Quadruplets Are More Fun

by Smiley Smith

Copyright© 2016 by Smiley Smith

Science Fiction Sex Story: A pickup story in The Swarm Cycle Universe by Thinking Horndog. A man learns why his girlfriend with a spanking fetish has such a beautifully resilient butt!

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Fiction   Science Fiction   Spanking   Light Bond   Harem   .

Time line: Year 3

To my eyes, Melanie could have been a model. She was twenty-four years old, five foot six, long blonde hair, blue eyes, creamy white skin, beautiful red lips. We met in class at the local college three years ago, when we sat next to each other. It was a computer programming class and she was having a problem with one of the assignments. I helped her with it, showing her how to solve the problem. The problem was so obvious that the she was embarrassed and said, "Damn! You should spank me for wasting your time like this!"

I am George Garmin, a twenty-five year old Computer Engineering post graduate student. I hoped she didn't see my member's reaction to her statement. The animal brain has yet to be taught political correctness.

Melanie was also a postgraduate student. I said to her, "It's okay! I have made the same type of errors myself. Don't be so hard on yourself."

"Thank you," Melanie replied. "Let me take you for coffee."

I spent the next few hours thinking about spanking her beautifully proportioned ass. I dreamed about it every night for the next week.

We dated for about four weeks. I had found out her birthday was in mid October and took her to a good restaurant for her twenty-fifth birthday. After a movie, where we necked and did actually watch the movie, I walked her from my car to her door. When we got to the door, she invited me in for a nightcap. Once the door closed, we exchanged a long wet kiss. There was no doubt we were going to go much further.

When we broke for air, she said, "Its time for my birthday spanking!" Before my brain started working, she had me sit in a straight back chair and she bent over my knees.

This had to be her idea of foreplay. I decided that if she wanted a birthday spanking, I'd give it to her. She had this petty sundress on that was not going to block much of anything, so I started to give her light swats on her butt.

She said, "Stop!"

I did and let her up. I thought I made a mistake and she was going to throw me out, but she continued, "I want a real spanking! I want you to spank me with the full strength of a man! I want to feel it! I want it to hurt! Pull my skirt up! Bare my ass! Spank me hard! Give me a hard twenty-five swat spanking for my mother, father, and three sisters! Then give me a really hard spanking for yourself! I want it! I miss it! I need it! I've gone five years now without it, and I really miss it!"

I said, "That's going to hurt a lot. Are you sure?"

"Not as much as when my family did it with my hair brush." She then winked at me!

"Well then young lady, go fetch your hair brush and come back."

She turned, ran to the bathroom and came back with her hair brush. She handed it to me and almost flopped over my knees. I flipped up her skirt. Her panties had, "Apply paddle here!" written on them in red!

I chuckled and pulled her panties down. I said, "Are you ready?"

"Yes sir!"

"Okay this one is for your mother, count the swats. If you don't count, the swat does not count."

I let her have them pretty hard but I held back some, both to pace myself and to have some extra for the last round. She took them pretty well. There were some, "ouch," "oh," and "eeks," but she counted them all, followed be a clear and sharp, "Thank you, Sir!" When I finished the first set, I let her up and gave her a one minute break. She walked around with a shit eating grin on her face, rubbing her butt. I had no idea what made her tick or why she was so happy.

I gave her the next four rounds. She had a really red butt by then, and was hopping around the room for the entire one minute break. I gave her another minute. She realized it and said, "Thank you, Sir.

"Sir, I need you to do the last twenty-five as hard as you can. I will explain later, but it is very important to me that you spank me full force."

Who was I to object? I gave her the last twenty-five as hard as I could. She made some truly satisfying noises as I spanked her. I gave her an extra one to grow on, then I pinched her thigh hard for luck. Both received satisfying squeals, followed by, "Thank you sir!"

When I let her up the last time she did a regular Indian war dance around the room. She was well spanked. After she calmed down in a minute or so, she came to me and hugged me. "Thank you George. I really needed that.

"I've been a bad girl though. I was testing you. I needed to test you to see if you could handle my needs, without overdoing it. I need a man who is not afraid to spank me if I need it. I occasionally get rude, use bad language, break agreements and do things that I should know better than to do. I, occasionally, just want to be spanked.

"You are the first person to take me up on the birthday spanking challenge and do it right!

"My parents live a Domestic Discipline lifestyle. My father would discipline my mother. If we children were really bad, he would spank us. My mother also received regular maintenance spankings. I want the same thing. I don't care if it is politically correct.

"Will you do this for me? We don't have to get married. Someday, if it works out, I hope we will. I already love you. I hope you will love me!"

I said, "I will do as you ask. You need to know that while I am very attracted to you, concerned for your safety, and on the edge of falling in love with you, I don't think I am quite to the point of head over heels in love yet."

Her reply was, "That's not a problem. I do have one request though. I really want sex tonight. I am afraid though that I have earned a spanking for the way I took you for granted and behaved dangerously tonight. My ass is really sore. Would you please postpone my spanking for these items a few days?"

"Yes you've been a bad girl as you say. I do intend on punishing you for it. Twelve strokes of my belt for you taking me for granted. Twenty swats of a paddle for putting yourself in danger. I will always put a punishment off if you can give a good reason. There is a penalty for requesting a delay, and there is an additional penalty for requesting a delay if I don't see a good reason to do so. Today is Tuesday, let's check your butt Friday and see if it is ready. The penalty this time is six swats of the hair brush.

"Penalties are applied at the time of the request, so bend over and grab your ankles."

I gave her six comparatively light swats. She then stood and jumped up on my hips, and then directed me to her bedroom. We had a wonderful time!

Over the next six months, Melanie and I became closer and closer. Then someone threw a wrench into the works.

There was a special presidential announcement where he disclosed the coming of the Swarm. The Swarm was an alien race that was going to attack the Earth and, for lack of a better description, eat us. There was another faction of aliens, the Confederacy, that wanted our help to defeat them. The Confederacy was willing to give us the technology to do it. They needed volunteers to help them.

To volunteer, a person had to get CAP tested by the Confederacy. CAP stood for Capacity, Aptitude, Potential. I proceeded to get tested two weeks later. My 7.9 score meant, among other things, that I would be able to take four concubines with me to the stars.

During that time Melanie seemed to change. First, her butt became more resilient. About once a week she did something to get her ass whooped good. It surprised me that every time her panties came down her ass looked in pristine condition. I didn't understand it.

Occasionally she forgot some of the most important moments in our lives. I was beginning to worry about if there was some sort of mental problem with her. Sometimes when I called her name she did not respond. I mentioned the issue to Melanie but she laughed it off, saying she was distracted. It really did not matter to me that much because I was hopelessly in love with her. If there was something wrong with, her I was sure it could be fixed; if not, I'd still love her.

Two months later, it all came to a head. We traveled to her parents' house together for Christmas and for me to meet her parents. I was planning on proposing to her on Christmas Eve. I didn't care about the Swarm. I wanted her as my wife and I wanted to have children with her. Melanie wanted to show me off to her family, but really -- unbeknownst to me -- she wanted safety when I discovered what she had been up to. We arrived at Melanie's childhood home, and I met her parents and when they arrived her sisters, Joan, Chris and Karen, who were wearing the same outfit as Melanie. It turned out that she and her three sisters were identical quadruplets. As I looked at her sisters, I realized I had no idea who was who. I looked at Melanie and realized that if she switched with one of her sisters I would not know who was who or be able to answer the question, "Is my sister prettier than me?" They realized my discomfort. The father knowingly said, "Don't worry, everyone has that problem. My wife loves it when they wear matching outfits. They wear broaches with their first initials on them, or even I would not know the difference." All the women giggled.

Joan said, "Daddy would spank us if we ever used our similarities to drive someone away."

As we talked, I discovered that each sister had different interests and were all well rounded. I also noticed that they all sat rather gingerly. They were all somewhat flustered whenever I talked to them. It turned out that they were also attending college in the same area as Melanie.

We discussed a lot of things over the next few days. I was a little surprised that their parents did not object to her sleeping with me.

I found out all four sisters had a 6.2 CAP score. I found out that the mother had a 6.1 and the father a 4.2 CAP score. Her brother Byron showed up the second day with his wife Jill and four children. Byron and Jill were below the 6.5 CAP cut off. This meant that without the help of a sponsor that they were going to be Sa'arm nuggets when the Swarm arrived.

I was pondering that thought the next day when I heard an escalating argument between Bryon and Jill.

Jill was saying, "You promised!"

Byron said, "I changed my mind. I love you! I am not going to let you subject yourself to this."

"I love you too, but what about our children? We have to get them off the planet! Please let me do it!"

It did not take a rocket scientist to figure out what they were talking about. Sponsors could take the children of their concubines with them. Jill wanted to try out when a pickup happened, to save her children.

I never interfered in a conflict between husband and wife, unless there was a really good reason. As I listened, I heard Byron's mother, Marge, break into the argument and tell her son off for thinking only about himself. That was followed by father, Paul, telling Marge to mind her own business.

Melanie had by this point joined me and she whispered in my ear, "If this keeps up much longer, there is going to be a good spanking or two. My father and brother have low tolerances for arguing in the open. Everyone can hear them. The problem is the wrong person is going to win, namely Byron. Sometimes domestic discipline is a bitch."

I laughed nervously and hugged her. "I think you might be right. Though we would best let them work this out without their children hearing. Let's grab them and take them to the pool. It should be quieter there." Melanie's parents had money and that allowed them to have an indoor pool. We took Byron's children to the pool and we started playing with them out of earshot of the argument.

The pool room was attached to the back of house. There was a bathroom off the pool room but Paul had said to just towel off and go to the upstairs bathroom or bedroom. The women had a tendency to monopolize the downstairs bathrooms and it could be an hour before we men achieved entrance even in an emergency.

On the way to the pool, Byron's oldest girl looked at me and said, "If Mom doesn't give in soon, there is going to be a red butt in the making."

I said to her, "Mary, adults have some strange ways. What you need to remember is that they love you and whatever happens, it is because they love you."

"I know sir, I just wish they could be happy together while we are still together. Daddy has to know mommy is right. Eventually after a lot of fighting he will agree. We will have lost a lot of time we could have been happy together."

The child was wiser than her years. She knew that if her mother was extracted, her father would probably be left behind. Otherwise they all were Sa'arm food.

"You are right, honey," I replied.

I looked at Melanie. She had tears in her eyes as she listened. She had changed into her bikini to play with the children. With her bikini on, her red butt showed clearly.

I to my bedroom, for a second, and put on my swim suit. When I returned, Joan, Chris and Karen had joined us in the pool. I noticed they all had various degrees of red butts too. Suddenly I started developing a theory in my mind about the remarkable recovery time of Melanie's butt.

When Melanie came out of the pool and sat next to me I said, "I think you and I need to have a serious talk about you and your sisters."

The look on Melanie's face went from playfully happy to, 'Oh no I am caught.' "Yes, I believe we do. Let's wait until later, though. We don't want to disturb the children. I have a feeling your communication device will be flat and hard."

I almost burst out laughing. "Yes, good idea."

About an hour later, Byron and Jill showed up in swimsuits. Jill's bikini revealed a freshly spanked butt. Mary and the rest of the children ran to their parents as they approached the pool. The parents hugged them hard when they arrived.

I heard Byron say to Jill, "I'm sorry, you are right, do what you have to do." Then Jill and Byron engaged in a hard hug and shattering kiss.

The kids did a "Ewww," and walked back to the pool, ignoring their parents' antics.

About five minutes later, Marge and Paul arrived poolside. Marge was sporting a red striped butt under her bikini. She went right to the pool and jumped in. Paul, looking at Byron and Jill, still kissing, chuckled and asked me, "She changed his mind, didn't she?"

I responded, "Yes, I think so."

Paul stopped and said, "Thanks for taking the children. They needed to work things out and remember the goal. I know my son and I knew he would agree, eventually. He loves his wife and kids too much to allow them to be eaten."

Then he looked at his four daughters huddling together in their bikinis. They kept looking back at me and then he came to a conclusion and said, "Oops, it looks like the cat's out of the bag. Don't be too upset, they love each other a lot."

"Yes, I know but what do I do?"

"Well if it were up to me, and I am glad it's not, I'd take them all with me. All four are submissive, beautiful women. Unlike most women, their understanding of domestic discipline relationships will let them fit into the Confederacy well."

I replied, "True, but I can't have them disrespecting me and manipulating me like this."

"Yes, I know, just keep an open mind. Let them tell you. Let them explain. Then warm all four of their butts. They expect it and you need to show them that their conduct is unacceptable.

"Take them to the basement of the house. You can conduct your inquisition there in private. It's sound proof and there are toys there I that I occasionally use on Marge when she really gets in trouble. The girls, as teens, have made trips there too for some one-sided wooden discussions with me.

"I want to take us all out for dinner tonight, so try to make them as uncomfortable as possible but not impossible for them to sit!

"I know you are planning to propose to Melanie soon. I can see it in your eyes. Do it after dinner tonight. It will make her feel loved and cared for. Her sisters will understand.

"I know it is a lot to ask, but if you can work it out with them, I'd like you to take them to the stars with you, despite their antics. Remember they are scared. They do not know what to do about it, or how to approach getting you to extract all four. Believe me when I say all four of them are in love with you. I could see it in their eyes too. Good luck!"

I looked at Melanie standing next to Jill. She looked at me and I crooked my finger at her motioning for her to come to me. All the color drained from her face, it was time to face the music.

She announced to the people in the pool, that Jill was taking over and she would be back after she and Uncle George discussed something important. I was told later that was the family code for, "I am in big trouble, but please don't interfere."

She came to me and walked with me towards the basement. I noticed the other three sisters were right behind her. I marched them down the basement stairs. Melanie, Joan, Chris and Karen stood in a line facing me. They all knew that they were caught and would submit to whatever punishment I decided on.

I said, "Ladies, I am not very happy right now. The time has come for you to explain yourselves!"

They looked at each other and Joan piped up first, "Sir, we all want to apologize to you. We wanted to discover what it was like to be a concubine in the Confederacy. When Melanie told us how you spanked her, the other three of us wanted to try you out. We wanted to make sure we were compatible."

"Why? Compatible for what?"

"To be extracted. You have a 7.9 CAP score that means all four of us can go with you. We want to make sure that we can handle your needs and your discipline. We needed to make sure we can meet your sexual needs.

"We have proved that we can handle your needs. We have proved that you can handle our sexual needs. All we need to do is make sure we can handle your discipline and that you will discipline us with firmness but also with compassion."

"You seem to have worked this all out."

Melanie responded with downcast eyes, "Yes, but I know I violated our trust. I love you but you never said you loved me. I so needed to hear that. I so needed to hear that you'd take me with you to the stars. You never said anything. We were getting closer, but George, the Swarm thing has changed everything. Now we will never marry. If you go to the stars, I am sure it will be with someone else. I was so hurt and disappointed.

"I decided I needed to make myself more appealing to you. If you could spank me more and have good sex, you would eventually come around. If we got the chance to join the Confederacy, I hoped that if I told you about my sisters, you would take them too.

"It sounds so silly now. I doubted that you would have and I was desperate."

I realized I had been something of an insensitive clod. Still I was not sure what I would have done different. I thought it was obvious that I loved Melanie. She needed to be told, but until that second I had not even realized that I had not said the words. I was partly responsible for getting us to this point.

Melanie broke down in tears. Her sisters went to her and hugged her.

Chris said, "We made a mistake. It was not only her fault, we all have done you wrong, and I apologize. Still I can't see how there was any other way. We want to go to the stars and we want to go together."

Karen said, "We have screwed this up. We will never go to the stars now." She appeared to be the naysayer of the group. "I told you, we should not do it. All we have to show for it is a red butt and have ruined Melanie's happiness."

Joan said, "We will find another way, but we have to make up for Melanie's loss."

I yelled, "Ladies, stop!

"Yes! I am upset. Yes! You've been very bad girls! That is all that has happened.

"I am a guy! You might have heard it said once or twice that guys are insensitive. We tend to plod along and make sure of our feelings before we act. We forget to say the words.

"Melanie, I am sorry. I should have said the words. Still your solution is wrong in so many ways. You should have asked what my intentions were.

"In any case come here. I had intended to do this Christmas Eve, but obviously it has become more important to tell you sooner. I was going to have a long speech, discussing domestic discipline and various things with you alone.

"That said, Melanie I love you. I can't imagine my life without you. I want to love you forever. I want to guide you safely through life. I want to have children with you. When necessary, I will use domestic discipline to guide us down the loving path. Melanie, will you marry me?" I showed her the ring I had been carrying with me in my beach bag.

Well, no doubt about it, she was surprised. She was the picture of happy shock you see in movies. "Yes! Yes!! A hundred times, yes!" She held out her hand and I put the ring on her finger.

I then hugged her and we engaged in an Earth shattering kiss. When she came up for air she said, "I feel so stupid. You should spank me so that I can't sit for a month. You should do it once a month for life so I never forget."

I said, "You are coming with me to the stars, when I am extracted. I would not go without you." That caused a slightly less than totally earth shattering kiss.

I looked over to Melanie's sisters. They were happy for their sister. I thought for a few seconds about them. I said, "Ladies, if you want, I will take you to the stars too. I know what you tried to do and it was so wrong, on so many levels. I also understand that you were desperate. We are going to have to be together as much as possible to ensure that we are together when I am extracted. I am going to control the situation with DD when needed and you will be subject to it. What do you say?"

Joan said, "Yes! I want to come with you and agree to the DD!"

Karen said, "Yes! I do too!"

Chris said, "Yes! Me too!"

Chris continued, "All four of us were out of line though. You need to spank us hard, just to remind us to trust you. Melanie you should get double!"

"Thanks Sis!" They all laughed.

Joan said, "George, you had better punish us, or when dad finds out you didn't, he will warm our butts, and he definitely knows how! You should have seen how mad he was with us when he figured out what we had done! He told us to fix it by Christmas or he would. The pool made it much easier than it could have been."

Melanie said, "Did you see Mom's butt this morning? Looks like dad gave her twenty with the crop!"

Karen said, "That will teach her to interfere in Byron and Jill's marriage."

It was clear that they did not like their mother interfering. I could see them unconsciously rub the butts in sympathy. It was rather cute.

I will not tell you that I was sitting there unaffected. My penis was at attention. Four women in string bikinis expecting a good red ass spanking from me was a turn on. The animal brain does not understand politically correct.

"Ladies you are going to be punished. I am not tolerating this type of disrespect and manipulation.

"Melanie, you are going to accept a serious punishment spanking; fifteen strokes of the cane."

Melanie looked down at her toes.

"Joan, Karen and Chris, you are going to get ten strokes of the cane."

Joan replied, "Sir, that not enough. You should double or triple it. We can take it. We hurt you! We were disrespectful. We were manipulative. We deserve more!"

Melanie said, "Sir, she is right. We know how domestic discipline works. I am not trying to manipulate you here. I am trying to get my needs met. I need to be punished severely enough so that I know I have paid the price for my error and that you forgive me. Otherwise, I will doubt that I have paid the proper price for my errors, and will act out more. Forty-five strokes of the cane is going to leave me hurting, with blisters and probably bleeding, but I need you to do it.

"You need to do it for yourself too. It will allow you to trust us in the future because, if for no other reason, we will not want another spanking.

"Tear into my ass hard. Make sure I know how I hurt you, to make you do this. I will love you more for doing it. Please!"

To say I was taken off guard by that, would be a gross understatement. Yet, as I thought about it, I realized I was thinking more about not hurting them than fixing the problem we had. All four of them having sex with me under false pretenses was very wrong. I was indeed hurt by Melanie. Unless I punished them severely for their transgression, I would not trust them not to do the same thing in the future. There had to be severe consequences for doing what they did. Most men would not even give them a second chance.

On the other hand, I loved Melanie and to a lesser degree I loved the others too. She would have to do something really severe to get me to leave her. If this was not severe enough, then I could not think of something that was.

I came to a decision. "Ladies, it is like this. We are going out to dinner with your parents tonight. I want you to be able to sit down at the table. If I give any of you thirty strokes of the cane you will not be able to do it. I don't want that. I don't want you in the hospital either, which is where Melanie would end up if I gave her forty-five full strength strokes of the cane.

"We need to be practical. I will give you what I decreed now. I assure you it will be enough for now. I will spank you every weekend for the next six weeks. The implement and how many swats, strokes or lashes will be determined based on your conduct the next six weeks. Melanie, you can count on more than the rest of them."

I smiled when I realized that they had been spanked by me before. I had thought it was Melanie, but now I knew better. This time they knew they were going to get a serious spanking.

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