Maybe Next Time

by Carlos LaRosa

Copyright© 2015 by Carlos LaRosa

Romantic Story: Richard and Jolene both try to advance their own positions in that age old struggle between the sexes.

Tags: Ma/Fa   Romantic  

I walked Jolene up to her apartment door. Her building didn't have an elevator. It was a third floor walk up. Luckily, we were both in pretty good shape.

I wasn't too surprised at the routine good night kiss. It was our third date, and she'd never given me more than a close mouthed kiss the other two times either.

"Will I be seeing you again, Richard?" she asked me.

"Probably not, Jolene. It doesn't appear that we have too much chemistry together. Thank you for seeing me again though."

"We've only been out with each other three times, Richard. With me, it always takes time before I can get comfortable with a man. I need to feel like I know someone before I feel ready for the more emotional and physical side of a relationship."

"I understand completely. Good night."

"I feel badly, its like you're giving up without letting me have a fair chance to get comfortable with you first. I thought I'd have more time than just three dates."

"We each have a timetable that is comfortable for us. It appears my timetable is out of sync with yours. I can usually sense when this is the case. You are a lovely woman, one I could have easily grown quite fond of, had circumstances turned out differently. I'll miss our time together."

Once again I turned away from her door, heading back towards the stairs I'd use to leave the building.

"Why don't you explain to me what it is you're disappointed with, Richard."

I turned back towards her, smiling, but still a bit confused about why she was refusing to accept my decision to not pursue her further. It would be difficult to give her the explanation she was requesting. In truth, I really didn't have any rigidly set standard about how much time or energy I was willing to invest in my social relationships.

"Dating is a progressive endeavor for me. If I fail to see any progress in the nature of the relationship, I must conclude that it isn't flourishing. After our three dates, I failed to note any sign of advancement."

"You can't treat our social relationship like it is a chess problem, Richard. I see dating as more of a dance that two people do. There are steps, but there is also personal interpretation and musical cadence. I see relationships as a waltz, not a fox trot or a jitterbug."

"I fully understand and respect that. In keeping with your analogy, I must confess that I find the waltz both stodgy and old fashioned. It is one of my least favorite dances."

"I see. To me, the waltz is the dance of love. I'm sorry that you disagree, or if that makes me seem stodgy or old fashioned."

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