The Results for Doing a Favour

by Marduk

Copyright© 2015 by Marduk

Sex Story: Doing a favour resulted in the woman becoming an active sexual entertainer and one that showed morals were not an issue for she sucked her son whenever possible - read on

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Incest   Mother   Son   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Petting   Exhibitionism   Double Penetration   Hairy   .

The phone rang just as Rick came inside. He picked it and even before he introduced himself, he recognized the caller's voice. "Hello Merv, been a long time?"

"How did you know it was me?" was the question asked.

"I know your voice mate", Rick replied. "So how are things?"

"Fine mate but I have a favour to ask", he said. "As you know I'm with the Adult Education and I have been asked if I can give a woman a lift to the class dealing with 'foreign relationships' and I know you are one of the tutors. Could you pick her up for she is out of my way but is in your suburb".

"I ... I suppose I can", Rick replied. "But I do have to open up for the class is in a council building. As you know classes are scattered around a bit. Where does this woman live and what is her name and what is her contact number. If you want me to pick her up I best introduce myself".

"Her name is Cathy, she lives at unit 3/27 Cook Ave and this is the contact number". Rick quickly wrote down the information, a short chit-chat followed and then he hung up.

Later that day he contacted the woman, she did seem a bit vague but said that she would be ready for the following Monday. "I hope so", he muttered as he hung up. "Once before I was asked to pick an individual up and had to wait, the idiot had forgotten, so much for fucking modern technology". After disengaging the phone conversation he thought he would check the terrain, just to make sure he knew where to go. The street he did know, but what was the traffic like and what about parking for time was essential and he didn't want to be held up. 'I'll ride around', he said to himself. 'I have already spoken to her so the ride is mainly to gauge the traffic conditions, especially where to park for this area of the city is not upmarket and I don't think the council gives much of a dam, it is in a blue ribbon Labor area and the council is all Labor, they know they don't have to do a darn thing and they will be re-elected'.

To give the woman her due, she was ready. Because of the area he wasn't surprised at her dress, it certainly wasn't upmarket and she herself didn't seem that 'with it'. He took that as shyness, maybe the woman was a little nervous, so he carried the conversation and on arrival asked her if she would put out the cup for morning tea so by the time others arrived she had relaxed and after introduction was very much at ease and then after the class finished he invited her to join a few who frequent a local coffee house. This further broke the ice and very quickly she was partaking in the general chit-chat of how the class went and other bit and pieces of conversation. "Thank you Rick", she said as he dropped her back. "I did enjoy this morning. Will you pick me up next Monday?" she asked with a smile. He told her he would and at the same time.

The good intentions of Cathy didn't turn into a concrete commitment for when Rick knocked she appeared, slightly confused, wearing coloured pyjamas and realising the situation said 'I forgot'. She did suggest that she could get ready but was told that as a speaker was coming and the room had to be opened he couldn't wait. He was not happy for he did have to go in an opposite direction to pick her up, but by the time he introduced the speaker, he had put Cathy to the back of his mind, therefore it was a surprise to have her ring up just as he was about to hit the bike tracks. She apologized and asked if he would like to come around for afternoon tea. "You will be dressed and not in pyjamas?" he asked, but not in a hostile way. She giggled, there were seconds of silence and then she said "I think I can improve on that".

So far he hadn't considered her as a source for sexual adventure, however, because of the afternoon tea that was to change. She opened the door wearing an attractive house coat; it was tied by a single belt. He had no idea that she wore nothing under it; she served a very pleasant afternoon tea and when the cups had been put away she got up and with a big smile said. "I didn't think my pyjamas would be suitable for this afternoon, so I considered a change, what do you think of it?" She undid the belt, opened the robe and dropped in on the floor. His only comment was 'fuck'. She wasn't a pin-up but she was a woman and to be frank he was not the type to refuse an open invitation. They fucked, doggie style. He banged her like he did with the escort women that he called upon every now and again. He drove his cock to the utter limits of her cunt and with a few choice words to accompany every thrust. "Like that Cathy, like my cock fucking your cunt? What about your tits, like them mauled as well?" Cathy didn't object and responded, working her bottom and bucking to accommodate every thrust. He emptied his balls, her cry of release and satisfaction echoed off the walls.

Picking her up the next Monday was not done with a grudge, the memory of the previous Monday was still fresh in his mine Cathy was very chatty and very active in the physical sense and he certainly didn't mind that attention. On arrival she began to get out the cups and another chap made a statement that bought a comment from Rick that made the other smilingly say. "Now Rick that was a naughty word; there is a lady present; you don't say 'fuck'. Cathy giggled. She was now totally relaxed and was enjoying the class and in the morning tea break repeatedly made contact with him as they moved around the kitchen. He hadn't enquired into her situation, like whether she was married, had children or such like but when they returned to the car he helped her settle although it wasn't necessary, but it gave him the opportunity to have a feel again her tits.

As he got behind the wheel she moved right up against him, again expressing thanks for 'picking her up' but this time it was followed by a kiss and on his part a further feel of her tits, this action immediately bought a response by her, a feel of his groin; a quick release of his belt a bit of a shuffle to slip his trousers down and then a noticeable gasp as she gripped his erection and squeezed it. He didn't say suck it, but she made no objection as he pushed her head down and then with his tongue licking his lips and his hand now under her blouse and feeling the hardened nipple and while sitting in a car park he enjoyed the muscles of her mouth as she sucked him off. He came with a gasp but he held her till his balls were empty and then handed her some tissues to wipe her mouth. "That was fucking lovely Cathy", he said as he pulled his trousers up. "I love a suck job sometimes even better than a fuck".

"My son says the same", she replied as she continued to wipe and spit into the tissue. "He always says I'm the best cock sucker he has ever known".

"You ... you suck your son off?" stammered Rick as he moved into the flow of traffic. "Yes I do", she replied. "I don't think it is right for a mother to fuck her son but I don't have any objections to giving him pleasure with my mouth. I know he does enjoy it. My husband left me a long time ago Rick. I know I'm not very attractive and I don't want to live alone and if sucking my son keeps him home and gives me company I will continue to do it", she concluded.

She sat as close as possible within the bounds of the seat belt, which allow him to stroke her thigh while she gently squeezed his groin till on reaching her destination he asked. "Would you let me fuck you again?" she only slightly paused as she opened the door. "I would like that Rick but this time not a rush job", she said and then added the rider. "I'm home by myself at the minute, my son is working; he won't be home till after five this afternoon".

"I'll park the car", was his reply.

On his first visit he hadn't taken notice of her unit, now he did; it was rather old and by the present days attitude they were 'old fashion'. Her unit was Spartan but neat. She had done her best to make what she had as attractive as possible. However, despite her efforts all the furniture had that tied look about it or was very noticeable 'second hand'. "Fancy a shower?" she asked as she went into the kitchen. "Well ... Yes but only if it includes you", he replied. There was a giggle from the kitchen. "That was the general idea". As she removed her clothes to stand totally nude he could only give her a green tick of approval for the previous Monday he had just fucked her not taking into account her appearance. Sure she wouldn't grace the pages of a model's magazine nor did she have the sagging melons of tits that he liked but she had a nice triangle of hair at her groin, something that many women now seem to remove. "I'm glad you don't shave yourself, I really don't like or understand why women have to shave between their thighs". She smiled as she closed the cubical door and turned on the water. It was a bit crammed, but not uncomfortable and even if it had been that situation would not have been noticed for as they soaped each other up, it was mainly her tits and her crack that received his attention while she worked on his cock and balls so by the time they were dried, he was rock hard. He carried her into the bedroom and there with a sucking on her nipples, he separated her thighs and drove his cock, in a thrust to the utter depths of her crack.

She responded, lifting her backside to accommodate the thrusting of his cock. "Make it last, make it last", she gasped as he thrust again. With his cock buried so only his balls were free sucked on her nipples which were erect and hard and so they fucked and he sucked. He did not time the activity, nothing mattered except burying his cock as deep as possible and when he gasped. "I can't hold any more", he had no intention of pulling out and he emptied his balls, pumping cum till her cunt must have been full and then rolling off, covered in sweat and rather exhausted; it had been his second fuck and this time it had been more pleasant for there was no rush. With her tits giving a slight wobble they entwined themselves together and must have slept for it was after three when she woke him. "Fancy a coffee?" she asked as she sat up.

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