Spicing Up the Marriage

by Dsimp

Copyright© 2015 by Dsimp

Sex Story: Worried that her and her husband's sex life has gotten too stale, Clara sets up a meeting with her co-worker who is experienced in swinging. Will they be able to deal with watching their loved ones with another lover?

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Slut Wife   Wife Watching   Swinging   Group Sex   White Male   White Female   Hispanic Female   First   Oral Sex   Cream Pie   .

Clara had known for some time that her love live with her husband was getting stale. The first year it had seemed like a constant stream of sexual attention. Any time, day or night, all it took from her was a little wink or a shake of the hips and he'd be all over her. The second year it had slowed down, but Clara thought it was normal. It wasn't novel or really that exciting anymore, but her needs were being met and apparently so were his. Her body hadn't changed; her curvy but athletic body was just as tight as their wedding night, maybe even fitter. Her long dark brown hair and pale skin looked just the same. Toward the end of the year as their anniversary approached Clara thought back and realized with some horror that it had been a month since they had actually had sex. This, she thought, couldn't be ok.

“I'm just saying I'm worried, ” she said as Sean, her exasperated husband tried to figure out what he'd done wrong this time.

“Worried about what? It's normal, people just don't do it as much after a while.”

“I know, I know, but once a month?”

“You've been busy with work. I've been busy with work. We see each other for a couple hours each night and we're both exhausted. What do you want from me?” Clara started to pout a little but Sean continued unabated. “And it's not like you initiate anything either. I've never turned you down.”

“I didn't used to HAVE to initiate things!” she exclaimed, turning away after a few seconds of silence.

“So, you want sex now, or... ?” Sean ducked as a pillow flew by his head. They hardly said a word the rest of the night.

The next day at work Clara could hardly concentrate. Tiffany, a co-worker she knew fairly well and generally liked noticed and asked what was wrong. “I don't really want to get into it, ” Clara replied, “it's just a personal problem.”

“That's fine, ” she said with a friendly smile, “I'm here if you need me.” A few minutes passed, their keyboards being the only sound in the air.

“You've been married four years now, right?” Clara said suddenly.

“Yes... ”

“Do you and your husband, ” Clara paused. Did she really know Tiffany well enough to involve her in this? She felt like she had no other choice though. “Do you two still have sex?”

Tiffany immediately snorted a laugh, causing Clara's face to go red with embarrassment.

“Oh, no, no! Don't feel bad!” Tiffany exclaimed, moving closer so they could talk a little more privately. “It's not a bad question, it's just a little funny for me. Yes, we do, with each other.” There was a long pause. “And other couples.”

Now Clara's face turned very red.

“We started about three years ago.”

“You don't ... that doesn't cause problems or anything?”

“Neither one of us is the jealous type, and it keeps us from feeling... ” Tiffany paused to search for the word, but Clara finished the sentence for her.


The two didn't talk any more about the subject for the rest of the day, but as they were getting ready to go home Tiffany gave her an unusual invitation to call her if she needed anything. That night over dinner Clara brought up what they had talked about to her husband.

“I guess I just don't know where you're coming from on this, ” Sean said, his heart pounding with a mixture of emotions he wasn't used to at all. “I mean, is this a proposition? A trap? What's going on?”

“Neither, ” Clara said, embarrassed still, “Or maybe the first, I don't know. Are you really happy with our sex life? Or with your sex life?” Sean paused and thought for a minute.

“I mean, what does she look like?”

“Sean!” Clara shouted, “It's not about do you want to do it with her. It's about if you want to do it at all!” Sean thought again for a few seconds.

“Yes.” Clara felt relieved that he'd been the one to say it, but began to feel hints of jealousy as it became more real. They sat silently and she took his hand. “She's half Latina, very tan with long dark hair.” Clara felt supremely odd describing a girl that she was going to allow her husband to sleep with. “She's very fit, very thin.”

“How's her chest?” Clara glared at him for a second but continued.

“I don't know, good? A B cup I think, maybe C.” Sean smiled and looked at his wife's healthy D cup chest. “See, you've got nothing to worry about.” They both smiled and that night, for the first time in a month, had sex. It was the best sex they'd had since they were dating.

Despite how open Tiffany had been about her lifestyle Clara still felt odd bringing it up a few days later at work. She had promised to do it before the weekend so that something could be arranged and it was Friday though, so toward the end of they day she had blurted it out.

“So I talked with Sean about what we talked about the other day and, we're interested.” It took Tiffany a second to register but then a smile shot across her face.

“That's wonderful! Did you all talk about specifics?”

“Specifics?” Clara asked, confused.

“Are you on birth control?” Clara nodded, “Great me too. Do you all want to do it in the same room? Sex or just oral? Kissing?” Clara looked confused.

“Tell you what, ” Tiffany said, feeling a little bad for springing everything on her at once. “Talk with Sean, text me what you all want to do, come by my house at 6:00 PM on Saturday. Sound good?”

Clara nodded, but felt even more anxious the more real it became. That evening she went over the questions Tiffany had asked with her husband and sent back a short text. “Same room. Everything is ok, kissing, sex, etc.” Less than a minute later she got a reply. “Great ;) See you tomorrow!”

Sean had driven and Clara had a tough time getting out of the car. She had decided to wear a form fitting red dress while Sean had just thrown on some slacks and a polo shirt.

“It's ok to be nervous, ” Sean said, trying to coax her out of the car. “But I think it's the right thing to do, for us.” It worried Clara a bit that he'd probably say that whether he believed it or not. Suddenly Tiffany popped out of the front door, waving and smiling, wearing a cute yellow and tan sundress. They'd been seen, there was no turning back now. They both got out of the car, Sean unable to take his eyes off of the girl in the doorway. Clara had undersold her.

“Clara!” she called, rushing out and giving her a big hug. “So glad you could make it.” She turned to Sean, “And you must be Sean.” She extended her hand and daintily shook his. “Very nice to meet you, ” she said, sounding proper, but with a mischievous glint in her eye.

As Tiffany led them into the house Clara admired it was put together while Sean admired how nicely Tiffany was put together. They made their way to the living room where four very generous glasses of wine were sitting on a table with three large, black leather sofas arranged around it.

“Ben will be down in just a second, ” Tiffany said, motioning for them to sit down on one of the couches. Tiffany drifted over to the other couch, still smiling.

“Thanks for inviting us over, ” said Clara nervously.

“Of course! Ben has wanted me to bring it up with you ever since he saw a picture of you on Facebook!” Sean chafed a little at the thought of another guy fantasizing about his wife.

“Telling stories again?” a deep voice called from the stairs. Clara heard footsteps and felt her heartbeat quicken as a tall, fit man with sandy blonde hair came toward her. “True stories, but still.” He smiled and Clara melted.

“Hey, ” said Sean, “nice to, uh, meet you.” He extended his hand which Ben shook firmly.

“Nice to meet you too. And you, ” he said, staring at Clara the entire time. Tiffany laughed.

“Baby get over here before you scare them away.” Ben took a seat next to his wife and all four grabbed a glass of wine, Clara and Sean sipping nervously while the other couple seemed extremely comfortable. “We really want this to be fun for everyone, ” Tiffany explained, “so any time you're feeling uncomfortable or want to stop, just say something.” Clara and Sean nodded, both hoping it wouldn't come down to that. The wine glasses got more and more empty. Tiffany threw the rest of hers back and took a seat next to Clara.

“There are all kinds of ways to get started, ” she said, her speech just a little slurred, “but my favorite is this.” Ben smiled, knowing what was coming while Sean stared on in amazement as Tiffany leaned in and gave Clara a long kiss on the lips. Tiffany pulled back, licking her lips a little and staring into Clara's eyes. Clara had never done anything like this before but liked it, and liked the audience as well. She leaned in and returned the kiss, her hand reaching up the side of Tiffany's shirt. Tiffany slowly slid her hand from Clara's knee up into her dress, lightly brushing her panties.

“Go dance for my husband, ” Tiffany whispered into Clara's ear. “We'll have a little more fun later.” Clara stood up, her legs shaking, and walked over toward Ben. Tiffany slid up onto Sean's lap, wrapping her arms around his shoulders. “Hope you like to watch.” Ben wasn't sure if he did or didn't, but was willing to find out.

Clara wasn't entirely sure what to do, but correctly figured it would be difficult to mess up. She started by backing her ass up against the already noticeable bulge in Ben's pants. She rubbed it up and down while Ben's hands searched her body. Sean could barely stand to look but couldn't make himself turn away or tell them to stop. Clara rolled up her dress to her waist, giving Ben an excellent view of her thong bottom. He gave her a hard smack on the ass.

Tiffany felt Sean wince and rubbed her body against his, taking his hand and putting it on her chest. He groped her and swallowed his discomfort as Ben gave her another slap on the other cheek.

What did I get myself in to? Clara thought as a strange man spanked her. Is Sean really ok with this? Am I? Ben reached his hands under her dress and up her sides as she stretched her torso and felt his fingers counting her ribs. She looked over at her husband as her dress inched its way to her breasts, but his attention seemed to be fully directed at the beautiful girl in his lap. She felt a pang of jealousy but was distracted when Ben lifted her dress over her chest and then over her head, leaving her in her thong and bra in front of everyone.

Tiffany sensed that Clara might feel self conscious and began to lift off her shirt as well, but the sight of her friend's athletic body against her husband's didn't help. She heard pants unbuttoning and unzipping behind her and she danced but couldn't pull her eyes away as Tiffany leaned in and began to passionately kiss him. Her shirt was around her neck when he couldn't contain himself any longer and he unclasp her bra, throwing it to the side and pushing her on her back where he kissed her hard, alternating between the neck, mouth and chest.

Clara thought she was going to be ill and half sat, half collapsed beside Ben. He too was watching the show on the other couch, but he was smiling. He loved seeing his wife turn another man on like this. He noticed Clara's distress though and turned his attention back on her.

“You've got an amazing body, ” he told her, using his finger to turn her face back toward hers. He reached behind her and unsnapped her bra, letting it fall and admiring her chest. He reached out and held them in his hands, gripping them and letting them go. “All natural, amazing.”

“Thank you, ” she said quietly, trying hard not to look as she heard her husband's shirt get lifted off and thrown to the side. “I'm sorry I'm not more... ”

Ben laughed. “You're perfect, and you'll get used to ... that.” He sat up and pulled off his pants and boxers. Clara's eyes immediately went wide. It was the biggest cock she'd seen in her life.

She stammered for a few seconds as Ben smiled. “I ... I don't know if it'll fit!” That got Sean's attention as well and as he looked over he felt precisely what his wife had felt moments earlier; profound jealousy. Tiffany realized what was going on and smiled.

Sean sat up, leaving Tiffany on her back, and stared as his wife began stroking the giant cock and kissing Ben. He almost called an end to the evening but couldn't make himself speak up, even as Clara's kisses moved down to Ben's neck, then chest, then stomach. Ben's cock slid between her breasts as she took position on her knees in front of him, her back to her husband.

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