddies like me. I don't know if they go clubbing or partying, but they sometimes come home very late."

"How late?"

"Don't know. Sammi says she's always sleeping."

"This is so weird." Tina lowered her head and shook it. "Okay, I'll get ready. But this is so weird."

Tina hurried upstairs to fix her makeup and brush out her long blonde hair. No time to fuss with it so she pulled it back into a ponytail. The tank top and cotton shorts would have to do. She opened the drawer where she kept her bras only to slam it shut.

"Fuck it! I'm not wearing a bra just to babysit. If they don't like it, tough."

She drove to the Webb's residence and was greeted by a tall, muscular man. When he smiled, Tina felt a few butterflies in her belly. He was cute.

"Hi, I'm Steve Webb. You must be Sammi's sister. It's Tina, right?" She nodded, but was only half listening, lost in the bluest eyes she had ever seen. "Your mom called and told us what happened. This is one of our special nights out so it's important to us. I can't tell you how much Mary and I appreciate this."

Mr. Webb held his hand out, not in a handshake but palm up, so Tina laid hers on it. When he closed his fingers around her hand the butterflies returned, even more this time as her legs felt like rubber and her neck heated up all the way to her ears. He was more than cute. He was sexy.

Mr. Webb led Tina into the house by her hand and introduced her to his wife.

Jeez, she sure has big tits for being so short, Tina thought. Ha, bet she can't go without a bra.

Tina caught herself staring at Mrs. Webb's breasts and quickly looked up to see her smiling at her. She also realized Mr. Webb was still holding her hand so she pulled it free.

They showed Tina the guest bedroom where she would spend the night. After placing her overnight bag on the floor, they took her to the baby's room. He was sleeping in a crib that had different colored balls hanging above it.

"This is Mikey," Mrs. Webb whispered.

"He's a cutie."

"Takes after his father."

Tina looked up at Mr. Webb's face and blushed again as her eyes darted away. "How old is he?"

"Nine months. I finally got my figure back. What do you think?"

Mary Webb held her arms straight out to her sides and did a slow 360 degree turn.

"You have a great body," Tina said.

"You're sweet. But these," she cupped the bottom of her breasts and hefted them, "got so big."

Tina's eyes were once again drawn to Mrs. Webb's large tits and blushed before looking back up. Mrs. Webb was smiling at her.

After showing Tina where the bathroom was, they went back downstairs to the living room and Mr. Webb pointed to the remote controls.

"We have all the channels," he said. "Hope you can find something to watch. We never can. Mikey sleeps through the night so he won't be a bother. Our cell phone numbers are on the kitchen counter next to the phone. Oh, and the kitchen is well stocked with snacks and drinks. Please help yourself to anything you want. We'll be home late so don't worry about falling asleep. Any questions?"

Tina shook her head so the Webbs wished her a good night and left. She plopped down on the living room couch and kicked off her sandals. After turning on the TV, she surfed the large selection of channels offered by the cable company, settling on a "B" movie about college kids on Spring Break. There was a lot of nudity and soft-sex, but no real plot. The guys were all hot, though. When the movie ended, Tina shut the TV off and stretched. She went into the kitchen and, while munching on potato chips, the image of Mrs. Webb flashed through her mind.

How big are those tits anyway? Shit, she's shorter than me and they're so much bigger than mine.

Bored out of her mind, Tina decided to find out. What better way than the label on her bras. She climbed the flight of stairs and checked on the baby before entering the master bedroom. It was weird to snoop around a stranger's bedroom, but she was curious. She opened the top left dresser drawer and her eyes widened when she saw Mrs. Webb's panties. They were in so many colors and many were not like the plain solids she wore. As she ran her hand through the panties she noticed many had lace on them.

She knew she shouldn't go through another woman's underwear, but they were so different from hers. A white one with what looked like black letters on it caught her eye. She took it out of the drawer and held it up in front of her. The words "Pussy got your tongue?" were written on the front. She turned it around to see the words "Or do you like doggie?" written on the back.

Tina chuckled. Where the hell did she find these? And when would she wear them?

She laid it down on the top of the dresser when a silvery one in the drawer caught her attention. When she took the shiny undergarment out of the drawer it wasn't soft like the cotton and nylon ones she wore. Almost stiff. They couldn't be comfortable and she wondered why it didn't irritate such a sensitive area. What was the crotch made out of? She spread it out and gasped. There was no crotch! What would it feel like to wear crotchless panties?

Tina glanced over her shoulder at the open door and held her breath as she listened for any sound in the house. Then she slipped her shorts and panties off and put Mrs. Webb's crotchless ones on. She took a few steps to see how they felt. They didn't rub on her skin at all. She sat on the side of the bed. Spreading her legs and looking down, she chuckled. That's sure convenient. All I'd have to do is lift my skirt and spread my legs. I bet guys love that. She removed Mrs. Webb's crotchless panties and returned to the drawer.

Rummaging through the silky underwear, she discovered many were thongs. Almost all her friends wore thongs, but not Tina. Her mother did the laundry and she was so damn conservative. No sense trying to explain why she needed to wear sexy underwear when no one saw it. Let her continue to believe Tina was innocent. But what did they feel like?

Selecting a black thong, Tina stepped into it and pulled it up. She looked at herself in the mirror. Some of her blonde pubic hairs poked out the sides and top. Tina kept her bush trimmed, but the thong was so skimpy the hairs still showed. When she turned around and looked over her shoulder, Tina saw her entire ass. The thin piece of material disappeared between her cheeks.

"Oh god!" Tina said out loud.

That same material would be in Mrs. Webb's crack and against her pussy. There was a reason they didn't allow you to try underwear on in a store. Tina quickly removed the thong and put all the underwear back inside the drawer. After redressing, she opened the top right drawer where she found the bras. Tina lifted one and read the label.


Once again Tina peeked over her shoulder, and then she raised the bottom of her tank top to her neck and held it up with her chin pressed to her body. She draped the bra over her breasts. The gap between her tits and the bra was significant.

While returning the bra to the drawer, something caught Tina's eye. A stack of photographs in the bottom right corner. Why would someone keep photographs in their underwear drawer? Fishing it out, Tina looked at the one on top. Her body tingled and the butterflies in her stomach fluttered. It was a picture of Mr. Webb, facing the camera completely nude, hands on hips and feet shoulder width apart, with the biggest hard-on she had ever seen, not that she had seen many.

Tina sighed as she traced his body with her fingertip, lingering on the erection pointing at the ceiling. She moved on to the next picture. Again it was a naked Mr. Webb, but this time his fist surrounded his cock and it was obvious by the way the head was squished that he was jerking off. Tina anticipated what the next photo would show and, after sliding the other off the top of the stack, wasn't disappointed. A long white string of sperm flew from his dick.

After taking several deep breaths and each time letting the air out slowly, Tina looked at the next photo. Expecting to see more of Mr. Webb, she gasped at the picture of his wife, totally nude, smiling. Now Tina had never considered looking at a naked woman, but her eyes were fixated on the photo. She studied the woman whose breasts were much too large for her small frame. Then her eyes traveled downward to see a shaved pussy. No wonder she could wear those skimpy thongs.

Tina quickly moved to the next photo in hopes of seeing more of Mr. Webb, but it was another photo of his wife. There she stood, with one of her own nipples between her lips, stretching it to its maximum length. The next picture showed Mrs. Webb lying on her back on the bed, propped up by two pillows against the headboard. Her feet were flat on the mattress with her heels near her buttocks and her knees spread wide apart. The picture's composition clearly had her pussy as the main focus, and that was where Tina's eyes were riveted. But the next photo was even more scandalous. Mrs. Webb's fingers gripped her pussy lips, pulling them apart, exposing the pink wet inner flesh and her gaping hole. The hole Mr. Webb's big cock went into.

His dick was so big and the hole so small. If it fit inside Mrs. Webb it would fit inside Tina. What would it feel like to have a cock inside her? Mr. Webb's cock! Tina breathed heavily as she shoved her hand inside her panties. When her finger sank into her throbbing pussy, she was amazed at how wet it was.

Now that she only had one hand free, Tina placed the stack of photographs on the dresser and removed the top one. Mrs. Webb was still lying on the bed, but now had a pink dildo in her smiling mouth. Tina quickly went to the next picture where the dildo was half buried inside Mrs. Webb's cunt.

"Oh my god." With her finger still inside her own wet hole, Tina squeezed her pussy.

The teenager quickly moved through the next few photos as she frantically mauled her clit. The pictures showed different stages of the dildo as Mrs. Webb fucked herself with it. The final photograph in the series showed Mrs. Webb smiling and holding the dildo up for the camera. More than half of it glistened with her juices.

When Tina uncovered the next photo, she dropped the previous one onto the top of the dresser and shoved her other hand into her panties. While fingering her pussy with one hand and rubbing her clit with the other, Tina stared at the new photo. It was taken from above, at Mrs. Webb's face looking up at the camera. She was on her knees with Mr. Webb's hard cock inside her mouth.

Tina climaxed so hard that she almost fell. She pulled her hands out of her panties and looked at her wet fingers. The image of Mrs. Webb sucking the pink dido flashed through Tina's mind as she stuffed her wet fingers into her mouth. She had never done that before and was surprised when she found the taste to her liking. She licked them clean.

Tina stared at the photos scattered on top of the dresser. An urge to find the pink dildo in the pictures swept through her. She searched through the dresser drawers, one by one, digging through shirts and pants and sweaters. When she came up empty, she scanned the room. Her eyes locked on the end table next to the bed so she dashed to it, flinging the drawer open. There it was, mixed in with all kinds of sex toys.

Tina pulled the dildo out and held it in front of her face. Without thinking, she wrapped her lips around it like Mrs. Webb had done in the photograph. A faint taste of Mrs. Webb lingered on the plastic object.

This is so hot, Tina thought as she sucked the dildo. I must be a fucking lesbian. No way. I like Mr. Webb's cock. God I'd love to fuck him.

Wanting to see more pictures of Mr. Webb, Tina spread out the photographs of Mrs. Webb blowing her husband. She imagined being on her knees in front of Mr. Webb doing what Mrs. Webb was doing in the pictures, all the while sucking and licking the pink dildo as if it were Mr. Webb's big dick. She remembered the taste when she first put the dildo into her mouth and an image flashed through her mind of Mr. Webb pulling his cock out of his wife's pussy and shoving it into Tina's mouth.

Tina pushed her shorts and panties down and wiggled until they fell to her feet. Bent at the waist, she lined the dildo up with her hole and pushed it into her young pussy. While leaning on the dresser with one hand, she thrust the dildo in and out with the other, staring at picture after picture spread out on top of the dresser. Wanting to see more, she uncovered the next photo in the stack. The cock was no longer in Mrs. Webb's mouth. She was smiling, and the camera caught her blurred hand as it flew towards her face where a white glob of semen dripped out of the corner of her mouth.

Tina pumped the dildo in and out faster while two fingers of her other hand mauled her clit. In no time, she came so hard that she had to grab onto the dresser to keep from falling.

"Bravo, bravo."

Tina spun around at the sound of Mrs. Webb's voice. Mr. and Mrs. Webb stood in the doorway staring at her. She bent over and yanked her shorts and panties up.

"Ouch!" Tina cried out and scrunched her face when the crotch of her panties jammed the dildo further into her pussy.

"Oh dear, please be careful," Mrs. Webb said.

The dildo prevented Tina from pulling her shorts all the way up so she clung to the waistband as she sprinted past the couple, which was not easy with the dildo inside her. Not stopping until she was inside the guest room, she flung the door shut, jumped face down onto the bed, and sobbed into the pillow.

After a few moments, Tina heard a knock on the door followed by squeaking hinges.

"May we come in?" Mrs. Webb asked. Her voice was soft, almost soothing.

Tina looked over her shoulder to see Mr. and Mrs. Webb standing just inside the room. Tears ran down her cheeks as she twisted more to follow Mr. Webb's gaze to her butt. The dildo was still inside her pussy and the part sticking out prevented her shorts from being pulled all the way up. Half her ass showed.

"Oh my god!" she cried out and rolled onto her back.

That was no better. The front of her shorts were so low that the top of her panties showed, and above them her blonde pubic hair. She shrieked and tugged on the cover that was tucked under the sides of the mattress. Yanking it out, she scrambled under it and covered her face in her hands.

"Please, oh please, I'm so embarrassed," Tina said.

"Is that what's troubling you?" Mrs. Webb said as she walked to the bed and sat down next to the crying girl. Mr. Webb kept his distance, not moving from where he was standing.

"I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to, to, oh, you know what."

"Dear child, do you think we're mad at you?"

Tina stopped crying and spread her fingers to peek through them. "Aren't you?"

"Of course not. Why would we be mad at you? You didn't do anything wrong."

"B-But I, I, I..."

"You what? Looked at some photographs of us? So what? Masturbated? Who doesn't? Used one of my happy toys? I don't care."

"Oh my god!"

Tina snaked a hand under the cover and into the front of her shorts and panties. Her fingers wrapped around the plastic dildo and tried to pull it out. There wasn't room so Tina once again covered her face with her hands.

"I can't get it out. Not with my clothes on."

"Don't worry, dear, you can leave it there. We don't mind."

"Can you leave so I can take it out?"

"If that's what you want. But we've already seen you naked so I don't know why you'd be embarrassed if we were here. But we'll leave if you want us to."

"Please do. I can't do it with you watching."

"Okay, dear, but before I go I'd like to ask you a few questions. Okay?"

"Um, what?"

"First, did you find the photographs exciting?"

"I don't know."

"Tina, be honest with me. I feel very close to you right now. Actually, that was a stupid question. After all, we saw that they did." Mrs. Webb smiled as Tina blushed. "Tell me, what about them excited you?"

"This is so embarrassing."

"Don't be silly. We're all adults. You can tell me."

"Well, I don't know. It was a lot of things. You know, seeing you two naked and doing stuff."

"What kind of stuff? Did you like seeing me masturbate?"

"Sort of."

"Did you like seeing me give Steve a blow-job?"

"Yeah!" Tina blushed when Mrs. Webb chuckled.

"Do you know he came in my mouth?"

"That was the last one I saw. That's what made me come."

"Then I'm very happy you discovered the photos. You see, Steve and I are not ashamed of our bodies or how we, um, enjoy ourselves." After a brief pause, she added, "If you really liked looking at our photos, we have something better that you will like. Would you like to see a movie we made?"

Tina's eyes opened wide. She looked at Mr. Webb and nodded.

"Good," Mrs. Webb said as she clapped her hands together. "Okay then, give us a few minutes to get out of these 'going out' clothes. We'll meet you downstairs in the living room. It will give you time to remove that little toy." Mrs. Webb laughed. "Oh, and bring it with you. Okay?"

"Okay," Tina answered with her eyes lowered.

Tina waited in the living room for the Webbs. Sitting on the couch, she occasionally glanced at the pink dildo lying on the coffee table. Each time her eyes contacted it, she blushed.

The Webbs finally came down the stairs and into the living room. Mrs. Webb wore a loose fitting summer dress. It was obvious she wasn't wearing a bra as her large breasts flopped about under the material. Mr. Webb simply wore a pair of cotton shorts with an elastic waist. That's all. His muscular chest was bare causing a sexual twinge within Tina. She noticed the large lump between his legs and wondered if he was wearing underwear.

"Now that's much better," Mrs. Webb said. "I like dressing up, but when I'm home I prefer being comfortable. Let's get the movie going, shall we?"

As Mrs. Webb plopped down on the couch next to Tina, her husband put the DVD into the player. He sat on the other side of his wife and pressed the appropriate remote control buttons to operate the equipment. The screen flickered and then an image appeared of Mrs. Webb fully clothed. Tina recognized their bedroom.

"Tina dear, remember, this is not a professional recording. It's just a couple of amateurs having fun. And it's private. Only between us. We trust you."

Tina heard Mrs. Webb, but was too engrossed in the image on the screen to reply with more than a nod. She watched as the Mrs. Webb on the TV screen did a sensual striptease. All the while her clothes were coming off, she told her husband how hot she was and what she was going to do to him.

Tina was getting hot herself.

On the screen, the camera followed Mrs. Webb's now nude body to the end table. She opened the drawer, retrieved her pink dildo, turned to the camera, and put the toy into her mouth. Her cheeks caved in when she sucked.

"That's my favorite toy," the live Mrs. Webb sitting next to Tina said. "I always lick it before using it."

Tina's eyes were fixated on the TV as Mrs. Webb climbed onto the bed and masturbated with her fingers before sliding the dildo into her pussy. After a short while of pumping it, Mr. Webb appeared on camera and got onto the bed between his wife's spread legs. Mrs. Webb pulled the dildo out of her pussy and stuck it into her mouth. At the same time, Mr. Webb leaned forward and placed his head between her thighs. The camera angle showed the back of his head, but it was obvious he was licking her pussy. Of course Tina knew of such things, not that she had ever had it done to her.

"Oh, Tina, you taste so sweet."

The mention of her name caused the teenager to turn and face the woman next to her. To her shock, Mrs. Webb was licking and sucking the pink dildo. Tina hadn't thought to wash it. Also, one of Mrs. Webb's hands was palm-down in her husband's lap, pressing against his growing organ, moving side to side.

Tina was torn between the movie and the live action.

When Tina heard Mrs. Webb's scream from the speakers, she quickly turned back to the movie. Mrs. Webb was bouncing on the bed, obviously in the throws of an orgasm as her husband continued to eat her. Tina clamped her thighs together and rocked on the couch trying to satisfy the burning need between her legs.

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