Kill Switch Version C

by Phoenixwriter

Copyright© 2015 by Phoenixwriter

Science Fiction Sex Story: A crisis ensues on a desolate moon when two female soldiers and their male commander turn from a passion for survival to pure passion for each other. Long supressed feelings, desires and passion break loose from military discipline when survival is seriously in question.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Mult   Consensual   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Science Fiction   Space   Group Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Big Breasts   Military   War   .

The lights flickered, then one computer system after another began to shut down. The engine of the anti-grav hover tank shut down and we slammed into the surface of the partially terraformed moon colony. Somewhere out there was a rebel base. Then the oxygen generators shut down and we REALLY knew we were in trouble.

Michelle, Frankie and me (Jake) had launched from the cargo lander an hour ago and given our search area. Rebel activity was light in this area, so four anti-grav tanks were dropped onto this rocky and sand-covered moon to follow a search pattern. Our commanders thought 1000 square kms each is far away enough from each other to explore suspected places for rebels to hide out. We had to stop every few days to replenish our batteries for all of our systems except the main gun. The guys in charge were a paranoid bunch and refused to give us environmental or space certified suits for fear of desertion or defection to the rebels. The most important innovation installed in ALL Republic vehicles was a "KILL SWITCH" to prevent poorly equipped rebel forces from getting even one of these old clunkers we were currently trapped in.

They had Nooo problem sticking a horny twenty-five year old man in charge of a tank with two busty young women. They must have thought they or I was gay. Michelle had a boyfriend up to a month ago and seemed more like a lesbian at a quick glance with her short cropped blonde hair. She had large breasts I often privately drooled over and were the topic of many sexual fantasies. Her body type was short with a lovely large rounded ass perfect for grabbing a hold of or for long hours of sitting. She had piercing deep blue eyes sharp as an eagle's. She could spot an obstacle within seconds from a few kms away; good for driving or maneuvering in combat. Her piercing eyes could make a man's dick wilt from ten meters away at a single glance or keep him hard for weeks with a single smoldering look. She seemed pleasant enough, but never showed me any interest and she was too valuable keeping us alive for me to ever think of starting a relationship or even making a pass at her. The military tends to frown on fraternization. Something about destroying morale, discipline and unit cohesion; even for draftees like us.

Frankie was a completely different sort of woman and a very "unique" person. She was medium height, long brown hair tied in a pony tail (according to military regs), had a cute nicely rounded little ass, slender waist, C cup breasts and hazel eyes. Her eyes only glazed over for two things; Michelle's naked breasts and our tanks engine. Once I swore I caught her drooling over my dick when I had to go outside to take a leak while on patrol in some other back-water planet. Maybe I was wrong thinking of her as a lesbian. She reminded me of a character named Katie or Kaylee on some ancient cult series called "Butterfly" or maybe "Firefly" and both are a genius at keeping old machines or engines working. She sure revved up my engines and she had classic patrician beauty. She never talked to any man unless it was about keeping our tank running or about engines or something mechanical. Some day when my mandatory service was almost up I would love to show her the pleasures of a talented man's tongue or the pleasure of an eight inch dick sliding in and out of her.

We never talk about our past or where we were from. Tomorrow we could all be dead. Sentiment and emotional attachments could interfere with survival while in combat. I barely knew whether or not my crew was married or not or if they were in a relationship. Our lives were all about simple things such as: Where do we go next, when will we get there, where the enemy is and how soon do they die or we die and, what shape the tank is in. We also thought about the leisure station and what we planned to do while we were there. We saw all male tank crews with better equipment and newer parts get destroyed by not working together or being stupid. No matter how good the crew is you cannot avoid all threats or protect against all enemies. Sooner or later something is going to kill you. Hopefully it is old age and not a bullet to the head or blown up into chunks of meat.

I swear these tanks were close to twenty years old and predated the rebellion. Being the commander/gunner I had to think of what hit us and how to fix it quickly. Michelle, the driver and I both saw a quick flash before everything went dark. It could have been an old electromagnetic pulse weapon from fifty years ago. I had Frankie, the engineer, do a hard reset of all systems. Nothing, and five minutes wasted. Then, I remembered a rumor that some rebels may have mines or devices which triggered the "Kill Switch". Our leaders vehemently denied such a device was even possible; let alone scrubby colonists from the edges of the Republic. That definitely had to be the answer if they denied it THAT MUCH!

Now came the real dilemma faced by all military commanders to let my troops die without knowing when or why or trust they will not freak out and murder us all. A real leader would not tell them anything and let them suffocate in this type of situation. Hell, I'm no real leader and I only got to be commander of this bucket due to having a University degree in Botany and scoring high in marksmanship. A lot of good a degree in plants is doing me when there's dust and rocks as far as the eye can see and maybe as far as our sensors could tell. I didn't see anything to shoot at right now either.

So, I told them, "WE ARE SCREWED! We have two hours to live and no oxygen on this rock out there." pointing at the hatch.

I gotta give my crew credit. They did not freak out as much as I expected. Michelle had vid glasses with holiday vids from her ex-boyfriend of their vacation on a sunny beach which stretched for ten kms to remind her of better times. It relaxed her, so I left her alone and watched as Frankie began to take apart the engine in hopes of converting or using parts to get the oxygen generators working or at least the distress transponder working. While Frankie was working, she began to take off her work uniform so it would not get in the way of her work. I began to drool as she worked in a sports bra and panties. When she bent over I was drawn to that cute round ass; beginning to automatically move towards the object of my desire.

I was shocked out of my trance by a hand on my rock hard dick straining to escape from the confines of my uniform. That shock made me remember a conversation I had with Frankie a month ago.

While I sat back in my chair reluctantly pushing Michelle's hand away from my covered dick I said, "Maybe later Michelle. Frankie, do you remember our discussion a month ago about rumors of the rebels having a pulse weapon of some sort which activated our tank's "Kill Switch"?

"Yes, what about it?" she replied tersely annoyed at being taken away from her work.

"Did you ever get a hold of and pack away a shielded power pack?" I asked.

The light went on in her head. "I see what you're getting at. Since the transponder was not on, the circuits might not be affected or barely damaged and the power supply is easily replaced." She replied ecstatically

Frankie got to work. She switched the oxygen generators to pure oxygen until the carbon dioxide was gone. The transponder activated automatically and sent its' coded message to the star base a couple light years away. A couple minutes later it flickered and stopped transmitting. We could only hope a signal got through, but it was doubtful and we were far enough away that we might run out of oxygen by the time they found us. The oxygen generators would last us a good four hours to maybe eight hours if we use the pain killers in the first aid kit to knock us out. I began to despair, laid back on the floor of our remarkably spacious tank, and closed my eyes surrendering to defeat and depression. I heard the rustle of clothes, then felt my uniform pants being pulled off along with my underwear in a single firm tug.

I felt lips embrace the head of my dick and a tongue gently circle the crown of my dick a few times and then lick up and down the full length a few times. I was in a half dreaming state and fantasized that it was Frankie doing this to me. Then she began to suck my dick in earnest, her stroking hand following her lips as she bobbed up and down on my dick. I was sooo close to cumming that I had to open my eyes. I saw not Frankie, but Michelle staring up at me with her beautiful dangling breasts grazing my upper thigh. She gave me an impish grin and began to suck with even more fervor now that she had my full attention. I blasted a month's worth of pent up cum down her throat. There was so much that she pulled back and some dribbled from the corners of her mouth.

It was at that moment I heard and took notice of Frankie in a corner with her hand in her panties having a small orgasm. She rushed to Michelle and licked cum from the corners of Michelle's lips. Then Frankie began a probing passionate kiss with Michelle. Michelle and Frankie decided to really put on a show for me and stripped completely naked. Frankie rubbed her breasts and Michelle's bare breasts together.

My dick twitched at this beautiful sight before me.

Michelle noticed and said to Frankie, "Looks like he likes seeing two women together. How about I get you out of the rest of your clothes and we give him a REAL SHOW.? It's been years since I had a woman."

Michelle firmly squeezed Frankie's breasts and sucked her tender young nipples. I swear Frankie had a mini orgasm just from having her nipples sucked on. Then Michelle moved down Frankie's body leaving a trail of kisses from her breasts to her mons. She slowly peeled off Frankie's panties kissing all around her slit deliberately missed touching her slit and clit. The poor girl was shaking in excitement and could hardly stand up if not for Michelle grasping those beautiful round little ass cheeks. Then Michelle plowed a furrow through Frankie's pussy lips, circled and then began sucking on Frankie's clit. That was it and Frankie came with a shudder and a scream; falling to the floor at last.

Michelle reached over and grabbed the base of my cock to prevent me from cumming after that amazing erotic sight AND, to let me know firmly who was NOW in control.

Michelle turned to Frankie and said, "Come over here hun and let's get into a 69 position and really give him a show."

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