Releasing the Enchantress

by Marduk

Copyright© 2015 by Marduk

Erotic Sex Story: A chap seeks help from a sex shop to put life back into a hopeless sex life. The results are the backbone of the story - read on

Caution: This Erotic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Slut Wife   Oral Sex   Petting   Exhibitionism   Size   Hairy   .

Blame the weather, for if it hadn't been for the downpour Rick would not have visited the 'Sexy Shop'. Not that the opportunity had not arisen before but he was always doubtful that they could help him, but this afternoon, unless he wanted to get soaked, the shop offered shelter. "Good afternoon", the woman behind the counter said as he entered. "Can I assist you". Rick smiled back. At least she was mature, not one of these young tarts that he found very annoying and he wondered why they entered this line of work. He remembered one incident, years before when the girl behind the counter of a similar shop got very aggressive when he asked for a video depicting cum dripping from the corners of a woman's mouth after she had sucked a cock. In a way that episode was another reason why he was reluctant to enter one of these shops; he didn't want a repeat of that past experience.

"Well Yes there is", he replied. "I have a wife who is very opposed to any form of sexual activity, with the result that I'm finding it difficult to get a 'hard-on'. I was wondering if there is a substance that could light the fuse under my wife for if she was active, maybe my rusted up apparatus would again spring into action". The woman smiled and he was sure she wanted to laugh for her tits began to wobble. She wasn't wearing a bra, maybe that was standard for working in a sex shop one would want to encourage customers and this woman had tits that were very noticeable. "I do have an array of tablets that are called 'Love Bug'. I can't guarantee them a hundred percent but I have sold a few and I haven't received any negative feedback. They are a bit expensive for a dosage for one week. Each tablet is crushed up and taken with food and only one tablet a day", she replied. She handed him the packet, the tables were pink. "Pink for a woman", he smiled. "Does that mean the 'get it up' tables are blue?" The woman laughed. "You know I haven't a clue", she replied. "How long have you been ineffective?" she asked as she gave him the change for his purchase.

"I think years for I was asking myself that same question. The last fuck I had was long before the start of the new millennium", he replied.

"You poor bastard", she said. "Do you have any sexual pleasure?"

"I know a woman who will suck me off, I may not get an erection that can penetrate a woman but at least my cock can be kept in her mouth and she sucks till I blow and over time I think a 'suck' is better that an actual fuck", he concluded.

She wished him luck with the tablets. "You can tell me what happens, I'm here every day", she called at he opened the door to leave. He gave a wave and left. There was no instruction on the packet, not even where they were made. He hoped that they would do just what he had been told, he certainly didn't want any harm to come to his wife, he only wanted her to become sexually active. Each evening he crushed up a tablet and inserted it into one of the vegetables and waited. Day after day passed, there was no change in his wives daily sheet of activities, there was no sudden interest in him, it was as though nothing happened and he did begin to wonder if the whole experiment was a waste of time and money. The week ended. He had no idea of what he was now to do, would he approach his wife, give her a feel up, drop his trousers and invite her to suck his cock. He smiled at that thought for his wife's attitude to him was generally hostile and she seemed to treat any sexual activity as an abomination.

It was the sudden phone call from his old work mate that was going to be the key that he needed to test the tablets and see if they had worked. He hadn't heard from Harry for some months for he had been overseas but now he was back it was the opportunity that he wanted for he knew Harry had a reputation with women, he didn't treat them too well, considered them useful for a fuck and a suck, yet women would drape themselves around him, something that he failed to understand. He told his wife that he was having a beer with his mate Harry and left her to do her own thing. Over the beers he explained the reasons he wanted to catch up. "I want to see if the tablets worked and as I'm sure even if there was something in what I was told the hostility between myself and my wife would cancel out any improvement, however, you Harry have always been successful so I want to know if you can seduce my wife Alice, release the dragon as you might say, that is if there is a dragon to be released". Harry smiled for the thought of seducing any woman always put his mind into top gear and he willing agreed to the proposal.

There was never ever any hostility when visitors were around, the wife was the perfect host and this made the agenda that Harry was given even more encouraging. Harry gave her compliment after compliment on the afternoon tea, she purred her response and later sitting beside her on the lounge he draped his arm around her shoulder and began to gentle rub her up and down. Whether that was the action that opened the Pandora's box of suppressed desires, or whether it was the flow of compliments, the wife turned, so sudden was her embraces that even Harry was momently taken back. He was too much a professional lover to be on the back foot for long, feeling her tits, squeezing and moulding them, for they were large enough for such activity. She responded with an array of kisses that had her husband shaking his head in disbelief.

From her tits to her thigh, Harry moved with the same controlled motion, gradually his wife's utterances became very auditable 'Ohhhhh!' and 'Ahhhhh!' as he worked her dress up, baring her legs till he reached his goal and as he shoved his finger home his wife's controlled but loud responses to the slow advance of the invader, erupted, her gasp echoed around the room and her backside bounced as fingers were thrust home and there Harry worked her till saliva was dripping down her chin. Now primed he stopped, yanked her panties down, pushed aside her throbbing thighs and within seconds bare his large erection and drove it home. Never before had Rick witnessed such a fucking and never had his wife responded in such a fashion. Her gasp and cries were music to him. Harry anchored his cock to his balls and removed her blouse and bra and then with a nipple in his mouth and her tits being squeezed he fuck her, boy did her fuck her and all Rick could do was just sit and try to understand the actions of this woman who for decades had opposed any sexual activity.

Harry was an expert at the seduction of women, he held off filling her till she was so aroused that she was clinging to him, working her bottom up to accommodate his every thrust and pushing his head down harder on her saliva covered tits. He blew and she bucked, vibrating like an unset jetty and panting like she had run a hundred miles. Slowly he pulled out, wiping that cum covered cock over the forest between his legs. "You are a fantastic fuck", he said as he got up, leaving her still gasping and with tits still wobbling.

Harry came out of the bathroom, he had stripped. He helped the wife up, removing the skirt and then took her into the bathroom, he turned on the shower and there for the next fifteen minutes he washed her, but at the same time continued to seduce her till she was again so much on heat that when he sat her down on the bath and pushed his cock against her mouth and told her to suck it, she obliged and it was his turn to voice his appreciation as for the first time ever she was sucking a cock.

As her mouth sent shudders through his being Harry gradually pulled her head further into his groin, forcing more of his monster down her throat, she struggled, saliva oozing from the corners of her mouth. He had no concern for her discomfort and as his balls exploded, dragged her head totally into his groin and with a gasp "Drain 'em drain my balls". As for Rick it was a pity he didn't have the means to record this absolute first for his 'very conservative wife' a mouth full of cum and when she was released the contents of her mouth flowed like a fountain and she just sat, shaking, maybe from shock, maybe from emotion or maybe from surprise. Harry gave her tits a feel and told her to wash her mouth. He left her sitting on the bath, dripping cum over her still vibrating tits.

Although Rick was present he was invisible to this aroused couple. His wife came out of the bathroom and embraced Harry who was having a glass of water. She ran her fingers down his stomach and onto his cock, rubbing it and pulling it, hardening it with every stroke. Harry turned and sat her down, lifting each tit and pulling each nipple. He pushed his cock against her mouth. "Suck me off again you randy cunt", he said as his cock began to vanish into her open mouth. While she sucked he worked her nipples, pulling, twisting and squeezing while he also kept dragging her head harder into his groin so by the time he gave the grunt of release her nose was buried into his cock hair and somewhere down her throat was eight inches of cock.

Rich had no idea what conversations had passed between his wife and Harry all he did know that he was ignored; it was as though he didn't exist. After draining Harry's balls and wiping her mouth she was carried her into her bedroom, she had her own room. Mere minutes passed before they appeared, dressed. Without any recognization they left, leaving Rick standing with an expression of shock and bewilderment. He was really lost to know what to do. He had no idea of where they were going, only a knowledge that the tablets had worked, but then a thought registered, maybe the tablets had nothing to do with his wife's change of attitude, maybe it was him, maybe her loathing for him suppressed any sexual desires, but with another man they were fully released and his wife had certainly shown him that with another man, she was 'eager and ready to go'.

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