The Secretary (Merry Christmas)

by Red Tempest

Copyright© 2015 by Red Tempest

Fiction Sex Story: This a short story of man having sex with his dream woman.

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Many thanks to my fine editor Barney R for making this story flow better with less spelling mistakes.

It is Friday, December 23, and the boss just dumped a pile of paper work on my desk to get done before our year-end in eight days. I was hoping to take a few days off over the Christmas week, but I guess not now.

I started to sorted through this paper work, some of it is insurance stuff. I just hate insurance paperwork and I knew that asshole of an agent would be gone. Agents' have the easiest job. It seems that they get more time off than any other profession. Once they sign you up for an insurance policy, they sit back and take your money with out working for it. Then they cry about how hard they work. Well the only good thing about this agent is his secretary.

She is a doll. Ron told me she will turn 50 next year. She has an hour glass figure, blonde hair, soft brown eyes. When she gets up to walk, all eyes are on her as she just drips with sex. Her assets are perfect, 36 C breast, slim waist, perfect ass and legs. You can tell she works out a lot as she has one hot body.

I grabbed the phone and called my agent's office. I knew that she would answer. She always does.

'Hi, is Ron in,' I asked her knowing just what her response would be.

'No he is gone until Wednesday,' she told me. That figures the asshole never seems to be at work...

'I have some papers to drop off. How long will you be there,' I asked her.

'I am planning to leave around 4:00 p.m.,' she said.

I looked at my watch and it is 3:00 p.m. now.

'I will be leaving here shortly and should be at your office around 3:30 or so,' I informed her.

We said our good byes and I hung up. I grabbed what papers I needed, made a couple of quick calls. Then I called my wife telling her what has happened, and I will be running late. I locked the office up and got into my truck.

What a miserable day outside. It is half rain, half snow, and all slop. It is very slow going. It took longer than I thought, but I got to my agent's office around 3:45 p.m. I shut off the truck, and I went up to the office door. Shit it's already locked up. I knocked on the door about fifty times, but no answer. I grabbed my cell phone and tried calling, but just got the answering machine, telling me that the office is closed, and what the business hours were. I just hate them fucking machines.

I had noticed that when I pulled up her car is still in her parking space by the side door. So I walk to the side door and turned the knob it is locked, but I pulled on the doorknob, and the door opened. Whoever left last didn't make sure that the door was securely closed.

I stepped inside and closed the door behind me tightly.

I stood there for a few seconds, letting my eyes get adjusted to the darkness. I walked forward through the hallway, stopping at the end and listened. It sounded like someone is sobbing or crying softly. I stepped into the room and saw Stacie sitting at a banquet table with a couple of candles lite, some music playing and all the lights in the back off.

'Stacie are you ok, ' I asked her with some concern in my voice.

She jumped up asking, AWho's there?'

'Hey it's me Terry, don't you remember that I called you, telling you that I am on my way over to drop off some papers for Ron, ' I said.

'Oh oh yes sorry I forgot, ' she replied.

I took the papers and threw them on Ron's desk. I went back and sat down next to Stacie.

She is sipping on a glass of wine trying to unwind; I could see that she is upset.

'Hey what is the matter?'

She just shook her head. So I sat there quietly for a few minutes. She started to softly cry and told me her story.

It seems that she and her husband are not getting along very well and she has not heard from her son in more than six months. She and her daughter-in-law never did see eye to eye, and that has caused some problems. She misses her grandchildren dearly.

'This will not be a very happy Christmas for me,' she cried softly.

'I know just what you need,' I told her, after listening to what she had to say.

'What,' she asks, as she dried the tears in her eyes.

'Just stand up.'

WOW she had on a black dress that is just a few inches above her knees. The dress fit her just like a glove, showing off a lot of cleavage. Shear nylon stockings and black high heel shoes. All and all she looked very sexy in that outfit.

'What you need is a good hug.'

I stepped forward and gave her the best hug that I could give. She had her arms wrapped around me, squeezing me back. I could feel her breast against my chest. My cock is starting to get hard.

Here I am holding the woman of my dreams in my arms, and my mind goes completely blank. So like a dummy I let go of her, and sit back down in the chair. I could have kicked myself in the ass, for not taking advantage of this opportunity that I had with her. But lack of experience in doing this with another woman, other than my wife really showed.

We chatted for a few minutes, and then I had another really brilliant idea.

'Well I guess it is time for me to go home,' I said to her. DUH!!! That is a really smart move on my part.

'Ah mmm could I have another hug, A she asked me, as she kind of look down at the floor, and then back at me.

I though here is my second chance don't blow it. I stood up and took off my jacket and hung it over the back of the chair. She flowed right into my arms for a hug.

I rubbed my hands over her back and down to her ass cheeks. I could tell that she had a thong on and not much else under the dress as it felt really smooth. She loosened her hands from my neck and locked her eyes onto my eyes, and drew her lips up to mine and we met in a very passionate kiss. I open my mouth a little bit and could feel her tongue flicker in and out, what a big turn on.

Our tongues continued to dance together; I unhooked the top of her dress and then slowly move the zipper down. When I met no resistance doing that, I moved up and unhooked her bra. She moved one arm off me and I slipped her dress and bra strap off, and then the other arm. Here I am holding her almost naked (except for the thong and thigh high nylons) and French kissing her.

'Someone is over dressed, ' she said, looking me straight in the eyes.

I must have looked at her blankly, because she said, AYou are fully clothed and I am almost naked.'

We remedy this quickly as she helped me strip, and she took off her thong. I just love how a woman can do that so gracefully.

She pushes me down on the chair and sits on my lap. I got my first really good chance to see her up close naked, GOD what a site. I can't figure what is the matter with her husband. Why he would not take care of a goddess like this? We kissed with heated passion. My hand slowly started to massage her breast and play with her nipple. Her nipple is so hard; it feels like I am playing with a 22 caliber bullet. I played with her breast and tweaked her nipple; she begins to moan softly in my mouth.

God I just could not get enough of those breasts, as I used two hands to massage them. I could play with them forever. While I played with her nipples, the bumps on her areola grew more intense. My fingers rubbed over those bumps, I am able to hear her sigh softly.

'Pinch them harder,' she moaned into my mouth.

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