Stranded in the Rain

by raplucknett

Copyright© 2015 by raplucknett

Erotic Sex Story: I get picked up by a nice woman with an interesting life style

Caution: This Erotic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Reluctant   Fiction   FemaleDom   Cream Pie   BBW   Nudism   .

I was in the middle of nowhere, the tire on my bicycle had a puncture and it was getting late. My plan to cycle across Western Australia had hit a snag and with the nearest town over 30 miles away I was starting to wonder where I was going to sleep for the night. To make matters worse it had been raining for more than an hour - everyone thinks Australia enjoys constant sunshine but this is a myth - and I was drenched. But I didn't panic as something usually comes up and sure enough a white ute pulled up and the middle-aged female driver wound her window down.

"Bloody hell, you're wetter than a fish underwater. Hop in, I'll take to my place and sort you out."

I threw my bike and backpack in the back and jumped in the passenger seat, grateful of the lift. As we drove off I noticed she was a rather large lady, easily 350 pounds, probably more. But she was very friendly and after hearing my bike tire was punctured offered for me to stay at hers for the night. I was a bit apprehensive but realised she seemed friendly and trustworthy and I had little other option.

We soon arrived at her house, down a long country lane miles away from the nearest neighbour. "My names Sharon by the way."

"Peter," I introduced myself.

"Well Peter, you probably want to go straight in the shower, it's upstairs on the left. Don't worry about your stuff, I'll bring it in."

I refreshed myself with a nice warm shower but when I stepped out I couldn't find a towel. Also my clothes were gone. I stuck my head out the bathroom door.

"Sharon... ?"


"Where's the towel?"

"In the washing machine."

"You don't have a spare?"

"Nah, I live on my own here so only needed the one. I put your clothes in the wash too."

The realisation of being in a strangers house with nothing to wear had rendered me speechless. She noted my embarrassment and walked to the bathroom.

"A little shy? Come on, the naked body is nothing to be ashamed of. I walk round the house with nothing on all the time and I'm not wearing anything now. Look."

I opened the door and she was indeed completely naked. Nothing was hiding her huge breasts, her fat belly nor her big unshaven vagina. She didn't glance at my private parts, only looking at my face and smiled as if to say I was getting worried over nothing.

"I bet you must be starving, sit down and I'll cook us some grub."

I sat in the lounge, still in shock upon what was happening. I was in a strangers house where we both had no clothes on. That she was carrying on as if it was completely normal was making it even more surreal, but also made it easier to accept the situation.

Dinner was nice but nothing fancy, and afterwards we shared a bottle of wine and talked for a couple of hours and got to know each other.

I was getting a little tired and tipsy so asked where the spare bedroom was. but she replied it was just her room and I'd have to share the double bed. I replied that I would sleep on the coach but she was insistent, stating it wasn't a problem for two friends to share a bed.

I still found the prospect a little awkward but not wanting to appear rude I reluctantly accepted. After all we just shared the past few hours naked in each other's company so why not share the same bed? Not only that, the alcohol had lessened my inhibitions a bit and I was too tired to argue.

We reached her room and I waited for her to get into bed first. She led down on the near side so I walked round and got on my side of the bed. She pulled up the doona over us and switched off the light.

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