The Choir Director 2: New School

by Flying-Circus

Copyright© 2015 by Flying-Circus

Sex Story: I needed to move to a new college and it became the best situation for screwing college girls yet.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Blackmail   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   .

I didn't expect to be interviewing for a new job so soon. Not after only one year. I had dipped my cock inside six hot college girls and was ready for year two. With the college president participating in my extra activities it was the perfect scenario.

But over the summer the president expressed his interests in taking it even further. Much further! He had designs on fucking the entire fucking girls' choir! Six girls

were already pushing the envelope of keeping everything under control. Fifty girls? The situation would explode and instead of regularly enjoying my three to four girls,

my next twenty years could end up being the plaything of some guy nicknamed Crank. My butthole quaked just thinking of such a horrendous circumstance.

So here I am interviewing in the president's office of another small private college. My credentials speak for themselves. I'm an excellent choir director. I just happen to blackmail certain girls to perform in other ways that don't involve singing but it does involve other sounds that brings even more happiness. Those sounds bring so much happiness to me!

"It's interesting that you're a top choir director but you don't stay at any school very long," stated the president. "You only stayed one year at your last position. Your shortest time."

"I was going to stay but I didn't like some changes so I left," I replied. I am well-prepared so my vague answers don't come out like I'm hedging.

"So the times you left before were because of school policies?"

"Mostly I just like to move around."


"I ... uh ... like variety." I am caught a little off-guard not by the question but by how direct he sounds.

"It looks like you're always trying to protect yourself. I wouldn't call it running but you know that what you are doing may not seem not so good to certain people. Many would say it's wrong."

Now I am very uncomfortable.

"I left because I wanted to leave." I choose to sound testy.

"I want this place to be your home. No more moving on and you can indulge in the school's young pleasures without concern."

I stand up angrily for show and to mask my anxiety. There is only one way to interpret what President Dick Johnson said. Yes both his first and last names are

another word for a prick which is what I could now clearly see he is.

"I dont..."

"Sit down, Mr. DeLibo. Let me explain."

"No, you can fu... ," I shout.

"This is your proposed salary." He slides a piece of paper across his desk.

"I don't give a..."

I stop. I see the number on the paper and I almost crap my pants. If I had a hard-on I would have cum leaving a giant wet deposit in my briefs.

He grins. "Sit down, Jack."

"Sure ... okay." I nestle back into the seat and look at the paper closer. "Is this for real?"

"I hope at your previous schools you've been having fun with students."

I say nothing. It is the safest option.

"If you're not that man, we have nothing more to say. If you are then I'd like to share my plan for the school."

I shake my head. "No, the president at my last school is the reason I'm looking for work. He took over and it became too risky. He wanted to make it too big."

"I just want to be a participant. Let me tell you what my dreams for this college are and how your special skills at making girls cooperate are an integral part in making it reality."

President Dick Johnson talked and I liked what he said. I signed my contract.

It's so easy for me to put college girls in compromising situations where her only option is to do what I want. There is a bigger percentage of pure girls who grew up sheltered and want to stay in her cocoon at small private colleges like this one. I love virgins! I love being the first cock a sweet young college girl has inside her body and making her completely mine.

So I ensnared three 18-year old freshmen girls. All virgins. Three seemed like the right number considering Dick's ideas for the college and really how many does any guy need? Every man has limitations even with three hot sexy girls satisfying his every sexual desire. The three girls belong to me with occasional sharing. I'm happy.

Anna is a brunette with 32C tits on a slender 5 foot even frame. Busty on a small package. In the choir she's a soprano and she really hit high notes the first time

I fucked her skinny ass. By the tenth ass fuck her sexy sounds were normal.

Meggen is also a soprano. The blonde is 5' 6" with robust 38D tits and a nice round ass that is just perfect for cock.

Rebecca is a blonde also. She's an alto but she hits the high notes when I fuck her but especially when I took her two virginities.

Of course all the girls hit new high notes when I took her virginities and the several next times I fucked them. They don't make too many sounds during an oral fuck. Mouth and throat is full! Over time the loudness of their sounds lessened as they became used to being fucked which is part of the goal. I'm going to fuck them and they're going to accept it and it's natural for them to enjoy it. It is sex after all and sex is very enjoyable.

When I first pulled Anna, Meggen, and Rebecca into my gravity I made big changes to their lives. Beyond their first time experiences of cum in their mouths, pussies, and asses, I made them move into my house and while at my house they had to be naked all the time. They share a room with a very large bed where most of the fucking happens. I can easily get it up three times so each girl gets a good fucking and cum load every evening and more often on weekends. I'm sensitive to their school studies but I'm number one priority so time doing homework must be done before or after my desires are met.

I drive them to school and at the end of the day I drive them back home with me. Naked isn't an option for school obviously so I have each girl wear a loose shirt that exposes her belly, no bra, and a mid-thigh length skirt with no panties. Anna, Meggen, and Rebecca no longer wear underwear. It's a hindrance.

I do have the girls wear something else at all times even at the house except during fucking. I wanted to try something new with the girls at this school. Each girl wears a butt plug at all times and I am the only one allowed to take it out of her ass. I take it out for fucking and so she can take a dump. The butt plug is large, black, and breathable so the body can expel normal gases that we all do constantly without even knowing. The handle is a bright red rose. It's beautiful seeing the girls walk around my house naked with a red rose on her butt. The girls learned quickly how to walk and sit normally with a butt plug. It speaks to the wonders of the adaptability of the human body. I'm pleased.

I gave the girls headliner roles in the choir. Meggen has an amazing voice and deserves a prime role even as a freshman. I'm merit-based and not tenure-based. Just because a girl is a senior doesn't mean she gets the best roles. It may be how the previous director worked but not me. This didn't sit well with certain girls.

"Come in!" I respond to the knock on my office door at school.

Elizabeth, a senior with a beautiful soprano voice enters.

I put my hands on top of Meggen's head who is hidden under my desk and silence the movement of her mouth on my cock.

"What's up?" I ask with a friendly smile. "You look frustrated."

"You're giving so many good roles to those three freshmen girls."

"Tongue," I say.

"What?" Elizabeth replies confused.

My word is not directed at Elizabeth but at Meggen out of sight below. I want Meggen to move her tongue on my cock. My hands remains on her head and she does as I instructed. Good feelings resume down there.

"I choose who I think is best. It's not about being a senior and getting special privilege."

"I'm a much better singer than those girls."

"I'm looking for more than great singing. I'm looking for performance."

"Rebecca isn't that good of a singer or a dancer. I mean she's ok but not compared to most girls in choir."

I chuckle. It is an accurate assessment of Rebecca. "There are going to be many times that I will need someone in the choir holding a mic and I was thinking you often would be that singer. I'm not done creating and assigning roles because I have not finished determining what our program will be. I definitely already have you in mind Elizabeth for certain solos and I'll give you a chance to show me what you can do in dance." That sounded all nice and sweet and a smile grew on her face but then I became stern. "But do not question who I choose for what roles. I choose who and for what I think is best.

If you have a problem with my decisions then perhaps choir is not something you should do this year."

"No, Mr. DeLibo. I'm ok. Whatever you decide."

"Thank you. I appreciate your cooperation. You're going to get some plum roles. I hope your attitude stays proper."

"It will."

"Thank you. See you tomorrow."

Elizabeth leaves and after the door clicks closed I tell Meggen to finish me. A few minutes later I shoot a nice big cum load into her mouth which she swallows down. She cleans my cock up with her tongue and zips me back up. She stays under my desk while I finish my work until Anna and Rebecca come to my office because it's time to go home.

I ask President Dick Johnson to come over every Friday evening so I can train the girls and so he can get his fair share of fucking sexy 18 year old girls.

"No, no, no!" I shout displeased. "Show some enthusiasm. President Johnson is a special person to the school. You must be happy and eager."

Yes, it is early on in their training so I can have some forgiveness but this is a very lackluster cock sucking.

The girls improve rapidly but I demand perfection So a couple of months later I say, "Get in their Anna." Meggen squirms on Dick's face as he licks her pussy while Rebecca sucks his cock. I fuck Rebecca's ass at the same time. "You can kiss one of us or even Meggen or let us play with your pussy or tits."

They're learning and by the start of the second semester they're ready.

I unlock my front door and enter.

Dick steps aside. "After you," he says to Brad Ratner, an alumnus of the college and a prospective donor. He is in his early 40s and owns a very successful manufacturing company.

We took Brad out to a nice restaurant and now we came to my place. All we told him was that it is for unique entertaining.

"You have to see what Jack has in this room," Dick says. "You're going to love it."

"Every time," I chime in.

Brad follows us into the girls' bedroom. I smile at his gaping mouth as he stares at three girls sitting up on a large bed with their legs wide open and rubbing their clits. From left to right it is Anna, Meggen, and Rebecca.

"This is Brad," I introduce.

The girls instantly flock to Brad. Anna and Meggen are on their knees in front of him. Rebecca sits at the end of the bed and he watches her rub her tits.

"Let me see it," Anna says working on his belt.

"I have to see it," Meggen says unzipping him.

"Uh..." Brad says. He looks to be in shock. "I'm not..."

Rebecca jumps up drawing his attention. "I need you to rub them."

He places his hands on her tits and he does what any man naturally does. He rubs and squeezes them.

The two girls pull his trousers down below his knees and it's soon followed by his tighty-whities. I prefer boxers because it's easier to whip my cock out or for a girl to get to my cock. Access is important.

He's hard. What else could he be?

"Oh god!" crows Anna. "It's the best shape possible." He hisses as she runs a finger up the underside.

"Look at the curve," says Meggen. "It's going to feel so good inside me." She grabs it in her fist and strokes.

"My turn!"

"No, I'm first."

"Me!" Anna pushes Meggen who falls away.

Anna licks over the head. Brad shudders. Rebecca is taking his buttoned shirt off fireman style.

"I love cock drool," Anna declares. She takes the head into her mouth. He gasps. "Oh god! He tastes like honey! You have to try this!"

Meggen's mouth takes Anna's place. "He does!" She looks up at him. "Yummy!"

"I want more!" Anna cries and pushes back in.

Brad groans loudly. I grin. Anna pushes her lips up against his body. His cock is in her throat. He's looking down as she's looking up at him. I don't know the word for his facial expression. Astonishment? Amazement?

Thrilled? Erotic? Probably all those words and more. Anna comes off his cock with a big gasping breath. Saliva and pre-cum drip from her lips.

Meggen's turn and she also takes his cock in its entirety into her mouth and throat.

Any girl can learn to deep throat no matter her gag reflex. Anna had a strong gag but just like almost everything in life, to get good at it you have to practice, practice, practice and I gave Anna plenty of practice. She takes a cock down her throat perfectly now.

Anna takes a turn on Brad's cock, back to Meggen, Anna again, and Meggen. All this while Rebecca is removing his shoes, trousers, and briefs so he's completely naked except for a girl's mouth covering his cock.

Anna asks, "Promise me you'll fuck me first with your perfect cock!"

"No, fuck me first!" Meggen counters.

"Give me a turn sucking," demands Rebecca.

Anna and Meggen give Rebecca room. She places just the head in her mouth and he gasps which soon turns to louder groans and grunts. Rebecca is barely moving but she's skilled at giving a magnificent suction to extract a load. It's something she learned to do on her own and it feels amazing but her original purpose with me was to make me cum so I wouldn't fuck her mouth and throat. I'm

okay with Rebecca doing it right now. Our prospective college donor is going to be amazed at how many times he can be made hard.

He grunts loudly.

"No!" Anna and Meggen cry out.

His breathing is hard but slowing.

"You made him cum!" Anna whines. "His first cum is supposed to be in my pussy."

"Share it!" Meggen demands. "Share his honey cream!"

Rebecca swallows then opens her mouth with a satisfied "Ah!"

"You pig!"

Rebecca grins. There is some cum on her teeth but she feels it and grabs it before any girl can stick her tongue in Rebecca's mouth and get it.

Anna tells him. "This means you have to fuck us each two times before you fuck Rebecca!"

"Three times!" Meggen ups.

"Yes, three!"

"No!" Rebecca protests. "That's not fair!"

Anna stands and grabs his wet gooey cock. "Please fuck me now!" She guides him toward the bed by his handle.

"Brad?" Dick interrupts. "Would it be alright if we enjoy the other girls while you're with Anna?"

I say, "All three girls want to be with you but you can only fuck one at a time."

Meggen moans out, "I need that perfect cock inside me."

"You have to fuck all of us," Rebecca says emotionally. "Please?"

I say, "You can do what you want."

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