Cleaning Out Momma's House

by mattwatt

Copyright© 2015 by mattwatt

Romantic Sex Story: The task was to clean out Momma's house, and deal with her stacks of things and old furniture. Lanie, Elaine, Evers was hard at it, when her best friend Julie Longacre showed up to help, with her brother, Jonathan Worley, police captain Jonathan Worley, in tow. He had special help to give but also Lanie's love to win. He succeeded.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Romantic   Spanking   Oral Sex   Petting   .

She stood and looked around. It was certainly all familiar but it was, in a new way, now daunting. Elaine, 'Lanie', Evers was looking at her Mom's house with new eyes. There were the neat piles of magazines and newspapers that it was her Mom's habit to save, for odd reasons of her own. There was all the old furniture that Lanie had grown up with, many of them like familiar old friends.

The thought that crossed her already tired mind was that it all needed to be gotten rid of.

Her Mom, Annie's habits of keeping things had never really bothered her completely. She didn't believe that Annie Sears was truly a 'hoarder' but did recognize that her Mom kept a lot of things. She kept them in piles that she monitored time and again, in piles that were familiar to her.

It was only that she was seeing it all differently today. Today it wasn't a matter any longer of Mom's 'things' or 'treasures' or such, today it was a matter of things that she, Lanie, now had to deal with.

Enough time had elapsed after Annie Sears' death for Lanie to feel up to the task of dealing with the house and all now. After an initial perusal, with those 'different eyes', she'd followed up the suggestion of an acquaintance and had contacted a man named Cal Winters, who had come and looked the place over.

He made an offer, substantial from Lanie's point of view, of over $7,000 for the old things in the house. Lanie realized that just having the offer made her feel better about the house and the task that was now before her.

They'd made another appointment for this Cal Winters to visit today with a contract for Lanie to sign off on. She was waiting for him.

Part of their agreement was for Lanie to deal with Momma's piles of newspapers and magazines. She intended to do that also today.

She was in the middle of her ruminations, when the doorbell rang. She went thinking it must be Mr Winters arriving a bit early but was pleased to see her best friend, Julie Longacre standing there.

They embraced immediately and Julie whispered: "I knew it would be difficult to do this part of it, so I came."

"Thank you," Lanie said, kissing Julie on the cheek.

"And look whom I've brought," Julie said, with some joy in her voice.

"It's the captain," Lanie said, smiling at Julie's brother Jonathan."

(It should be said that Lanie had a secret crush on Jonathan.)

"The very same," Jonathan Worley said, gathering Lanie into a hug.

"You look so handsome and official in your uniform," Lanie said with a wide smile.

"Thank you for saying so," he answered.

(Jonathan Worley was a police captain and was dressed that day in his uniform, complete with a white uniform shirt, badge and all of his patches and insignia.)

"I'm afraid that I bullied Julie into letting me come," Jonathan Worley explained. "Wanted to kind of see for myself."

"My big brother," Julie said with a smile, "The big cop but also one of the keenest eyes for antiques anywhere around, and certifiably nosey."

"Good!" Lanie said, "Welcome and be as nosey as you want."

In fact, Jonathan Worley was already looking around at the items in this one room, the living room. He had been scanning things, while Lanie and Julie had been greeting one another.

"So, how's it going?" Julie asked.

"Oh, progress is being made," Lanie said. "I have contacted a man named Cal Winters and have an offer on the contents. It's fairly generous and will make it unnecessary for me to deal with it further."

"Cal Winters, huh?" Jonathan said. "Do you mind terribly if I ask what he offered?"

"No, not at all," Lanie said, "He's going to give me $7,000 for the lot. He's supposed to come over here today so that we can sign a contract."

"But you haven't signed anything yet?" Jonathan then asked.

"No, I haven't," Lanie said, "Why?"

"Well," Jonathan said with a kind of sigh, "That victorian desk..."

Here he pointed at a victorian desk across the room that had, side by side with the desk part of the piece, a door with glass that was shaped in a half circle.

"And that painting..."

Now he was pointing at a painting on the wall, an Alpine scene, that Lanie never liked but her Momma doted on.

"Together are worth over $6,500," Jonathan said.

"Really?" Lanie said.

"Jon," Julie broke in with, "Are you sure?"

"Completely," he said. He went on then to mention the painter's name and the type of furniture that the victorian desk was.

Lanie's hand flew up to her mouth. She said: "I don't know what to do now."

It was just then that the doorbell rang. It interrupted them. Lanie went to the door and let Cal Winters into the room.

Cal saw Jonathan Worley standing there and said an involuntary: "Shit!"

"Nice to see you too, Cal," Jonathan said.

"Yes, Captain," Cal said next.

"Trying to work out a deal with our friend, Mrs. Evers?" Jonathan said softly.

"Just doing business," Cal replied defensively.

"I know what kind of business," Jonathan said then.

"No, simply business," Cal repeated but was by then backing toward the door.

"I believe I'll wait and think about this, Mr Winters," Lanie said then.

"Yes, I suspected that would be the case, as soon as I saw him here," Cal replied and he simply left.

Lanie looked at Jonathan and then at Julie and broke into a huge smile.

"Thank you," she said, and wrapped her arms around him, and after a few long seconds, during which she simply gave herself up to the hug, and found herself loath to let go. Then she was holding out an arm to include Julie into the hug.

"What shall we do?" Lanie asked then, when the hug has broken up.

"How about if we do a survey?" Jonathan said. "We can list it all and I'll research the valuable pieces and we can then lump the rest of the commoner type of items together."

"Really, will you?" Lanie asked.

"Be my pleasure," he answered.

"It's what he does," Julie said, and giggled, "At least one of the things that he does."

"When do you have time?" he asked then of Lanie.

"Well, we can begin now, if it's okay with you and your schedule," she said, smiling. "I don't want to be putting you out."

"As a matter of fact," he said, "I do have a number of hours now and we can go ahead and make a list of the furniture in the rooms. I can then use my sources to find out what exactly the furniture here might be worth."

It's what they did, the three of them. They went from room to room and Jonathan took an inventory of each room, every piece of furniture. He included good descriptions of each piece of furniture in his list and took down any significant markings that might have been on any piece of furniture.

When they were finished, Lanie thanked both Jonathan and Julie over and over again for their kindness. It was shared hugs again and a special hug for Jonathan, that Lanie, as before enjoyed totally.

"I have to get back," he said, once they were finished with the survey. "I'll be in touch with you soon to show you what I've discovered. I think we'll be surprised."

"Oh, this is so exciting," Lanie said, grabbing him and hugging him again.

While she was holding onto him, she giggled and said: "Never hugged a cop before."

At this point in her life, Lanie, Elaine Evers was a lovely 32 years old. She'd given her life, up to that point, to her teaching interest, and to taking the best care of her lovely Momma. It had been a few years previous that Lanie, in talking with Momma, had decided on her own apartment, 'to get a life', as she said it, with both of them giggling about it at the time.

She taught psychology at the local state university site. By now she was fully tenured and loved her job.

She was a bit on the 'plump' side but many would simply take that as being what the Germans are wont to call 'zaftig', that is completely delightful: large through the breasts and a nicely rounded butt. She was aware of her 'size' and berated herself now and then for not exercising more. But to the correct viewer, Lanie Evers was fantastic.

Jonathan Worley had risen through the ranks, having come out of a hitch in the service with special forces and completed his education in criminology. He went to the police force immediately after college and never looked back.

He was in excellent shape: 6'3" and a substantial 225 lbs. He tended toward graying hair, which was curly and not always manageable. Julie's older brother, he was, at the time that he went to Lanie's house, 40 years old.

The work on her Momma's house took Lanie the better part of a week, needing, as she did, to fit it into her teaching schedule. Julie was there as often as her own schedule would allow. She was a surgery nurse. The two of them had been pals since the days at the school playground, when they were in kindergarten. Their closeness had never, ever slacked off. Lanie had been maid of honor at Julie's wedding and Julie had been on hand, when Lanie's parents, first he Dad and the her lovely Momma died. They simply tended to take care of one another.

Julie stopped one day that week to see if she could help. She knew that it was the day, when Lanie intended to carry out all of the piles that her Momma had saved. Much of it was being taken to the recycling place.

"Hey, girl!" Julie said, when Lanie opened the door.

They hugged.

"Hey yourself," Lanie said.

"Come to help with the task of lugging and tossing," Julie said.

"Yes," Lanie said with a sigh, "Momma, bless her heart, loved to have her piles of things. It was some kind of treat for her."

"How about coffee, before we do the grunt work?" Lanie asked.

"The best idea of all!" Julie said.

Lanie made the coffee and they sat down to talk. During their conversation, as casually as she could, Lanie asked: "How is that handsome brother of yours?"

Julie hooted, and Lanie smiled.

"You fox!" Julie said. "You're after my brother!"

"Just being polite," Lanie countered, with a wide grin.

"Balls!" Julie hooted. "You want to go sniffing around the big cop Captain."

It left both of them almost prostrate with giggles.

"Is it that obvious?" Lanie asked.

"Not until you casually asked and used the word 'handsome'," Julie said.

"Well he is!" Lanie insisted.

"You're right there and he's available," Julie said with a sly smile on her face.

"Yes," Lanie said, "It was Adrianne or something like that, wasn't it?"

"Yes, and he got burned enough that, according to him, he swore off of women," Julie said.

"Hmmm," Lanie mused.

"But not all women have the tits and ass that you have," Julie said with a broadening grin.

"That's me," Lanie trumpeted, "Tits and Ass Lanie!"

They were both in stitches by then.

"Then watch out, Copper!" Julie said.

"Got that right," Lanie answered.

The work went on, during that week, for Lanie at her Momma's house. She had, on that Wednesday, a free schedule and intended to get most of the rest of it sorted out and done.

It was mid morning, when the doorbell rang. When she went to the door, she found Jonathan standing there, handsome in his uniform.

"Ohhhh," she wailed as she let him in, "I look terrible! I'm sweaty! I smell sweaty! I'm dirty and you come here now."

His answer, with a broad grin, was to simply take Lanie Evers into his arms.

"Smell wonderful! Look wonderful! Don't look dirty at all!" he said.

"Ohhh," was the beginning of her response, when he simply lowered his head and kissed her.

Her only words again were an extended 'Ohhhhhhh!'

She clung to him and then kissed him back. When the second kiss ended, she simply put her head on his shoulder.

"Hi, Captain," she said softly.

"Hi, beautiful Lanie Evers," he replied. "Wanted to do that for so long."

"Oh, you did?" she asked.

"Yes," he said. "Got it done now though."

"Yes," she said, fairly, right then, at a loss for adequate words.

"Only the beginning though," he said.

"Yes," she said, "How nice is that; only the beginning."

"But I'm dirty," she protested again.

"Stop that," he ordered, "If you're this gorgeous, when you're working and, as you say, 'dirty', I can only imagine how you'd be when your spruced up and spiffy."

"Need to give me a chance to show you that," she said.

"Wish granted," he said. They kissed.

"Well," he said, "I didn't only come here to force my intentions onto the lovely lady."

"Force? Captain?" she said, smiling broadly.

"In a manner of speaking," he answered.

"Watch out for this dirty girl, Captain; she'll get you," she said in a sly voice.

"But I'm big and tough," he answered.

"And lovely in your uniform," she said. "Or don't you call a man lovely?"

"You can," he said. They kissed again.

"Oh," she wailed then, "What will Julie say?"

"She is encouraging me," he said.

"Goodie," was her reply.

"As I was saying," he put in then. "I have some news about your furniture. We might be able to get moving on that now."

"Yes, furniture," she said, still hugging him.

"Wish I weren't so dirty," she said, her head against his shoulder.

"Maybe I should haul you off and put you in the shower," he said, grinning.

She squealed. "Don't you dare..." she said, walking away to wash her face.

"This time!" she finished the thought, grinning at him, as she left the room.

They sat then and he went over what his inquiring had uncovered about the value of many of the pieces that her Momma had in the house. Lanie was pleased with what he was saying.

"What do you think?" she asked, when he was finished.

"Well, since we now know some values, why not put it into the hands of a reputable auction house; they will advertise the items and the value of them on the market to make sure that serious buyers are attending," he said.

"Oh, know someone?" she asked.

"As a matter of fact, I do," he replied. "I've done this before."

"You're so talented," she said, "You get another dirty girl kiss."

"Throwing you in the shower is coming closer and closer," he said.

"Not afraid of you, copper," she said, holding onto him.

"And, by the way," Jonathan said then, "I hear you're invited to dinner at Julie's on Saturday."

"Yes," she said, "Will you be there?"

"Will," he said, "I'll pick you up."

"Lovely," she said. "I'll plan to be spiffy then."

"Like you dirty; can imagine how great spiffy will be," he said.

They kissed again and he went back to work.


Julie Longacre had been married to a policeman too. Jim had been one of Jonathan's best friends and colleagues on the force. He'd been killed in the line of duty, and from that point on, for Julie, it had been struggling to get credentials to fulfill her dream of nursing and raising her and Jim's love, little Angela, who at this point was 9 years old.

During that transition time, it had been Jonathan who took care of Julie, while she was going to school. He had always been there for her and was the world's very favorite of his niece Angela Longacre.

It was the following Saturday, after Jonathan's visit to Lanie Evers. Julie was making a dessert for the dinner she'd planned for that evening, with Lanie and Jonathan invited. The doorbell rang.

When she went and opened the door, she found Jonathan there, in his uniform, he'd had to work that day for a bit. But standing next to him with a grin on her face that no words in any language could adequately describe was Angela.

Angela was wearing Jonathan's police uniform hat. It settled down to about the middle of her forehead. She had, pinned to her tee shirt, Jonathan's badge and attached to a belt around her waist was a pair of handcuffs.

"Oh," Julie said, "It's the cops!"

"Search warrant," Jonathan said, and Angela just continued to grin.

"We went to the police grounds," Angela said.

"And?" Julie asked. "What did you do there, officer?"

"I did the siren and the lights!" Angela said. "It was fab!"

"Fab, eh?" Julie asked, gathering her love Angela into a hug.

"Fab," Angela said, looking up then at Jonathan who said: "Yes, fab."

"You are going to pick up Lanie?" Julie asked.

"Hey," Jonathan said, "Officer Angela, let's go and arrest Lanie Evers!"

"Super!" Angela said. "We'll make Aunt Lanie our prisoner."

Lanie Evers was ready for the dinner and night out at Julie's, who'd told her that Jonathan had been invited too.

"Conspiring?" Lanie had asked.

"Helping out," Julie responded.

When she went to the door, when the doorbell rang, and opened it, there stood Jonathan, in his uniform and Angela, who still had his uniform had on, the badge and the handcuffs attached to her belt.

As soon as the door was opened, Angela said: "Police!"

"Ohhhhh," Lanie expostulated. "It's the cops."

"Warrant for your arrest," Angela said, between giggles. "Taking you off to dinner."

"Ok, officer," Lanie said holding out her arms with her wrists together.

"Officer, the cuffs," Jonathan said.

Angela continued to giggle, as she took out her handcuffs and put them on Lanie's wrists. It had Lanie Evers giggling now too.

Once the handcuffs were in place, Lanie bent down and gave Angela a kiss.

"Hi, sweetheart," Lanie said.

"It's officer," Angela said with a grin.

"Yes, officer," Lanie corrected herself.

Then she turned to Jonathan and got a kiss from Jonathan.

"Let's go," Jonathan said. "Officer Angela, you sit in the back with the prisoner."

"Yes, boss," Angels said and even took Lanie by the arm then and led her to the waiting police car.

The evening was a smash. They showed up at Julie's door with Lanie still being led by the arm by Officer Angela, whose grin never diminished in size.

When Julie opened the door, Angela said: "We have the prisoner for dinner."

Julie giggle and said: "Thank you, Officer Angela for bringing that criminal Lanie Evers here for dinner."

Angela said a very happy: "Welcome, Mommie."

She turned to her uncle Jonathan then and he handed her the keys to the handcuffs. Once the handcuffs were off, Lanie was hugging Angela and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

"So proud of you, Officer Angela," Lanie said.

"I love you, Aunt Lanie," Angela said.

"I love you too, sweetheart," Lanie said holding her in the hug.

Jonathan thought that Lanie looked spectacular that evening. She had prepared for the evening with great care, all the way from her long bath to dressing with Jonathan Worley in mind.

She wore a pair of butt hugging beige linen slacks and a matching blouse, which didn't quite hide her magnificent butt cheeks.

She knew that she was frankly appealing to the 'bottom man' in Jonathan Worley, and in this she was correct.

When he saw her, despite the little police drama that he and Angela were working on, he was a bit stunned by how she looked. To his credit, it should be said that he did take time, a bit later in the evening, when they had a private moment, to tell her how he thought she looked.

"Thank you, Captain," she said and leaned to him to brush his lips with hers.

"Takin' you home with me tonight," he said.

"Oh," she answered, "Whatever will I wear to bed?

"Me," he said and she grinned and they kissed lightly.

Just then they heard a kind of squeaky voice proclaiming: "Momma, they're in here kissing."

"Good for them," Julie said.

"Can I watch?" Angela asked.

"No, you can't," Julie said and Angela grinned at Jonathan and Lanie and left the room. They followed her.

It was shortly after the kissing incident that Julie took Angela up for a bath.

Angela was in her glory that night with the three adults that she loved the most there to tuck her in. They heard her prayers and then she got a hug and kiss from Jonathan, from Lanie and then from her Mom.

While hugging, Jonathan said: "Thanks, Officer, for your fine work tonight with the desperado."

It made Angela giggle. "Welcome, Boss," Angela said. Then she whispered to him: "I love you, Uncle Jonathan. You're one of the best."

"Well that's quite a compliment coming from the very best," Jonathan said with another hug and a final goodnight kiss.

The three of them, once Angela was in bed, sat and talked for a bit. Finally, Julie said: "I guess you two are off now?"

"Yes," Jonathan said, "I'm going to drag her home with me."

"Cuffs?" Julie asked with a grin.

"Maybe won't need them," he answered.

After hugs at the door, Jonathan and Lanie left.

"I love that little girl and I love the way that you treat her," Lanie said leaning her head on his shoulder.

"She's the princess, just the princess," he said.


He took Lanie to his own rambling house. It was a taste that he'd inherited from his Mom, who really liked big houses. His was a fine, large brick two story.

"This is lovely," Lanie said, when they entered.

"Bachelor quarters," he said. "Needs a woman's care."

"Have anyone in mind, Captain?" she asked.

"Have someone now in person," he said, putting his arms around her.

They kissed then, as she melted herself against him.

"Lanie Evers you are breathtakingly, astonishingly beautiful," he said into her ear.

She reached up and kissed him again.

The passion of the kisses was growing; it was as though Jonathan were feeding on her lips, opened mouth and tongue.

"Be careful," she said, her lips against his, "Or I'll get so lost in you."

"Sounds like a plan," he said.

He left her for a moment and put some music on.

"Oh," she reacted, "The Captain dances."

"Yes, he does; especially with beautiful Lanie."

"Am I really, Jonathan," she asked. "I'm not being coy, I'm really asking."

He answered while they were dancing: "Lovely hair, beautiful face with eyes that are radiant. Tits that bounce and seem to have a life and a will of their own. Nipples that come out to play, when they have a mind to, and the finest ass that I've ever beheld on a woman."

"Ohhhhh," she said, "You talk so lovely."

"Oops," she said then, "The zipper on my pants just gave way."

"Aha," he said, "Progress." As he said it, he pushed at her slacks, now caught around her hips and helped them cascade down to the floor. She stepped out of them.

They danced, and now he had his hands behind her and had an ass cheek in each hand.

"How fine is this?" he asked.

"Captain's playing with my ass," she said almost triumphantly.

He kissed her, and while they kissed, began to unbutton her blouse. Then the blouse was down and off and they danced, now with him dressed and Lanie only in panties, bra and heels.

"This is so fine," she said.

She felt him move and said: "What are you doin'?"

"This," he said, unhooking her bra and taking it off of her.

"Mmmm," she said, "That's what I thought."

"What do you want?" he asked.

She looked up at him and got a kind of grin on her face. "Want to suck your thing," she said. "Suck the Captain's thing."

"Thing?" he asked.

"Can feel it; will find it; aim to suck on it," she said. "May I? Huh?"

"When?" he asked. "I'm getting closer and closer here. You're affecting me so."

"About now," she said, and unzipped him, taking his 'thing' out and applying her mouth to it.

He came fairly quickly, with her hanging on to him by the hips and simply take it all in.

She sat back then and grinned up at him. He simply looked at her and she reacted: "Gonna get away from you now, copper, : she said, getting up on her hands and knees.

"Don't like that look on your face; gonna crawl away from you now," she said. "Can't catch me either, I bet."

She did indeed get on her hands and knees and began to actually crawl away from him. It made her naked breasts sway back and forth. He caught her by the back of her panties fairly quickly.

"Oh, no," she wailed, "He's got me again."

She struggled a bit to get away and Jonathan hauled her panties down and off of her.

"Rats," she said, "He got my undies."

"Did!" he said triumphantly, twirling the beige panties around on his finger She took his short distraction to be crawling away from him again.

He caught up to her right away.

"Rats," she said.

"You already said that," he said, holding her by her naked hips.

"This is for crawling away from me," he said, slapping her full, rounded ass cheeks.

She shrieked, as he slapped her ass again. Then she set her arms out in front of her and put her head down on her arms and kept her butt up in the air and simply wiggled it at him.

"Coming," he said.

"Again, so soon?" she said.

He slapped her ass and said: "Smart ass!"

"Yep, that's who I am," she declared, wiggling her butt cheeks at him again.

Then he was taking his own clothes off. She noticed and said, fervently: "Oh, please may I watch."

She turned over and was now lying down on her back. She put her hands behind her head and crossed her one leg over her bent knee, adopting a supposed casual attitude and watched him take his clothes off.

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