The Pick Up

by Marduk

Copyright© 2015 by Marduk

Sex Story: A confused woman is pick-up at a coffee shop. Confused she is but seemingly desperate for affection. That affection leads to her sucking the man off who picked her up and then becoming his personal companion - read on

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Petting   Size   Big Breasts   .

It was just after ten in the morning when Harry pulled into the car park of the local shopping complex. 'Just in time for a coffee' he muttered as he had plans to visit an antique shop in one of the small country towns that day. He had heard that there was quite an assortment of old colonial bric-a-brac and his interest was old weapons. 'Maybe I can pick up old guns and now I have a bigger vehicle maybe one of those signal cannons that was available some time back that I couldn't transport. Love to have one set up in the front, would be quite a point of conversation'. He finished his muttering when he entered the complex.

The coffee shop was well attended; he paused for seating was in short supply when a woman, sitting alone seemed to be smiling directing at him. He had no idea who she was but there was no one with him and she was definitely targeting him he shrugged his shoulders and decided to approach her. "Good Morning", he said. Her smile hadn't diminished and when he asked if he could joint her she gave a series of nods that almost made him laugh, it was as though she was a machine that had not been turned off. She gripped his hand; stroking it in such a fashion that did rattle him for no woman had ever done that before, especially one he didn't know. "Have you ordered a coffee or such like?" he asked.

"Coffee ... No, No", she replied still holding and stroking his fingers. "Would you like one?" he asked. She immediately increased her grinning expression which conveyed her answer, he ordered.

She didn't engage him in any conversation, just sat smiling and giving his fingers a nice massage but enough to convince him that either she was desperate for affection, was a person released from one of the institutions for the mentally disturbed or had taken him for somebody else but until the penny dropped that he wasn't who she thought he was he may as well take advantage of what had been dropped into his lap, after all she did have a nice figure and he did like women who had large and sagging tits. After the coffees had arrived and were finished he said. "Shall we go?" There was no hesitation in her response and she clung to him all the way to his vehicle. All the time he was asking himself. 'Who is this woman and what does she want?' At the same time his inner bells of warning were buzzing for there was the suspicion that this woman could be a plant, too willing to be picked-up and for an unwary male to be manoeuvred into a position for a robbery, so he was on guard and very ready to handle any so called 'occasion'. However his fears did not eventuate and as he buckled her into the seat gave her tits a very substantial feel with the comment. "Fuck you have nice tits". All she did was grin and it was only when he was behind the wheel did she reply.

"You like my tits? I show you my tits" He changed his mind and didn't start the vehicle for again he thought 'What is this woman on about?' 'What is she after? Women don't say 'tits' it is either boobs or breasts'. Only once before in all his association with women had one come onto him in such a fashion. That had been decades ago when he was still a teenager and he had picked up the girl at the picture theatre, a sort of entertainment that was not as common now, especially in seeking out female companionship. He still remembered her name for she was the first girl to have sucked him off. It was his first experience in such a sexual act that he had not heard of before but as her mouth performed he just held her head and enjoyed it. It was so fucking good that even now it gave him a shudder. Her name was Alice. He dropped her off on a corner where a hotel was and where she wanted to go. He never met her again but did here though colleagues that she had been placed in an institution for wayward girls.

"Yes I do like your tits", he replied. "I like heavy breasted women and you certainly qualify. It is a pity that they have to be locked away, hidden when they should be fully displayed as nature originally intended". She gave a gasp. Undid her seat belt and moved closed and as she squeezed his groin whispered. "I can drop them out if you like. Are you married?" His thoughts were in a muddle as they struggled with how to respond but finally he gently pushed her away. "No I am not married. I really have no interest in such an arrangement, however, what you have suggested I would be happy to encourage, but not here, not in a car park. If you bare your tits I want to enjoy them and then I would love you to suck me off, put my cock in your mouth and drain me". She giggled but didn't release her hold on the very noticeable impression at his groin and when she unzipped his trousers and worked his cock free, all he did was give a hiss of pleasure as she lowered herself and as he drove, with his knuckles white on the steering wheel she sucked and sucked till he wanted to scream but gave a very auditable gasp as he pumped the contents of his balls into her mouth.

It was lucky he didn't have far to travel for his trousers were stained and his cock was uncovered, still leaking. She made no attempt to replace it but after wiping her mouth with the tissues from the glove box did wipe and clean off the surplus cum that covered his cock, all the time giggling like somebody either highly intoxicated or on some other 'fancy' substance. "I need a shower", he said as he replaced his prick. "Fancy one? It would be a good opportunity to bare those tits of yours", he said as he gave them a feel. She didn't reply but got out of the vehicle and followed him inside. "You know I don't know your name", he said as he began to soap her up while she did what he loved – played with his balls and massaged his cock. By the time the shower was turned off, he was rock hard, something that she was delighted in. "My name", she giggled. "Why ... I don't know, I just forget. I ... I think it is 'fucking cunt'. Yes that is my name for that is what men call me".

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