The Grocery Store Stock Boy and the Lawyer

by wheelchairman85

Copyright© 2015 by wheelchairman85

Romantic Story: short romance story about a grocery store stock boy and a lawyer.

Tags: Ma/Fa   Romantic   Heterosexual   Fiction   Tear Jerker   Slow   Workplace  

May 10th 2003 Farmhouse Indiana high school town of Farmhouse Indiana

18 Year old Mike George is at his high school graduation ceremony when it is his turn to accept his diploma.

He walks up to the front of the gymnasium and he accepts his diploma then he returns to his seat.

When the ceremony Mike and his fellow graduates walk to the cafeteria to enjoy the small party that the school staff has setup for them.

After partying for two hours Mike and his grandma Hallie George get into his Ford f-150 pickup truck and they head home.

Midway back to the house Grandma looked at Mike and she said to him. "Mike now that you are out of high school what are you going to do?"

After thinking for a few moments Mike replied politely "Well Grandma when I was driving home from the last graduation practice."

"I saw that the granite grocery store had a Stock boy wanted sign on display and I thought that I would apply for that job."

By the time that they finished their talk Mike and his Grandma arrived by at their home after a modest supper they washed and dried the dishes together.

And after watching a movie they went to bed and they got some sleep the next day Mike got up took a shower shaved carefully dressed as neatly as possible and after eating a good filling breakfast.

Mike got into his 2001 ford F-150 and he headed into town when he got into town he headed straight to the granite grocery store owned by Mr. George Granite.

When he arrived at the grocery store Mike parked his truck got out of it and headed into the store. Once he is in the store Mike obtained a job application and filled it out very neatly once it is filled it out.

He turns it in to Mr. Granite and after a brief job interview held by him they shook hands and Mike headed home and had lunch with his beloved Grandma.

Over the next several days Mike waited and waited for Mr. Granite to call him and let him know if he got the job or did not get the job.

Finally after nearly a week of waiting the phone rang RING!!! Mike quickly got up from the kitchen table and he ran to the phone.

And after a nearly 10 minute phone conversation he hung it up then he returned to the table.

Looked at his Grandma and he said to her "Grandma that was Mr. Granite from the grocery store I got the stock boy job and I start on Monday morning."

Grandma got out of her seat and she hugged her beloved grandson tightly.

On Monday morning Mike got up showered shaved dressed made sure he had all of his EDC items and after collecting his lunch box and coffee thermos.

He got into his truck and headed to work for his first day. When he got to his job he met with Mr. Granite and after a brief orientation he put on his name tag and he got to work.

Over the next several years Mike worked hard at his job he was well liked by his boss and his co-workers and he built a nice life for himself.

Then one day shortly after his 25th birthday he would meet a woman who would be his wife.

On the morning of March 14th 2010 Mike was in the Grocery store's juice department stocking the shelves with the different brands of Juice that the store sold.

When he heard a beautiful female voice say to him "Excuse me sir do you have any Morgan Brand Apple Juice in the store?"

Mike turned around and he saw a young woman with dark brown hair and brown eyes standing in front of him with a grocery cart full of groceries.

Mike looked at the woman then he turned back to the shelves and he began to look for the Apple Juice she asked about.

After looking for several minutes Mike turned back toward the woman and he said to her

"Ma-am we don't have any one the shelves right now but we might have some in the back please wait right here."

"I will go into the back and see if we have any." Then the young man left the juice department and headed for the back room and he began to search for Morgan Brand apple juice

After searching for several minutes he found a case of it he grabbed it and carried it back to the juice department and sat it down on the floor.

Then he said to the young lady "How many bottles do you need?" She smiled and she said to him "I need one bottle sir."

Mike took his Tinker Swiss Army Knife out of his pocket opened the large cutting blade and cut open the box and after putting his knife away. He removed one bottle of Apple Juice and he handed it to the young woman.

She said thank you then she placed it into her grocery cart then she slipped something into his hand and left the juice department.

And she continued her grocery shopping Mike looked at the card and he read it "Amy Riley Attorney at law."

Mike put the card into his wallet and he returned to work at the end of the work day Mike clocked out and he headed home for supper with his grandma.

When he arrived home he got out of his pickup locked it up and walked into the house and after washing his hands he helped Grandma set the table.

After saying Grace they began to eat supper Midway through the meal Grandma looked at her Grandson Mike and she said to him.

"Mike I can tell by that look in your eyes that something good happened to you a work today and I insist you tell me all about it."

Mike took a few sips from his glass of soda then he began to speak. "Grandma as a matter of fact something good did happen to me today."

"I was in the juice department of the store stocking shelves when a young woman asked me if we had any Morgan brand apple juice in the store."

"I looked but we did not have any on the shelves so I went into the back of the store and got some for her."

"After I gave her the Apple juice she asked for she handed me a small card that said Amy Riley Attorney at law."

When he finished speaking Grandma looked at her beloved Grandson and she asked him. "Are you going to call Amy and ask her out on a date?"

Mike looked at his Grandma and he said confidentially "Yes I am grandma but after I finish eating supper."

When they finished their conversation Mike and his Grandma resumed eating their evening meal. After they finished eating their supper Mike and his Grandma washed and dried the dishes.

Then the young man took a shower and shaved after getting cleaned up Mike put on his night clothes and went back into the kitchen and he made a phone call.

After the phone rang 10 times the line finally picked up "Hello Amy its Mike from the granite grocery store. And I was wondering if you would like to go out to a movie on Friday night?"

"Ok then Amy I will see you Friday night have a good evening bye-bye."

When he finished his phone conversation Mike hung the phone up and after watching a movie with his beloved Grandma.

When Friday night arrived Mike drove home from work as fast and as safely as he could when he got home.

He got out of his truck rushed into his house took a quick shower and shaved carefully then he put on his date clothes.

After making sure he had all of his EDC items he hugged and kissed his Grandma then he left the house got into his truck and he drove to Amy's house.

When he reached her house Mike parked his truck got out of it and he walked to her front door when he reached her front door he knocked on it then he waited for her to come out of her house.

A few minutes later Amy came out of her house looking absolutely gorgeous after putting her keys in her purse they walked to Mike's pickup truck.

Then they got into it and after putting on their seatbelts Mike started up the trucks motor and they headed to the movie theatre.

When they reached the movie theatre Mike parked his truck and after shutting down the engine he got out of it, then he walked around to the passenger side of the vehicle and opened the passenger for his beautiful date.

Amy grabbed her purse off of the dashboard then they unhooked her seatbelt.

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