The Romany Sisters

by Tony Sorrentino

Copyright© 2015 by Tony Sorrentino

Erotica Sex Story: Tina and Gina loved a life of danger. There wasn't anything they wouldn't try at least once.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   .

Tina and Gina Romany were sisters. They didn't look at all alike because their mama had married a second husband after her Gino died in a trapeze accident with a faulty net. Gina looked just like her acrobat father Gino with long slender legs and strong muscles in her shoulders and her neck. She was nineteen now and quite a handful because she liked to sample the boy's pecker to see which one gave her the most satisfaction. She had already decided that the medium-sized ones with some thickness to them were much more joyful than either the pencil shaped ones or the really big ones that stretched her petite pussy beyond the ideal limit.

Tina, on the other hand, was short and a bit on the skinny side. She was only just eighteen and was sexually immature in comparison to her experienced older sister. A lot of boys tried to get into her pants with all sorts of ploys but she was wise enough to see through their silly plans and made fun of them right to their faces.

Their mother Maria was now on her third husband but he had a nice safe act as an elephant handler and never went up on the wires or the swings.

Tina and Gina had an act on the high wire that called for Tina to spin on a long rope by her teeth while Gina did the more difficult parts of moving from swing to swing all by herself. She didn't fully trust her sister Tina to properly catch her and nets are only nets, after all. She hoped that soon she would be joined by one of the Gambino brothers who would catch her with certainty and the strength of a full grown man. If she could find such a one like that, her boy-testing days would come to a close and she would reserve her tight pussy for him alone.

The two girls had an opportunity to go to the seaside and live in a cottage paid for by the circus for their top performers. Their only problem was that the railway fare to the coast for the two adult tickets was more than their saved cash and it was unlikely they could take advantage of the dream vacation with all the rich and famous tourists.

It was the clown with the club feet Rocco who suggested that they might dress Tina up as a lower ticket-priced child under 13 to have enough money to make the trip. It seemed like a good idea and Tina borrowed the clown's props of false eyeglasses that made her look much younger and more ridiculous as well as the phony metal braces for her teeth that made her face look immature and childlike. To complete the picture, she added chewing gum and the shoes with no heels along with the almost knee-high white socks.

Tina regretfully hid her French undies and put on the granny panties that hung down off her buttocks with little sense of attraction. Her sister Gina who was only fourteen months older than her laughed at her appearance pleased at the unfortunate image of confused childhood. She knew her sister was still a virgin but she was hiding the body of a full grown nubile female with all the urges and needs of a young woman.

They boarded the train without difficulty and the conductor never questioned the response of,

"Thirteen, sir!" to his question about Tina's age.

Tina chewed her gum a little more vigorously and shifted her eighteen year old feet like she had to go to the bathroom but was too shy to ask.

Gina goosed her behind after he closed the compartment door and told her,

"Don't be the Sarah Bernhardt, you little ninny. We don't want to arouse any suspicions if this is to work."

Tina didn't like her sister pinching her buttocks like that but she wouldn't have minded if some gentleman had taken the time to give her similar attention. She was beginning to think her lack of curves was the problem for her lack of a boyfriend

When Gina dropped off for a short snooze, Tina wandered down to the restaurant car and purchased a cherry coke with lots of ice in it. It was not crowded at all and she sat at the bar sipping her drink just like an adult which is exactly what she was.

A tall foreign sailor sat down on the vacant stool next to her and ordered a beer which looked tempting to her but she knew it would not be appropriate for her character of a youngster. He nodded to her but didn't say anything and she thought that was a shame because he had such interesting eyes and his uniform looked ever so nice in her eighteen year old eyes. Then, she realized he saw her as a minor and was probably being circumspect for not wanting to be thought as stalking an underage female.

She was totally frustrated because her urges under her granny panties was driving her to distraction and all she could do was to sip her silly cherry coke and chew her gum. Still, the image of her writhing uncontrollably in passion under the weight of the sailor pinning her to the bed in her compartment ran rampant through her fantasy and she felt her juices start to tickle between her slender legs.

Tina looked at the mirror and saw her reflection of a childish looking female with thick eyeglasses and horrible metal braces with no curves to speak of and skinny legs that would not attract a fly. It was so depressing that she broke out in tears. That caught the attention of the sailor seated right next to her and the only one to notice her distress.

"What's the matter, little lady?"

Tina looked up with her most fetching look possible and whined in a little-girl voice that sounded phony even to her.

"I am on the wrong train and I am afraid they are going to throw me off at the next stop."

He looked at her and asked with concern in his voice,

"Are you going to the coast near the tourist beach?"

Tina told him that was her destination and that her mother was likely waiting there for her but her ticket and baggage was on another train and she was afraid of the conductor and the big men who kept a sharp eye out for stowaways.

"Well, we should be there early tomorrow morning. You are welcome to come to my compartment and hide out until then. I have a little sister about your age and I won't bother you none. My name is Ronald and I am assigned to the submarine base near the coast. I have an extra toothbrush and there are plenty of towels in the bathroom. You have some dirt on your forehead and on your ear that needs to be washed off. What is your name, little girl?"

She was delighted because her sister was starting to wear on her nerves and she deserved it for putting her in this situation in the first place. Silently, Tina placed her fingers into the big sailor's hand and followed him demurely to his private compartment like an obedient offspring. Of course the sailor was only nineteen and just a year older than her but it certainly didn't look that way in the glass windows of the train.

Fortunately, the sun was beginning to set and the train swayed on at a rapid speed to the coast.

Tina brushed her teeth after removing the false braces. She told Ronald that she usually took them out at night and was glad to be rid of them for at least a short while. It couldn't be helped that she looked definitely older without them but at least she still had the glasses to hide her pretty face.

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