Riding the Waves

by Marduk

Copyright© 2016 by Marduk

Erotica Sex Story: On the recommendation of a friend a woman takes a cruise. she meets the butler who is black, he is at her beck and call which eventually becomes very intimate - read on

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Group Sex   Interracial   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Cream Pie   Size   .

Maureen was satisfied with the terms of the marriage breakup. Although the marriage had become rather toxic there was no bitterness as the papers were signed; both parties were now free and as her husband left she knew she would not see him again.

"What are you plans now Maureen?" she was asked by one of her friends who like her was part of the 'house religions' that she belonged to. These 'house religions' were a part of the church's attempts to bring the congregation into a closer bond with each other. It had been one of the nails that had helped bring on the divorce for her husband, for reasons she never knew, had a dislike for any religion. "I really don't know", she replied. "It will be a new experience, actually being alone".

"Well I have a suggestion", her friend replied. "A year ago I went on a cruise, it was off the planet, I enjoyed myself and everybody was great and each cabin had its own butler and if you needed anything, day or night, the butler was available. I didn't use him much, but a couple of times he bought me breakfast for I was exhausted from the activities of the previous day. So Maureen now that you are a free agent why not give yourself some perks. You have told me over time that your marriage was not great, well now my dear grab what is on offer and make up for the years where things were pretty rotten and you never know you may meet somebody who would cancel out all the bad memories". She smiled, little knowing that her friend's final comment would bare fruit in ways that she had never experienced.

Maureen pondered her friend's suggestion. She hadn't been away by herself for decades and such an adventure would almost be an alien experience. 'Where do I start?' she asked herself as she stood in front of the mirror. Her husband had never given her any comments on her appearance and even when she had bought a dress, blouse or jacket or had a hair do, he would only grunt till finally she never asked his opinion; the question she asked herself was if she did take up her friends advice would her present wardrobe be suitable. 'I will have to ask Wendy', she said as she ran a comb through her hair.

Wendy went through her wardrobe and the 'tut', 'tut' comments and her expression of disapproval told Maureen that what she had was certainly not cruise wear. For almost a day the two women did the fashion shops so by late afternoon they were exhausted and it was a relief to rid themselves of their shoes, collapse onto the couch and just rest. "I think you have done very well", Wendy said over a cup of coffee some time later. "What you have bought will be more appropriate to a cruise holiday. I know you were a bit hesitant about the swimming costume, but you will find that what you are wearing will be very conservative to what some of the women wear, especially the younger one who barely have their breasts covered and I know some even remove the top covering, especially if some of the more handsome crew were near, they did on the cruise I was on", she concluded.

The next item was what cruise and when and over the following weeks, with Wendy as a guide, they examined all the possibilities and finally settling on a Mediterranean cruise, on the Italian line in August, some three months ahead.

"Have a wonderful trip Maureen", Wendy said as she gave her friend a farewell kiss as she prepared to enter the customs area for her flight to Italy; for it was there that she would board the liner. Like Wendy had said she found her fellow passengers very friendly and when she was introduced to her butler she was surprised, for he was as black as coal and this surprise was even further increased when she found many of the domestic crew were non-European and many were very dark, or like her butler totally black. A further surprise was the man's friendly attitude towards her, it was a pleasant reaction to the years of a toxic relationship and she warmed to his smiling complexion and his readiness to be at her beck and call. His name was Azubuike and he told her its meaning 'he has much strength'; it was a strength that not too far into the future she would be physically entangled with. "My name is Maureen", she said and then with a giggle said. "I have no idea of its meaning that is if it has one".

The cruise was into its third day and she took up the offer of breakfast in bed, not because she was tied out with the activities but because he had suggested it and she was beginning to like this old black man, he was so different from her ex-husband and she looked forward to meeting him, either in the companionways of the ship or in her cabin, either for breakfast or for some reason she could think off that would invite him in. Sexual relationships had really not existed in her marriage for so bad was the relationship that they both avoided each other for even talking was difficult; there was no subject that they could latch onto that would have at least cooled the atmosphere. However, with Azubuike there was always something to talk about, especially when he bought in her breakfast, she didn't realise that as she sat up to receive the tray, her tits and they were not small were very noticeable for the nightie that Wendy had suggested wasn't exactly transparent, but very close to it and Azubuike always left the cabin with a 'hard on' for her nipples were so enlarged that they were making an impression on her night attire.

It was just a comment that the shower was leaking that was going to open the gates that would tip Maureen over the abyss of sexual pleasure, a pleasure she had never experienced. "Azubuike", she said when she met him in the companionway. "My shower is leaking, could you fix it?" His face broke into a grin that had her feeling very uncomfortable for a feeling or desire so long denied was itching itself forward. "I will be delighted Maureen", he said. "I will attend to it as soon as I get the tools and parts. I suspect it is the washer for I have had to replace such items before". She thanked him and continued towards the lounge where she could help herself to the snacks and drinks that were constantly on tap.

She didn't have breakfast in bed the following morning. The shower was still leaking so either Azubuike had forgotten or the parts or the tools were not available. She had just stepped out and was reaching for the towel when the bathroom door opened and Azubuike entered, armed with an assortment of tools. She froze and his comment was "Fuck you are attractive". The inner feelings that had been building up ever since she had met him now exploded as he embraced her; she returned his kiss with a vengeance and when he reached for her heavily haired groin she gripped his hardening cock, that although still imprisoned by his uniform was hard and long. She hit the bed and in almost seconds gave a gasp of sheer disbelief at the size of his now very interest erection, but that gasp was nothing to when he rammed it home. Her cunt so long denied responded as thrust after thrust drove that monster to the very depths of her now throbbing crack. She bucked, her head rolled from side to side, saliva dribbled from her lips as she clawed the back or locked her legs around this man, making sure that item of indescribable pleasure would not leave. Azubuike had no intention of leaving till he had emptied his balls, so he fucked, boy did he fuck but when he finally gave the thrust of release, Maureen rose like a spring and her cry, if he hadn't put his hand across her mouth would have been heard on the bridge.

Slowly that great length flopped out; totally covered in cum. Maureen pushed her backside up so that the withdrawal was slow. Even then her tits were still vibrating and were covered in sweat and saliva. "I think we both need a shower", he said as he got off the bed. "It won't take me long to fix the leak and then we can shower together. Would you like that?" he asked. All Maureen did was rapidly nod her head. She had never showered with a man but as he washed her, covering her in lathers of soup and massaged her large tits, still with enlarged nipples and played with and fingered her cunt, she was shuddering all over. So effective was the shower and her willingness to enjoy the sensations that when he pushed his cock against her lips and instructed her to suck it, she did and it was then his turn to utter soft moans of appreciation as her mouth took as much cock as it could but his greatest thrill came when he emptied his balls into her mouth and have the contents flow, almost like a deluge from her lips, dripping and flowing from her nipples onto her wobbling tits, while his cock bore evidence of her activity.

Maureen had almost a spring in her walk for she could still feel that great length up inside her and fuck it felt great. She was very chatty with her fellow passengers so that one of the women at her table remarked. "The cruise is doing you good Maureen for you are really showing signs of it". Maureen smiled and thought 'so would you if you had just experience a cock that would equal a horse rammed totally up you'. Each morning her butler would deliver the breakfast and shortly after would appear with a smiling comment "Your shower is ready Madam". Maureen was all giggles but later those giggles were replaced with 'Ahhhh!!! and Ohhhh!!, as Azubuike sent that monster of a cock up her willing and vibrating cunt. The happy behaviour of Maureen had been noted, so to had the grins on Azubuike's face and when asked by his fellow butler why he was so cheerful; he told him of the woman in cabin 16E who couldn't get enough cock. "I have only one concern", he said as he had coffee with his fellow butler. "When I empty my balls I have to silence her because her yelp would be heard on the bridge". He then, almost as though a lever had been pulled, said. "Why don't you join me, while I fuck you can get her to suck you so when I empty my balls she will have a mouth full of cock so she wouldn't be able to yelp". His companion left that lounge with a great smile for he was not enjoying the pleasures his colleague was having and such an invitation would be too good to miss.

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